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  • American Psycho was SNUBBED  May 5 2016, 02:27:15 PM

    This musical was never going to be warmly embraced by everyone, or even most people. The novel wasn't. The movie wasn't. If the musical bucked that trend, then something would be wrong with the adaptation.

  • Tony predictions -- will and should win  May 5 2016, 01:51:18 PM

    I think a lot of people are finding a lot of resonance in The Humans' themes and its accurate depiction of contemporary American life. It is not a political play, but it depicts the things that make people hold the views they do. Given the current climate of the country, I am not surprised The Humans has found acclaim and audience favor.

  • American Psycho was SNUBBED  May 5 2016, 12:45:34 PM

    backwoodsbarbie said: "The scene I cannot get out of my head is when the ensemble came out all in white and wiped up the blood. Does anybody know the name of that song? I wanted to download it from the London recording."


    I believe this is a reprise of Clean? It's not in the Playbill songlist.


  • Tony predictions -- will and should win  May 5 2016, 12:27:21 PM

    I did mark them both down as the most likely spoilers. It's just a question of how strong Hamilton's sweep will be (I think it will be quite strong).

    I think of those two, Hamilton is more likely to lose Choreography. Despite being a very movement heavy piece, it doesn't manage the "wow" factor the way Glover's does. Glover also has several extended dance sequences, whereas Blankenbuehler does not.

    On the flip side, I think Tazewell's costumes for Hamilton manage to hit an iconi

  • tuck everlasting today per  May 5 2016, 10:46:05 AM

    Corey38 said: "It has zero big names and it is hemorrhaging money

    It has Andrew Keenan Bolger and Terrance Mann, those are pretty big names. Not huge, but not terrible.

    They are recognizable names to the Broadway community. And... that's all.


  • Tony predictions -- will and should win  May 5 2016, 10:38:43 AM

    Predicted wins in bold, potential spoiler wins in italics.

    Best Play

    The Father
    The Humans 
    King Charles III

    Best Musical

    Bright Star
    School of Rock-The Musical
    Shuffle Along, Or the Making of the Musical Sensation of 1921 and All That Followed

    Best Revival of a Play

    Arthur Miller's The Crucible&nb

  • Riedel on Tony Nominations  May 5 2016, 10:08:21 AM

    JM226 said: "LOL   you couldn't be more wrong or off.

    people, do not believe everything you read on here.  there are supposed "insiders" and "experts" on here who like to pretend they can accurately estimate the nut of a production they have no clue about, including what deals have been worked out with creative team members, source material copyright holders, the landlord of the theater, and weekly advertising budgets.  all of this im

  • Hamilton bias  May 5 2016, 10:05:43 AM

    LMM is pretty beloved in the community, as is the rest of the cast and the show itself.

    If Hamilton loses in categories in which it is nominated, it will be because this has been a very good year for musicals on Broadway and Hamilton- while, I think, the best musical and production of the season- isn't necessarily the best in every category. I personally would vote for Shuffle Along's choreography, for example.

    Riedel should not be taken as the gospel truth on any t

  • DEAR EVAN HANSEN at Off-Broadway's Second Stage Theatre  May 5 2016, 08:26:15 AM

    When I saw the show on Tuesday, the line was definitely in reference to his coat.

  • DEAR EVAN HANSEN at Off-Broadway's Second Stage Theatre  May 4 2016, 04:40:08 PM

    She's a gossip columnist who in the very same article confused Come From Away- a new original musical- with the Twyla Tharp Sinatra flop, Come Fly With Me. So I'd take it with a massive grain of salt for now.

  • GLASS MENAGERIE revival this fall, starring Sally Field - Directed by Sam Gold?  May 4 2016, 01:45:38 PM

    There's no age specification of how old Tom should be. Since he's looking back, I don't think it really matters.

  • People who take vacant seats at intermission  May 4 2016, 12:15:32 PM

    My opinion is any empty seat at intermission- that you are sure is empty- is fair game unless you are otherwise directed by house staff. Taking empty seats before then could cause problems if the rightful ticketholders just happen to be late. And even then, some theatres hold latecomers in seats closest to the entrance to prevent disturbances, and they are free to claim their ticketed seats at intermission.

    Regardless if you are sitting in the seat printed on your ti

  • DEAR EVAN HANSEN at Off-Broadway's Second Stage Theatre  May 4 2016, 11:04:04 AM

    I agree, it does pack a punch. Even I- a notoriously dry-eyed theatre-goer- teared up during "So Big / So Small."

    Which is why I would like more from the last third of the show- even forgiving the flaws in the first 2/3s. The show has too much going for it to settle for such a contrived and dramatically lazy climax and ending.

    Click Here To Toggle Spoiler Content
    DEAR EVAN HANSEN at Off-Broadway's Second Stage Theatre  May 4 2016, 09:57:23 AM

    I saw this last night and enjoyed it- the superlatives for Platt and Jones are certainly more than deserved. Jones delivers perhaps the best song of the whole thing, devastating and so lived-in and true.

    I do think it's a tad overlong, and a tad derivative (I wish Greif had done something to make this not so immediately reminiscent of Next to Normal visually). The first act meanders and the action reaches its climax and denouement way too quickly in the second, and how it handles t

  • Riedel on Tony Nominations  May 4 2016, 08:33:11 AM

    I am a bit baffled by the statement that Bridges' subject matter put off the nominators (after all, the Best Musical that year is a lighthearted romp about a serial murderer). They nominated the show's undeniably greatest assets- its music and its leading lady. The show itself is a mixed bag, overlong and not focused enough on the central story. 

  • Jennifer Hudson tweets saltiness  May 3 2016, 01:51:31 PM

    Well, at least she can acknowledge she's not a good actor.

  • Tony nom rants  May 3 2016, 01:00:27 PM

    To be honest, I think it's, to some extent, sort of a foolproof role and anyone who originated it would've been nominated. But Groff does go above & beyond the strengths of the writing.

  • Tony nom rants  May 3 2016, 12:53:57 PM

    orangeskittles said: "
    I'm surprised how many people think Jonathan Groff didn't deserve the nomination because he's not on stage as much as other actors. The nomination is for best performance, not "most time on stage". He owns the stage for those 9 minutes. It's a memorable role and a memorable performance. He makes better use of his limited stage time than actors who are onstage for most of the show. His nomination was more of a given than Chris

  • Tony nom rants  May 3 2016, 12:47:55 PM

    ukmusicalfanatic said: "

    Jennifer doesn't appear to be too surprised by the lack of nomination apparently.

    (hope the link works I'm on my phone)

    Well that's a bitter tweet for someone still in the show to send out.


  • Tony nom rants  May 3 2016, 12:11:33 PM

    JVJ93 said: "Groff and Jackson getting nominated was all a pre-planned thing, I believe. Late last night Entertainment Weekly posted an article predicting the Tony noms that were to be announced in a mere 5 hours. They eerily predicted/hinted that to break the record, Hamilton would need to throw in two more noms for Best featured actor, and even mentioned Groff and Jackson. All politics. Sad. "

    They predicted that the biggest cultural phenomenon Broadway has seen in two decad