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  • An American In Paris Closing  Jul 23 2016, 01:34:51 AM

    FiddleMeThis said: "The design and fluid staging saves this show from completely falling apart. It makes Crazy for You look like a piece of absolute brilliance. The replacements are worse singers than the originals, which makes this musical a really hard slog. They should have pulled a La Boheme and really done it as a full ballet- on Broadway. THAT would have been risky and could have been a real thrill. 

    I still believe this won't make it through the fall. Hope

  • re: Phantom of the Opera Question  Jul 23 2016, 01:12:17 AM

    Adam Chris said: "I've seen a black phantom before!"

    Well yeah, Robert Guillaume, for one, famously took over from Michael Crawford in LA back in the 80s. 

    As MrMatt says, this isn't a show about race, or even history, and seeing a black Christine, or Raoul, or whatever wouldn't phase me at all.

  • James Corden - general perceptions?  Jul 22 2016, 11:54:54 PM

    OK you lost me at male.  LOL  He's never seemed, well, not male to me--though I'd agree he's not masculine at least not in the North American way (which ties into what others have said about the UK upper class lad stereotype reading differently in the US). 

    A certain someone sent me a lovely PM complaining about my comment way back that maybe some people read him as gay because he makes constant jokey comments about how very attractive his attractive male

  • CATS revival scenic design vs Original Broadway Scenic design  Jul 22 2016, 11:39:13 PM

    Islander_fan said: "It should also be noted that the original London production played at The New London Theatre. A theatre that has a thrust stage rather than a porcineum which the Winter Garden has. Therefor, adjustments had to be made. If you're looking for a recent visual comparison, take a look at War Horse when it was on Broadway vs the tour. 


    Right--and War Horse played at the New London...


  • CATS revival scenic design vs Original Broadway Scenic design  Jul 22 2016, 11:38:08 PM

    RippedMan said: "See, I think I might enjoy Cats with a little big of production value involved. I've only seen the tour and just didn't quite get the excitement of it. 

    Did the seats rotate for the entire run? Was it always in that theater? Cool that they used an unconventional space. Too bad NYC doesn't have more spaces like that - given that the Tonys are only Broadway productions. Would be cool to see what they could do with the Armory or something.&nb

  • CATS revival scenic design vs Original Broadway Scenic design  Jul 22 2016, 11:30:57 PM

    Justin, thanks so much for the explanation and pictures.  I find it slightly amusing people who complain about the new set being less immersive than the WInter Garden because everyone I know who saw the original London and the original New York felt the Winter Garden was disappointing as it lacked the intimacy of the London.  So I guess it's all about perspective.  As to why they used the revolve--like you said, basically because it was a cool gimmick and because that's

  • Waking A Stranger Up At The Theater?  Jul 22 2016, 11:26:11 PM

    Phantom, too funny.  When I was a young teen (ie at the age where everything about my parents embarrassed me) my mom took me to London for a theatre trip.  (In hindsight this shows how ungrateful I was to still be embarrassed--my dad was working in Ireland for a year so we were going to spend a month with him, but my mom convinced dad to let me and her come a week earlier and see as many shows as possible in London--we saw 9 in a week, and they were all my choices).  Anyway, we

  • An American In Paris Closing  Jul 22 2016, 10:32:52 PM

    What he said about Stairway. As for Henri never becoming a good singer during the production number my point is that must be the understudy you saw's fault. Max in the role certainly can sing. 

  • CATS revival scenic design vs Original Broadway Scenic design  Jul 22 2016, 03:36:16 AM

    Call_me_jorge said: "Was the inflatable set his design too?



    Pretty much yeah. 

