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  • Would you pay $221 for Patti Lupone in SHOWS FOR DAYS?  Jul 2 2015, 12:13:42 AM

    Where on earth are you buying your tickets from? The show has far more affordable tickets; the top price is $87 from Lincoln Center.

  • Your favorite shows you've seen in 2015 so far  Jul 1 2015, 04:31:56 PM
    Fun Home
    Hand to God
    A New Brain
  • Encores! Little Shop of Horrors Review Thread  Jul 1 2015, 12:00:42 PM
    If they're sticking to the show as written, there's no ensemble.
  • Deaf West Spring Awakening to NYC?  Jul 1 2015, 10:21:20 AM
    6 years since the close of the original... is this a new record?
  • Encores! Little Shop of Horrors Review Thread  Jul 1 2015, 09:50:00 AM
    Little Shop generally only runs 1:40, with intermission. I can't imagine this is much of a deviation from that.
  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 6/28/15  Jul 1 2015, 08:31:29 AM

    A musical can't succeed selling to the Broadway community.

  • Danny Burstein-Led FIDDLER ON THE ROOF Revival Will Open on Broadway Next January!  Jul 1 2015, 08:25:32 AM

    I would've loved to see Josh Grisetti as Motel, now that It Shoulda Been You is closing.

    Hecht is wonderful casting, though.

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 6/28/15  Jun 30 2015, 11:22:46 AM
    Aside from the fact it borrows liberally from- I mean, lovingly references- the musical theatre canon to get there, of course.
  • Jeremy Jordan is at peace with being fired from  Jun 29 2015, 12:07:04 PM
    Musto just says Jordan says he's "come to peace with it." The article mentions nothing about how difficult it was for him.
  • Jeremy Jordan is at peace with being fired from  Jun 29 2015, 11:48:58 AM

    I greatly suspect that is true. This wasn't an extraordinary event in the world of theatre.

  • Darren Criss in Hedwig  Jun 29 2015, 11:24:57 AM
    Are the potential future children of former Hedwigs like Michael C. Hall, Darren Criss, and Andrew Rannells going to be traumatized should they ever come upon photos of their daddies in drag?
    And what will NPH's children do?!
  • Jeremy Jordan is at peace with being fired from  Jun 29 2015, 11:09:45 AM
    And Jordan certainly isn't wanting for work or exposure.
  • Are Previews Bad?  Jun 29 2015, 09:33:19 AM
    In my experience, it is increasingly rare that preview performances differ substantially from post-opening performances.
  • Broadway Season 2015-2016  Jun 28 2015, 11:11:14 AM

    Dames at Sea is a revival. The show has been around almost 50 years.

    And it seems like a determination of Shuffle Along won't be possible until we know more about it.

  • A NEW BRAIN  Jun 28 2015, 11:02:52 AM

    I thought this was a stellar presentation of a show that, somewhat rightfully, won't ever be produced often. The songs are wonderful, but it's somewhat less than the sum of its parts. It's really just a song cycle with a loose narrative. But Lapine staged it expertly, and assembled a top-notch cast.

    Groff is certainly less of an idealized Finn analogue than Malcolm Gets was; he lacks the unique neuroticism of Finn. But I thought he was very winning and certainly heartfelt.

  • AMAZING GRACE Previews  Jun 28 2015, 10:43:57 AM

    Whizzer is hands-down the best and most consistent reviewer on this board. Even when our opinions differ- and they do!- his reviews are worth reading and never malicious.

  • Darren Criss in Hedwig  Jun 27 2015, 04:03:09 PM

    I agree with PRS and Jane. It was not a legitimate sex reassignment surgery- the point wasn't exactly to change Hansel's sex.

  • Darren Criss in Hedwig  Jun 26 2015, 04:26:07 PM
    Thank god BroadwayWorld is offering up-to-the-minute updates on this unfolding drama.
  • Shows for Days Previews @ LCT  Jun 26 2015, 09:58:33 AM

    Saw this last night. It's a fine summer diversion, with some very funny one-liners and a great performance from Patti (in some wonderfully tacky 70s outfits). But, unfortunately, it just feels like a ball of one-liners. The larger themes of the show- the development and collapse of manufacturing towns seems to take the focus, inexplicably- don't cohere and the issues of town politics don't really make sense. The play should be a paean to, or at least examination of!, community theat

  • AMAZING GRACE Previews  Jun 26 2015, 12:15:12 AM

    I know many theatre people who love to regularly sing snatches of songs from Scandalous for their sheer terribleness. It doesn't sound like this even has so-bad-it's-memorable going for it.