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Member Name: SporkGoddess
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Birthday: 8 - 4
Gender: Female
Occupation: Student
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Profile: I'm an absolute musical and opera nut.

Favorite Show(s): Coco
Floyd Collins
Jesus Christ Superstar
Miss Saigon
My Life With Albertine
She Loves Me
Side Show
Sweeney Todd
The Light in the Piazza
The Scarlet Pimpernel
West Side Story

Favorite Performer(s): Carl Anderson
Carolee Carmello
Audra McDonald
Brian Stokes Mitchell
Kelli O'Hara
Lea Salonga
Anthony Warlow
Colm Wilkinson

Currently Listening To: You name it!

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • Beauty and the Beast  Mar 11 2017, 08:44:42 AM

    I don't even get why they needed a name for Belle.  The movie sells itself. Plus, Lily James wasn't much of a  name,  was she?

  • Beauty and the Beast  Mar 10 2017, 08:48:36 PM

    Emma"s singing ruins it for me.  And I hate that they lowered Belle's part. Why did they do that?

  • Amelie video  Feb 14 2017, 06:09:58 PM

    As someone who saw the show in LA, the score is indeed pretty but that's all it is.  The songs all run together except for maybe one.

  • Cabaret Tour  Feb 3 2017, 06:07:23 PM

    I saw it really recently and thought it was absolutely fantastic.  Keep in mind that I've never seen any other production of it, though.

  • The NAACP pressuring a school to censor ragtime  Jan 25 2017, 06:50:49 PM

    Thanks for the clarification!  For some reason I thought that they shot her (even though I've seen the revival on Broadway and heard that line in "Til We Reach That Day" a million times.  Ah well).

  • The NAACP pressuring a school to censor ragtime  Jan 24 2017, 05:43:31 PM

    Gaveston: Wait, Ragtime has a rape scene?  When is it?  I honestly don't remember.  I know that Sarah gets shot when she tries to talk to the vice president.

  • Beauty and the Beast  Jan 20 2017, 06:22:18 PM

    I wish that they had cast Alison Brie in the role.  She looks exactly like Belle in real life and she can sing pretty well.

  • Songs for three people of different ages  Jan 20 2017, 06:19:51 PM

    "The Picture Show" from Bonnie and Clyde, although it's two people instead of three (well, two for each character).

  • Amelie at the Ahmanson  Dec 18 2016, 06:06:30 PM

    I don't know if you've seen the movie, but they included the moment where Amelie tries to guess how many couples are having an orgasm (and like the movie, it shows them, although it's just the noises and it's not graphic).  I just wanted to include that information if you're deciding on whether or not it's age appropriate.  I know that moment in the film made me very uncomfortable when I was watching it with my mom, haha.

  • Amelie at the Ahmanson  Dec 12 2016, 10:29:45 AM

    As someone who never saw the movie, I also could have used more characterization.  I love the idea of an earlier duet from Amelie and Nino.  For Amelie, there is some history, but it is not clear enough why she fears connections.  As for Nino, he is a total cypher.  I still don't understand what his photo album represented.  A little introspection would help significantly.

    In the film, they go a bit into Nino's childhood and why he and Amelie are kindred spirits.  Also, IMO it

  • Thoughts on Passion?  Dec 12 2016, 10:25:01 AM

    I don't really like watching it per se, but I love the score.  

  • Amelie at the Ahmanson  Dec 11 2016, 07:46:20 PM

    The guy playing Nino was a huge weak link in the cast. His singing left much to be desired -- there were numerous chorus men who would have made a better Nino


    I liked his singing, but I thought his characterization of Nino seemed too... normal and not weird enough.  He didn't seem as good of a fit for Amelie as in the film, IMO, because of it.  I think that's why I was wondering why he'd put up with her behavior. It might have also seemed that way because the show's

  • What Went Wrong with the PHANTOM OF THE OPERA Film Adaptation?  Dec 11 2016, 05:16:39 PM

    - Emmy Rossum just didn't have the voice.  I don't know if it was acting, direction, or both, but her Christine also had even less personality than usual.  I also didn't like how they cast her so young.

    - A lot of the changes to the storyline made no sense (such as changing the year, which would have coincided with the Franco-Prussian War, or having Carlotta be unpopular with the audience--like, why would they keep her if the audience hated her?)

    - Ger

  • Amelie at the Ahmanson  Dec 11 2016, 12:06:06 PM

    I saw it last night and wanted to share my thoughts.  First off, I found it a very enjoyable night of theatre.  It's a whimsical, adorable, and sometimes magical show.  I thought Phillipa Soo lit up the stage when she was on it.  However, the original film is one of my favorite movies ever--I've seen it a million times, so I know it really well. I thought that the storyline and characters suffered a bit by removing certain scenes and story arcs.  It was only a

  • Phillipa Soo to Lead AMELIE on Broadway  Dec 5 2016, 10:23:16 AM

    I'm seeing it this upcoming weekend.  Super excited!

  • Phillipa Soo to Lead AMELIE on Broadway  Dec 5 2016, 10:23:16 AM

    I'm seeing it this upcoming weekend.  Super excited!

  • Last I Heard...  Nov 20 2016, 02:01:42 PM

    Can you really say that Pence was there as a "private citizen" if he only got tickets because of his position?

  • Mike Pence Gets  Nov 19 2016, 01:05:04 PM

    Yup, ask Indiana.  People there hate him so much that they were cheering when he was nominated as VP (because he'd be leaving).

  • Mike Pence Gets  Nov 19 2016, 12:54:40 PM

    Apparently Trump has become pro-safe spaces all of a sudden.

  • Mike Pence Gets  Nov 19 2016, 12:39:23 PM

    I actually think that they went too easy on him.  Although it's probably good that they took the high road.

    (You may be confused by this post because back when I posted on here a lot, I was a Republican. I'm not anymore).