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Birthday: 3 - 28
Gender: Male
Location: New York, NY
Occupation: Art Director
Profile: "...give me one more, please." - Bob Fosse

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Favorite Performer(s): Christian Borle

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  • CBS taking down Tony Award clips  Jul 25 2017, 11:48:25 AM

    You can watch on the Tony Awards website - plus lots of other great past performances....

    No you can't.  They simply provide you links to iTunes and Amazon to purchase performances so you can view them.  The Tony Awards website doesn't have any of the Tony Awards performances posted to view for free. 

  • What good musicals for drunks and potheads  Jul 25 2017, 01:16:26 AM


  • Maggie should have had her suspicions about Brick...  Jul 24 2017, 09:02:41 PM

    FYI: Brick's beau was Skipper.  

    Even Maggie, Sister Woman, Big Mama, Big Daddy and heck, even the little no neck monsters knew this.  

  • Possible Cast for a Queen Latifah HELLO, DOLLY! ?  Jul 24 2017, 06:58:31 PM

    No one in the original run of Dolly ever did less than 8 performances a week, and Pearl Bailey had a bad heart.

    Pearl Bailey only performed the evening performances during her run.  Thelma Carpenter performed the matinee performances.  

  • Possible Cast for a Queen Latifah HELLO, DOLLY! ?  Jul 24 2017, 06:10:55 PM

    Would Jenifer Lewis be willing to do alternate Dolly?

    Jenifer is busy with ABC TV's BLACK-ISH plus that series films in Los Angeles.  

  • Nikki Blonsky acting again  Jul 24 2017, 04:36:50 PM

    Speaking of, what happened to that Tracy from the NBC live one? She up to anything?

    Maddie Baillio of HAIRSPRAY Live! hasn't done any television or film work since playing Tracy (as mentioned above: she's hanging with friends and active on Instagram).  Also, Shanice Williams from THE WIZ Live! did work in an 18-minute film short since so that's that.  

    Word to the wise: keep away from NBC Live television events open casting call

  • Nikki Blonsky acting again  Jul 24 2017, 03:08:44 PM

    Again? She's been in other things since Hairspray...

    We're not questioning that, amigo.  The topic is why she was excluded from any participation in last year's HAIRSPRAY Live! NBC TV EVENT.  Both former Tracy's had cameos in the live broadcast but Nikki didn't to which her response is she was forgotten.  Really, girl?

  • Nikki Blonsky acting again  Jul 24 2017, 02:42:28 PM

    "They never reached out to me. I think they kind of forgot me, which is fine. We all have our moment in the sun," the 28-year-old actress told TooFab in an interview.

    Without bringing up details, she pretty much closed many doors on herself quite quickly.  She starred in the enormously successful 2007 film version of HAIRSPRAY which starred more than a handful of superstars AND was produced by the same team that produced the NBC Live Event version of H

  • Possible Cast for a Queen Latifah HELLO, DOLLY! ?  Jul 24 2017, 12:33:04 PM

    I guess you missed the interview last week on Andy Cohen when she was asked about Broadway and she said that she was offered to come in in a big Tony winning production but the timing wasn't right.. etc....

    Yes, as I do every night its on, I did watch WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE! (its NOT called Andy Cohen, genius).  If you re-read my post, this is all an IF scenario.  Just curious IF this were to happen, who people would love to see in the all-black cast.  

  • Possible Cast for a Queen Latifah HELLO, DOLLY! ?  Jul 24 2017, 12:08:35 PM

    So, with everyone onboard with their wishful hopes of a Queen Latifah led HELLO, DOLLY! production, its time for a little dream casting. 

    If Scott Rudin chose to do a David Merrick and recreate Pearl Bailey's legendary replacement of Carol Channing and bring an all-black cast for Queen Latifah, who are your casting ideas?  I'm sure everyone would agree that Norm Lewis is a must for Horace Vandergelder.

    For a quick history, here is the cast of Pearl Bailey's

  • Nikki Blonsky acting again  Jul 23 2017, 09:00:49 PM

    Anyone here follow her on instagram ? She posted to her story that she's in a show called stuffed on Broadway . Anyone heard anything else about it?

    Gurl, Nikki ain't in no Broadway show.  That play is more-or-less Off-Off-Broadway!

  • Marquee  Jul 22 2017, 05:44:55 PM

    Wait! Didn't the original Les Miserables play at The Broadway?

    Good point.  The original Broadway production of LES MISERABLES opened at the Broadway Theatre in 1987 then transferred over to the Imperial Theatre in 1990 where it ran until it closed.  I assume the plaque is in front of the Imperial Theatre because that's where the show ended its long run.  

  • Christian Borle Q&A After CATCF Gene Wilder Screening  Jul 22 2017, 04:20:53 PM

    Well, at least we know why Christian Borle will be missing the Wednesday July 26, 2017 evening performance of CHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY. 

    Heads-up to any ticket holders for that performance.  You ain't seeing Christian Borle as Willy Wonka that night!  

  • Marquee  Jul 22 2017, 03:47:47 PM

    Similar to the Chorus Line one, there's a plaque commemorating the opening of the original Les Mis (I believe) on the sidewalk in front of the Imperial (I believe). 

    Yup.  Directly in front of the entrance of the Imperial Theatre and on the sidewalk: 


  • Why are Hello Dolly tickets so inexpensive??  Jul 22 2017, 02:23:49 PM

    BrodyFosse often makes stuff up as he goes along, or maybe he gets confused. Once he tried to tell us he saw Wicked in 2002 and no amount of people correcting him could sway him.

  • For sale: 3 Hello Dolly, Thursday 8/10 @ 7PM  Jul 22 2017, 01:10:40 PM

    StubHub might resell them for you but if you're looking to make back what you originally paid that will mean StubHub will need to mark them up even higher (so they can make their profit) which would put your tickets above the market price and thus harder for them to sell again.  

    People trying to resell tickets are unaware of that theory so they try to resell their tickets based on the prices they see on StubHub for the same seats they're trying to sell.  StubHub

  • For sale: 3 Hello Dolly, Thursday 8/10 @ 7PM  Jul 22 2017, 12:58:57 PM

    $275 per ticket for a balcony seat?  


  • Diahann Carroll in Sunset Blvd  Jul 22 2017, 12:19:41 PM

    For your viewing pleasure, here's Ms. Carroll in the finale of SUNSET BLVD.:

  • "Easter Eggs" in theatre district?  Jul 22 2017, 10:54:56 AM

    The G subway station on Clinton-Washington in Brooklyn still has a poster advertising Jesse Tyler Ferguson in FULLY COMMITTED which opened on Broadway this time last year.  

  • Adding an intermission to a one act show?  Jul 22 2017, 10:50:41 AM

    Most if not all regional/community productions of A CHORUS LINE add an intermission as do productions of FOLLIES.  The recent Broadway revival experimented with having an intermission or not and several performances were tried out during previews.