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Location: Miami Lakes, FL / New York, NY
Profile: "...give me one more, please" - Bob Fosse

Favorite Show(s): A Chorus Line
All Shook Up
Caroline, or Change
Jersey Boys
Jersey Boys
Letty Pepper
Over Here!
Smile at Me
Sunset Boulevard
The Fix
Thoroughly Modern Millie

Favorite Performer(s): Christian Borle

Currently Listening To: April March

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  • Wicked with Amanda Seyfried and Anna Kendrick  Feb 11 2016, 11:17:13 PM

    It's scheduled for a Christmas 2028 release - on the Broadway production's 25th anniversary.  


    Production begins in London in Fall 2027.  Cast will be determined a few months earlier.  

  • Grease Live! Official Thread  Feb 8 2016, 05:15:31 PM

    Has anyone figured out the Grease Lightning car change out yet? 


    Camera pans away to Kenickie singing his verse so car switch is happening at that point.  Kenickie finishes verse then camera pans to 3 dancers doing their thing, thus giving more time for car switch and now letting Kenickie and others do their quick change.  Camera then pans from the 3 dancers to the red car and cast in blue jumpsuits.  Same idea for when the car (and guys) go bac

  • Cats allegedly headed for big screen  Feb 8 2016, 01:24:33 PM

    Hopefully Paul keeps to his promise and gets Ouisa and Flan and their friends in the film if Poitier is still attached.  

  • Grease Live! Official Thread  Feb 3 2016, 01:45:24 PM

    A complimentary HD download is available with a simple Google search.  And yes, the new HD download and not one of the original broadcast with the 2 audio glitches.  

  • Grease Live! Official Thread  Feb 2 2016, 03:59:45 PM

    I hope it's made clear somewhere that Thomas Kail did not direct the live broadcast - he directed the actors during rehearsals and camera blocking but he was NOT directing the cameras during the live broadcast.  He's being praised and credited for this which is expected, unfortunately.   

  • The original Summer Nights  Feb 2 2016, 02:59:40 PM

    With all due respect, that is from an early 80s TV Special where many Broadway luminaries performed, in many cases original cast members performed something from their associated musical.  It looks 80s-ish because there was no effort to use full set/costume recreations.  Most performed their numbers in regular gowns/suits - no costume.  The American Dance Machine troupe plays the background roles.  


    This is by no means is a recreation of how "Summer

  • Grease Live vs Actual Show?  Feb 1 2016, 03:26:53 PM

    Marilu Henner began her career in Chicago which is how she was involved with creating the role of Marty in the original 1971 production of GREASE prior to its NY debut.  She has said that though she was offered the role when it was going to be done Off-Broadway, she declined.  She thought the show was too Chicago specific and would never succeed in NY unaware of the changes that were eventually done to the show for NY.  A decision she regretted as the actress cast, Ka

  • Grease 1993 and 1994 Revival synopes?  Feb 1 2016, 02:42:54 PM

    The Rydell High School Alma Mater and its parody and "We Go Together" are completely different songs - no shared melody, etc.  

  • Grease 1993 and 1994 Revival synopes?  Feb 1 2016, 01:15:30 PM

    The 1994 Broadway revival stuck to the original 1972 Broadway book and only added "Since I Don't Have You" to its score.  It did not use a single song written for the 1978 film ("Hopelessly Devoted to You", "Grease" (Is the Word), "You're the One that I Want", etc).  

  • Grease Live! Official Thread  Jan 31 2016, 11:46:20 PM

    Olivia Newton-John is from Australia so her Sandy was made Australian.  Julianne Hough was born and raised in Salt Lake City as is her Sandy.  I guess it's safe to assume the writers chose to honor the actresses playing Sandy by having their "Sandy" be from their hometowns as well. 

  • Grease Live! Official Thread  Jan 31 2016, 11:41:36 PM

    Yes, MTV's broadcast of LEGALLY BLONDE: The Musical was filmed in its Broadway home: the Palace Theatre.  3 performances were filmed and edited as one single performance.  It was not broadcast "live."  

  • Grease Live! Official Thread  Jan 31 2016, 10:28:07 PM

    No staging was altered due to the rain.  They put up black tarps over all exterior sets and the audience bleachers so rain or shine, they could still telecast without an issues.   The darken skies were clearly visible on certain  shots.  

  • Grease Live! Official Thread  Jan 31 2016, 10:23:29 PM

    No, unlike the 'live' episodes of WILL & GRACE and 30 ROCK which were performed twice: once for the east coast and a few hours later performed again for the west coast, GREASE: Live! will re-air a tape for the west coast of the earlier 'live' east coast telecast.   

  • Grease Live! Official Thread  Jan 31 2016, 09:26:35 PM

    For those curious ones, Haneefah Wood is playing Blanche.  


    She has extensive Broadway, Off-Broadway and television credits.  


  • Grease Live! Official Thread  Jan 31 2016, 06:42:11 PM

    Holy canoli!   This is you?!  I remember that night.  I had NO idea this CarlosAlberto was ever you.  So fabulous learning this now.  That feels like a century ago.  Wow!   ??

  • Grease Live! Official Thread  Jan 31 2016, 06:26:13 PM

    Same exact cast recording with only Brooke Shields adding her vocals to the Rizzo tracks and sections.  They did the same thing when Brooke replaced (quite successfully) Donna Murphy in the revival of WONDERFUL TOWN.  

  • Grease Live! Official Thread  Jan 30 2016, 01:08:54 PM

    They are using as the base the 1978 film adaptation (including the songs added/written for it: "Hoplessly Devoted to You", "You're the One that I Want", etc) but also incorporating elements from the Broadway production such as songs ("Freddy, My Love", etc) as well.  It'll be a mish-mosh of both.  

  • Is In the Heights videotaped?  Jan 28 2016, 09:45:19 PM

    Well, IN THE HEIGHTS was indeed filmed over a handful of times with various casts (including the original cast) just not officially.  

  • Chicago the Musical Appreciation Thread  Jan 25 2016, 08:43:11 PM

    Chita Rivera was kicking her leg behind her head and dancing in the dance-heavy KISS OF THE SPIDERWOMAN back in the early 90s and she was 65.  


    The dancing in CHICAGO is no where near as demanding.  d'Amboise can dance CHICAGO in her sleep.  

  • Tour to Broadway  Jan 25 2016, 06:58:27 PM

    Phantom of London - as I mentioned, the original Broadway cast, including Pryce and Salonga were LONG gone from the Broadway production of MISS SAIGON by the time the 1st National Tour went out in 1994.  He was referring to the principals currently (circa 1994) in the Broadway cast and why he cast the tour with superior actors adding that since most people would be seeing the tour of the musical, he wanted the BEST representation of MISS SAIGON in every way, hence why the touring version