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  • Gentlemans Guide @ Ahmanson  May 1 2016, 02:55:27 AM

    Wildcard said: "The moment some commented on hating the show, I knew I would like it. And indeed I did. Some people can't appreciate theater unless it had a green witch in it. 



    Never a  truer word spoken on this fourm 

  • Gentlemans Guide @ Ahmanson  May 1 2016, 01:46:11 AM

    Go see it, I really enjoyed it. If the price is right grab a ticket.

  • Chicago @ Pantanges  May 1 2016, 12:23:25 AM

    I never knew this was audience participation night, not sure if I've stumbled into a rock concert either. People are talking back to Roxie , with "you go gurl " " pray jesus " and the like . And I'm having the time of life! 

  • Do I Really Miss Forbidden Broadway Now  Apr 30 2016, 10:23:51 PM

    Dollypop said: "Corine darling, what a rare treat it is to hear from you!  You're still alive, I take it?



    If Jebus was alive Dolly she'd make you a saint

  • Does anyone think Shuffle Along might beat out Hamilton at the awards this year?  Apr 30 2016, 12:58:22 PM

    I do, I think Shuffle Along will take the top prize..

  • How did the recession affect Broadway  Apr 29 2016, 03:31:15 AM

    BroadwayGuy12 said: "Fangirls went crazy.



    She's special .......

  • Unpopular Opinions  Apr 28 2016, 02:15:05 AM

    Call_me_jorge said: "Benjamin Walker is ugly.



    That's just nasty calling someone ugly, some opinions should be kept to yourself.


  • How did you interest in musical theater start?  Apr 26 2016, 08:58:36 AM

    Evita in high school in 1984 , it was something that we listened too in English class. Been in love ever since .

  • CATS Revival  Apr 26 2016, 08:56:57 AM

    This new production struggled in Australia end of last year, it's lost the magic and wonder it once had .

  • FULLY COMMITTED Reviews  Apr 26 2016, 01:48:47 AM

    RentBoy86 said: "I mean he's not wrong. But that said, no one is asking you to pay that. 



    I never said I was going to pay and how you jumped to that from what I wrote I will never understand, I just found it interesting that he brought up the price 

  • The Little Mermaid presale code Hollywood Bowl  Apr 25 2016, 11:42:46 PM

    Have some of you seen the re sale prices on some of the first two shows, 500 bucks to be in the last row in the gods, $5000 grand to be in the front , insane 

  • FULLY COMMITTED Reviews  Apr 25 2016, 11:40:52 PM

    Does Isherwood bring up prices for other 90 minute shows or did he just single this one out?  I'm sure there have been way more 90 minute shows with more top selling names charging more than that! 

  • Did I make a mistake choosing Shuffle over Waitress or Tuck?  Apr 25 2016, 05:22:12 AM

    The OP is nothing more than a troll, he has no plans on seeing anything , he's just making bull**** posts 

  • Harvey Fierstein appreciation  Apr 25 2016, 05:19:39 AM

    It could come across as a little dated , but in a perfect world Nathan Lane could and would have a ball with it, not saying he might be right. But I would pay Hamilton prices to see it.

  • Theater in LA  Apr 25 2016, 02:40:03 AM

    No idea about them , plus they are doing Good People as well,  might have to see both .Thanks for pointing the theatre out .

  • Harvey Fierstein appreciation  Apr 25 2016, 02:30:06 AM

    gypsy101 said: "This thread made me finally watch the film Torch Song Trilogy, and I absolutely loved it. A fantastic film.



    While the movie was great, it hold nothing to seeing it on stage .


  • An update on the next Broadway season  Apr 24 2016, 10:10:49 PM

    The robber bridegroom is not going to transfer 

  • Le Mis or Waitress?  Apr 24 2016, 09:52:41 AM

    i would go with Waitress as well, never saw the movie, but Les Mis as least this production is very under whelming 

  • I LOVE LUCY DURACK  Apr 24 2016, 02:50:24 AM

    Can't stand her, I'll skip seeing a show if she is in it.

  • Riedel on Hamilton $995 premium tickets  Apr 24 2016, 01:10:38 AM

    sarahb22 said: "10086sunset said: "I remember in 1991 how everyone thought Miss Saigon was crazy being the first to charge $100. "

    I thought the first Broadway ticket to cost $100 was for Nicholas Nickleby?




    That was for parts one and two  , not just a single show.