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Profile: "...give me one more, please" - Bob Fosse

Favorite Show(s): A Chorus Line
All Shook Up
Caroline, or Change
Jersey Boys
Jersey Boys
Letty Pepper
Over Here!
Smile at Me
Sunset Boulevard
The Fix
Thoroughly Modern Millie

Favorite Performer(s): Christian Borle

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  • OFFICAL: Michael Mayer to Helm West End Revival of FUNNY GIRL, Starring Sheridan Smith  Aug 3 2015, 11:54:19 AM

    So much of the book was tailored to Streisand's talent.

    Those tailorings to Streisand were implimented into FUNNY GIRL after the musical's bumpy out-of-town tryouts. Once they arrived into NY in early 1964, Jerome Robbins was brought in to "doctor" the show and he quickly assessed the problem: the musical needs to be The Barbra Streisand Show and trimmed away anything that takes away from her. Jean Stapleton (the original Mrs. Strakosh) has said in the press that the entir

  • Obama at Hamilton  Jul 20 2015, 12:17:58 PM
    I think LinManuel is doing a really professional and humbling thing by sticking with the schedule. He's pro enough to know he is the Director first and foremost.

    Really? I mean, really?! Miranda IS NOT the show's director. Tom Kail is the show's director; Lin-Manuel Miranda stars as the lead as well as wrote the music and lyrics and the show's book. What's next? Him getting incorrectly credited as the pit conductor? Costume Designer? Choreographer, too?
  • Will the INTO THE WOODS dvd be remastered since the screener season?  Mar 21 2015, 12:36:56 PM
    'For Your Consideration' Awards DVD Screeners are never remastered or actual representations of the later-down-the-road home video incarnations. They are basically quick digital transfers made by the film studio to promote a new film to the press and voters. No color correction or exposure balance or even sound balancing has been done to these DVD screeners.

    And to answer your question, yes... the DVD/Blu-Ray incarnation of Rob Marshall's INTO THE WOODS has been fully remastered and l
  • Chita's standby??  Feb 26 2015, 01:43:48 PM
    Thrilled beyond words with this new confirmation of La McKechnie. Moving to the city in a few weeks so I'll be fortunate enough to see her at a moment's notice. Gotta monitor this show's performance schedule like a hawk.
  • Official Into the Woods Movie Discussion Thread  Feb 4 2015, 10:27:04 PM
    Those are three incredible and talented women, and it's actually quite endearing to see that they've formed a friendship during their time working on Into the Wood.

    All 3 ladies have been friends for years, they didn't just meet on the set of INTO THE WOODS.

    Christine Baranski co-starred with Streep in the 2008 film adaptation of MAMMA MIA! and Streep and Ullman have been very close friends for about 30 years since they worked together on the 1985 film PLENTY. Ullman
  • Jennifer Nettles and Carly Hughes Join Chicago Tonight!  Feb 4 2015, 04:10:18 PM
    What you saw was a press sneak peek - they are not in costumes, wigs, etc.. They basically performed a selection of songs and were interviewed for the press/media to have content for promotional purposes. Though it was indeed filmed at the Ambassador Theatre, for this press sneak peek the stage is lit for the cameras. Any of the footage you see is no representation of how the show is actually performed nor how the ladies will look in the actual show.

    Now, for those unfamiliar with
  • Official Into the Woods Movie Discussion Thread  Jan 9 2015, 12:09:02 PM
    Per Stephen Sondheim and Paul Gemignani, David Krane did the underscoring for the film.
  • Idina  Jan 1 2015, 11:37:33 AM
    I will give her credit to her owning the fact that she can't always sing "Let it Go". She's said this countless times in interviews that she rarely can sing it perfectly.

    Here she is on Bravo TV's WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE (sitting next to Julie Andrews) talking about the Adele Dazeem situation.

  • Debra Byrne & Hugh Jackman in Sunset Boulevard  Dec 27 2014, 03:30:11 PM
    Boy, this takes me back. The Australian production of SUNSET BLVD. definitely was plagued with problems that made the media coverage quite extensive during its short run. Though it was a limited engagement, it closed 4 months earlier than planned. It was later learned that though Debra Byrne was contracted for 6 performances a week, the producers never released this info so audiences assumed she did all 8 performances.

