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Member Name: Visceral_Fella
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Birthday: 9 - 9
Gender: Male
Favorite Show(s): Cabaret
Into the Woods
Kinky Boots
Sister Act
The Drowsy Chaperone

Favorite Performer(s): Nina Arianda
Shoshana Bean
Laura Benanti
Stephanie J. Block
Betty Buckley
Chester Gregory
Megan Hilty
Jenifer Lewis
Alison Luff
Alli Mauzey
Jan Maxwell
Patina Miller
Bernadette Peters
Sherie Rene Scott
Saycon Sengbloh
Adrienne Warren

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • Current Wicked Tour cast  May 1 2017, 10:41:18 AM

    I hope that Emily the current standby is promoted.

  • Brantley Reviews London's DREAMGIRLS  May 1 2017, 10:21:52 AM

    A bit tangential: has anyone seen Asmeret as Lorrell? I didn't know she joined the company, and while I find her talented I cannot imagine her singing Lorrell. How is she?

  • Cate Blanchett as Margo Channing in ALL ABOUT EVE  Apr 27 2017, 10:14:53 PM

    A few months ago I told a friend that I would like to see a remake of this with Cate Blanchett as Margo and Rachel McAdams as Eve

  • Hamilton Chicago  Apr 27 2017, 05:16:40 PM

    I saw the show a few days ago, and I too was disappointed with Breaker's Burr. His Burr comes off very desperate, almost as if he himself didn't believe that would ever achieve greatness. His Burr is so focused on working hard that I never thought that he had a growing hatred for Hamilton. It just seemed like he was annoyed by Hamilton, in a very squidward/spongebob type of way. His Burr is almost too focused on his own development to the point that he hasn't taken

  • Hamilton Chicago  Apr 16 2017, 08:12:35 PM

    Has anyone done cancellation? If so, how was that experience?

    Also, for anyone who has sat back of house limited view, how limited of a view would Row Y, seat 11 be?

  • Next WICKED Cast  Jul 27 2015, 05:25:56 PM

    You'd be surprised at who can recognize talent ClydeBarrow I took an elderly newbie to see this cast and she did not like Kara at all and neither did I.

    I too hope the next Elphaba is Alison Luff. If Mauzey returned with Luff it would be one of the most well sung casts to do the show.

  • THE WIZ: 2015 NBC LIVE MUSICAL  Jul 27 2015, 01:07:41 AM

    Grace Jones would be perfection!

  • Dream Cast Jessie Mueller!  Jul 25 2015, 11:04:30 AM

    I need to see her in something else because I was not moved by her performance in Into the Woods at all, but everyone on this board just goes on and on and on about her ad nauseum so I must have missed something.

  • Songs With a big belt at the end  Jul 16 2015, 02:25:14 PM

    Mama Will Provide, and Waiting for Life from Once on this Island.

    Your Daddy's Son can be belted, and is quite thrilling when it is.

    I am Changing - Dreamgirls

  • Brandy's sings Home for audtion for the Wiz  Jul 14 2015, 05:03:11 PM

    Her personality is very Lorell actually, but there's no way she could sing it.

  • Revised CARRIE on Broadway?  Jul 14 2015, 01:06:59 AM


  • Revised CARRIE on Broadway?  Jul 14 2015, 12:35:19 AM

    What Production did you see GingerBreadMan?

  • Marin Mazzie and Judy Kuhn  Jun 26 2015, 11:03:31 PM

    If you make the keys low enough anyone can belt, so I mean technically, but no.

  • Marin Mazzie and Judy Kuhn  Jun 26 2015, 11:11:15 AM

    Yes let's write Mazzie a role that is suitable for her voice instead of having her play belty roles that don't show her full potential. Especially if the role has been previously played by a belter. 

  • Beverley Knight and Cats  Jun 5 2015, 12:16:25 PM

    I can't wait to hear her memory

  • Kara Lindsay in Wicked  Jun 2 2015, 10:14:59 AM

    I must say, I'm very surprised when people say that they thought she was wonderful. I've seen the show an unmentionable amount of times and I thought she was the worst Glinda I had ever seen. I also went with a non theatre goer who had never seen the show and they were not moved by her either. Maybe she was sick? She kept touching her chest, if she wasn't then she does not have the notes for the high soprano stuff. Also, what is up with allowing Glindas to be super contemporary? Jenni Barber

  • Idina Menzel to Reprise Leading Role in If/Then tour  May 9 2015, 11:20:23 PM

    I hope her voice doesn't go the route of Alice when she toured with N2N

  • Brandy joins CHICAGO  May 7 2015, 04:56:32 AM

    I'm going tonight. Will report back

  • Audra sings Evita  May 3 2015, 10:19:58 AM

    Yeah, this wasn't great, wasn't terrible either, but even for fun songs like this should be let go. Her voice is the same up and down much like Kelli O'Hara. That's not a bad thing and she's a rare talent. Just a rare talent who will benefit from staying in her lane.

  • Musicals about High School?  Apr 29 2015, 12:28:21 PM

    I'm surprised that there isn't a thread about this already. I keep searching and I can only find lists of musicals good for high schools to do as opposed to musicals with high school themes.

    So far I have:

    Bring it On
    Lysistrata Jones