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  • NYC In Nov: TOFT Question.  Aug 5 2015, 01:02:48 PM

    You should definitely make an appointment. It'll just help speed things up when you arrive, and I think the staff appreciates it, too. They might ask for specifics on why you want to view it, they might not. Do bring your student ID with you. In my experience everyone there has always been very nice. As far as I know there are no unusual restrictions on any of the Company recordings. Have fun!

  • CYMBELINE at the Delacorte  Aug 4 2015, 01:25:36 PM

    I saw it about a week ago. I had never read or seen Cymbeline before, and so after hearing all of the "oh, Cymbeline sucks, oh it's such a mess" that I had over the years, maybe I was pleasantly surprised that it really isn't a disaster, or maybe -- more likely -- sure, it's all bits and pieces of stuff we've seen before, but the production is just lovely. I thought it was lovely, anyway. Hamish and Lily were great as always, I was thrilled beyond words to have Raul back, as always, and I lik

  • Oklahoma! at Bard Summerscape  Jun 26 2015, 01:20:22 AM

    Is anyone going to see this? I'm really curious to hear more about it.

  • The Visit final performance  Jun 18 2015, 04:22:44 PM

    I had one day in New York last month and I (wisely) chose to run to see this show just in case I wouldn't get another chance. And because I couldn't possibly wait any longer to see it. I'll remember it forever and would have been crushed if I hadn't made it in time. I'm glad for those of you who got to go often. 

  • ON YOUR FEET begins pre-Broadway run in Chicago  Jun 18 2015, 04:20:04 PM

    I'm surprised by the Time Out review, honestly; I didn't expect him to be so positive on this after what I saw. But maybe it's gotten better. Because a few weeks ago the storytelling was anything but sophisticated. It was wandering and teetering on lost. Maybe I'll squeeze in another visit. 

    I looked at the new song list; Rhythm Is Gonna Get You doesn't open the show anymore? Bummer. And also not the kind of change that needs to be happening.

    I really want this show

  • Deaf West Spring Awakening to NYC?  Jun 18 2015, 03:20:28 PM

    I saw one of the added performances this past weekend. The dramaturgy is mind-blowing, and the show is stronger and more powerful than I've ever seen it -- or, honestly, imagined it could ever be. No hyperbole. Just magnificent. To the point that I almost couldn't believe what I was seeing because I hated the show so much in 2007. This is the Spring Awakening we deserved all along. I hope it has a huge future ahead of it. 

  • Guarini as Bobby??  Jun 5 2015, 01:25:54 PM

    I don't think it's all that comparable, since he would probably draw a completely different (albeit also probably small) audience than Raúl did, but this is a moot point. We're not getting another Company revival 7 years later and certainly not of something that's not exceptional and/or highly marketable. 

  • Guarini as Bobby??  Jun 5 2015, 01:01:58 PM

    Look, the Doyle Company is my definitive, and I've never loved anything like that in my life. BUT if that's not your thing, that doesn't mean there can't be some kind of healthy middle ground. I think that's the struggle for me with the interpretation of this show. It's not meant to be slapstick. So the idea that this production might be approaching everything for laughs and with a "jokey inconsequence" is a problem. There's an intelligent in-between, I think. I think that's les

  • Guarini as Bobby??  Jun 5 2015, 11:32:42 AM

    I imagine him being neither weird nor wonderful, but perhaps sort of boringly charming, as he tends to be.

    The rest of the cast interests me, and were I on the East Coast, I'd be curious to see Foster's take on the show. I'm also interested in what appears, at least from those images, to be modern dress.

    Also that first review fundamentally and wildly misunderstands Marry Me A Little (or at least pretends to to try to make an intelligent point), so I'm not real

  • ON YOUR FEET begins pre-Broadway run in Chicago  Jun 3 2015, 04:49:20 PM

    Yes! I knew I forgot a "duh" one.

  • ON YOUR FEET begins pre-Broadway run in Chicago  Jun 3 2015, 04:44:13 PM

    I loved the choreography! I should have said that earlier. There's a lot of dancing, as there well should be.

  • ON YOUR FEET begins pre-Broadway run in Chicago  Jun 3 2015, 04:41:24 PM

    I think the mystery song during the ballet sequence is a song called Wrapped, from the 2003 album Unwrapped. Someone confirm? 

  • ON YOUR FEET begins pre-Broadway run in Chicago  Jun 3 2015, 04:36:01 PM

    One of the concert medleys is, I think, Get On Your Feet, Live for Loving You, and a random song called You'll Be Mine (Party Time) that was on Destiny.

    I See Your Smile

    Pretty sure there's a little bit of Oye Mi Canto somewhere in there, too, which I believe was recorded in both languages.

  • Emcee Cabaret  Jun 3 2015, 04:23:23 PM

    Not sure which performances you were watching. They're pretty different. Interpretively, conceptually, symbolically. 

    I'm trying to remember what it is exactly because it's been years since I've seen it, but somewhere there's an interview, I believe with Alan but I could be misspeaking, putting really concisely what exactly the big difference is: Joel Grey's Emcee represented, in some ways, Hitler, that which would destroy; Alan's Emcee represented everything that wou

  • ON YOUR FEET begins pre-Broadway run in Chicago  Jun 3 2015, 01:24:31 PM

    I was on one of the sides of the dress circle, with a good view of the front of the house. It was fun to look over and see her throughout! I saw her dancing along to Conga and it was so cute.

  • ON YOUR FEET begins pre-Broadway run in Chicago  Jun 3 2015, 01:06:54 PM

    I think you'll see her!! 

  • Emcee Cabaret  Jun 3 2015, 12:23:01 PM

    Ugh. Cabaret is my favorite show, but it's also so tricky because when it gets revived and reinterpreted, I often get the sense that new productions are competing both with each other and with the past to do something "bold" and "new" and to be "the most risque" or create "the most provocative" Cabaret you've ever seen. And that, a lot of times, does not end well. Everybody wants to push the envelope more than everybody else with this show. 

    I love Cabaret. I love the sou

  • ON YOUR FEET begins pre-Broadway run in Chicago  Jun 3 2015, 11:34:57 AM

    I don't know. I think the issues I'm thinking about are, at this point, deeply woven into the way the show is built and are not going to change. There are things in the book that could be improved and they would help, but it's not just the book that's the problem -- and frankly, it's not even mostly the book that's the problem. Much of the book is fine, which is why I said the issues are structural, and when I say that I'm trying to suggest, without being specific, that the problems are

  • ON YOUR FEET begins pre-Broadway run in Chicago  Jun 3 2015, 11:31:10 AM

    There are two songs that I'm going to say are "almost definitely" new because I don't know for sure, but lyrically you can pretty easily detect the difference between a pop song and a music theatre song in this case. Actually that's not true, one of them I do know for sure is new -- the music was written by Gloria and Emilio's daughter Emily, and I think both Gloria and Emilio wrote the lyrics -- it's the one like, if I never got to tell you, or something like that. The one that I think is ne

  • ON YOUR FEET begins pre-Broadway run in Chicago  Jun 3 2015, 11:25:14 AM

    I was born in the mid-80s so I was too young to have been paying attention when she first made the crossover. But I remember her performance at the Atlanta '96 Olympics perfectly. I saw the Evolution tour in the mid-90s (I was little!), and I remember it so so well. I remember her, how magnetic she was, and how insane the atmosphere at the arena was. 

    Honestly more than anything, the show made me want to see her perform again.