    They did rip out the Winter Garden's proscenium I think.  The original London design, in a theatre that had been a soundstage for tv shows for years was even more immersive and less proscenium like and of course had the audience seats on a turn table that moved into position during the overture. While it was a big theatre people have also said it

  • Jonathan Groff gets frank & funny at world premiere of 'Looking' movie; dishes about filming & sex scenes  Jul 22 2016, 03:23:19 AM

    Bettyboy72 said: "I don't think Looking has a rabid fan base. If so, it is very small and not very vocal. I am a bit surprised that such a lackluster flop of a show has had so much money thrown at it for a feature film, a screening, and a talk back. There are actual critically acclaimed shows with better ratings that were unceremoniously cancelled who got no such fanfare. Boggles the mind.

    Groff is a very natural actor, a very good actor, but much like a Jessica Lange,

  • An American In Paris Closing  Jul 22 2016, 03:15:46 AM

    Stairway to Paradise even though a fantasy, doesn't really make sense but Max sings and dances it very well--that might have changed your perception of the number Ripped at least a bit (Robert Fairchild is no brilliant singer but was more than fine when I saw him, it sounds like his replacement is a far lesser singer).  

    Someone in a Tree--having seen a half dozen of Wheeldon's ballets, I would give him full credit for the staging of the opening at any rate though obviousl

  • James Corden - general perceptions?  Jul 22 2016, 03:06:08 AM

    If people don't know him some of that might be because he overtly joke-flirts with male guests. I guess?

  • Ben Curtis, the  Jul 20 2016, 06:20:35 PM

    Wow, that looks like something I'd type out while drunk.  I like Sam Shepard and love Williams but I'm not quite sure, all due respect to Curtis, that I'd link their work.  I did love James Kiberd as Uncle Porkchop on All My Children however--sounds interesting.

  • Pirates of Penzance - Will Swenson  Jul 20 2016, 03:07:31 PM

    While purists may object, I'm glad they went with the Papp text and interpolations.  I have no doubt the staging and choreo is fun--though I expected basic sets but the costume choices seem a bit odd--still it beats the Pirates of the Caribbean rip off a lot of recent productions have gone with.

  • The Cherry Orchard question  Jul 20 2016, 03:05:21 PM

    Thanks!  I was thinking Virginia Woolf would be even harder than Long Day's Journey to find an appropriate spot for just one intermission.  However shorter plays like Streetcar and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof have recently just used one intermission, no?  (I kinda like the two intermission structure for those plays...)  I did see a quite strong regional Long Day's this Spring that ran 3:45 with both intermissions.

    I was wondering about union overtime.  Re

  • The Cherry Orchard question  Jul 20 2016, 02:52:26 PM

    Maybe due to unions but Broadway now seems to do plays that traditionally had two intermissions with just one (even extremely long plays like the recent Long Day's Journey and, I believe, Virginia Woolf)

  • Riedel on Alan Menken's forgotten musical  Jul 20 2016, 02:18:53 PM

    gypsy101 said: "I still have never heard Mr. Rosewater (does any recording exist??), I wish they would record that one finally.



    Not officially, but the composer demo and a decent original cast "live" recording are pretty easy to find (I assume since I got copies on cassette back when I was 12 or so in the 90s).  I love the score, and I hope maybe we'll get an Encores recording (15+ years back there was talk abou

  • Burn This on Broadway Spring '17  Jul 18 2016, 12:54:19 AM

    Then kindly shut the **** up.

  • Burn This on Broadway Spring '17  Jul 16 2016, 07:45:55 PM

    Agreed, Gaveston.

    As to the Streetcar inspiration--that's something I've puzzled over myself and, while I've come up with a number of theories (in some ways Pale embodies parts of Blanche--he's an outsider who shakes things up, who is tinged with tragedy and self-delusion--AND Stanley--the physicality, violent outbursts, etc) I'm not sure I've come up with any I'm happy with.  Maybe Lanford meant as little as that he re-watched Streetcar and was ins

  • Burn This on Broadway Spring '17  Jul 16 2016, 07:05:49 PM

    carnzee said: "EricMontreal22 said: "One of my fave plays!

    But you're a comic book reader, so apparently your opinion doesn't count! LOL.





      I guarantee A8 hates this play (ironic because Lanford has mentioned that it was inspired by Streetcar and A8 claims Williams is one of his fave playwrights....)