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  • Worst Theatre Audience of my life  Feb 24 2017, 05:45:21 PM

    The OP contains so many obviously inserted button-pushers, this can't be anything but some poor sucker desperate for responses. Fake!

  • Should Actors Be Smoking At The Stagedoor ?  Feb 21 2017, 07:38:30 PM

    She was wrong to ask the security guard to hold the cig. She should've blown a smoke ring in the photo.

  • Should Actors Be Smoking At The Stagedoor ?  Feb 21 2017, 06:57:41 PM

    No, she wasn't wrong. She shouldn't have to modify her behavior to accommodate autograph-seekers. 

  • Can Bette's voice handle it?  Feb 20 2017, 05:38:50 PM

    saying she would not have gone forward with this if she couldn't do it is about as meaningless as anything anyone could say:


    I know this thread is a week old, but seeing as it was bumped...

    For the record, seeing as my crystal ball is on the fritz, I thought this was the best answer available to the OP's question...."Can Bette's voice handle it?" - she obviously thinks the answer is "yes!", so that's about al

  • Mel B breaks character in final Chicago performance  Feb 20 2017, 01:35:44 PM

    ^ Roxie Heart?

    I guess this strikes me as annoying, but the staging of this show kinda allows for this king of thing, in moderation...I would have thought. It's been a while since I've seen it, but doesn't Mama Morton break character at the start of Act 2? I'm sure there were other instances when I was there, too...although this does seem a little much. She was probably made aware of the tradition and just got carried away, or maybe she genuinely didn't give a f

  • Can Bette's voice handle it?  Feb 10 2017, 09:13:40 PM


    She undertook a rigorous tour only last year, and I believe she knows full well the enormity of the task she is now undertaking. If she didn't think she was fit, she wouldn't be doing it. Previous Dollys haven't always been the best singers, so I'm pretty confident the Divine Miss M can pull it off in style.

  • Composers who aren't great musicians?  Feb 6 2017, 08:28:48 PM

    Paul McCartney famously can't read or write music - which is not to say he's not a great musician.

  • What happened to the Julie Andrews children's variety series for Netflix  Feb 1 2017, 04:17:39 PM

    According to this tweet, it's starting today.

    Then again, according to this one, it starts March 17.

  • What happened to the Julie Andrews children's variety series for Netflix  Feb 1 2017, 04:15:26 PM

    It is a show aimed at pre-schoolers, so the hype of Gilmore Girls is a bit much to expect. 

  • The Beauty Queen Of Leenane returns!  Jan 23 2017, 09:54:38 PM

    What kept Maureen back? To my knowledge, this is never explored.

    Except it's the crux of the whole play! The psychological games and torment between the two women, Mag's fear of being left alone, undermining her confidence etc. That's my understanding, having only read the script, anyhow.




  • The Beauty Queen Of Leenane returns!  Jan 14 2017, 06:35:06 PM

    I'm still looking forward to eventually seeing this in March, and happy to hear good things.

    My friend and I kept saying how this would make a wonderful film, you can imagine an atmospheric house up on a hill and the rain pouring down.  

    Yeah...a movie would be nice, though like all plays, it would take a talented movie-maker to expand it out from the limited setting. The Richard Harris movie "The Field" was actually filmed in the village of Leenane i

  • Last I Heard...  Nov 22 2016, 12:03:41 AM

    Hillary being a murderous thug and war monger who took billions fro anti gay nations like Saudi Arabia is why I supported Trump. In other words, I support gay rights, more than you. 


    I know undercoverusher is probably just a deranged troll, but still.

    The Hill

    "President-elect Donald Trump registered ei

  • Last I Heard...  Nov 20 2016, 07:36:53 PM

    It wouldn't be a bit funny. Just a sad example of the ignorance of Trump devotees and a clear demonstation of how he "won" this election.

  • Mike Pence Gets  Nov 19 2016, 01:24:52 AM

    The show has nothing to do with it. He only went to see it out of ego, he now sees himself as a statesman in the same league as the characters onstage. The man is scum.

  • Mike Pence Gets  Nov 19 2016, 01:13:25 AM

    Don't forget this wart on humanity incited rabid lynch mobs against Hillary. This is the very least he deserves. Mike Pence can go fvck himself. 

  • Parts for Sierra Sierra Boggess to play?  Nov 6 2016, 06:37:22 PM

    I liked her "The Lusty Month Of May", so I guess Guinevere in Camelot might be a good fit.

  • Recommendations for Last Show Next Weekend In London  Nov 5 2016, 11:28:44 PM

    I'm not from the UK and haven't been to London in two years, but living vicariously through you, I would choose Ronald Harwood's The Dresser.

  • Songs to sing night of election  Nov 5 2016, 08:58:30 PM

    A) The Power Of The Dream - the Olympics 96 song. The lyrics are incredibly trite, but no more so than any election slogan. A guilty pleasure, I guess.  There's so much strength in all of us, every woman, child, and man - it's the moment that you think you can't, you'll discover that you can!

  • Where did the term  Nov 2 2016, 09:01:40 PM

    Barns are big. Airplane hangars are bigger. Much, much bigger.

  • Irving Berlin fans-what are your favorite lesser known gems?  Nov 1 2016, 09:01:46 PM

    This medley performed by Bernadette Peters & Peter Allen at the 1982 Oscars is fun.