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  • Best Revival of a Musical  Apr 18 2015, 04:27:15 PM

    "* Agree on OTTC. As for OTT I didn't like the thin book and all the dancing, was so bored my companion and I left at intermission! The only show of the 10 shows I've seen in NYC so far in 2015 where I left out of boredom. But that's just me"

     Yeah, if you are not big into dance a show where at *least* 50% of the appeal is the dance probably would be boring.  No problem with that (even if I am big into dance.)  I think the people who

  • Dance off with Denis Jones  Apr 18 2015, 04:20:41 PM

    Lotsa fun!  I think the only one I could have gotten was the Frug......

  • Swan Song  Apr 17 2015, 07:34:24 AM

    Back to Before - Ragtime.

  • Fun Home Previews  Apr 17 2015, 07:32:03 AM

    I don't approve of the behavior, but I certainly do of the sentiment, which I wholly share. And I most certainly understand her pain, which I most keenly felt myself.
    But as you well know, we now live in a different theatregoing climate than that which you and your kind look down upon as archaic, and God only knows what else.  And I don't seem to hear objections from any of you when the "whoo-whooers" or "look at how sensitive I am" slobbering

  • Fun Home Previews  Apr 17 2015, 06:53:18 AM

    You approve of someone speaking apparently loudly enough that others could hear her throughout a show??  I thought, even if you hated the show, you of all people would not approve of such behaviour in the theatre. 

  • Rex Reed's Old Man  Apr 15 2015, 04:17:43 PM

    "Some of Reed's recent opinions don't sync up with AfterEight's. Reed mostly liked On the Town and definitely liked On the Twentieth Century. A8 liked neither."

     How disappointing

  • Best and Worst Orchestrations in a musical  Apr 15 2015, 03:40:40 PM

    Does anyone know the story on the FORUM orchestrations? 


    I played Miles in two regional productions, but, I hate to say, I paid no attention to the orchestra except the pianist/conductor.  But I posted on FaceBook how I recently picked up the 1996 revival CD at a flea market--and was disappointed by two things.  One was that Miles was now a tenor (I think?  Certainly I can't sing along to his songs on the CD unless I use falsetto,) and that the

  • Fun Home Previews  Apr 15 2015, 01:34:02 PM

    I agree re Best Score.  Surely it has to...

  • CAROUSEL at the Lyric Opera in Chicago  Apr 15 2015, 01:32:05 PM

    Yeah he's a fave at the opera "Barihunks" photo site. 

    Not that I frequent such filthy sites...

  • Rex Reed's Old Man  Apr 15 2015, 02:08:44 AM

    "Also, didn't After Eight respond to Rex's review of ITW on here and champion it? Because if so, that seems like something Rex would do under a screen name (if only to gain more traffic)."

     He sure did.  He also, repeatedly, has complained about the Ladies Who Lunch being misogynistic because he still has a group of ladies he lunches with (who, according to one comment still wear hats,) which just feels very Reed-ish to me.

  • Rex Reed's Old Man  Apr 15 2015, 01:25:17 AM

    Though that video clips seems anti-current A8 (championing Visconti's The Damned and booing Hello Dolly?) as has already been pointed out in this thread, Rex/A8 seem to have had a severe change from snobby but with some good taste (not the clothes) to grumpy old man during the 1970s.

  • Rex Reed's Old Man  Apr 15 2015, 01:22:07 AM

  • Rex Reed's Old Man  Apr 15 2015, 12:26:33 AM

    "After Eight has been missing since the day I posted this...."

     As Namo referenced, he did post in the Fun Home thread (cuz, you know he loves that show and has to keep up with all the news about it!)  But he has been posting much more terse replies than usual.....

  • CAROUSEL at the Lyric Opera in Chicago  Apr 14 2015, 11:44:30 PM

    Right.  Obviously it will be a quicker process for him, but I find it funny that someone would assume Houston co-funded the production, but they just get someone else trying to replicate his direction on some new actors (granted, yes, this is what happens with touring productions--most of the time--etc, but that's not a situation where someone funds it wanting the same first rate show.)  It seems like the production is built for theatre (not opera) leads, so it will be interesting t

  • CAROUSEL at the Lyric Opera in Chicago  Apr 14 2015, 09:35:33 PM

    He probably assumes he could do it quickly?  Francesca Zambello didn't exactly need to pad her resume by restaging her Show Boat for two other companies either, but that's what they paid for.

  • The musicals 'Dream' and early 1990's rivival 'ohkay'  Apr 14 2015, 09:25:00 PM

    I knew I remembered this being on Rosie


  • Best and Worst Orchestrations in a musical  Apr 14 2015, 09:20:38 PM

    No kidding--it sounds like when you go to a recital or a very basic amateur production and they just have a pianist--basically.  I'd be curious to hear ones like How I Saved Roosevelt or even Ballad of Booth which I assume would use the synth keyboard to try to replicate some of the real instruments we are used to.

  • CAROUSEL at the Lyric Opera in Chicago  Apr 14 2015, 09:18:43 PM

    No.  This is a CO-PRODUCtION.  It's not a case of an opera company buying the designs after the fact.  It's like what happened with Zambello's Porgy and Bess (but that one had Chicago, Houston and SF.)  They get the director too.  And you can bet your ass that they have it in the contract that no one else is allowed to use those designs, etc, until they do.  They helped pay for its creation.

  • CAROUSEL at the Lyric Opera in Chicago  Apr 14 2015, 08:47:32 PM

    ...and plus Houston Opera contractually gets the production next...  (as has been mentioned.)  Sure they could be bought out, I guess?

  • Best and Worst Orchestrations in a musical  Apr 14 2015, 08:39:11 PM

    I think the liner notes for the OCR mention three instruments.  I just read Frank Rich's review of the original Assassins and he also mentions three (with Starobin being one of the players.)  A quick search on my iphone found Unworthy of your Love from the original ( though I believe more clips are out there.  Of course that song doesn't have much instrumentation--so it's hard