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Member Name: madbrian
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Birthday: 3 - 15
Gender: Male
Location: Northern NJ
Occupation: Data Architect
Favorite Show(s): A Chorus Line

Favorite Performer(s): Elaine Stritch

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • My cast for a Sunset Boulevard film  Nov 18 2015, 11:20:15 AM

    Norma Desmond- Michelle Pfeiffer 

    Joe Gillis- Justin Timberlake

    Max von Mayerling- John Goodman

    Betty Schaefer- Anne Hathaway


  • Little Shop of Horrors Revival (Dreamcasts)  Nov 17 2015, 11:10:31 AM

    Audrey - Ana Gasteyer

    Seymour - Rob McClure

    Voice of Audrey II - Leslie Jones

    Mushnik - Lenny Wolpe

  • Blind  Nov 13 2015, 01:36:09 PM

    I feel quite confident that Renee Elise Goldsberry could play any role in Hamilton.

  • Celebrities you'd like to see on Broadway  Nov 9 2015, 11:06:19 AM

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt

  • Restaurant Recomendations near Circle in the Sq, Winter Garden & Marquis?  Nov 9 2015, 10:51:14 AM

    I always recommend Trattoria Trecolori, 254 W 47th St.  Great Italian food, very reasonable prices.  Reservations strongly recommended.


    If you're really hungry and don't mind spending a little more, Churrascaria Plataforma, 316 West 49th St, is terrific.  Brazilian steakhouses are a unique dining experience.  Allow plenty of time here.

  • Beyonce has given her approval to Groffsauce's walk  Oct 28 2015, 01:08:19 PM

    PalJoey said: " This puts so much more pressure on Andrew Rannells. I am seeing it next Thursday with him, and I will be judging his walk!"


    Be honest, you would have been judging his walk anyway.


  • Hamilton January Tickets Sold Out - Help  Oct 28 2015, 09:11:21 AM

    Just a thought, but did you try calling the box office and inquiring about seats in the boxes?  I don't see those seats on the ticketing website, so they may only be available directly thought the box office.

  • 20,000 NYC High Schoolers will see HAMILTON  Oct 28 2015, 08:35:51 AM

    MVintheheartland said: "A great idea, but why do I have a bad feeling that some folks will try to buy those $10 tickets off the high schoolers to see the show? Of course, they will have to pass as a high schooler. I assume the students will have to have a school ID."

    I doubt any of the kids will have tickets in their hands until they enter the theater.


  • BroadwayHD  Oct 26 2015, 01:15:36 PM

    The initial content is very BBC/Shakespeare heavy.  

  • Attending an Opening Night  Oct 23 2015, 02:13:47 PM

    For an opening night, I would recommend starting about a week before the date, then checking a couple of times a day.  I attended the opening night of Cyrano de Bergerac with Kline and Garner, and I was able to get great seats a week before.  We sat across the aisle from Ben Affleck.

  • Remembering CALL ME MADAM on its 65th anniversary  Oct 15 2015, 12:22:46 PM

    As an FYI for Comcast customers, the movie version of Call Me Madam is now available free on demand.

  • Jean Smart Returning To Broadway?!?!?!?!?!?  Oct 13 2015, 08:20:48 AM

    She was brilliant as Martha Logan on 24.  

  • Patti LuPone in LES MISERABLES  Oct 9 2015, 01:58:05 PM

    The 25th anniversary concert took place on October 3rd of 2010.  The first preview of Women on the Verge was October 8th of that year.  It would have been impractical, if not impossible, for her to participate.

  • Something Rotten Seating  Oct 4 2015, 03:39:44 PM

    There is no legroom in the St James, so if that is an issue for you, I'd go with Mezz A 14.

  • Your favorite musical theatre song most people may not be familiar with  Oct 4 2015, 03:37:34 PM

    You Walk With Me, from The Full Monty

  • It's been discussed to death, but who will be Broadway's next Mama Rose?  Sep 25 2015, 11:23:46 AM

    In her Broadway debut, Michelle Pfeiffer.

  • Lin shared complete Hamilton Recording  Sep 21 2015, 02:53:51 PM

    cglaid said: "That's so generous of him. Considering most of the population will never in a million years be able to afford tickets to the show, this is their consolation prize. Enjoy it, people!

    I told you a million times not to exaggerate!



  • Performers that were ill on cast recordings.  Sep 9 2015, 04:04:56 PM

    I guess the ultimate example would be David Carroll, whose cabaret performance of Love Can't Happen was included in the Grand Hotel recording.

  • The Greatest Sondheim Song  Sep 3 2015, 01:22:12 PM

    I can't choose just one.