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Birthday: 9 - 9
Gender: Male
Favorite Show(s): Cabaret
Into the Woods
Kinky Boots
Sister Act
The Drowsy Chaperone

Favorite Performer(s): Nina Arianda
Shoshana Bean
Laura Benanti
Stephanie J Block
Betty Buckley
Chester Gregory
Megan Hilty
Jenifer Lewis
Alison Luff
Alli Mauzey
Jan Maxwell
Patina Miller
Bernadette Peters
Sherie Rene Scott
Saycon Sengbloh
Adrienne Warren

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • Jenifer Lewis fun fact  Apr 10 2015, 01:45:16 AM

    Jenifer Lewis? You mean Nell Carter? That's who did the workshops is Dreamgirls and who the writers had in mind.

  • The 2015 NBC Live Musical?  Mar 30 2015, 12:27:38 AM
    Would JHud or any of the people on Empire be able to do The Wiz since it will be NBC and Empire if Fox? I'm not sure how that works, and I believe JHud is becoming a regular on Empire.

    Also, if people from Empire can be apart of this, I wouldn't be surprised if Jussie Smollett was involved as the scarecrow at all. He's up and coming so he wouldn't be super expensive I'm guessing, but he's also getting a lot of attention right now.
  • CARRIE THE MUSICAL to premiere in Los Angeles  Mar 28 2015, 04:47:51 PM
    I wish this would extend a week or two. I'm surprised it hasn't.
  • Caroline Bowman  Mar 27 2015, 12:25:41 AM
    Something about all of this seems off to me. Wicked usually lives to let people go and replace them after they miss several weeks of shows, but they have found not one but two temporary replacements for CB, and she's been out for over a month? I don't want to see anyone let go, I'm just surprised that they're being this patient with her, which makes me wonder why? Maybe they just like her that much? I can't help but think that something is missing from the equation that we don't know.

  • Best staged number in theatre history?  Mar 25 2015, 11:44:23 PM
    No Grand Hotel? What have y'all been watching?
  • Brandy joins CHICAGO  Mar 24 2015, 01:20:31 PM
    Carly Is leaving? Why? She usually sits on contracts
  • CARRIE THE MUSICAL to premiere in Los Angeles  Mar 20 2015, 03:17:47 AM
    The revival is like 2 hours and 5, maybe 2 hours and 10.
  • CARRIE THE MUSICAL to premiere in Los Angeles  Mar 19 2015, 07:05:56 PM
    The Chicago production of Carrie was one of the worst things I may have ever seen, ever. So if Chris Jones was mixed about that one then he would have given the off Broadway revival 5 stars.
  • CARRIE THE MUSICAL to premiere in Los Angeles  Mar 16 2015, 07:06:37 PM
    Best12Bars I've been in the room with a few actresses who were cast as Margaret (I've worked on the show a few times) it is almost always the actress who makes the horrendous choice. Every actress I've seen play Margaret in rehearsal is so in love with the Mazzie way, and turn their nose up at Piper Laurie's portrayal. Frankly I think the "I'm just a mother " is simply easier to play, and a copout. That's not the story, screw easy and justifications that water down the material; Do the work! No
  • Jennifer Holliday Will Play Sofia In THE COLOR PURPLE  Mar 15 2015, 05:07:48 PM
    I didn't know it was John Ruffin. He's literally terrible, and his shows are trash. He does these really low rent church audience based shows with no value, but lots of adlibs, neck rolling, unauthorized revisions to the script. His shows make Tyler perrys touring productions look like tony award wining shows. He is really appealing to a certain audience, and making a crap ton of money off of them and their (ignorance is a harsh word, but you get my drift). It's kind of sad, but he's working his
  • Will Lea just fade away when Glee ends?  Mar 14 2015, 09:59:08 AM
    Only if we're lucky
  • Kelly Clarkson in  Feb 28 2015, 01:35:44 AM
    Something makes me question if her voice would hold up.
  • Lena Hall To Depart Hedwig  Feb 28 2015, 01:34:48 AM
    It should be Adrienne Warren
  • Wicked Glinda Standby  Feb 25 2015, 12:46:19 AM
    The former.
  • Wicked Glinda Standby  Feb 24 2015, 11:00:54 PM
    Tess made her debut tonight. I was there.
  • Christine Dwyer Back in Wicked  Feb 24 2015, 10:59:22 PM
    She came a LONG way
  • Lady Gaga + Sound of Music  Feb 22 2015, 11:41:14 PM
    That really was quite terrific.
  • Wizard and I rewrite  Feb 21 2015, 11:15:00 PM
    Soy a good idea.
  • Caroline Bowman in Wicked  Feb 20 2015, 01:03:02 AM
    Yes, Carla Stickler was Elphaba tonight, and she is quite good. I saw one of her early performances on tour as an understudy.

    I'm seeing the show Tuesday, and I'm curious about who I'll get. Sounds like it won't be Caroline. I like Christine a lot, but I've seen her twice already, so if she is coming back to help out, i selfishly hope she starts after Tuesday, but actors usually start on Tuesdays so who knows. I've also seen Carla Stickler, and wouldn't mind seeing her again. Hmmm...
  • Caroline Bowman in Wicked  Feb 19 2015, 05:55:37 PM
    I just read that Caroline Bowman is injured and that Dwyer is coming in to replace her. Can anyone confirm if this is true, or just a rumor? If so, when does Dwyer start etc.