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Member Name: Jordan Catalano
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Birthday: 10 - 14
Gender: Male
Favorite Show(s): Caroline, or Change
Into the Woods
James Joyce's The Dead
Side Man

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  • TodayTix Discount Decreasing  Jul 29 2015, 09:35:36 AM

    Whatever you do, do NOT use Philly's code JEYCY. It will crash your app. 

  • Matthew Broderick in Sylvia  Jul 28 2015, 07:33:21 PM


  • Matthew Broderick in Sylvia  Jul 28 2015, 04:49:19 PM

    "Matthew Broderick is confirmed" are the four scariest words in the theatrical vocabulary. 

  • Matthew Broderick in Sylvia  Jul 26 2015, 10:37:37 PM

    Oh, God. How absolutely boring are they trying to make this? The person they WANTED for that role and who wanted to do it and make his Broadway debut until a family issue prevented him from joining the cast would have given a new meaning to the word "event", when referring to this. 

    But now we have Broderick. 


  • Patti Lupone Stage Door  Jul 24 2015, 02:55:24 PM

    Except for when she does take pictures at the stage door with people like she did last week. 

  • Marlee Matlin to join Broadway's SPRING AWAKENING  Jul 21 2015, 01:12:01 PM

    And we're also getting a revival of THAT this year, right?!

  • Marlee Matlin to join Broadway's SPRING AWAKENING  Jul 21 2015, 12:18:52 PM

    This is now the ONLY show in the '15-'16 season I care about seeing now. Just the thought of meeting one of the most groundbreaking people in the history of film and one of the most iconic deaf rights advocates of all time is making my heart beat faster, just thinking about it. 

    This is an EVENT, people. 

  • Go Fund Me  Jul 20 2015, 04:08:50 PM

    Can I personally deduct money from the Go Fund Me account you've set up?

  • Ariana Grande doing a Carolee Carmello impression  Jul 20 2015, 09:35:03 AM

    And because this never ever gets old.

  • Ariana Grande doing a Carolee Carmello impression  Jul 20 2015, 09:30:46 AM

    She's got one hell of a voice. It's just a damn shame nobody's ever understood anything she's said while she's using it.

  • The Wild Party Opens This Week  Jul 18 2015, 06:34:04 PM

    I saw the matinee and loved it. I'm still in the camp that this is the "lesser" of the two WILD PARTY shows, but it certainly shocked me how much I enjoyed it. I hadn't even listened to the original cast recording in years but I put it on as I was walking home and obviously noticed some of the changes immediately. But even with them, I thought it was a great show with great performances ("Chee-ild"'s aside) and I'm very glad I went today. 

  • Evita 2006/2012 Revival  Jul 18 2015, 11:33:25 AM

    Well I loved her. 

    But for me personally, the most thrilling thing about it was that they (I'm pretty sure) used the orchestrations from the film so performed live, it just sounded so good it actually made me cry. 

  • Amazing Grace reviews  Jul 17 2015, 04:54:10 PM

    None of your damn business, little boy. 

  • Amazing Grace reviews  Jul 17 2015, 04:31:01 PM

    I see everything. 

  • The Bodyguard to receive a cast recording  Jul 17 2015, 04:10:58 PM

    Was I not relaxed?  Seriously, saying things like "relax" just make you sound a tad ridiculous when nobody was saying anything that wasn't "relaxed". I was just asking you a question. So why don't you "relax".

  • The Bodyguard to receive a cast recording  Jul 17 2015, 03:41:56 PM

    But you want to hear the music...?

  • Amazing Grace reviews  Jul 17 2015, 03:36:00 PM

    Remember when you were so excited for LIVING ON LOVE and then it closed and everyone was so happy that you'd never be able to see it?

    That was fun.

  • The Bodyguard to receive a cast recording  Jul 17 2015, 03:32:45 PM

    How is it your only way of hearing these songs? Does your iTunes prevent you from listening to or downloading other types of music? 

  • Lansbury/Jones DRIVING MISS DAISY dvd available to Pre-Order!  Jul 17 2015, 01:07:45 PM

    All shows film BRoll for promotional purposes but it's rare for that footage (unedited) to total more than 45 minutes. 

  • The Bodyguard to receive a cast recording  Jul 17 2015, 11:22:07 AM

    What an awful cast recording this is. Just listen to Whitney's greatest hits albums to hear these songs sung much better. There's just no point to this cast recording without Heather Headley, to me.