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Birthday: 3 - 28
Gender: Male
Location: Miami Lakes, FL / New York, NY
Profile: "...give me one more, please" - Bob Fosse

Favorite Show(s): A Chorus Line
All Shook Up
Caroline, or Change
Jersey Boys
Jersey Boys
Letty Pepper
Over Here!
Smile at Me
Sunset Boulevard
The Fix
Thoroughly Modern Millie

Favorite Performer(s): Christian Borle

Currently Listening To: April March

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  • Jessie Mueller was Better in Beautiful  Mar 24 2017, 11:35:10 AM

    Do they sell pies in the lobby?

    If so, what kind of pies are available to purchase?  

  • Hello Dolly Box Seats  Mar 22 2017, 01:32:04 PM

    I sat first row mezzanine center for the first preview so my view was in full intended composition staging. 

    Horace's 3-tier store/apartment set and Irene Malloy's hat shop set never extended to the wings so there shouldn't be any partial view issues whatsoever during these scenes.  The only set which could create some partial view issues would be the Harmonia Gardens' 2 circular curtained private dining room sets - one house left and one house right (whi

  • Oregon Shakespeare Festival to include same sex Oklahoma!  Mar 21 2017, 05:39:00 PM

    I was told by a reliable source that the title will be: 

    R&H's OKLA-HOMO!  


  • Spoiler: Hello Dolly set questions.  Mar 19 2017, 08:19:30 PM

    There is a nightclub scene?

    He's referring to the Harmonia Gardens set with its grand staircase and the 2 enormous circular private dining rooms.   

  • New York Public Library for the Performing Arts  Mar 19 2017, 04:47:25 PM

    My bad and I stand corrected.  It's just not with the original cast nor the original Act 2 opener which was replaced after the Los Angeles production was mounted then set out as the 1st National Tour.   

  • New York Public Library for the Performing Arts  Mar 19 2017, 04:00:31 PM

    Also keep in mind, many recorded/filmed shows aren't of the original cast.  The original DREAMGIRLS they have was done in 1985 when the show returned to Broadway and doesn't include the original 1981 Broadway staging nor cast.  It's the US tour version with the modified Act 2 opener and the famous moving light towers moved by stagehands.  

  • Bette Midler/ Hello Dolly Stage Door  Mar 19 2017, 01:41:52 PM

    It's apparent she'll be doing the straight to the car routine so anyone hoping to have something signed will need to mail it to the Shubert Theatre for her to sign it.  Don't forget to include proper SASE on return envelope/packaging to get it back.  The placement of those barricades is so far from her it lends itself from her having to interact with stagedoor-ers unless she chooses to.  

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Previews  Mar 17 2017, 11:15:40 AM

    Nothing new has been added aside from the Act 2 opener "Penny in My Pocket."  "I Put My Hand In" is still the first song in the show."

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Previews  Mar 17 2017, 02:12:19 AM

    (Obviously, Midler playing Dolly will be different from Midler playing her Divine Miss M character in concert.)

    Bette is actually playing Dolly Levi in her Divine Miss M persona, which is a smart choice.  She plays her scenes and delivers her lines in delicious Divine Miss M fabulousness.  Even her facial expressions, etc.  

  • Who was the best understudy you have ever seen!  Mar 17 2017, 01:55:37 AM

    Lainie Kazan as Fanny Brice in FUNNY GIRL

    Louise Lasser as Miss Marmelstein in I CAN GET IT FOR YOU WHOLESALE

  • H DOLLY Tuesday March 21  Mar 16 2017, 06:33:11 PM

    Just bumped into Bette as she was heading into the stage door at the Shubert and I asked her and she said she's not sure yet and to ask her again on Sunday.  

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Previews  Mar 16 2017, 03:11:36 PM

    And I loved the runway around the orchestra pit and how Warren has the dancers jump over it...fresh and fun!

    Seriously?  As mentioned above, those leaps have always been in the show.  Warren has NOTHING to do with it.  If anything, the original choreography is literally being recreated.  I really can't tell what Warren added to it.  

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Previews (seat locations)  Mar 16 2017, 10:23:18 AM

    Were there any major technical glitches or stoppages last night?

    Nothing major but here they are: 

    When Ermengarde and Ambrose win the polka dance can contest one of the handles of the trophy broke off which the audience noticed (audibly).

    During Bette's catwalk moment during "So Long Dearie", she missed a twirl of the cane she was using and it dropped into the audience to which a front row seater handed it back up to her to glorious appla

  • WAR PAINT Previews  Mar 15 2017, 02:08:13 AM

    Miss LuPone and Miss Ebersole - NOT Mrs.  Their respective husbands have different last names.   

  • WAR PAINT Previews  Mar 15 2017, 01:46:17 AM

    Saw the show on Monday night.  One of the most magical theater experiences I've had in a long time and I've been seeing shows on Broadway since 1972 (age 7).

    From the sets to the costumes to the story to the performances - stellar in every level.  You get that bang for your buck.  LuPone shines from the moment she enters the stage and lands every one-liner and song.  The audience was in the palm of her hand - cheering after every one of her numbers and

  • Tickets During Winter Storm  Mar 14 2017, 09:20:23 AM

    Folks, you all can relax.  Aside from the typical subway delays, Ubers and taxis and buses are all available and roads are already cleared so drivers are out.  It's 9:20am so by noon everything should be functioning like regular.  


  • HELLO, DOLLY! Previews  Mar 13 2017, 10:59:10 AM

    I'm attending the first preview this Wednesday night and I'll report my thoughts.  Seeing it again a few more times in the next few months to see the evolution of the performances.  

  • Voiceovers on Broadway  Mar 8 2017, 01:59:24 PM

    The following did the recorded narrations for the Broadway revivals of HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS WITHOUT REALLY TRYING:

    1995: Walter Cronkite

    2011: Anderson Cooper

  • Feud 2: Lea Michele Jessica Lange  Mar 4 2017, 04:16:09 PM

    Not every season will be based on entertainment industry feuds.  Ryan Murphy has already announced that Season 2 will be about Prince Charles and Diana.  

  • Tyler Hanes: Dancing Through His Broadway Resume  Mar 3 2017, 06:26:03 PM

    Thank you for posting this.  What a treat.  Watching him do the choreography from the shows he's worked on as he talks in voiceover is fantastic.   Can't wait to watch it again and again.