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  • James Corden  May 19 2016, 07:04:56 PM

    What was the 2009 UK thing?

    I've liked him in everything I've seen him act in--especially ITW and History Boys (on stage and the movie).

    I'm gonna sound a bit of a frump in this love thread, but I'm more mixed on him on his talk show.  As one of his guests recently (blanking on who) teased him, "You love everything!"  (this was after he had just said in five minutes how much he loved something about 10 times).  His personality can

  • ANASTASIA in CT  May 19 2016, 05:56:01 PM

    Fan123 said: "The show is allegedly based on both films, but given Flaherty and Ahrens' involvement I would imagine (without having seen the show) that it would draw more on the 1997 film than the 1956 one. The 1997 film was somewhat based on the 1956 one anyway.


    Regarding 'In the Dark of the Night', I find it a fun listen on the film soundtrack due to the deliberately campy orchestrations (/arrangements), but I agree that it an

  • Sutton Foster to lead SWEET CHARITY Off-Broadway Revival!  May 19 2016, 04:04:29 PM

    ClassicallyConnor said: "I can't imagine a version of this show without the Fosse choreography.


    But I couldn't imagine Pippin without it either, and the revival was smashing.





    I think Youtube has some clips of the last revival--I remember the Rich Man's Frug, one of my all time fave dance numbers, just seeming like a watered down version (though I don't envy any cho

  • Could you recommend me something  May 19 2016, 03:54:06 PM

    bct14972 said: "


    I might get flack for this, but The Frogs also features some really intircate choral arraignments and orchestrations, and the lyrics are sophisticated in an ivy league-collegiate type of way.



    You won't from me.  I don't have a lot of love for the character songs in The Frogs (I mean they're not awful but by Sondheim standards not especially special IMHO) but the choral numbers are g

  • Sutton Foster to lead SWEET CHARITY Off-Broadway Revival!  May 19 2016, 05:59:11 AM

    Man, I wish they -would- use the Fosse choreo. It's a show like WSS and ACL where I can't see it ever topped--Cilento's for the last revival, while a fine Fosse dancer, proved this. But of course Fosse unlike Bennett and Robbbins didn't care at all about his choreo being preserved. 

    Bergasse is great and did well in the Robbins style for Town, but...

  • Hello Again movie  May 15 2016, 04:01:04 PM

    LaChiusa just the other day posted a few images from the finished film (which looked great!)  I am very excited to hear of a release date, but, as he has been from the start, LaChiusa hasn't said anything about distribution deals, etc. 

  • Do I Hear A Waltz  May 15 2016, 03:51:11 PM

    I've posted this before (as have others) but I thought it was worth reposting for anyone who hasn't seen it.  A 1960s interview with Laurents, Sondheim and the impossibly handsome Beni Montresor who did the beautiful original sets for the production (how many bridges did Laurents' burn with his comment that there were no good designers in New York so they had to look elsewhere?)  There is one notably absent member of the creative team...  Anyone remember Times Square and 42nd St in the 80s?  May 15 2016, 03:40:01 PM

    And I posted in the wrong thread :P

  • ANASTASIA in CT  May 14 2016, 12:20:27 AM

    Owen22 said: ""Dark of the Night" is no longer in the score, so I don't care...



    Serious?  I am a big Bluth defender, but that song (and, frankly, the entire Rasputin plot) reeks of all the issues with his later movies.  And it's not even a good villain song--the melody is so uninspired...

  • Lincoln Center Archives  May 12 2016, 07:56:05 PM

    Backwoodsbarbie--if you have any interest in Company, or, indeed, Bennett's work on it, I would really recommend that Company.  I am surprised that more people I know who live in NYC and talk about the production, without having seen it, haven't booked their way down to see it.

  • Stratford's A Chorus Line "The First 'official' Non Bennett" version.  May 12 2016, 07:54:12 PM

    Any thoughts on this?  (as anyone who knows me knows I am always partial to trying to restage the original choreography for pieces where I think it is as essential to the musical as the score and book are, but--)

  • Lincoln Center Archives  May 12 2016, 07:51:11 PM

    AEA AGMA SM said: "At one point any of Michael Bennett's shows were fairly heavily restricted (I believe that you had to show proof that you would be doing the show that you requested to view). This may have changed, but just a heads up to not get your hopes up on viewing A Chorus Line



    I believe when I was making my request for Company, and did a search via Bennett, Dreamgirls is still for some reason very strongly rest

  • Lincoln Center Archives  May 12 2016, 07:48:54 PM

    Maybe we can close that rival thread--this is what I said in it:

    I was in NYC for my first extended visit time in Nov--with a large group of family (though I managed to see 6 shows, a couple on my own) but was pressed for time.  Still, I made sure to find time to visit the archives to see one of their earliest videos--a B&W recording mad

  • Lincoln Center Archives  May 12 2016, 07:46:11 PM

    BrodyFosse123 said: "Seriously, folks?   The pre-Broadway archival video of the original cast of A CHORUS LINE has been accessible everywhere for ages.



    I actually thought of trying to see that one--has anyone seen it at Lincoln Center?  As Brody points out, the production has been available to see for ages, but the quality is *awful* (certainly n

  • Theatre on Tape at the NYPL  May 12 2016, 07:20:16 PM

    This is the Company listing.  I have no idea why it was chosen to be filmed (and it is pro shot--albeit with cameras at the back of the theatre) but thank God it was.  If only those other early Prince/Sondheim shows had been.

  • Theatre on Tape at the NYPL  May 12 2016, 07:17:02 PM

    I will add that I did make an appointment via phone two days in advance, although when I was there and talking to the woman who was working she said that on Tuesdays (when I went) you could pretty much just walk in.  I only saw a few other people when I was there.  I did have to leave my phone (otherwise, I hate to admit, I would have had a hard time not filming as much as I could from that video to re-watch.  it really is a treasure for any Company/Sondheim fan)

  • Theatre on Tape at the NYPL  May 12 2016, 07:14:17 PM

    I was in NYC for my first extended visit time in Nov--with a large group of family (though I managed to see 6 shows, a couple on my own) but was pressed for time.  Still, I made sure to find time to visit the archives to see one of their earliest videos--a B&W recording made in DC at the end of the original Company tour (Donna McKechnie was back in her role).  I've wanted to see this for at least a decade, and honestly, it didn't disappoint.  The quality was very hi

  • Shows that over time lost their  May 12 2016, 07:07:34 PM

    MichelleCraig said: "I don't think shows lose their "spark"...I think that sometimes the casts lose the spark they had when they first inhabited the roles. I know this isn't always the case...but there is that famous story of Cameron Mackintosh going into a Broadway performance of LES MISERABLES and letting the entire cast go, close the show, recast it...all because he witnessed how stale it had gotten. He also realized there had been cast members that had originall

  • Shows that over time lost their  May 12 2016, 07:05:39 PM

    I haven't seen Phantom in years, but is Hal Prince still doing his annual "checking ins" with the NY and London productions?  For a long time--whatever one thinks of the show--I think that helped keep it feeling fresh, at least as fresh as a 1980s megamusical could be. 

    Not quite the same thing, but I remember many online complained that the A Chorus Line revival never felt fresh (how was it at the end of its initial run?)  I saw the revival tour with G

  • Daddy Longlegs Sets Closing Date  May 12 2016, 05:25:29 PM

    The webcast surprised me--I found it absolutely charming and very absorbing.  I wonder if there's any chance to release that commercially?  (Surely with the small cast and orchestra, if they had to deal with contract issues, it wouldn't be a big problem and I think it could help create mor einterest in regional productions)