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  • New Phantom tour  May 30 2015, 05:04:40 AM

    Yeah it's pretty embarrassing to Bjornson's memory to claim these are hers.  They ARE based on hers.  But rather cheaply--which is how the whole production comes off to me (Hal Prince apparently has commented on them using without his credit a lot of his direction as well--but hasn't been as adamant about it as Nunn was about Les Miz and Miss Saigon.  I do think it's shameless that CamMac claims these are important new visions from important young directors needed to keep the w

  • New oresentation of  May 29 2015, 08:30:29 PM

    It bothers me less with student directors, actually.  I kinda get why they feel they have to put their stamp on it to prove something--and they can't really usually create their own musical.  When pro directors do it, I question it more...

  • Prince of Broadway in Japan!  May 29 2015, 08:28:35 PM

    I think Prince is perhaps the greatest musical theatre director...  But he often didn't even stage the most famous song sequences in his musicals (yes, he oversaw them...)  With Jerome RObbins' Broadway and Fosse you could build your review on their great choreography of these production numbers...  Obviously they'll do that here too but...  I don't really get how to do so out of context (anyway it seems to have all new direction and choreography, so...)

  • New oresentation of  May 29 2015, 08:10:22 PM

    People who complained that Evita celebrated a facist dictator(which was a common complaint in the 1970s--less so now,) really wouldn't like this.

    Maybe because it's a University production the rights owners won't care?  I can't believe a student director went through the expensive trouble of traveling to Buenos Aires though.

  • ACT San Francisco's A Little Night Music  May 29 2015, 07:47:12 PM

    That's pretty much what the SFGate reviewer says--and basically to just ignore the Quintet bits... lol

  • ACT San Francisco's A Little Night Music  May 29 2015, 07:28:08 PM

    From reviews it looks like the weird costumes are the Liebersingers, who are cast as sexy, younger characters which sounds odd--but the rest sounds very strong.  I didn't even read the cast list before--wow.

    Thanks Fantod!

  • EW article: Jeanine Tesori looks back at her music  May 29 2015, 07:17:03 PM

    That's a great read I missed-thanks!  (But wait, no mention of the songs for Little Mermaid III or Mulan II??  :P )

  • ACT San Francisco's A Little Night Music  May 29 2015, 07:10:36 PM

    Has anyone seen this?  The photos mostly look lovely and perfect for Night Music and then suddenly there's a really bizarre costume thrown in...

  • Definitive  May 28 2015, 09:24:52 PM

    "A question about the Houston recording.  A few years ago when I wanted THE recording for PAB I was recommended and bought it.   The initial cut- summertime- is very quiet, much quieter than the rest of the recording.  Is this a defect in mine or is this possibly, for some reason, intentional? "

     Pretty sure it's intentional for whatever reason (well, it is a lullabye...)  The recording in general, like a lot of older

  • Definitive  May 28 2015, 09:22:15 PM

    "I'd like to say a word for Simon Rattle's 1989 recording. Not as authentic, maybe, as the HGO, but the cast is stupendous."

     Some of that recording is amazing, and I think it may contain more music than the Houston--but Rattle also takes some of his tempi SOOOOO slow.

    Houston would be my choice too--Thomas Z Shepherd did typically amazing job at producing it and making it theatrical.  I believe RCA just reissued it for ch

  • Fun Home- Comparing Albums  May 27 2015, 05:29:21 PM

    For anyone crazy enough (or rich enough) has the original at 50 bucks.

  • Oregon Shakespeare Festival 2015  May 25 2015, 03:02:46 PM

    I have gone the past three years.  In general I find their plays better than their musicals, but I am excited to see Guys and Dolls this year.  Otherwise the only ticket I've booked is for Long Day's Journey.  But I am pretty sure I will at least get tickets to Pericles.

  • The Pajama Game - Differences for 2006 Revival from Original  May 25 2015, 02:58:39 PM

    The Jealousy Ballet was cut, right?  I played a sailor who came out of a closet for that number in a regional Vancouver staging and it was the most fun I had in the show, but I can see why it was an easily cut sequence.

  • Barrett Wilbert Weed and Wes Taylor in Cabaret in DC  May 23 2015, 03:38:52 AM

    I admit, some of the descriptions made me think much worse--which would seem kinda too much of a shock moment (even in such a dark production of an already dark musical)

    I think the recent long run London production had full frontal male nudity--but they were happy sailors coming out of Kost's room which creates a completely different effect....

  • Barrett Wilbert Weed and Wes Taylor in Cabaret in DC  May 22 2015, 11:21:38 PM

    I agree with most of that though I will say some more people might have said Fosse's film went too far if the owner who is beat up (I own the BluRay but haven't watched it in years and while I remember the scene, didn't remember he was the club owner,) ended the film naked.  Not saying I agree one way or the other, but, the overall impression Imean.

  • The Movie The Visit versus the Musical The Visit  May 22 2015, 11:16:35 PM

    It doesn't have an official release, but... is out there.  Durrenmatt hated the film and I remember it being a muddle--largely to make it a bigger crowd pleaser (yes, that probably gave away a big spoiler but I don't care--it's easy info to stumble upon.)

    Interesting, a few years later Hal Prince did a stage production that flopped and he partly blames Durrenmatt who sent him an earlier, even more surreal draft to translate and use.

  • In Sweeney, why is the Beggar Woman so obsessed with the Beadle?  May 22 2015, 05:32:16 PM

    Well said, and I agree.  It's not like he actually has little asides to the audience like "Oh, I really think they treat people badly at this insane asylum--I must try to do something about that..."  He gets what he gets in life by putting on a show of being, slightly anyway, kind and understanding to, well, everyone--but he certainly doesn't do so out of guilt.

  • Barrett Wilbert Weed and Wes Taylor in Cabaret in DC  May 22 2015, 05:17:38 PM

    While I admit that the ending as described seems almost too extreme to me, I'm glad that they don't make the Emcee ultimately a Nazi victim as the Mendes (and countless other ones,) do.  While the ending of the Mendes/Marshall was certainly theatrically effective the first time I saw it, it ultimately doesn't make a lot of sense to me.

  • Tesori Cast Albums?  May 22 2015, 04:45:45 PM

    "Everything Matt said.
    Caroline is certainly not a conventional score, but it has such depth and beauty. I love how the score just kind of flows wherever it needs to.
    Kushner's libretto of course sets the style, but Tesori's lovely and emotional music brings it to life"

    This isn't meant to be an insult or a complement particularly, but Tesori is one of the theatre composers I think whose style depends and changes depending on the lyrici

  • Tesori Cast Albums?  May 22 2015, 04:22:16 PM

    Are any of her Disney songs on CD?  (She did stuff for Little Mermaid III, Mulan 2, I think Emperor's New Groove 2... )

    I haven't heard them, but the *movie soundtracks* (and by that I mean scores, not songs) for Night in Rodanthe and Every Day are in print it seems.  Her incidental music for the Broadway Twelfth Night was recorded (out of print but can find cheap) and is a beautiful score.

    I agree with Matt's take on Tesori's work as well--pretty much complete