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  • UNCSA's Oklahoma! is airing 8 P.M. WEDNESDAY, OCT. 12, ON UNC-TV  Jun 7 2015, 01:50:23 AM

    A video is out there, and relatively easy to find.  I will say I think the production is pretty great--it's thrilling to see, and well filmed.  However, the only copy floating around is not in the best quality, and at a few moments the sound synch falls a bit behind (most notably near the ballet...)  I would love a full commercial release of this--I genuinely enjoy watching it more than the Hugh Jackman/Trevor Nunn filmed version.

  • Emcee Cabaret  Jun 3 2015, 09:37:03 PM

    " Joel Grey's Emcee represented, in some ways, Hitler, that which would destroy; Alan's Emcee represented everything that would be destroyed. That's a radical difference, sorry."

    Yes, exactly.

  • 6-year-old theater critic meets his idol  Jun 3 2015, 02:35:07 PM

    "Iain has become the best theater reviewer around. I'm sure Michael Riedel would say that Iain was HIS idol."

     I doubt it.  They have polar opposite reviewing methods :P

  • Emcee Cabaret  Jun 3 2015, 02:34:15 PM

    While it works in the Mendes' production, I'd like to see "clever" directors dropping the idea of making the Emcee a Nazi victim at the end. 

  • Phantom Revamp  Jun 3 2015, 02:31:51 PM

    And Bjornson's her's!

  • Stratford and Shaw Festivals of Canada  Jun 3 2015, 03:52:32 AM

    Also nobody is interested in Sweet Charity at Shaw?? Is it getting bad reviews?  The behind the scenes video looked...  interesting.  I know Shaw has a rocky track record with musicals, and Morris Panych (who is a pretty big name here in Canada) is very hit and miss for me.

  • Stratford and Shaw Festivals of Canada  Jun 3 2015, 03:50:24 AM

    Any details on Carousel?  Susan Schulman seems a good choice for director, so I'mcurious...

  • Pippin Tour?  Jun 2 2015, 09:54:35 PM

    I am still hoping to see this in Seattle in Aug...  And they are still only allowing subscription ticket sales.

  • Fight Club Rock Opera  Jun 2 2015, 04:44:33 AM

    I'm confused--would this be stage or film?  I've always wanted Fincher to do a musical (he pursued Evita for a while,) since the best of his music video work seems to show he really would be a good fit, and he's a big fanatic of the genre. 

  • Phantom Revamp  Jun 2 2015, 04:39:23 AM

    there is a reason that nearly everything Andrew Lloyd Webber does have extremely long broadway runs. Their music is timeless, and the staging and sets are always top notch. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

    I am a big ALW fan (yes, a Sondheim fanatic who enjoys ALW,) albeit often in a sorta guilty pleasure way.  But this statement isn't really true.  He's had two massive Broadway runs, Cats and Phantom, and a very good run with Evi

  • Preview the new KING & I cast recording  Jun 2 2015, 04:35:52 AM

    Seriously, aside from the welcome addition of the ballet, this doesn't seem to have much more, on first glance, then my go to disc, the masterfully produced by Thomas Z Shepherd 1970s revival recording.

  • Preview the new KING & I cast recording  Jun 2 2015, 04:32:31 AM

    "Masterworks Broadway did the same thing with the last South Pacific revival when they only recorded the first portion of "Honey Bun" and left off the rest (and best?) part of the song. At least in that case though they recorded the act one finale and Kelli's "Some Enchanted Evening" reprise in the second act. The Barnes and Noble version even had additional "Bali Ha'i" reprises. This is just downright lazy."


    That Barnes and Noble

  • Phantom Revamp  Jun 1 2015, 10:18:50 PM

    ""So I have seen Phantom of the Opera at least 4 times and would see it again in a heartbeat, but I can't help but thinking it could do really well if they changed some of the staging and scenery around."
    I know. It's totally done REALLY not well for the past almost-30 years."

     SO despite Hal Prince regularly checking in, Phantom, a show that opened in NYC in 1988, less than 30 years ago, has never been

  • Phantom Revamp  Jun 1 2015, 08:51:47 PM

    The current tour is a revamp.  And from all I've seen and heard it shows how much of the original holds up because of Prince/Bjornson's staging.

  • New Phantom tour  May 30 2015, 05:04:40 AM

    Yeah it's pretty embarrassing to Bjornson's memory to claim these are hers.  They ARE based on hers.  But rather cheaply--which is how the whole production comes off to me (Hal Prince apparently has commented on them using without his credit a lot of his direction as well--but hasn't been as adamant about it as Nunn was about Les Miz and Miss Saigon.  I do think it's shameless that CamMac claims these are important new visions from important young directors needed to keep the w

  • New oresentation of  May 29 2015, 08:30:29 PM

    It bothers me less with student directors, actually.  I kinda get why they feel they have to put their stamp on it to prove something--and they can't really usually create their own musical.  When pro directors do it, I question it more...

  • Prince of Broadway in Japan!  May 29 2015, 08:28:35 PM

    I think Prince is perhaps the greatest musical theatre director...  But he often didn't even stage the most famous song sequences in his musicals (yes, he oversaw them...)  With Jerome RObbins' Broadway and Fosse you could build your review on their great choreography of these production numbers...  Obviously they'll do that here too but...  I don't really get how to do so out of context (anyway it seems to have all new direction and choreography, so...)

  • New oresentation of  May 29 2015, 08:10:22 PM

    People who complained that Evita celebrated a facist dictator(which was a common complaint in the 1970s--less so now,) really wouldn't like this.

    Maybe because it's a University production the rights owners won't care?  I can't believe a student director went through the expensive trouble of traveling to Buenos Aires though.

  • ACT San Francisco's A Little Night Music  May 29 2015, 07:47:12 PM

    That's pretty much what the SFGate reviewer says--and basically to just ignore the Quintet bits... lol

  • ACT San Francisco's A Little Night Music  May 29 2015, 07:28:08 PM

    From reviews it looks like the weird costumes are the Liebersingers, who are cast as sexy, younger characters which sounds odd--but the rest sounds very strong.  I didn't even read the cast list before--wow.

    Thanks Fantod!