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Member Name: Taryn
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Birthday: 6 - 14
Gender: Female
Location: New York, NY
Favorite Show(s): Sweeney Todd

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  • Best Broadway Ad Campaigns/Designs of All Time  Aug 30 2016, 04:47:55 PM

    Several already mentioned have been recent favorites of mine -- Something Rotten, Gentleman's Guide -- and I'll add Hand to God for doing some super clever advertising.  I loved the Playbill ads they did that were customized to the show they were being printed in.

  • Gene Wilder Passes Away  Aug 29 2016, 04:56:18 PM

    How awful that he was suffering from Alzheimer's -- it's truly a horrific disease -- but what a blessing that at least he didn't forget his family or lose the core of his spirit.

    He'll be so very missed.

  • Cynthia Erivo and Joshua Henry in Last 5 Years!  Aug 16 2016, 04:14:33 PM

    They could be holding seats specifically for the public sale tomorrow.  We wouldn't be able to tell by looking at the map now.  So I'd still check tomorrow when they go on sale, because the chance isn't actually zero.

  • Cynthia Erivo and Joshua Henry in Last 5 Years!  Aug 15 2016, 01:17:55 PM

    I got Row F in the balcony for the $52 price point.  It's always possible they're holding some of the cheap tickets -- maybe the far sides? -- for the general on-sale.  I guess we'll see on Wednesday.

  • Patti LuPone on  Aug 13 2016, 11:43:11 AM

    Did you get to Giant Woman?  That's the one that seems to really hook a lot of people.

  • Cynthia Erivo and Joshua Henry in Last 5 Years!  Aug 12 2016, 11:57:25 AM

    JRB sent an email to his mailing list today saying Wednesday the 17th so yeah it's probably that and the 18th was a typo.

  • Cynthia Erivo and Joshua Henry in Last 5 Years!  Aug 11 2016, 08:49:54 PM


    Tickets go on sale next Wednesday and start at $50.

  • Natasha ... on-stage seating  Aug 11 2016, 11:28:10 AM

    Well.  I got a new order confirmation, but it came with the same additional email of "your seats will be decided later..." and no information in the confirmation about where I'm sitting.  (Also no charge or refund on my credit card.)  The old order appears in my Telecharge account as 0 tickets and no new order to be found.  I'm going to give it a couple days to see if it all sorts out, but.  It's strange.

  • Falsettos Tickets  Aug 9 2016, 10:10:54 AM

    They might be sold out by this point, Shari.  They were definitely going faster than the rear mezz when they went on sale.  I got a pair in the side orchestra for a weeknight, but I was one of the lucky ones that didn't have any issues with Ticketmaster their LincTix number.

  • Natasha ... on-stage seating  Aug 6 2016, 10:02:53 PM

    Having worked with a few different ticketing systems, I'm actually not hugely surprised that it's this convoluted to make this work on Telecharge.  I imagine it's been hellish for the box office staff.

  • Falsettos Tickets  Aug 6 2016, 01:11:03 PM

    I was in and out without trouble on  I'm sorry for folks who are still having issues.  I'm surprised they decided to do an on-sale on Saturday like this when the LCT staff aren't in.

  • Encore's God Bless You Mr Rosewater  Aug 5 2016, 12:30:01 PM

    Probably it's biggest commercial impact would be on licensing for the show regionally (which is the actual reason for a lot of cast albums).  However, Encores isn't in the position of a lot of producers/investors of Broadway shows in getting part of that licensing profit for a period of time, which is the reason for a lot of cast albums' existence.

  • Encore's God Bless You Mr Rosewater  Aug 5 2016, 11:21:22 AM

    I legitimately get sad whenever this thread falls off the front page because all I want is more news about it.

  • Encore's God Bless You Mr Rosewater  Aug 1 2016, 08:10:26 PM

    Mr Roxy said: "Much preferred the artwork for the original production to Encores poster. As I recall, the original production had Rosewater standing wearing a firemans hat."

    Somebody posted it earlier in the thread if you want to take a look back!

  • Best 11 o'clock number?  Aug 1 2016, 12:54:05 PM

    One of my favorites is "Is Anybody There" from 1776.

  • Encore's God Bless You Mr Rosewater  Jul 30 2016, 06:18:47 PM

    I saw the show for a second time at the matinee today.  A last-minute purchase last night after I found a BroadwayBox code for the show.  (BBXSUMMER!)  You can get a great deal on the far orchestra sides for just $40 and the view is still good.  (I'd recommend house left rather than house right.)  If you're on the fence about going tonight, go!

  • Encore's God Bless You Mr Rosewater  Jul 30 2016, 12:52:43 AM

    meaghan4162 said: "Selling 1 ticket, front row for tonight Saturday 7/30 at 8pm. Face value: $28. DM or reply if interested."

    UGH I wish I'd seen this fifteen minutes ago before I bought another ticket for the matinee.

  • Encore's God Bless You Mr Rosewater  Jul 29 2016, 06:54:26 PM

    I'm surprised to hear people call Vonnegut an acquired taste.  Maybe that's the more common reaction?  Rosewater was my first of his novels and my love was pretty instantaneous.  Breakfast of Champions might not be the best intro.

  • Broadway Political Activism  Jul 29 2016, 06:51:06 PM

    People who work on Broadway are human like anyone else and have human opinions about how the world they live in is run and how their lives and the lives of those they love are affected.

  • Encore's God Bless You Mr Rosewater  Jul 29 2016, 12:12:11 AM

    I wasn't around in the 70s, but the oral history someone linked earlier talked a bit about why it didn't run longer.  Basically: the only Off-Broadway venue available at the time was too large and traditional for the piece to thrive, but they didn't want to wait.  A lot of the charm got lost in the space, and then the reviews weren't kind.  Hence the fairly quick closing.


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