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Birthday: 4 - 3
Gender: Male
Occupation: Master of all I survey
Favorite Show(s): A Chorus Line
Avenue Q
City of Angels
Grey Gardens
Sweeney Todd

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  • This is why Brits monopolize broadway....  May 28 2015, 02:36:10 PM

    Dumbest thread ever.


  • Re:  May 28 2015, 12:12:44 PM

    Oh, just wait until the twitter storm after Lucas performs Ring of Keys on the Tonys.

  • Re:  May 28 2015, 12:06:29 PM

    I'm lol-ing at those twitter posts ljay.

  • Roger Rees has departed The Visit  May 28 2015, 11:35:24 AM

    Wishing him well.

    He gave a great and nuanced performance.

  • Tony's  May 28 2015, 11:18:53 AM

    I'm so glad this thread was started. It's a very important issue.

    First it's the grammar and spelling that goes, then it's the world.

    The end of times is nigh.


  • Line-Up of Tony Performances 2015  May 27 2015, 02:10:22 PM

    nvrmind - already postes earlier in the thread

  • Best Score - 2015  May 27 2015, 12:59:09 PM

    The Only One (Daniely's song) is my favorite!

    I found that scene to be profoundly moving.

    I Would Never Leave You is classic K&E, and it's probably the creepiest showstopper ever.

    (in a good way)

  • Dr Zhivago Will Have A Cast Album  May 27 2015, 12:20:56 PM

    The roughly 400,000. it costs to record and produce it.


  • Dr Zhivago Will Have A Cast Album  May 27 2015, 10:08:37 AM


  • Best Score - 2015  May 27 2015, 08:03:37 AM

    The Visit is the best score of the season, no contest.

    But Fun Home has Ring of Keys and the momentum so yes, it will probably win.

  • Old Time Bombs  May 26 2015, 11:07:41 AM

  • What did this board think of Legally Blonde the musical?  May 26 2015, 10:01:48 AM

    For me it was one giant "meh".

    I love O'keefe, but even his score bored me.

    The best part was Andy Karl's UPS guy.


  • Heathers: The Musical Appreciation Thread  May 26 2015, 07:53:52 AM

    I loved the production in NY.

  • Hamilton - Best Musical 2016?  May 26 2015, 07:52:39 AM

    It's a foregone conclusion that it will win Best Musical.

    Whether it takes other categories or not it's of course too soon to tell.


  • THE VISIT to offer $19.75 seats through June 7th  May 23 2015, 02:00:05 AM

    I really thought the selling point of Chita's last collaboration with Kander & Ebb in their  last show would be more of a draw.

    Maybe it's just too dark and weird?



  • Alfie Boe  May 22 2015, 08:45:59 PM

    I'm not sure if you're asking for confirmation, but yes he is taking over for Ramin.

  • Favorite Fun Home song?  May 22 2015, 06:46:26 PM

    What do I win if guess correctly?

  • Olives mom in Spelling Bee  May 22 2015, 12:20:35 PM

    Like Gilmore I never considered she was pregnant.

    I've seen the show about 5 times and never picked that up.

    How interesting.

    And The I Love You Song is just....there are no words.

    It's kind of similar to You Can't Let Romance Die from Romance in Hard Times.



  • broadway shows on broadwayworld  May 21 2015, 06:22:21 PM

    The forum is open and free. Anyone can express anything (within the site's standards).

    Having said that, it would end up being a PR disaster.


    I'm not sure what kind of complaints you're referring to.

  • Tesori Cast Albums?  May 21 2015, 01:47:46 PM

    That's the only song I really enjoy from Shrek.

    And I like Morning Person.