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Birthday: 4 - 3
Gender: Male
Occupation: Master of all I survey
Favorite Show(s): A Chorus Line
Avenue Q
City of Angels
Grey Gardens
Sweeney Todd

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  • A BRONX TALE Cast Recording?  Jan 19 2017, 05:58:47 AM

    It was recorded January 9th by Decca.


    Release late winter/early Spring.

  • A BRONX TALE Cast Recording?  Jan 5 2017, 10:41:47 AM

    gypsy101 said: "tazber said: "Can you just tell us what she said re: a cast recording so we don't have to sit through 20 some odd minutes?"

    that lady says yes



    Thanks gypsy!

  • A BRONX TALE Cast Recording?  Dec 30 2016, 07:29:07 AM

    Can you just tell us what she said re: a cast recording so we don't have to sit through 20 some odd minutes?

    Regardless, the show is a hit and I'd bet large sums of money that it will get a CR.


  • Show Name Help??  Dec 27 2016, 07:11:10 AM

    One of the worst shows I've ever seen.


    Some thing are best forgotten.

  • Falsettos revival cast album  Dec 20 2016, 01:00:02 PM

    I'm happy/sad about the new recording.


    It's great to have it all together on one recording. The cast is uniformly excellent. And any time there is a recording of William Finn's work I'm delighted.


    But I miss the Starobin orchestrations and I can't deal with that cheesy synthesizer.


    Good to have, but I'll always play the originals over this one.

  • Your thoughts on Little Shop Remake?  Dec 8 2016, 12:42:38 PM



    They should have saved this property for a live television broadcast.

  • The BWW Redesign of December 2016  Dec 8 2016, 10:43:28 AM

    Love it Rob!


    Great work!!



  • why no blu rays  Dec 6 2016, 06:53:31 AM

    I think it must be a financial issue. It costs more to produce BD's that it does DVDs and the price point for sales probably doesn't justify it.


    I'm bummed about it too.


  • What is the best recording of the King and I?  Dec 6 2016, 06:49:31 AM

    The one Smaxie posted a picture of.

  • When is Kelly Clarkson coming to Broadway?  Dec 6 2016, 06:48:03 AM

    She says she can't act, but I suspect with the right director she'd flourish. The way she invests herself in her music is evidence that she could do it.


  • The 50 best Broadway songs ever?  Dec 6 2016, 06:45:33 AM

    Yea, obviously no one is going to agree 100% with this (which is the point - to start a discussion), but this is a really good and well considered list.


  • Hamilton: The Mixtape (Remixes, Covers & Others)  Dec 6 2016, 06:42:56 AM

    bisonnette said: "Kelly Clarkson's "It's Quiet Uptown" is #43 on the Hot AC radio chart.



    Thanks! I was wondering about that. I actually thought it would debut higher.

  • Hamilton: The Mixtape (Remixes, Covers & Others)  Dec 6 2016, 06:41:59 AM

    I just love all the cut songs from the show.


    Cabinet Battle 3 shows once again how deft LMM is at taking reams of historical info and creating a dense three minute song that encapsulates all the nuance and complexity of the issue.

    Congratulations is just a great song. Renee didn't need that moment in the show, but I can't help thinking how amazing it would have been to have her sing it.

    I haven't been following the threads re: Clarkson's trac

  • Menken/Ahrens A CHRISTMAS CAROL  Dec 6 2016, 06:29:52 AM

    Jeffrey Karasarides said: "I wonder if this could be a possible choice for a live TV musical. Sure, this adaptation may not be the most famous, but at least everyone knows A Christmas Carol. I think they would also need the right cast to create some excitement around it.



    Great idea Jefferey!!!

    It worked so well as a huge show. It's perfect for a live version.

    And I'll say it again, the score is marvelous.

  • Menken/Ahrens A CHRISTMAS CAROL  Dec 2 2016, 06:51:30 AM

    It's a nice show, but the TV movie was wretched.

  • Favorite Active Musical Theatre Composer?  Nov 30 2016, 07:01:18 AM

    William Finn

    Tim Minchin

    Stephen Sondheim

    Alan Menken



  • Be More Chill  Nov 17 2016, 09:56:36 AM

    It's a great musical with a wonderful score.

    Michael in the Bathroom is an instant classic, and (I'll bet) soon to be an audition staple.

    I think this show will do really well regionally.

  • Musicals that make you feel happy/at peace  Sep 29 2016, 05:43:33 AM

    Next to Normal always brings a smile to my face.



  • Under-active composers  Sep 28 2016, 05:56:29 AM

    Adam Guettel's "Millions" is finally getting a reading!


    Great movie, and I can't wait to see/hear the whole musical.





  • idina.  Sep 23 2016, 09:42:57 AM

    I've only heard Queen of Swords, which sounds like a Celine Dion song from 20 years ago.


    Looking forward to hearing the whole album this weekend.