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Member Name: Jordan Catalano
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Birthday: 10 - 14
Gender: Male
Favorite Show(s): Caroline, or Change
Into the Woods
James Joyce's The Dead
Side Man

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  • The Color Purple (New Broadway Cast Recording)  Feb 13 2016, 01:25:50 AM

    LOL. Yeah, if someone could give me a copy that I could download before I buy it, that would be great. Because I'm totally going to buy it once I already have a copy. 

  • The Color Purple (New Broadway Cast Recording)  Feb 13 2016, 01:09:14 AM

    Yeah! Can someone PLEASE upload it there so a$$holes like that can steal it?? PLEASE?!?!?!

  • Caroline, or Change needs a revival  Feb 12 2016, 11:48:50 AM

    I think I mentioned this a while ago, but I spoke with Jeanine Tesori a few months ago and she said she'd been speaking to Kushner a LOT about bringing the show back. They both say that it's time for a revival. 

  • THE ANARCHIST - Full Script  Feb 11 2016, 12:30:47 PM

    Bumping this for anyone who can't go see the shows triumphant return to NYC.

  • Encores! CABIN IN THE SKY Official Thread  Feb 11 2016, 11:06:46 AM

    About 2:15

  • DISASTER(ous) Previews  Feb 10 2016, 11:41:25 PM

    "I take it a cast album is not in its future ."


    Why do we need that when we can just listen to you sing the same song over and over again about it?

  • Encores! CABIN IN THE SKY Official Thread  Feb 10 2016, 11:21:16 PM

    I wonder if they'll be recording any of this years shows, like they did last year. 

  • Encores! CABIN IN THE SKY Official Thread  Feb 10 2016, 10:50:14 PM

    That was so wonderful. Everyone, especially LaChanze gave a really pitch perfect performance. I went into this show not knowing anything about it and just had a huge smile on my face from beginning to end. 

  • Dream Encores! Concerts  Feb 10 2016, 02:25:50 PM

    Man, time flies... I think that was the last time I was in that theater!

  • Dream Encores! Concerts  Feb 10 2016, 01:34:22 PM

    That RAGS concert was a decade ago, wasn't it?

  • DISASTER(ous) Previews  Feb 10 2016, 10:35:31 AM

    "I spoke with several people after the show who were still laughing and talked about how much they also enjoyed the show."


    I love people who randomly "speak" to strangers after a show, conducting little Q&A's, whether the conversations be real or totally fictional in their minds. 

  • Encores! CABIN IN THE SKY Official Thread  Feb 10 2016, 01:00:16 AM

    I can't wait to see this tomorrow night!

  • DISASTER Previews  Feb 9 2016, 11:39:18 PM

    "...all those awful schlocky pop songs from the 70's that I had mercifully forgotten."


    1870's or 1970's?

  • DISASTER Previews  Feb 9 2016, 10:35:13 PM

    I'm even more excited to see this now than I was before. 

  • Dream Encores! Concerts  Feb 9 2016, 10:06:36 PM


    For the love of God, why won't they do this already??

  • Cagney: The Musical heading to the West Side Theater  Feb 9 2016, 01:02:45 PM

    Without Lacey? PASS. 

  • HUGHIE Previews  Feb 9 2016, 01:32:28 AM

    At one point, a woman in a row ahead of us took out her cell phone and I kid you not, a lot of people automatically leaned forward to (what I can only guess) see if they could see what  time it was on the phone. 

  • Trip of Love  Feb 8 2016, 10:20:40 PM

    I saw this yesterday and almost felt bad for liking it as much as I did. Walking into the theatre, you feel like you're walking into a show at a theme park and that's exactly what you get (and there's nothing wrong with that). Andy question also is "WHO IS PAYING FOR THIS?!?" It's a pretty big production that only plays to a half filled house where a good portion of it is papered. 


    But damn, there's some incredible talent up on that s

  • HUGHIE Previews  Feb 8 2016, 09:37:26 PM

    I did not go to the stage door. As for the play, I just don't understand why this was revived. Maybe myself and most of the audience who walked out like we were part of a funeral procession just didn't "get it", but I do understand why this is a rarely seen O'Neill play. 

  • HUGHIE Previews  Feb 8 2016, 09:31:54 PM

    I was 3rd row in the mezz so I had a great view of everyone in the theatre who was sleeping.