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  • LaChanze in Ragtime  Sep 1 2015, 02:16:14 PM

    This thread made me pull out my program from the Vancouver production...  Apparently the Little Boy was played by Andrew Keenan-Bolger

  • Best Cast Recording of Gypsy?  Aug 31 2015, 05:42:40 AM

    To be fair, we may be used to slightly faster tempi for the dance music in WSS because of the original cast album.  In the fascinating book about the music of WSS they reprint Sondheim's letters to Bernstein about the recording session--Bernstein was overseas conducting so couldn't attend.  He warns Lenny that he may not like what Godard Lieberson did to the music which was slightly speed it up, Lieberson's reasoning (which makes sense to me) being that without the visua

  • Fun Home Previews  Aug 30 2015, 11:54:09 PM

    I'll be in New York the first week of Nov.  Fun Home is the one show I know I must see--is there much difficulty getting tickets?  Meaning--how far in advance should I start looking?  I still don't really know my schedule, so...

  • Best Cast Recording of Gypsy?  Aug 30 2015, 11:50:53 PM

    That is most clearly seen with Leonard Bernstein...  Obviously one of the greatest conductors--and I love many of his earlier recordings he conducted (the 1960s On the Town is impeccable, even a controversial piece like Mass,) but by the 1980s--perhaps I think feeling his age and wanting to make those definitive WSS and Candide recordings--the ridiculous casting of WSS aside--the tempi are EXCRUCIATING...

  • LaChanze in Ragtime  Aug 30 2015, 11:44:55 PM

    Interesting about the set looking cheap--I wish I could find pics.  The sit down production was so massive set wise--it seemed like they had a complete new set just for a 5 min scene--that I get why some critics called it over produced.  I wouldn't--because it was all so effective.

  • LaChanze in Ragtime  Aug 30 2015, 06:23:43 PM

    The Variety link in my post above suggests Hinton was in the Chicago from the start.

  • LaChanze in Ragtime  Aug 30 2015, 04:58:58 PM

    More about the Chicago casting and changes in the staging from Variety (I didn't realize this was Hinton Battle's first big role.)  I have no idea what they mean about LaChanze's vocal limitations though:


    As has been Livent’s past practice with Chi-originating product, however, most of the principals in this production — including LaChanze, Peer Kevorian, Joe Dellger and Donna Bullock — have played their roles before in other cities. That is n

  • LaChanze in Ragtime  Aug 30 2015, 04:49:38 PM

    Adamgreer, sorry I wasn't clear, I meant Donna in Vancouver which was the production I repeatedly saw.  Thanks for the cast details--I'm surprised Wiki, which often is very detailed with modern musical's productions, doesn't even mention the LA production.  I remember her being good--I wonder why according to IBDB she has so few Broadway credits--replacing Marin being one of the bigger ones.

    jwsel I did find this Variety review of the tour that confirms the Chi

  • LaChanze in Ragtime  Aug 30 2015, 03:13:38 AM

    Just because this has not been posted yet, Sarah Brown Eyes from the same TV performance.  Even comparing it to Audra on the recording, you can tell how different LaChanze's performance is--: