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  • Happy 50th Anniversary to SWEET CHARITY!  Feb 3 2016, 04:31:47 PM

    I actually always assumed Dolly was a massive flop, but apparently not.

    From that article: Sweet Charity

    was far from being the biggest disaster of the era, however, so the impact of its failure was probably less than that of, say, Star! or Doctor Dolittle.

    Holston: The year 1969 was not a good one for roadshow musicals.  Only Hello, Dolly! seems to have made a decent profit.  Goodbye,

  • Happy 50th Anniversary to SWEET CHARITY!  Feb 3 2016, 03:23:54 PM

    Yeah--part of the problem seemed to be that in 1969 it didn't quite fit.  As you say some probably found "taxi dancers" etc as sanitized nostalgia.  At the same time the studio wanted a huge roadshow hit and it wasn't exactly the family friendly musical most roadshow musical hits had been (of course this was a problem with far lesser attempts around the time at major roadshow musical releases).


    I agree with you completely on how well it has aged-

  • Happy 50th Anniversary to SWEET CHARITY!  Feb 3 2016, 03:05:43 PM

    Yeah, I can only imagine that that missing scene on the DVD is one of those errors that no one caught--they probably just used the best print (and otherwise it is the road show as you mention) and since, despite that one extras, it was a pretty budget release just didn't bother checking.  It really does need a BluRay but I suspect that won't happen (I mean there are classic films like A Place in the Sun that still haven't gotten the treatment either) unless it's a Twiligh

  • Happy 50th Anniversary to SWEET CHARITY!  Feb 3 2016, 02:47:21 PM

    Peter2 said: "There was an ovation at the end! (But my favorite part of the movie is Sammy Davis Jr."s knockout performance of "The Rhythm of Life."



    Rich Man's Frug is actually a bit of a let down for me in the film--it's the one production number where I think Fosse's camera work gets in the way of the choreography and I much prefer his o

  • Happy 50th Anniversary to SWEET CHARITY!  Feb 3 2016, 02:38:01 PM

    Her dress and the setting of the club is clearly a takeoff from the scene as done in the film, and the part where she enters the club at ~1:15 (Who is it? Who is it?) is a direct homage as well as the beginning of the dance. The rest is mostly just Beyonce doing her usual deal ("pat yo weave" get's me every time).


    Emma Bunton also did a Frug inspired video with her UK hit Maybe some years before.  Happy 50th Anniversary to SWEET CHARITY!  Feb 3 2016, 02:32:57 PM

    best12bars said: "Carlos, I saw it in HD about a year ago (or even less) on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Forget which, but it looked fine enough to release as a catalog title on Blu-ray, so ... I hope they do it! The DVD is certain watchable though! Not bad picture and sound even if it's not remastered.


    I know I've posted it before, but it drives me crazy that the print they used for Sweet Cha

  • Carousel: Louise Ballet Video of the Original  Jan 23 2016, 07:34:31 PM

    Just bumping this, cuz...

  • BroadwayCon 2016 - Experience reports!  Jan 22 2016, 05:19:12 PM

    WTF there were $600 buck VIP passes for this?  I charge less and can play the Starlight Express cast album at the same time....

  • What's with the hatred of Cats?  Jan 22 2016, 04:37:19 PM

    Quick! Name the important themes of Anything Goes!

  • Carousel: Louise Ballet Video of the Original  Jan 22 2016, 04:30:50 PM

    It is amazing!  I will assume that it's not complete--the ending and the extent of the pas de deux don't really jive with the DeMille notes I've read, although all the rest does. 


    I think your post is the first thing I've read that has made me want to re-watch Benjamin Button!

  • Swen Swenson  Jan 22 2016, 02:58:15 PM

    In one of the books about Fosse, Swen claims that his partial strip for "I Got Your Number" caused such an audience reaction that women ran up to the stage.  I've always doubted this--but love the story.  He certainly looked fetching in a bowler hat... 

  • What's with the hatred of Cats?  Jan 22 2016, 02:54:25 PM

    I am not a huge Cats supporter--and see no need for a revival--but I agree with you completely.  I think it's completely snobbish to deny that the show, and the songs, *work*.  And in its way, it was very experimental and even brave to be done.  I do see the point that the heavy promotion of it, and the constant commercials, are a turn off (Cats really was the start of that heavy marketing CamMac driven machine)--I remember as a kid living in Edmonton and seeing the commerc

  • Great Scenes for 2 Male  Jan 22 2016, 02:21:42 PM

    The scene from Bent--which was faithfully done on screen here 

    comes to mind.  But obviously it's not a good scene for certain auditions, etc...

  • What's with the hatred of Cats?  Jan 22 2016, 02:19:16 PM

    I make sure to have my reading classes on whenever I attend a glass.

  • What's with the hatred of Cats?  Jan 22 2016, 02:07:13 PM

    GavestonPS said: "And if the hatred of the show seems out of proportion, it may be because many of us who lived in NYC in the 1980s felt the show had been shoved down our throats. It arrived pre-sold on the basis of overly ecstatic British reviews toward the end of a period when everything English was extolled as superior to everything American. I think we all give the Brits their due when it comes to straight plays, but the insistence by American critics that British musicals w

  • What's with the hatred of Cats?  Jan 22 2016, 02:01:45 PM

    henrikegerman said: "Shortly after the show opened in New York, I remember watching Randy Newman - of all people - telling some tv host - Tom Snyder I think it was - how much he hated it.   And adding that the only thing he enjoyed was the experiential absurdity of paying a whopping and up to that point unparalleled $45 top ticket price to see it.   $45 dollars!   If we can even imagine that by today's standards.

  • What's with the hatred of Cats?  Jan 22 2016, 01:57:43 PM

    GavestonPS said: "I think the score is beyond tedious. When the show first opened, I listened to one side of the vinyl LP and never turned it over. "Jellicle Cats" should be a TV ad jingle; if only it were under a minute long!


    I hate to disagree with you but...  While I am not a big fan of the production, I think Cats shows ALW at his best.  If I just read the poems I would never think of the many clever ways ALW sets them.  It's a

  • All-male cast adds new wrinkle to 'Sweeney Todd'  Jan 22 2016, 01:52:40 PM

    I, too, wonder about this being approved (after the infamous 1990s Seattle all male Company, etc). 

    That said--why not?  This isn't a major revival that anyone will see as official, and I think the text is cannonical (is that a word?)  enough that it can be played with without harming anyone's impression of the work.  Dmatthewcastro what has been the reaction?

  • Carousel: Louise Ballet Video of the Original  Jan 22 2016, 01:47:24 PM

    Apologies if this has been posted--I only recently discovered it.  The original Agnes DeMille ballet (with original cast members but, sadly, just piano accompaniment)  Absolutely amazing.


  • Listening to Encores MERRILY WE ROLL ALONG  Jan 18 2016, 08:54:14 PM

    Sally Durant Plummer said: "The best recording of the current version. Although the reorchestrations are odd (especially when the originals are so great) the recording is worth it for "Growing Up". 


    However, nothing can beat the OBC for me - best cast, best orchestrations, best book. Hopefully it will get remastered soon - it's one of my favorites.



    Tunick's essay in the booklet kinda jus