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Birthday: 3 - 28
Gender: Male
Location: Miami Lakes, FL / New York, NY
Profile: "...give me one more, please" - Bob Fosse

Favorite Show(s): A Chorus Line
All Shook Up
Caroline, or Change
Jersey Boys
Jersey Boys
Letty Pepper
Over Here!
Smile at Me
Sunset Boulevard
The Fix
Thoroughly Modern Millie

Favorite Performer(s): Christian Borle

Currently Listening To: April March

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  • What are Some True Stories that would Make Great Plays/Musicals?  Feb 26 2017, 02:46:24 PM

    COAL MINER'S DAUGHTER, which is actually in development starring the already confirmed Zoey Deschanel.  

  • Waitress Appropriate for children?  Feb 24 2017, 04:26:49 PM

    For what's it's worth, I saw the original Broadway productions of both A CHORUS LINE and CHICAGO a handful of times back in the Summer of 1975.  I was 10 years old.  Revisiting the shows later I discovered that my 10 year old self only took in what he knew at the time.  All sexual references and language went right over my head.  Plus, I was a 70s kid with culturally diverse parents so I had already been seeing Rated R films with nudity and language so adult materi

  • Can Bette's voice handle it?  Feb 22 2017, 10:30:05 PM

    I agree.  With her return to television in Ryan Murphy's highly anticipated mini-series FEUD: Bette & Joan, Ms. Davis' career resurrection is in full swing again and she'll do just fine.  Heck, maybe Ms. Crawford will sub for her on occasion as Dolly Levi Gallagher. 

  • Should Actors Be Smoking At The Stagedoor ?  Feb 22 2017, 01:19:57 PM


  • Should Actors Be Smoking At The Stagedoor ?  Feb 22 2017, 01:18:20 PM

    Lana Del Rey

  • Should Actors Be Smoking At The Stagedoor ?  Feb 22 2017, 01:16:23 PM

    Jennifer Lopez

  • Should Actors Be Smoking At The Stagedoor ?  Feb 22 2017, 01:10:42 PM

    Judy Garland

  • Should Actors Be Smoking At The Stagedoor ?  Feb 22 2017, 01:07:33 PM

    Lady Gaga

  • Cabaret:  Feb 18 2017, 06:54:12 PM

    The trunk is over a trapdoor so they pop up from below stage and come out of the trunk.  

  • Riedel on Broadway's two best performances which can't win Tony's  Feb 17 2017, 12:05:12 AM

    Glenn co-hosted the 1995 Tony Awards with Nathan Lane and Gregory Hines the year she won for SUNSET BLVD.  After the opening song was performed ("On Broadway" by the cast of SMOKEY JOE'S CAFÉ, Norma's 17-ton mansion set floated down and remained on the stage the entire show so presenters made their entrances from different sections of the mansion.  Also, Glenn made her entrance at the beginning coming

  • Canadian Wanting Work On Broadway  Feb 15 2017, 04:43:23 PM





    Move to NY.  Work on getting an Equity Card.  Work on your talent.  Bust your ass making sh*t happen.  Dreaming about doesn't make things happen.  

  • Broadway Actors who went to your school.  Feb 13 2017, 05:35:56 PM

    I went to Boston University.  I'm sure there are dozens who also attended Boston University.  


  • Torch Song Trilogy to be revived at Second Stage  Feb 13 2017, 03:01:46 PM

    At Harvey's request, it is now titled TORCH SONG. 

  • Seating at the Hobby Center in Houston  Feb 12 2017, 01:48:58 PM

    The Hobby Center seats 3,150 which means it's a huge barn of a theatre.  You can fit 2 regular sized Broadway theatres in there.  

    Here's a balcony view when the tour of WICKED was there:

  • What are the most well known Broadway songs of all time?  Feb 11 2017, 01:12:22 AM

    Maybe "Over the rainbow"?

    That isn't a Broadway showtune.  It was written for and appears in MGM's 1939 cinematic masterpiece THE WIZARD OF OZ.  

  • What are the most well known Broadway songs of all time?  Feb 11 2017, 12:26:23 AM

    "Tomorrow" from ANNIE

    "America" from WEST SIDE STORY

    "Don't Cry for Me, Argentina" from EVITA

    "One" from A CHORUS LINE"

    "Put On a Happy Face" from BYE BYE BIRDIE

    "Ease On Down the Road" from THE WIZ

    "Don't Rain on My Parade" from FUNNY GIRL

  • Sunset Boulevard seating questions  Feb 10 2017, 03:04:13 PM

    The left-side section of the scaffolding set is Norma's home. Though she walks across the upper tier on the scaffolding several times, she descends and all of her scenes gravitate to the left staircase.  The right staircase is Joe's apartment and used for other non-mansion scenes (Artie's apartment, etc). 

  • Broadway musicals with country scores?  Feb 10 2017, 01:43:12 AM

    9 to 5: The Musical

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD Previews  Feb 9 2017, 08:45:36 PM

    Holy ph**kballs these high school kids are quite fantastic!  I just took a quick glance just for sh*ts and giggles and literally got sucked into the first Joe/Norma scene.  Their delivery is quite impressive.  Definitely planning on watching the entire thing.  Ignore the overcrowded ensemble sequences (what a mess!) and the height differences but the regular scenes are quite impressive.   

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD Reviews  Feb 9 2017, 07:46:08 PM

    Enough with this misconception!  Glenn only wears maybe a handful of her original costumes and even those are slighted modified.  Many of the costumes are redesigned - dresses in the original now redesigned as pant suits.  A few are totally missing including this fabulous leopard print gown that was breathtaking in the original production.  At least her "As If We Never Said Goodbye" costume is in its full glory.