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  • Ramin Karimloo and Jenn Colella joining Vancouver Opera Evita  Apr 29 2016, 08:31:32 PM

    Oh you'll get them

  • Isherwood makes me miss Brantley  Apr 29 2016, 08:00:45 PM

    When Isherwood isn't over praising something like a bad blogger, he leaves me baffled.  So many reviews where I can't tell if he is recommending the piece or not.

  • Ramin Karimloo and Jenn Colella joining Vancouver Opera Evita  Apr 29 2016, 07:41:53 PM

    Van Opera has released production photos.  Looks very solid (meaning I'm not particularly impressed or unimpressed with the set--typical Evita look).  Am excited to see it on Thursday!

  • Kander's The Landing now available for pre-order  Apr 13 2016, 07:11:46 AM

    In regards to JAY releases, the owner of the label posts a lot on one of the musical Facebook pages.

    The PacificOvertures remaster is of their previous release--the complete ENO production. The old RCA now Sony OBCR remains the only pre 1990 Sondheim OBCR to not have a remaster which is too bad.


    And yes they take their time. Aa mentioned their complete Anyone Can Whistle with Friedman and Barriwman was recorded 15 or so years back. And Yap confirmed it is sadly NOT

  • RAIN at the Old Globe  Apr 3 2016, 04:12:05 AM

    " I will say that the book is much stronger than the score "

    Would that be a first for a LaChiusa show?    I tease, and I'm a huge fan, but I know often his books are criticized (granted, more often when he writes them as well which isn't the case here).

    I'm a huge fan of the Maugham story and this seems like a great fit for the writers involved--and the set looks gorgeous.There was a Ver

  • Jesus Christ Superstar - OBC  Apr 1 2016, 10:33:03 PM

    I wouldn't say bland--but, as you say, they lack any build.

  • Musicals that have aged poorly with time?  Mar 31 2016, 10:01:36 PM

    How Now never really ran though--so I'm curious as to your comment (I think I'm missing some joke :P )

    I think the R&H shows will survive--their are creakier operettas and, even operas that have.  I doubt they will be revived even a fraction as often as they are now, but...  Maybe we'll have a bunch of fan companies for R&H the way we do for Gilbert and Sullivan...

  • Jesus Christ Superstar - OBC  Mar 31 2016, 09:59:55 PM

    Did Tim Rice have any comment about Kay's much more substantial (it seems to me) work on Evita?


    It IS great to hear Ben Vereen.  To be honest, for some reason I never thought I'd like him as Judas.  I was wrong.

  • Musicals that have aged poorly with time?  Mar 31 2016, 04:07:10 PM

    ...I did mean OK the show, Gaveston...


    I think Oklahoma! has a better *constructed* book than Show Boat's where the mix of traditional musical comedy (especially in the original script--of course Show Boat has had 36 or so different scripts) feels quite awkward.  I still personally prefer Show Boat (slightly) but...

    As for Oklahoma! one issue I have with the Nunn revival (to which he *added* new dialogue--although perhaps it was taken from Green Grow the L

  • Jesus Christ Superstar - OBC  Mar 31 2016, 04:02:44 PM

    Very odd that they'd credit the concept to 1972.  BTW, if you know the show you may not think it's complete--Could We Start Again Please (along with a couple of other brief passages) were added for Broadway.

    The last remaster of the concept (on Decca I think?) sounds stupendous--one of the best remasters I've heard.  I'd really recommend making sure that's the one you get.

    I did finally recently get the OBC and, aside from being highlights,

  • Musicals that have aged poorly with time?  Mar 30 2016, 10:41:20 PM

    With Show Boat I think part of the issue is that it deals with more serious issues than Oklahoma!  So people perceive it as being a better book--but really I think if we're just looking at construction, and the writing itself, OK! is stronger.  Then again it's undeniable that, no matter when either was written, Show Boat is the more difficult work to adapt (and I'm not talking about subject matter here).  Still, reading the original Show Boat script as published for

  • Musicals that have aged poorly with time?  Mar 30 2016, 08:06:35 PM

    best12bars said: "One question I think should be asked ... is "aging badly" the same thing as "couldn't be performed in a time setting of the present day?"

    Shows like "A Chorus Line" or "How to Succeed" work well as period pieces, but you can't put them on in 2016 with it being a "current" setting. I would even say "Rent" works well as a period piece.



  • Musicals that have aged poorly with time?  Mar 27 2016, 10:06:14 PM

    I think Company holds up.  Unfortunately the currently licensed version is based on heavy revisions mad for the 95 Broadway and the 96 London productions.  They make the piece feel more dated than the original 1970 script--it HAS become a period piece, but still has a lot of truth to it if taken as something set in 1970.

  • Passion au Ch√Ętelet (Paris)  Mar 23 2016, 11:40:38 PM

    I love the minimalist look of the entire production and the cast.  While, from clips or the complete broadcasts, I've not absolutely loved all five (so far) Sondheim shows Chatelet did (and for anyone confused--they did NOT do the filmed Follies lol), I really admire their productions and commitment to his shows.

  • Tommy Tune's new musical--set in China?  Mar 23 2016, 04:04:39 PM

    SOmeone on Facebook suggested Slumdog Billionaire, which has me far less excited but is based on a novel, and while China is the fast *growing* movie market, this was just a random quote so he could have meant the massive Bollywood market...

  • Tommy Tune's new musical--set in China?  Mar 23 2016, 05:48:16 AM

    henrikegerman said: "I'm guessing China, Henry David Hwang and Balzac and the Little Chinese Seamstress.



    Hey, I'm not even sure if you were joking, but that's not a half bad idea...  (though I might be a bit worried about Tune doing elaborate fantasy production numbers for the books they read and discuss...)

  • Tommy Tune's new musical--set in China?  Mar 22 2016, 06:50:43 PM

    The BWW piece about Tune working on a new musical with a Tony winning playwright quotes Deadline, that it is based on a popular book and movie se in what is "fast becoming the world's largest movie marketplace."  Which is China, right?  I can't think of what this could be an adaptation of...

  • Curious Incident closing  Mar 22 2016, 02:03:11 PM

    Dave13 said: "bfreak said: "I feel terrible that it's closing, but at the same time can't help but feel delight for the amazing run this show had! It's a shame though that not even an amazing straight play on Broadway can't really run past a few years.



    Great show. i hope to catch it on tour  

    It's interesting that audiences on the West End support plays more than on Broadway.  Two of

  • Curious Incident closing  Mar 22 2016, 02:00:26 PM

    bfreak said: "I feel terrible that it's closing, but at the same time can't help but feel delight for the amazing run this show had! It's a shame though that not even an amazing straight play on Broadway can't really run past a few years.



    That's not really anything new for a non musical especially one that's not a comedy though. Ten years back Proofcran just over 900. Then I think you have to maybe go back to Brighton Be

  • Best recording for familiarizing with Follies?  Mar 17 2016, 12:54:53 PM

    Obcr supplemented by the Papermill. Aside from three of the four new London songs, you'll be complete. I'd avoid the concert. Some beautiful singing but zero sense of character or tone but it does include the lovely score for Stavisky. 


    The 2011 isn't bad but lacks Bolero (a stupid cut--on stage it visually explained the entire show) and the performances tend to be love or hate them