    The first sign of problems came during rehearsals when Byrne fe
  • Cabaret Will Officially Launch National Tour  Dec 18 2014, 09:17:39 PM
    Most theatres presented the 1998 revival tour of CABARET in a regular proscenium stage set-up though they fully had on stage the entire scaffolding set (with the 2 spiraling staircases and the raised orchestra/band). It looked as if they literally took the entire Studio 54 set and placed it on stage. It still worked but it definitely lost that intimacy you experience at Studio 54.
  • Actors being fired / replaced  Dec 11 2014, 08:35:31 PM
    Christopher Hoff injuring his foot during the previews of the recent PAL JOEY revival and quickly being permanently fired/replaced by his understudy Matthew Risch.

    Diane McAfee (singer Fiona Apple's mother) was the original Eve Harrington in the original Broadway cast of APPLAUSE but was fired/replaced by Penny Fuller during previews.

    SNL alumni Chris Kattan was fired/replaced during previews of THE FROGS by Roger Bart.

  • Peter Pan comments and reviews  Dec 5 2014, 05:54:50 PM
    So, I'm quite surprised to say this but it actually is better on second viewing.

    Like everyone else, I was excited for this. Big fan of Allison Williams on GIRLS, so I'm quite familiar with her plus I kept a completely open mind for this entire TV production. Yes, I've seen the 3 versions of Martin's TV productions as well as Sandy Duncan and Cathy Rigby live on stage so I'm very familiar with the show completely.

    I tuned in and started watching the entire show in real-time
  • Gavin Creel to Join  Dec 5 2014, 03:12:28 PM

  • TV/Movie Celebs who have translated well (or not) to stage  Nov 26 2014, 11:59:52 AM
    FORMER Mrs. Antonio Banderas.

    After 18 years of marriage, Melanie Griffith filed for divorce from Antonio Banderas this past June 2014.

    She will continue to be Melanie Griffith and Tippi Hedren's daughter.

    Also of note, regardless of how and what has been said by the public about her run in CHICAGO over a decade ago, she was highly praised when she was reviewed by The New York Times.

  • TV/Movie Celebs who have translated well (or not) to stage  Nov 25 2014, 01:38:57 PM
    It's a shame that her shots at originating roles always fall through pre-Broadway.

    In her own words, here is Brooke openly explaining the difficulty she experienced with LEAP OF FAITH in its pre-Broadway Los Angeles incarnation and why she prefers to be a replacement over originating a role:

    Of her time working on the tryout of Leap of Faith, Shields (whose Broadway credits are for replacing other stars in Grease, Wonderful Town and The Addams Family) told Playbill
  • INTO THE WOODS Blu-ray  Nov 19 2014, 04:06:15 PM

  • Revealing Moment in Frances McDormand Interview  Oct 22 2014, 04:04:55 PM
    Many actors experience unpleasant gigs, even on the Broadway level. As McDormand states - you do the job. A job is a job and you professionally do what you were hired to do, regardless of how you personally feel about it.

    I know more than a handful of actors/dancers who have worked in shows they didn't much care for. Many encountered situations similar to what McDormand experienced - great on paper but not in the final product. They were excited to be cast in a project that soun
  • In The Heights Movie  Oct 17 2014, 09:03:17 PM
    As mentioned above, on November 7, 2008, Universal Pictures announced that they planned to adapt the Broadway musical IN THE HEIGHTS as a feature film for release in late 2011 or Spring 2012. Kenny Ortega was set to direct the film and Lin-Manuel Miranda would be reprising his role of Usnavi, which was slated to begin filming on location in New York City in summer 2011. Unexpectedly, the project was canceled in March 2011, when Universal opted not to produce the IN THE HEIGHTS film adaptation.
  • Hedwig national tour?  Oct 1 2014, 12:57:28 PM
    I agree: anything is possible. The Broadway incarnation won Tony Awards including Best Actor in a Musical so it merits interest from the non-saavy theatre goer who goes to see tours/productions with the 'Tony Award Winning' tagline attached (I know many of these types).

    The Broadway incarnation is staged differently from the original Off-Broadway incarnation so it can be done in any theatre with a proscenium stage as all theatres can remove the orchestra pit plus its not a complex un
  • current Broadway shows featuring tap dancing  Sep 15 2014, 12:23:27 PM
    Right now, looks like THE BOOK OF MORMON is the only one.