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  • FIRST DAUGHTER SUITE Previews  Oct 7 2015, 05:24:47 PM

    Clyde, I appreciated your detailed review!  I take it you're not a big LaChiusa fan?

    As a huge fan, I am with Sally in that one thing that most interests me about this is how the material will reflect (or not) First Lady Suite--aside from the subject matter, obviously.

  • Prince of Broadway in Japan!  Oct 7 2015, 04:05:36 PM

    Ha I'm a big Takarazuka fan as well (I lost count and touch with the Sailor Moon musicals over a dance ago though :P )

    I missed You've Got Possibilities--thanks for the link!  It bears being noted that the Broadway Baby clip also has at least some of the opening number from Grind at the end of it.

  • Razzle Dazzle- Michael Riedel's book  Oct 7 2015, 12:42:40 PM

    newintown said: "Exactly - this has all been written about before, and by better writers and more reliable researchers. File this one under "Irrelevant" or "Redundant" (take your pick).


    Exactly.  The chapter in Vanity Fair reads like he's just reading and paraphrasing the chapter I mentioned in Mandelbaum's Bennett book--oh and adding fabricated dialogue quotes.


  • Razzle Dazzle- Michael Riedel's book  Oct 7 2015, 12:02:04 PM

    The Vanity Fair article made me lose any potential interest in this.  There is NOTHING in that article that wasn't better told (and better written,) and with better authority in Ken Mandelbaum's excellent A Chorus Line and the Musicals of Michael Bennett biography.  Riedel also writes all of this ridiculous dialogue for these people--quotes he could never actually know (and doesn't even claim to and say who told him it was said.  Stuff like "And then Bennett di

  • Prince of Broadway in Japan!  Oct 7 2015, 11:57:15 AM

    Yes, I thought I said that on the previous page

    Still, I see it as a revue because it appears to be a collection of songs (granted with one new one,) all chosen cuz of their association with Prince, joined by a basic theme and narration (Prince says in one interview he wants to focus on how big a part luck played in his success, which seems a tad disingenuous but...)  So in those ways it's not a full blown bio musical, a

  • Prince of Broadway in Japan!  Oct 7 2015, 02:56:58 AM

    SexyBroadway said: "no it hasnt been confirmed, but i know that they are hoping for it to transfer in the spring so we shall see. 


    and i agree that the staging looked boring to me. and its not a revue, and does have a story to follow. Its about Hal Prince's career and theres voice over in the show of him talking about the experience, show, etc..



    Meh, I call that a revue--just like Sondheim on Sondheim thou

  • Prince of Broadway in Japan!  Oct 6 2015, 09:25:51 PM

    RippedMan said: "Hm... Who is doing the musical stagings for this? I just feel like who in the world would go see this besides theater people? There's no story to follow, it's just a bunch of "hit" songs I guess? 



    Susan Stroman.  And, I believe she may be getting a co-director credit (which I suppose makes sense if this is basically a revue of songs...)

  • Prince of Broadway in Japan!  Oct 6 2015, 06:47:38 PM

    I assume that would be too expensive.  Jerome Robbins' Broadway did that and cost a fortune ( course they used some of the original sets and the costumes for each show.)  Fosse went for a pretty simplistic design, but there's the prob with this one that I see...  You can show a Fosse production number restaged.  Prince, who I think is probably my fave Broadway director, often didn't even stage the musical numbers for his shows.  Some of these shows he didn

  • Chicago the Musical Appreciation Thread  Oct 3 2015, 05:09:55 PM

    dramamama611 said: "There are few enough women dominated shows.....let the gals grab the attention for this one.

    I'm bringing my HS group to see this in a few weeks. I hope they are on top of their game,Christie Brinkley will have just started so I'm hoping that will give them a new lease on it's life!

    This thread was just bumped, but it made me laugh...  I hope Brinkley didn't turn off Dramamama's HS class for life.

  • Thérèse Raquin Previews  Oct 2 2015, 01:33:23 AM

    sondmon said: "Sas there ever any other therese raquin to play on broadway? If not, I don't think it could be a revival.



    There was a 1945 different adaptation of the play apparently (but also not a translation of the Zola play for what that's worth.)



  • Thérèse Raquin Previews  Oct 2 2015, 12:47:58 AM

    Ha!  But the LaChiusa idea is pretty inspired (although obviously wouldn't win over any of his detractors, but at this point nothing will.)

  • Thérèse Raquin Previews  Oct 2 2015, 12:28:07 AM

    dave1606 said: "

    I saw the movie of this earlier this year with Jessica Lange and am starting to think that it is just the material that doesn't work. Neither of these were satisfying adaptations. 



    I had to study the novel in a French lit class and came away thinking the novel was amazing.  In Secret (the film with Lange,) was a plodding, horrible adaptation.  It sounds like this is similar...  I assume this is a bran

  • Thérèse Raquin Previews  Oct 1 2015, 11:52:06 PM

    A friend wrote on FB:

    "She did not kick the flowers, her less shocked costar did, in character. But the audience breaking into cheers completely undid what was supposed to be a gloomy scene (we had only 116 more of those to follow), so they stopped for a bit.

    He also yelled, "is that all I get, five seconds of heaven?"

  • Chicago the Musical Appreciation Thread  Oct 1 2015, 11:36:01 PM

    Patti LuPone FANatic said: "Also, I thought her tempo was kind of the singing and dancing.



    Definitely--it's usually at a quick clip.

  • Chicago the Musical Appreciation Thread  Oct 1 2015, 11:29:16 PM

    ACL2006 said: "Patti LuPone FANatic said: "Here's Rumer's interpretation of "Me and My Baby" on the telly.  Personally, I was underwhelmed and so many changes to the original choreography.






    yeah, the choreography f

  • Chicago the Musical Appreciation Thread  Oct 1 2015, 08:28:57 PM

    Is she just poorly miked?  she seems to be concentrating so much on the choreography that she barely sings and certainly has no presence in that clip.

  • Beggar Woman musical clues?  Sep 30 2015, 01:20:35 AM

    I had always read it was written for the London production--was it incorporated into the tour?  It was later used in the excellent early 90s Royal National Theatre production with Julia McKenzie as well which was broadcast on BBC radio.

  • Terrence Mann in Finding Neverland  Sep 29 2015, 10:46:50 PM

    TerrenceIsTheMann said: "JoseLee_ said: "Like I've said before, he is Broadway royalty. He's originated so many iconic Broadway roles. Personal favorite is the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Go listen to "If I Can't Love Her" makes me cry every time! I really wish he won the Tony for King Charles in Pippin. He lost it to the dad from Matilda.. which I find the character to be annoying. If you have the opportunity to see him on stage don't miss it

  • Prince of Broadway in Japan!  Sep 29 2015, 10:42:22 PM

    Great interview. Somehow I think he is slightly annoyed that CamMac prefers Les Miz to Phantom??. And I know this is nitpicking but he seems to be confused about Evita. It closed on Broadway in 1983 - a full five years before Phantom opened there. However it ran in London until 1986 a little over six months before Phantom opened there. 

  • Oregon Shakespeare Festival doing modern  Sep 29 2015, 05:17:53 PM

    No one would bat an eye if they merely said adaptations.  And they'd get no free publicity.