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  • Rousing Male-Male duets  May 5 2016, 09:58:59 PM

    "Both Sides Of The Coin" from The Mystery Of Edwin Drood is certainly rousing.

    If I can cheat and count movie musicals, "Well, Did You Evah?" from High Society.

  • Tom Hooper Directing Movie Version  May 5 2016, 09:51:30 PM

    Best Supporting Actress 2019, Miss Fluffy 

    For outstanding achievement in live-action meowing

  • Tom Hooper Directing Movie Version  May 5 2016, 09:30:34 PM

  • Audra McDonald in Frozen  May 4 2016, 06:35:10 PM

    Yes. Patti was unnecessarily dragging poor Audra into it to make herself look good.

    I refuse to let Audra's own tweet alter my opinion of her as I'm sure she was simply taking Patti's words at face value. Big mistake!

  • Audra McDonald in Frozen  May 4 2016, 05:50:38 PM

    She sure has some ego comparing herself to Audra.

  • Patti Murin in Frozen  May 3 2016, 04:15:09 PM

    The show doesn't even open for another two years, right?

    Congratulations in any case, BWW!

  • Am I the only one bored to death by plays? Prefer musicals instead...  Apr 24 2016, 09:01:16 PM

    After Eight, you don't have to leave two blank lines between paragraphs anymore. The spacing issue has been fixed!

  • Am I the only one bored to death by plays? Prefer musicals instead...  Apr 24 2016, 04:15:54 PM

    No, you are not the only one. That's precisely why they have a separate line for plays at TKTS.

    Good trolling work, though. B - 

  • What book/movie would make a great musical?  Apr 23 2016, 10:24:33 PM

    Brooklyn, Hugo, Sabrina, etc.


    I agree "etc." would make a wonderful musical.

    Any source material could conceivably be turned into a musical in the right hands, as American Psycho, Fun Home or Hamilton attest, so picking a personal favorite  - perhaps Yann Martel's "Self", about a guy who wakes up one morning to find he has somehow magically transformed into a woman. 


  • Lansbury To Host MAME 50th Anniversary Reunion  Apr 22 2016, 04:57:24 PM

    To make up the numbers, they could invite subsequent Mames like Christines Ebersole and Baranski, and have a Mame-off.

  • 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue original production?  Apr 21 2016, 07:51:18 PM

    Thanks, Jarethan!  

    Duet For One


  • 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue original production?  Apr 21 2016, 07:18:39 PM

    Any memories of Patricia Routledge (Hyacinth Bucket herself) as Abigail Adams?

    I really love her "Take Care Of This House".

  • Broadway Trivia  Apr 19 2016, 04:29:32 PM

    It probably doesn't really matter what you ask, because everybody will just whip out their phones and google. No fun. I sent you some simple enough questions, though.

  • When Is HEATHERS Opening On Broadway?  Apr 18 2016, 11:13:22 PM

    Remember in The Beach, where they're looking up at the stars, and Leo says something like "in the eternity of space, there are infinite worlds out there, and there's probably a planet out there just like this one, a parallel world where anything you want to happen does happen"?

    Well, on that world, tonight is Heathers opening night. Congratulations to the cast!

  • In the Heights Film Adaptation????  Apr 18 2016, 10:45:04 PM

    The next person who asks a question must use five question marks.

  • Most Famously Tony Snubbed Broadway Shows/Actors/Directors/Producers/etc?  Apr 18 2016, 10:04:33 PM

    Well, most "famously", and in their own opinion, was perhaps Victor/Victoria.

  • Will Hamilton Win the Nobel Prize for Literature?  Apr 18 2016, 09:38:22 PM

    Maybe it will win the Nobel for Economics instead? :)

  • Joel Grey:  Apr 13 2016, 03:53:32 PM

    This is far from accurate, and I'm not sure you read the book, if you think that's the case.

    You're right, I've still to read the book (it's near the top of my pile!) - and I didn't mean to imply that I had, or to talk out of my ass. My impressions were based on this New York Times piece, as well as the mentioned People artic

  • Streisand Gypsy is still on....  Apr 12 2016, 06:57:13 PM

    I guess I'm glad lovebwy's obnoxious comments about the London cast were deleted but, with the responses gone now too, he'll probably carry on not seeing the error of his ways. You don't have to be quite so delete-happy, BWW.

  • Conducting without sheet music  Apr 12 2016, 05:37:39 PM

    Here's London's Aurora Orchestra playing a Mozart symphony without the score - conducted and played totally from memory!