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Birthday: 4 - 3
Gender: Male
Occupation: Master of all I survey
Favorite Show(s): A Chorus Line
Avenue Q
City of Angels
Grey Gardens
Sweeney Todd

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  • The Fantasticks Staying Open  Apr 25 2015, 02:19:33 PM

    I had a feeling this was going to happen.


  • Bob The Musical (Movie)  Apr 24 2015, 12:36:43 PM

    Well in all fairness to Tom he did well in Rock of Ages.


  • ttfn  Apr 24 2015, 08:37:31 AM

    To each his own.

    If you don't like this season's crop, skip it.

    No one's forcing you.

    No one cares.


  • THE VISIT Reviews  Apr 24 2015, 06:16:12 AM

    Given the challenging nature of the piece I'm delighted with the reviews.

    Plenty of pull quotes.

    I admired the score more than most of the critics, but I'm a K&E devotee.


    The reason people are going to be interested is to see Chita, Kander, and Ebb in their final collaboration. In that regard the reviews are going to be a huge assistance in marketing the show.



  • THE VISIT Reviews  Apr 24 2015, 03:18:53 AM

    Riddle and Veintimila are on stage for almost the entire performance. I don't think either one has any speaking lines though.


  • THE VISIT Reviews  Apr 23 2015, 07:36:21 PM


  • THE VISIT Reviews  Apr 23 2015, 07:10:08 PM

    . Take, for instance, the two blind eunuchs who follow Clara around, wear clown makeup and speak in falsetto."

    As opposed to eunuchs who speak in a bass voice?

    And it wasn't clown makeup.

  • Drama Desk nominations will be announced today  Apr 23 2015, 03:16:16 PM


    Silverman's role is pretty much the same size as it was in the original.


  • Bob The Musical (Movie)  Apr 23 2015, 12:26:09 PM

    I can't even look at him anymore.

    For some reason he gives me the creeps now.


  • Bob The Musical (Movie)  Apr 23 2015, 11:24:14 AM

    Tom Cruise is now interested in the looooong gestating project

  • cast cd update  Apr 23 2015, 10:28:18 AM

    I thought it was on their FB page.



  • OMG fabulous season  Apr 23 2015, 09:29:50 AM

    Gentleman's Guide and Cabaret aren't from this season, MV.

    But I'm glad you've seen and loved so many shows!

    Try to squeeze in On The Town if you get a chance. It's a great show!

  • THE VISIT Reviews  Apr 23 2015, 07:11:02 AM

    Looking forward to your report ljay.

    You know the audience is going to go wild. This could be Chita's last opening night on Broadway.

  • OMG fabulous season  Apr 23 2015, 06:59:33 AM

    Not really

  • THE VISIT Reviews  Apr 23 2015, 06:49:16 AM

    I'm hoping for raves. It's such a strong show.

    And regardless of whether the critics love it as a whole, there is no denying that the score, book, set, lights, and lead actress are deserving of praise.

  • OMG fabulous season  Apr 23 2015, 06:28:31 AM

    I have loved this season.

    Fun Home, The Visit, On the Town, 20th Century, American in Paris, Side Show

    Curious Incident, Hand to God, Disgraced


  • cast cd update  Apr 23 2015, 05:36:32 AM

    You can also pre-order it on Yellowsound's website.



  • Actress in a Musical Tony predictions ?  Apr 22 2015, 05:28:53 PM

    Oh Falling, thank you!


    I left off Beth Malone.


    it's edited above.

  • cast cd update  Apr 22 2015, 04:29:08 PM

    This list is pretty complete. It lists them by release date, lists the label, and includes a link to purchase.

    Sound Advice

  • Actress in a Musical Tony predictions ?  Apr 22 2015, 04:20:04 PM

    I honestly don't see how this could go to anyone but Cheno.

    My guess for the rest of the category:

    Chita Rivera.

    Kelli O'hara

    Lisa Howard

    Beth Malone

    If anyone upsets it would be Chita.