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Favorite Performer(s): Victoria Clark
Hunter Foster
Laura Michelle Kelly
Lauren Kennedy
Norm Lewis
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Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • The Color Purple Marquee is up.  Jul 29 2015, 07:55:46 PM

    Danielle Brooks will be wrapped on the new season of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK before THE COLOR PURPLE even starts previews. She only has to do double duty during rehearsals.

  • THE WIZ: 2015 NBC LIVE MUSICAL  Jul 29 2015, 07:35:50 PM

    E! is reporting Uzo Aduba is also in the mix for the show, though I'm inclined to think she'd be a candidate for Addaperl rather than a back-up Glinda as they imply.

  • THE WIZ: 2015 NBC LIVE MUSICAL  Jul 29 2015, 01:14:47 PM

    Heather Headley was the first person who came to mind for me when thinking of someone to play Addaperle, though I imagine much of that character's material may change in the re-write being done by Harvey Fierstein. Her whole persona feels the most dated of anything in the show.

  • Allan Cummings in Hedwig?  Jul 21 2015, 12:01:44 AM

    I don't know about Broadway but I have heard rumblings Cumming was or is the leading candidate to bring this production of HEDWIG to the West End next year, contingent on what happens with THE GOOD WIFE (there's been speculation this could be the final season.) I imagine that would be infinitely more appetizing to him than closing the show here in New York.

  • Kelli O'Hara and Adam Guettel  Jul 19 2015, 01:22:13 AM

    Celia Keenan-Bolger's performance had nothing to do with her dismissal from the show. Ultimately, the decision was made that she read too young and naive for the audience to fully trust Clara's relationship with Fabrizio. Whereas with Keenan-Bolger that storyline felt a bit like Clara was being taken advantage of, with a more womanly actress like Kelli O'Hara in the role, it was clearer that Clara was mature enough to handle the emotional experience of love despite her handicap.

  • Kelli O'Hara and Adam Guettel  Jul 18 2015, 10:34:43 PM

    Celia Keenan-Bolger played Clara out of town, the role O'Hara moved into in New York. O'Hara played Franca (a different character.) There's nothing to disagree over. Both O'Hara and Keenan-Bolger were in the show at the same time.

  • Kelli O'Hara and Adam Guettel  Jul 18 2015, 10:16:17 PM

    Incorrect, Wilmington. Kelli O'Hara played Franca in both Seattle and Chicago and was in fact dating Adam Guettel during that time frame.

  • Joaquina Kalukango in Color Purple  Jul 18 2015, 12:00:03 PM

    This production has structured the three Church Ladies as the female principal understudies, so I would imagine Kalukango is also covering Celie if she is indeed in the show.

  • The Wild Party Opens This Week  Jul 16 2015, 11:38:44 PM

    When I say the kind of singing in the show is not Sutton's forte, I primarily refer to the consistently intense vocal stamina required. She has a terrific high belt, to be sure, but most shows she's done have really only had one big number where she's had to sing that way ("Gimme Gimme" in Thoroughly Modern Millie, "Astonishing" in Little Women, "Show Off" in The Drowsy Chaperone, etc.)

    As originally written, Queenie has song after song after song that are all like that. "

  • The Wild Party Opens This Week  Jul 16 2015, 11:20:16 PM

    It seems fairly clear to me the real motivation behind getting rid of "Out Of The Blue" and "How Did We Come To This?" was to placate Sutton Foster's voice. She sounds great in the show, by most accounts, but she dropped out of a benefit as recently as last week because of bronchitis that's plagued her for almost a month. Immediately before that, she canceled a string of concert appearances for the same reason. You're telling me it's a creatively-motivated coincidence two of her character's h

  • Beaches opening June 24 at Drury Lane Chicago  Jul 5 2015, 02:38:14 PM

    Again, they do not have the rights to the film. They have the rights to the novel.

  • Andre De Shields, Haven Burton, Lillias White & More Will Lead Broadway-Bound Musical GOTTA DANCE in Chicago  Jun 29 2015, 11:48:23 PM

    adamgreer, I think Haven is technically filling in for Jeanna de Waal again. When Haven leaves to do GOTTA DANCE in Chicago, Jeanna will just be coming back from doing WAITRESS in Boston. I believe the plan is then for Jeanna to return to KINKY BOOTS until WAITRESS (inevitably) transfers to Broadway in the spring, probably around the same time GOTTA DANCE hopes to.

    The timing worked out pretty ideally for everyone involved. If GOTTA DANCE doesn't come in right away, Haven could pre

  • Andre De Shields, Haven Burton, Lillias White & More Will Lead Broadway-Bound Musical GOTTA DANCE in Chicago  Jun 29 2015, 10:49:29 PM

    This is one hell of a cast.

    Between this and KINKY BOOTS, I'm thrilled to see Haven Burton getting the recognition she deserves. She's a comedic genius. And what can be bad about a vehicle for Lillias White? It's about time.

  • Ciara Renee and Kimiko Glenn Depart City Center WILD PARTY  Jun 29 2015, 10:34:48 PM

    Lest we forget that Steven Pasquale was the understudy for Burrs in the original production at MTC.

  • Beaches opening June 24 at Drury Lane Chicago  Jun 28 2015, 11:41:05 PM

    It should be noted that the stage version is closer to the book than the film because that's what the producers have the rights to. That's why the Barbara Hershey character is Hilary in the film but Bertie in the book/musical, etc.  Iris Rainer Dart, who wrote the original novel, is also the person who wrote the show's book.

  • Hairspray @ The Muny  Jun 28 2015, 11:21:18 PM

    Ryann Redmond is perfect casting on paper, but she appears to struggle with the stamina required of Tracy in the promo footage. I'm sure this staging of the show is particularly demanding considering how wide and deep the Muny stage is.

  • Ciara Renee and Kimiko Glenn Depart City Center WILD PARTY  Jun 28 2015, 03:42:13 PM

    Per the City Center website and new show marketing materials, Ciara Renee and Kimiko Glenn will no longer participate in the City Center production of THE WILD PARTY (presumably due to conflicts with their respective TV shows). Joaquina Kalukango replaces Renee as Kate and Talene Monahon replaces Glenn as Mae.

    I'm not familiar with Monahon but Kalukango is a dynamite talent. I'm excited to see her get such a big break.

  • Hedwig in London  Jun 27 2015, 07:40:59 PM

    John said on the red carpet at the Tonys that they're looking for the right person to play Hedwig for the West End run. Considering he's prepping a film he'll direct in the fall, he's not really available to do it himself anyway.

  • Dream Jane Krakowski Roles  Jun 21 2015, 06:28:09 PM

    It's a true shame that Krakowski's chance to play Charity in Sweet Charity got away from her when she was primed to do it. There are so few shows that showcase a real triple threat and that's certainly one of them.

    Beyond the aforementioned Dot in Sunday in the Park With George, Phyllis in Follies, and Desiree in A Little Night Music, I'd really love to see Krakowski as Rose in Gypsy. It's been done to death, lord knows, but I'd love to

  • Anyone else disgusted by's whitewashing?  Jun 16 2015, 11:01:07 PM

    I think annoyance at this "piece" is perfectly appropriate. The whole spirit of ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK is about representation for women of all types and ethnicities. To take something that celebrates diversity so prominently and use it as a means to highlight a bunch of white people is very sad. It shows just how narrow most people's mindsets are.

    That being said, I wouldn't expect anything less from This is the same site that proudly has a feature called "Broadway