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  • Reviews written before opening night.  Apr 15 2015, 09:06:47 PM

    His question was so important he forgot what it was.

  • Reviews written before opening night.  Apr 15 2015, 08:36:39 PM

    I think you've answered your own question. 

  • SeaWorld Auditions April 18  Apr 15 2015, 06:07:29 PM

    No, you will merely have your leg bitten off by aforementioned unfortunates.

  • Congratulations to Dame Angela Lansbury on her first Olivier Award nomination!  Apr 13 2015, 02:22:46 PM

    On an unrelated note, why did the Oliviers give Kevin Spacey yet another chance to indulge his ego and live out his Rat Pack fantasy?

    I'm predisposed to disliking him, so maybe it's just me, but his performance of Bridge Of Over Troubled Water was cringey in the extreme. Also, what did it have to do with the season's theatre? Yes, I hate-watched the entire six minutes.