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  • Outside of the message boards  Jul 18 2017, 11:09:38 PM

    Melbourne Australia,  Get to New York and London at least once every two years

  • Javier Muñoz thing on Twitter???  Jul 18 2017, 03:22:23 AM

    Still comes across as a wanker , so not that much of a big deal

  • Javier Muñoz thing on Twitter???  Jul 18 2017, 01:28:32 AM

    No idea who he is but he comes across as a fully fledged wanker 

  • Witches of Eastwick - Dream Casting  Jul 7 2017, 10:14:37 AM

    Such a great show , never knew why Cam Mac never brought it to Broadway

  • THE BOYS IN THE BAND Broadway Revival - Spring 2018?  Jun 23 2017, 11:38:46 PM

    Saw the London production as well, happy I got to see it on stage, but it really is an awful bitter play. Was never a fan of the movie. I think my big issue was by the time I came out ( 1984 ) I'd never met anyone that was portrayed in the play that way in real life. Not to say they didn't exist. 

  • Chess revival?  Jun 21 2017, 11:24:57 PM

    No one wants to see that Idina woman scream her way through this.

  • National Theatre: Follies image  Jun 16 2017, 02:22:16 AM

    rosscoe(au) said: "I hope this gets a west end transfer, along with Angels...sadly not back in London till early Jan 



    To answer my own question last performance 3rd Jan

  • The Man in the Ceiling - Andrew Lippa Musical  Jun 9 2017, 08:08:26 PM

    The variety review was brutal 


  • ESCAPE TO MARGARITAVILLE to Take the Marquis Theatre in Spring 2018  Jun 4 2017, 07:33:26 AM

    This should last the summer, not!

  • Roles for Anna Kendrick on Broadway?  Jun 2 2017, 02:08:15 AM

    Prefer not to see her in anything.

  • ON YOUR FEET Sets Closing Date  May 31 2017, 07:20:43 AM

    Add me to the list that thought this had closed months ago.

  • Has Maybe This Time Been Misinterpreted?  May 29 2017, 06:33:49 AM

    Mr. Nowack said: "What is far more interesting (and easier on the ear) is making Sally a GREAT singer, but one who is stuck working in a dive because she sabotages her career just as she sabotages her relationships.

    This is really the way Andrea Gross played her on the recent national tour. And it was amazing!



    Ms Gross was outstanding 

  • Overrated Musicals Of The Last Ten Years  May 27 2017, 12:22:29 PM

    It's interesting that some have just listened to a recording and than class the show overrated.

  • Flashdance UK Tour  May 24 2017, 10:28:57 PM

    I'm going take bets that a lot will want to miss it! 

  • AMELIE to close on May 21  May 21 2017, 11:44:25 PM

    Was there anything left to say in speeches , apart from sorry we wrote such a crappy show? 

  • Phyllis Diller as DOLLY  May 17 2017, 06:39:08 PM

    Only saw her in Nunsense 

  • KING KONG Set for Fall 2018 Bow at the Broadway Theatre  May 17 2017, 06:38:14 PM

    What was seen on stage in Melbourne Australia was a huge mess of a show.

  • SUNSET BOULEVARD  May 17 2017, 08:12:01 AM

    muscle23ftl said: "Thanks so much for posting, with that said. Glenn owns this role. I got to see Betty, I heard Patti's recording, watched Elaine doing it and they were all not my cup of tea. I think Glenn is the best, followed by Debra Byrne perhaps. Nancy is a great actress and singer, but all wrong for Norma Desmond.



    Muscle did you see Ms Byrne do the show, she was a mess and not in a good way, her understudy Maria Mercedes on the other

  • Why is Glass Menagerie Closing Early?  May 17 2017, 06:26:38 AM

    There was a really great production only a couple of years ago, that was loved by critics and audiences alike. I think this was way too soon.

  • Is Aladdin Disneys worst show?  May 14 2017, 07:56:31 PM

    Not all Australian productions are cheap or awful this Aladdin is the same as whats on stage in the USA, The Bodyguard on the West End was also a cheap looking musical save for the cabin setpiece.

    As for The Lion King, the opening eight or so minutes purely stunning, sadly what follows is a start stop show that doesn't flow, annoying characters some who you want to slap off the stage and nothing that matches the incredible opening