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  • SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION Reviews  Apr 25 2017, 08:45:35 PM

    Broadway Joe said: "Well it just ended. I went into this knowing nothing about it. Personally I have nothing good to say about it. I can't remember the last time I disliked a show this much. The set was awful and halfway through there was barely even one. I'm glad it was 90 minutes. 




  • CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY Reviews  Apr 23 2017, 10:16:16 PM

    "So why did the thing turn into a hideous, cheap-looking, melted Whitman’s sampler?"


    now that's a pull quote 

  • CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY Reviews  Apr 23 2017, 10:11:54 PM

    The times review wasnt as nasty as I thought it would be

  • CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY Reviews  Apr 23 2017, 07:06:40 PM

    David Cote is correct it is a joyless and grating show, I've was angry by the time it finished and the music is awful.

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Reviews / OPENING NIGHT  Apr 22 2017, 11:32:18 PM

    Is there a website for merchandise? 

  • Is Dreamgirls worth seeing in London?  Apr 21 2017, 01:16:09 AM

    Mark_E said: "It is actually a ticket lottery done through todaytix for the front row seats. 15 seats at £15 for every performance. Dayseats available Mon-Fri only, but do check a day or two before to see if dynamic pricing has kicked in.



    Thanks Mark E , forgot it was a horrible todaytix lottery ( only horrible cause I couldn't win, but ended up with better seats via day seats )

  • Aspects of Love  Apr 20 2017, 11:02:38 PM

    Saw the Australian production twice, really enjoyed it. Anything but lonely is a beautiful song

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Reviews  Apr 20 2017, 10:51:53 PM

    Robbie, thanks for posting all those wonderful photos.


    Sadly have to wait till Jan to see it

  • Is Dreamgirls worth seeing in London?  Apr 20 2017, 04:36:55 AM

    Amber Riley is magnificent, the show was stunning , for me worth the 35 year wait ....Along with Glenn Close in Sunset the two most amazing performances. I wouldn't miss it...

    Days seats are twenty pound for front row ( stage way too high ) but once those seats are gone they start selling others at the same price 

  • CAROUSEL Broadway Revival Officially Set for Spring 2018  Apr 17 2017, 12:31:25 AM

    It's a pity it's not the 93 staging

  • Why Did Wicked Lose Best Musical?  Apr 14 2017, 02:15:26 AM

    Cause it really is crap, awful dull boring first act, barely passable second act 

  • OSLO Reviews  Apr 13 2017, 10:33:14 AM

    Looking forward to seeing his

  • National Theatre: Follies image  Apr 9 2017, 06:03:09 AM

    I hope this gets a west end transfer, along with Angels...sadly not back in London till early Jan 

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD in Performances  Apr 8 2017, 09:14:43 PM

    I brought at the theatre , 3 minutes after the show had started on Feb 25th and was given a 99.00 buck seat 2nd row middle in the orchestra. I went to buy for the 8.00pm show and was told go now really great seat. Sometimes it's better to buy on the day 

  • GENTLY DOWN THE STREAM  Apr 5 2017, 10:45:28 PM


    really great review from Variety 

  • PRESENT LAUGHTER Reviews  Apr 5 2017, 10:39:11 PM

    Some of those reviews are semi raves.

  • Dreamgirls 2018 Broadway Transfer  Apr 4 2017, 01:34:45 AM

    Riley was magnificent in this, two mid show standing ovations ( which where very well deserved) really was a thrilling production and for me well worth the 35 year wait to see it 

  • AMELIE Reviews  Apr 3 2017, 10:58:33 PM

    Some of those where brutal, but totally justified. It just wasn't a very good show and Soo was bland 

  • SIX DEGREES OF SEPARATION Previews  Apr 3 2017, 10:29:12 AM

    The original production was brilliant, perfect cast , well perfect everything 

  • HELLO, DOLLY! Previews  Apr 3 2017, 08:16:07 AM

    I know it will have been answered before, but its 22 pages long. Is Bette due to stay with the show till its listed close date in Jan?

    Its sadly the only time I can get back to New York and still some amazing tickets for the last couple of weeks, and will buy now if Bette is due to stay.

    Thanks for the help