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  • Laura Osnes and Tony Yazbeck to star in CRAZY FOR YOU  Feb 17 2017, 12:37:11 PM

    Rachel Bloom is the actress playing Irene and is the biggest name in this concert. *If* this concert were to be used for a revival, and *if* she wanted to continue, they wouldn't recast her.

  • Riedel on Broadway's two best performances which can't win Tony's  Feb 17 2017, 10:06:17 AM

    I don't think there's an effective means to ensure that each of the hundreds and hundreds of voters actually see every show; it's essentially an honor system.

  • Isherwood Firing  Feb 16 2017, 11:45:08 AM

    AC126748 said: "Kad said: "I would imagine the topic of "theatre journalist being too tight with producers" is not one that Riedel would like to bring up."

    Yeah, but Riedel is a columnist, not a critic. He has no mandate to feign objectivity and he's never been shy in writing about his past dealings with producers, Rudin included.


    True, but I think there's still cause to be wary on his end, especially sin

  • Isherwood Firing  Feb 16 2017, 11:12:03 AM

    I would imagine the topic of "theatre journalist being too tight with producers" is not one that Riedel would like to bring up.

  • Isherwood Firing  Feb 16 2017, 10:11:12 AM

    Rudin has his hand in a lot of theatre in NYC. A critic should not be maintaining any sort of relationship with him beyond the professional level. And clearly, gossiping and bitching about the top critic at your publication with a producer is remarkably unprofessional.

  • Okieriete Onaodowan to Replace Josh Groban in THE GREAT COMET  Feb 16 2017, 09:56:42 AM

    It's good casting and a great role for Onaodowan, who remains rather unknown.

    The number of people who will be buying tickets because of this casting will be miniscule and that's hardly a stretch to say, but clearly the producers were aware of that when they cast him. Hopefully they are able to position the show itself as the reason to buy a ticket rather than its cast, which is the key to longevity.




  • Canadian Wanting Work On Broadway  Feb 15 2017, 05:53:42 PM

    Canadian Equity members can be seen at auditions alongside American Equity members; the unions were once one organization and now have reciprocal agreements for their members. If you are hired in an American Equity production, you would have to join American Equity (though at a discounted rated) and have the necessary visa or green card to be employed in America.

  • Okieriete Onaodowan to Replace Josh Groban in THE GREAT COMET  Feb 15 2017, 02:10:20 PM

    macnyc said: "Why would Oak give up a place in Frozen for taking over a role in Great Comet? I'm not that familiar with Frozen. It is a small part?"

    He may not have given up anything. The part had to have been offered to him in the first place. Doing one reading/workshop does not guarantee continued casting as the work goes forward.


  • Sweeney Todd Off Broadway Performances  Feb 15 2017, 11:53:56 AM

    I assume the pre-show pie service uses the work lights to facilitate the feeling of being in an actual cheap pie shop (and also to ensure safe and effective food service).

  • Sweeney Todd Off Broadway Performances  Feb 14 2017, 05:42:07 PM

    ChrisTyler12882 said: "It looks brighter, and cheerier inside than I expected."


    Well, it looks like the house/work lights are on for that picture.


  • PRINCE OF EGYPT will finally premiere!  Feb 14 2017, 03:58:40 PM

    ...she wasn't executed or anything.

  • A Theater Lover's Guide to New York  Feb 14 2017, 02:46:07 PM

    Seconding Drama Book Shop. A must-visit stop for anyone who loves theatre, and, as far as I know, the only store of its kind in the country.

  • Big River @ Encores  Feb 13 2017, 05:31:26 PM

    I don't think anything about her review necessitates firing her. How is that any different than writing the "PC crap" in the first place?

  • Big River @ Encores  Feb 13 2017, 05:25:49 PM

    South Fl Marc said: "And I disagree 100% I'm glad he wrote the letter.  It's a perfect response to a truly amateurish pile of PC crap masquerading as a review. Hopefully she won't be a regular reviewer."

    She is a regular reviewer for the Times.


  • Can Bette's voice handle it?  Feb 13 2017, 01:17:40 PM

    Dollypop said: "She's not singing Turandot. Dolly only sings 5 songs."

    She also has time off-stage, too, which helps.

    It's a formidable leading role, sure, but it's not a grueling one.


  • Big River @ Encores  Feb 13 2017, 12:38:23 PM

    I don't know. Even though they most likely share sentiments, Collins and Green produced very different reviews, with Green's far more nuanced and providing far more contextualization of the original novel- ultimately arguing that the show itself is poor adaptation. Collins arrives at a similar conclusion, certainly, but frames it in a far less effective way.

  • Big River @ Encores  Feb 13 2017, 10:25:58 AM

    Frank Rich has shared a letter written by Jack Viertel, the artistic director of Encores!, in response to the Times review. It's scathing.

    (This a link to a Facebook post- unsure if that means some may not be able to view it; please let me know)

    Is the show to be punished for taking that step because those musical moments are not expressed by fully developed characters? The distri

  • Was the 1974 revival of Candide a flop?  Feb 13 2017, 10:21:14 AM

    I agree that '74 version is probably closest to what the ideal musical adaptation of Candide should be, and I would love to see it revived under the direction of someone like Rachel Chavkin or Alex Timbers. However, it seems like when Candide is produced, it is some grander, larger version.

    Has there ever been a show with a score that is so wonderful but also so completely inappropriate for what the show is trying to be?

  • God Looked Away - Al Pacino & Judith Light  Feb 13 2017, 10:07:15 AM

    10086sunset said: "Imagine Pacino decided for the out of town tryout before bringing it to Broadway in the fall...

    The majority said he was much better towards the end of the China Doll run, after he had some time to learn the lines and find the role...

    So he had months of dress rehearsals that people were paying full price to watch? How lucky for him!

  • Riedel on new plays already in danger  Feb 10 2017, 01:19:18 PM

    I do recall there being a promotion for very cheap tickets a couple months back for The Play That Goes Wrong.

    ...though I suspect they will eventually just be giving tickets away...

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