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  • How is Adam Pascal in Something Rotten  Nov 28 2016, 03:58:33 PM

    Ha, I also saw Falsettos in the afternoon and Something Rotten in the evening last Friday.

  • How is Adam Pascal in Something Rotten  Nov 28 2016, 02:32:10 PM

    I've had so many people tell me they didn't think I would like this show, so I never bothered to see it until now. I went to see Adam, but I thought the show was delightful. Had a good time, laughed a LOT. Obviously I exist in my own world of bias when it comes to Adam, but I thought he was great. The part fits him well, and for whatever it's worth, I thought he was hysterical. I have always thought he is funnier than a lot of people give him credit for. I'm happy he's going on tour, because

  • Dead Poets Society @CSC  Nov 28 2016, 02:28:04 PM

    I saw it this weekend. I've only seen the movie once and it wasn't terribly recently, but from what I remember the script is pretty similar to the screenplay. Which left me sort of indifferent, I didn't need a lot of change and it didn't bother me, maybe because I'm not that attached to the material. It felt, somehow, a little thinner than the movie, but I'm having trouble detailing how in much of a useful way. I did think it was beautifully directed and, well, very Jo

  • Tony/Olivier-winner to direct gender-swapped COMPANY; Sondheim approves  Nov 28 2016, 02:24:52 PM
    Sorry, double post. That's what I get for vanishing for so long.
  • Tony/Olivier-winner to direct gender-swapped COMPANY; Sondheim approves  Nov 28 2016, 02:24:28 PM

    At first I was like "mrrrr, no," but then I gave it some thought and I think it could actually bring something really valuable and interesting to the show. I'm down. I'll be super curious about more details of the changes as they emerge! 

  • Something Rotten rush  Oct 13 2016, 04:02:26 PM

    Cool, thanks. Anyone else rush it recently? 

  • Adam Pascal is ROTTEN!'s Final Shakespeare  Oct 13 2016, 04:00:03 PM

    My feelings are so ready. 

    It's definitely a different kind of thing for him, but I feel like every time we've said that in the past ten-plus years, he's gone and surprised everyone. I haven't seen the show yet (and probably would've just waited for the tour). I'm looking forward to seeing how he'll tackle this. 

  • Something Rotten rush  Oct 12 2016, 03:10:49 PM

    Hey dudes. Just me popping in to be my predictable self. I'm cheap but also afraid of heights, so if anyone can speak to seat locations as of late, that'd be fab. I've got to do my civic duty and see Adam while I'm next in town. Thanks!

  • George Takei in Doyle's PACIFIC OVERTURES  Jul 15 2016, 04:03:44 PM

    For what it's worth, they haven't even started booking subscribers yet; an e-mail went out a few days ago saying that'd be happening soon. So it'll probably be a bit before non-subscriber tickets go on sale. 

    Peer Gynt was weird and I loved it.

  • George Takei in Doyle's PACIFIC OVERTURES  Jul 15 2016, 12:13:44 PM

    I was not saying that's the only and/or best way to do it. Just that I think it works. You could absolutely go either way. 

  • Company at The Writers Theater  Jul 15 2016, 12:08:41 PM

    I'm seeing it in a few weeks. I've seen some positive comments about it on Facebook, but a lot of them are by people who have friends in the cast, and it's hard to tell what's honest and what's just customary "my friends are killing it" praise. 

    I had initially been really excited about it because I love the show and the cast is off the hook, but I developed a lot of reservations once I read that it's touching on the suicide theory. I decided to g

  • George Takei in Doyle's PACIFIC OVERTURES  Jul 15 2016, 12:05:12 PM

    If I remember correctly, the Roundabout production in '04 (?) was pretty stripped down, wasn't it? It seems like a show that just does well when not very elaborate, so I doubt whatever John is going to do with it will be radically upsetting, even to his detractors. 

    Also, on some level, almost everything Sondheim writes is about people not connecting with each other. So ok, you may hate the "walking patterns," as a way of showing that, but I do think one of

  • Will RAUL ESPARZA Ever Return to Broadway?  Jul 14 2016, 01:31:00 PM

    Probably also at me. And my response has nothing to do with Raul specifically, it's just to ask why, in any context, one person's (singular?) experience of someone should negate someone else's? People are complicated; why should an actor be exempt from that? Look, you can dig back through a decade-plus of my verbal vomit on this thing and find piles of posts in which I, during my fangirl days, monologue with stars in my eyes. I don't think those accounts, by me or anyone

  • George Takei in Doyle's PACIFIC OVERTURES  Jul 14 2016, 01:00:21 PM

    I'm so excited. 

  • Will RAUL ESPARZA Ever Return to Broadway?  Jul 12 2016, 01:24:51 PM

    An actor who's emotional? Oh no, what will they think of next? :)

  • Will RAUL ESPARZA Ever Return to Broadway?  Jul 12 2016, 01:10:53 PM

    Thing is, people who know Raul can march in here and say he's good people and nobody's gonna believe them because in this environment chances are they also like the work. And the gossip-mongers are gonna hang onto that ten-year-old moment in time and say "but wait, there's more!" because that's just more fun.

  • Will RAUL ESPARZA Ever Return to Broadway?  Jul 11 2016, 04:20:34 PM

    Also lol at the assessment that nobody gave a **** about him being in Cymbeline. I was going to say "well, I flew home and moved other travel plans around to be there" and leave it at that, but I'm terrible sample case. However, speaking of TV and all that, there were LOTS of people who traveled to NYC to see him who had never seen him on stage before. And I bet a lot of them could have given two ****s less about Shakespeare, or theatre, period, really, but they all went to see

  • Will RAUL ESPARZA Ever Return to Broadway?  Jul 11 2016, 04:06:24 PM

    Oh, so I did wake up in 2005!

  • Will RAUL ESPARZA Ever Return to Broadway?  Jul 11 2016, 12:59:55 PM

    I remember thinking the review of Leap of Faith was surprising, give that Brantley is usually pretty into Raul's performances. I thought it was harsh because to me, it seemed like he was trying to take back what he had said previously in response to one performance that wasn't, he felt, on the same level. 

    I think people might be forgetting that the SVU gig came directly out of Leap of Faith. Not necessarily of its failure, I suppose it might have happened anyway, but

  • Disaster rush  Mar 11 2016, 12:10:10 PM

    lucillefrank, was this recently?