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  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to Broadway 2017?  Jul 26 2016, 03:34:21 PM

    Shortage creates demand.

    The only thing that may temper its box office in the States, whenever it transfers, is the fact that, unlike Hamilton, everyone will need to buy two tickets.

  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child to Broadway 2017?  Jul 26 2016, 03:11:43 PM

    Well, it just received rave reviews, so it's not just selling on name alone anymore.

  • Natasha ... on-stage seating  Jul 26 2016, 03:08:18 PM

    I doubt they're all sold- it's possible they've been temporarily taken out of sale. Earlier, people who bought the tickets were told their seat locations would be assigned at a later date. Perhaps that is occurring now.

  • Prince of Egypt Concert - Long Island  Jul 26 2016, 01:19:40 PM

    I say this as someone who sees numbers for how many professional theatres across the country cast: American theatre is generally bad at nontraditional casting. Most of the time, unless regional theatres program shows with required roles for people of color- most often shows like West Side Story or Hairspray- they don't cast them very much. Unless it literally says in the script that that the ethnicity is non-white (and even then, every so often you get the issue of some theatre doing West Sid

  • Bad Homo: How Musical Theatre Tested My Relationship:  Jul 25 2016, 02:58:53 PM

    I mean, yeah, it's bad writing... but I really am having difficulty discerning what the conclusion he reached was.  That musicals are better than jerks?

  • Bad H!mo: How Musical Theatre Tested My Relationship:  Jul 25 2016, 01:53:49 PM

    ...I really don't understand the point of this essay at all.

  • shuffle along cast cd  Jul 25 2016, 12:44:06 PM

    LightsOut90 said: "again not a money issue, its a rights issue."


    ...For what song(s)? Much of the score is in the public domain. The score to the original Shuffle Along certainly is, as it was written prior to 1922.


  • MY FAIR LADY Revival Back On For Next Spring?  Jul 25 2016, 12:06:06 PM

    While I don't think it's crazy for a woman in her late-thirties (or, god forbid, older!) to play Eliza, I don't think a "name" is needed for a revival of My Fair Lady, especially if a well-known actor is secured for Higgins.

    (and for the record, if Andrew Rannells and Gavin Creel can play the 19-year-old Elder Price in Mormon without people huffing at it, Benanti can play the early-twenties Eliza).

  • Parade Revival?  Jul 22 2016, 04:27:33 PM

    As far as I know, Roundabout has never really pursued a Parade revival.

  • Dave the Musical  Jul 22 2016, 03:42:42 PM

    Dave was a successful 1993 Ivan Reitman film starring Kevin Kline, a modest hit and well reviewed. Its screenplay was nominated for an Oscar, and Kline nominated for a Golden Globe.

  • Dave the Musical  Jul 22 2016, 01:22:33 PM

    This has been the trend since the success of The Producers and Hairspray.

  • MY FAIR LADY Revival Back On For Next Spring?  Jul 22 2016, 12:48:52 PM

    But it doesn't make sense to transfer a show their subscribers have seen to their biggest space as a commercial production.

  • MY FAIR LADY Revival Back On For Next Spring?  Jul 22 2016, 12:41:14 PM

    That stage is way too big for Oslo.

  • MY FAIR LADY Revival Back On For Next Spring?  Jul 22 2016, 11:05:53 AM

    I mean... it was playing Mr. Darcy that launched Firth's career in a massive way, and the role he is probably still most identified with. Higgins is a very natural progression from that character.

  • MY FAIR LADY Revival Back On For Next Spring?  Jul 22 2016, 10:33:58 AM

    My Fair Lady has several very large, chorus-driven sequences, especially the Embassy Waltz, that would be perfect on the Beaumont stage. It's not at all a small musical.

  • MY FAIR LADY Revival Back On For Next Spring?  Jul 22 2016, 10:07:30 AM

    Firth absolutely will sell tickets, especially in a known property such as My Fair Lady. In fact, I'd say it's a perfect match of actor and material to appeal to audiences.

  • MOTOWN Will Conclude Broadway Run Early on July 31  Jul 22 2016, 10:05:43 AM

    Wow, totally embarrassing. This was always sort of a ridiculous gamble and a wild overestimation of demand.

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event Offical Thread  Jul 22 2016, 09:54:41 AM

    Nothing ruins camp like self-awareness.

  • Hadestown @ New York Theatre Workshop  Jul 22 2016, 09:52:23 AM

    There's been no indication of any plans of transfer, and several members of the cast have commitments in the fall or beyond.

  • The Cherry Orchard question  Jul 20 2016, 01:47:52 PM

    The full play shouldn't run more than 2:45. It's not an unusually lengthy play.