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Birthday: 3 - 28
Gender: Male
Location: Miami Lakes, FL / New York, NY
Profile: "...give me one more, please" - Bob Fosse

Favorite Show(s): A Chorus Line
All Shook Up
Caroline, or Change
Jersey Boys
Jersey Boys
Letty Pepper
Over Here!
Smile at Me
Sunset Boulevard
The Fix
Thoroughly Modern Millie

Favorite Performer(s): Christian Borle

Currently Listening To: April March

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  • Gene Wilder Passes Away  Aug 29 2016, 04:31:48 PM

    Per Gene Wilder, he only agreed to play the role of Willy Wonka if he could make his screen entrance limping with his cane then suddenly stop and do this flip to emphasize to the audience Willy Wonka was unpredictable. 


  • Betty Buckley says she learned from a psychologist to tone down her brashness  Aug 29 2016, 10:54:57 AM

    Interesting learning why her Norma Desmond in SUNSET BLVD. was different from Glenn Close's.  Glenn followed the creative team's direction.  Betty slyly shifted the creative team's direction in with her own ideas.  Smart woman.  

  • Chicago  Aug 28 2016, 07:54:05 PM
  • She Loves Me streaming  Aug 27 2016, 02:07:49 PM

    The "live" stream took place on a Thursday night and featured the full cast.  There were 2 performances the previous day (a 2pm and an 8pm) which were filmed AND used as camera tests to check angles prior to the "live" streamed performance the following night.  These 2 performances featured understudies. The permanent archive BroadwayHD copy will have footage combined from these 3 performances.  Hope this makes sense. 

  • Barbra Townhall today  Aug 26 2016, 04:29:08 PM

    The cancellation line today is worst than last week.  Ugh!


  • Beauty and the Beast  Aug 26 2016, 04:17:09 PM

  • Beauty and the Beast  Aug 26 2016, 02:05:13 PM

  • Beauty and the Beast  Aug 26 2016, 02:04:41 PM

  • Barbra Townhall today  Aug 26 2016, 12:29:09 PM

    Is tonight's performance of FUNNY GIRL canceled due to this or is she still performing tonight?  


    Was hoping to try the cancellation line tonight again.  The staff at the Winter Garden never mentioned any canceled performances this week, though.  Here's hoping she's on. 

  • HAIRSPRAY Live on NBC!  Aug 25 2016, 11:18:53 PM

    Oy!  Is this one of the horrible "live" events?  Had no idea they are doing HAIRSPRAY.  Isn't it still playing on Broadway?  Is it the same cast for this thing on NBC?

  • Sutton Foster to lead SWEET CHARITY Off-Broadway Revival!  Aug 25 2016, 04:01:08 PM

    I think he's confusing this popular logo which wasn't the poster artwork for the film:


  • She Loves Me streaming  Aug 25 2016, 12:30:54 PM

    Sadly, the remastered version will not be the entire "live" stream version.  Both Wednesday performances were filmed as well as the "live" stream the following night: Thursday.  The remastered version BroadwayHD will have in their permanent archive catalogue will be composed of these 3 performances.  It still will be a fantastic archive but not one of the entire "live" stream we all watched.  

  • Quick October Trip  Aug 25 2016, 10:02:21 AM

    THE FRONT PAGE.  Stellar cast that he'll actually recognize AND it's not a musical!   WIN WIN scenario!

  • Jennifer Holliday to join THE COLOR PURPLE  Aug 24 2016, 04:50:51 PM

  • Jennifer Holliday to join THE COLOR PURPLE  Aug 24 2016, 03:07:03 PM

    Ouch!  This is going to be a mess.  They're going to have to fine her for her vocal theatrics as it'll ruin the tone of the revival.  Oh, boy.  

  • Moving to NY to work with LGBTQ non profit - need advise on housing  Aug 24 2016, 01:45:37 PM

    I had to check the date of when this was originally posted.  For a moment I thought it was from 1995.   

  • Bette Midler When do HELLO DOLLY Tix Go On Sale?  Aug 24 2016, 09:51:41 AM

    Watching her speak about HELLO, DOLLY! on that BWW video just fueled more excitement for her Broadway musical return.  This will indeed be the event this coming Spring.  I think many will revisit the revival as I'm expecting her to add many random/ad-libbed Divine Miss M peppering in her performances to keep her fresh nightly so no performances will ever be the same.  Very much what happened with countless people revisiting Hugh Jackman in THE BOY FROM OZ.  Every

  • North Shore Music Theater - Filming?  Aug 23 2016, 10:30:16 PM

    No.  They archive all their productions for internal purposes.   They are not broadcast anywhere.  Thanks to these, we have quite a nice array of now-known performers early in their professionsl careers.  


    Also, Paper Mill's FOLLIES wasn't broadcast like their CRAZY FOR YOU was.  

  • HAIRSPRAY is next NBC Musical...  Aug 23 2016, 03:56:11 PM

    Aside from Harvey Fierstein, Derek Hough and Jennifer Hudson, many in the cast are heavily linked to NBC: Sean Hayes, Rosie O'Donnell, Kristin Chenoweth, Martin Short, Andrea Martin, including Ariana Grande, who hosted SNL a few months ago.  


  • Fox's New Live Musical?  Aug 23 2016, 02:25:22 PM

    No, FOX's THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW and ABC's DIRTY DANCING are not "live" musical events - they were filmed.   


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