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  • Crucible Revival for Early 2016?  May 22 2015, 04:37:16 PM

    The casting notice specifically says they're open to all ethnicities for all roles (with the exception of Tituba.) Sophie Okonedo being cast as Elizabeth has clearly opened the door for what will be a color-blind production.

  • Crucible Revival for Early 2016?  May 21 2015, 11:50:50 PM

    Someone like Elizabeth Olsen comes to mind as both an ideal fit for Abigail and the caliber of star they're likely to have cast.

    Sophie Okonedo was so stunning in A Raisin in the Sun. She's an excellent choice for Elizabeth.

  • Jasper in Deadland at the 5th Avenue Theatre  May 16 2015, 01:04:01 AM

    I saw the show in the Prospect Theater Company incarnation in New York and again this week in Seattle. The book and storytelling still need more fine tuning, but the score continues to pack one hell of a punch. I was skeptical how such an intimate story would translate to such a huge theater, but I was very impressed with the way the creative team reconceived the design elements of the show to suit such a large scale physical production.

    That said, I think the most magical part of

  • THE KING & I Reviews  Apr 17 2015, 12:06:23 PM

    There's a difference between "not a good review" and the extreme of a "pan," which is what you said initially. When I said Brantley fetishized blonde leading ladies, I didn't mean he "gushes over blonde leading ladies no matter what." What I meant was that he has his favorites and always finds ways to hype them in any given circumstance, which the Chenoweth review proves. Even when he's critiquing her performance, he's still contextualizing it with excessive praise and placing the blame on he

  • THE KING & I Reviews  Apr 17 2015, 10:58:51 AM

    Tell that to Kristin Chenoweth, who may have gotten a good review this time around but got PANNED for Promises, Promises.

    Have you read the review you're referencing? It's about as qualified a criticism as is possible. Brantley went as far as to admit his love for Chenoweth and blame her failure in the role on everything from her being too talented to poor costuming.

    "As for Ms. Chenoweth, dearly though I love her, this hyper-talented star was not meant to play

  • THE KING & I Reviews  Apr 16 2015, 11:19:20 PM

    Not to take anything away from her accomplishments, but aside from his more restrained praise for her work in NICE WORK IF YOU CAN GET IT, has Ben Brantley ever not completely drooled over Kelli O'Hara? His fetishizing of blonde leading ladies is notorious.

  • THE HEIDI CHRONICLES on TDF  Apr 14 2015, 01:21:28 PM

    I completely forgot about that distinction, neonlightsxo. Thanks!


  • THE HEIDI CHRONICLES on TDF  Apr 14 2015, 12:48:34 PM

    Can anyone who's bought tickets for HEIDI on TDF give an idea of where their seats were located? The tickets up now are priced at the level usually reserved for rear mezzanine locations by TDF but given how poorly the show's been selling, I'm wondering if people are winding up in better locations.

  • Heidi Chronicles to close?  Apr 13 2015, 11:09:59 AM

    Let it be known that, in a six page thread, there hasn't been discussion related to the actual topic of the thread since page one.

  • On Your Feet casting announcement  Apr 13 2015, 09:17:14 AM

    It looks like Janet Dacal is not moving forward with the show. Ana Villafañe will make her Broadway debut as Gloria opposite Josh Segarra as Emilio.

    Andréa Burns is amongst the supporting cast as Gloria's mother.

    On Your Feet casting announcement  Apr 13 2015, 12:55:36 AM

    If Janet Dacal is indeed moving forward with the production, she brings a dream press story with her- she worked for Gloria and Emilio Estefan in their Miami recording studio after she graduated high school and eventually became a background singer for Gloria before she moved to New York to become a working actor.

  • ZORBA at City Center Encores!  Mar 23 2015, 11:49:20 PM
    Lesli Margherita would be killer as the Leader. She played The Widow in a production in LA a few years ago with Marc Kudisch as Zorba but would be much better suited to the Leader.

  • Beautiful Film Adaptation?  Mar 22 2015, 07:11:51 PM
    Tom Hanks did such a good job mining similar territory when he directed THAT THING YOU DO! that I almost wouldn't mind seeing him direct the movie himself. I imagine at the very least he'll end up playing Don Kirshner.

    Depending on when it happens, I also wouldn't be surprised if Sony isn't already making overtures to Jennifer Lawrence to star.
  • Beautiful Film Adaptation?  Mar 22 2015, 02:29:49 PM
    Anna Kendrick could not look less like Carole King. And while Jessica Chastain is an incredible actress, she's almost 40. Considering the story focuses Carole's life from her late teens to her late 20s, Chastain's not at all an appropriate choice.

    If they end up going with an A-list star, my money's on Emma Stone. She has the edge, a unique look, King's signature raspiness, is a hugely bankable name, and is clearly musically-inclined (though using her would involve using King's
  • Beautiful Film Adaptation?  Mar 22 2015, 02:10:16 PM
    Alison Pill was rumored to be playing Carole in GIRLS LIKE US before it fell apart. The smartest choice would be to use the actual music and have someone like her star.

  • The Color Purple Announcement Today  Mar 16 2015, 08:39:55 PM
    Jordan Catalano, you're aware there was less time between the last two GYPSY revivals, right?
  • The Color Purple Announcement Today  Mar 16 2015, 02:05:51 PM
    Jennifer Holliday may be playing Sofia on a bus and truck tour, but at 54, she's way too old for the role. Oprah was 30 when she made the film and the actress who played the role in this production previously (Sophia Nomvete) appears around the same age.

  • The Color Purple Announcement Today  Mar 16 2015, 01:19:25 PM
    Cynthia Erivo looks (and sounds) stunning in the new press material.
  • King & I Rush?  Mar 15 2015, 05:36:18 PM
    To anyone who hasn't yet booked their LincTix, I suggest doing it ASAP. It looks like availability is limited as the first dates I'm seeing are Wednesday and Saturday matinees in late April/ early May, save for some random previews here and there.
  • NYTimes: Sex & Violence, Beyond the Script  Mar 15 2015, 05:18:28 PM
    Some of the reactions in this thread prove exactly how relevant the discussion within the article really is.