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Birthday: 11 - 22
Gender: Male
Favorite Show(s): Wicked

Favorite Performer(s): Shoshana Bean

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  • Kinky Boots tour lately  Apr 1 2017, 10:58:54 AM

    I've only seen Tim on Broadway and having seen every Lola. He's my least favorite. In fact if I were to show up and see he was on, I would ask for a ticket exchange. But maybe he's better now?

  • Sunday in the Park Ticketing Question  Mar 19 2017, 12:42:33 PM

    Has anyone here sat in the $99 Dress Circle seats?

  • Beauty and the Beast film to lead to revival?  Mar 13 2017, 10:59:36 AM

    From a friend involved and working at Disney Theatrical, there will be a 70 million dollar sit-down production of the full length musical in Orlando by DisneyWorld in the next few years.

  • Pippin Tour?  Feb 9 2017, 09:54:31 PM

    The tour is COMPLETELY different from the scary trailer we saw a few months ago. They have the complete set from the Equity tour, all the costumes, Dianne Paulus' associate directed the tour and original choreographer Chett Walker choreographed the show. Should be very close to what we saw in 2013 and on the road.

  • Aladdin 2017 Tour  Jan 17 2017, 02:24:26 PM

    BRAND new! America will fall in love!

  • Aladdin 2017 Tour  Jan 17 2017, 11:34:58 AM

    The tour genie is SPECTACULAR with crazy vocals. No need to worry! :)

  • Breaking News: Who Will Get Christian Borle's Golden Tickets? Full Cast Announced for CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY  Dec 19 2016, 10:26:22 AM

    The show did 2 workshop presentations in NYC. One with adults as the kids and one with kids playing their age. They felt the adults worked better.

  • Sheryl Lee Ralph in Wicked  Nov 5 2016, 05:18:38 PM

    Valentina3 said: "Justin D said: "So they have officially brought this costume to the broadway production to replace the lime green one at the end of act 1?

    I havent seen the Broadway version in a while, but noticed this costume when I saw London last year.

    Has any other Mme. Moribles used this costume yet on broadway?

    This is her entrance costume in Act 1 - there have been variations based on actress playing it, but the color and

  • Selling 1 Ticket for HOLIDAY INN - Friday, November 25th @ 2 PM $25  Nov 1 2016, 03:50:49 PM

    Hi! Have you sold your ticket yet? I'm interested if not!

  • Next WICKED Cast  Oct 26 2016, 03:42:53 PM

    Kara Lindsay is going back.

  • SUNDAY at City Center performance thoughts/reviews  Oct 25 2016, 11:14:45 AM

    haterobics said: "Still on the fence about trying to go tonight...

    If I don't know the show, and don't know the music, but don't necessarily have some of the same concerns about expecting a full production for a fundraiser, and realizing that I'll have to drive basically directly from work for 2 hours to get there....

    Should I do it? I've always wanted to see this show, but might be better served with a fully staged production... Hmm... thoug

  • SUNDAY at City Center performance thoughts/reviews  Oct 24 2016, 10:29:07 PM

    I just got back, had a wonderful view from the orchestra and had a great time. I thought Jake was spectacular. He sounded fantastic. Yeah the direction was weak and there was little to no "design" but I knew that going in especially with it being a gala performance. I hope he makes it to Broadway in a musical soon!

  • Sweeney Todd revival at Barrow Street  Oct 24 2016, 12:28:13 PM

    Kad said: "GreasedLightning said: "wicked4l said: "Carolee Carmello is Mrs. Lovett. Norm Lewis was offered Sweeney but hasn't accepted yet because of another big show."

    Guess not. 

    Well.. Not right now, at any rate.



    Whoa, I heard it straight from a friend who is on the music team. No idea what happened!

  • Sell/trade 2tkts to Sunday...George (10/24 Mon night)  Oct 23 2016, 11:31:17 PM

    Bump! :)

  • Sweeney Todd revival at Barrow Street  Oct 23 2016, 05:44:58 PM

    Carolee Carmello is Mrs. Lovett. Norm Lewis was offered Sweeney but hasn't accepted yet because of another big show.

  • Looking for Sunday in the Park ticket  Oct 23 2016, 02:49:54 PM

    Hey friends! I'm looking for a ticket to tomorrow's (10/24) performance of "Sunday in the Park with George." I know a lot of people are trying to sell so I figured I'd try here first!

  • Sell/trade 2tkts to Sunday...George (10/24 Mon night)  Oct 23 2016, 11:58:48 AM

    billyelliotfan123 said: "I have a ticket for sale for Tuesday night. $50 originally $75



    I can only go Monday unfortunately because of work. Thank you though!

  • Sell/trade 2tkts to Sunday...George (10/24 Mon night)  Oct 23 2016, 11:10:33 AM

    Hey looking to buy a ticket for Monday night! How much are you asking?

  • Legally Blonde at the Tony Awards  Oct 7 2016, 10:12:55 AM

    It had to do with the American Theatre Wing celebrating Broadway Across America, I believe?

  • What's next for the Music Box?  Sep 11 2016, 11:58:09 AM

    It 100% is, announcement should be out this week. The producers are "thrilled" with the new venue.