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  • Prince of Broadway @ MTC  Mar 22 2017, 04:16:05 PM

    Thanks for posting the link Lizzie, I was just boarding an aircraft when I saw the story. Had no idea this had been announced earlier, I'm with you really excited to see this, hope it's a huge hit for them. Wonder if Caroline O'Connor will rejoin the cast as well? 

  • Prince of Broadway @ MTC  Mar 22 2017, 03:03:45 PM

    As per Variety , next season 

  • Who was the best understudy you have ever seen!  Mar 17 2017, 04:57:34 AM

    Maria Mercedes is the Australian production of Sunset, she was everything the Deborah Byrne wasn't, the acting , singing superb. Up till seeing Glenn Close a couple of weeks ago Maria was the best Norma I had ever seen.

  • Help pick our third show  Mar 15 2017, 11:31:08 PM

    Would it have  to be Sunset, Close is giving a once in a lifetime's worth the price of admission for that single moment when the spot light catches her just before As If We Never Said Goodbye 

  • THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG Previews  Mar 14 2017, 10:32:33 PM

    Really is one of the funniest shows I've seen in years

  • THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG Previews  Mar 11 2017, 03:43:12 PM

    Make sure you talk back to them, so much fun if you interact.

  • AMÉLIE Previews  Mar 10 2017, 02:18:37 AM

    See the problem is , if the highlight of the show is still the Elton John number and she still doesn't have an 11 o'clock number, I one thing people walk out remembering is the Elton John number, cause that number and the fish at the start is really the only memorable thing 

  • AMÉLIE Previews  Mar 7 2017, 11:25:53 AM

    I wish it all the luck in the world, but if they haven't fixed from what was seen in LA, well um good luck 

  • THE PLAY THAT GOES WRONG Previews  Mar 7 2017, 11:22:42 AM

    Saw this two weeks ago in London, can't remember the last time I've laughed this hard, I wish it all the success it can get 

  • Beauty and the Beast  Mar 3 2017, 07:43:37 PM

    Variety was interesting, liked certain parts , but wasn't sure if it was needed. Love Emma Watson voice 

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD in Performances  Mar 2 2017, 12:33:16 PM

    The announcement for Los Angeles is coming in the next few weeks 

  • FROZEN to Officially Hit Broadway  Mar 1 2017, 09:13:37 PM

    Still Patti, still no interest.

  • Riedel on Mean Girls searing for a star and aiming for Spring 2018  Mar 1 2017, 01:10:08 PM

    I would rather see a musical of Easy A or Edge of Seventeen, I think the problem I had with Mean Girls is it wasn't nasty enough, started out a little than just turned into any other by the numbers teenage movie. 

  • Riedel on Mean Girls searing for a star and aiming for Spring 2018  Mar 1 2017, 09:00:45 AM

    Maybe I'm too old but I never got the love that this film got.

  • COME FROM AWAY Previews  Feb 25 2017, 11:18:44 PM

    Well that turned out to be a joy of show, 100 heartfelt minutes, that celebrated life to the fullest. Funny, touching, sad and life affirming, at the end the standing ovation started as the lights went down ( this one well deserved )  Had the pleasure of meeting the writer after the show. It should and will be a huge hit

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD in Performances  Feb 25 2017, 05:50:31 PM

    Off course not forgetting that amazing 40 piece orchestra, and for want of a better word the lack of a set helped the show. To hear it played so lushly, every show needs an orchestra . 

  • Come From Away Rush  Feb 25 2017, 05:39:39 PM

    I just grabbed standing room for tonight for 32.50 , picked it up about 5.00 

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD in Performances  Feb 25 2017, 05:31:35 PM

    I have been seeing shows for over 35 years both in Australia, London, New York and what I saw this afternoon ranks as one of the greatest performances ever. Close was stunning, unhinged, magnificent and in command whenever she appeared on stage .

    i don't cry at shows, but that moment in "Never Said Goodbye" when the spotlight first catches her was heartbreaking.

    Grabbed a ticket about four minutes after it started ( was looking for the evening show instead ) and wa

  • What are the most well known Broadway songs of all time?  Feb 11 2017, 02:10:26 AM

    Send in the clowns 

  • Clive Owen to Star in Taymor's M. BUTTERFLY Revival  Jan 30 2017, 04:53:24 PM

    That really is stunning art work , the best I've seen in years