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  • The WIZ LIVE : post your comments and thoughts live during the show here  Dec 4 2015, 09:37:12 AM

    Hamilton22 said: "I forgot how terrible The Wiz score is. There are some gems but dang that score is just awful. 

    And I'm sure you think the score of "Legally Blonde" is wonderful.




  • SPRING AWAKENING revival flailing at box office  Oct 10 2015, 09:35:42 AM

  • Kristen Chenoweth's Tony Snubs  Aug 30 2015, 05:55:59 PM

    Frankly, that someone with THAT avatar has the nerve to ask that question shows a lot of gall.

  • LaChanze in Ragtime  Aug 30 2015, 02:03:00 AM

    In some ways she was better than Audra.  Maybe easier to believe her status? For whatever reason, she was the best of the replacement cast members.

  • MAME - Broadway Revival  Aug 4 2015, 10:00:27 PM

    Because Jane Krakowski took a supporting role in "She Loves Me" instead of the lead she was destined to play.

  • John @ Signature Theatre Co.  Jul 31 2015, 10:25:40 PM

    Oh please. We heard the same things from previews (and well into the run, even after the good reviews) of "The Flick". And that won the Pulitizer and broke my heart. I loved it.  Now, I'm pretty sure this play won't match "The Flicke" (or "Circle Mirror") but she's too quality of a writer to have written anything near what the bitches on this thread report.

  • Significant Other or The Flick?  Jul 25 2015, 05:25:30 PM

    "The Flick" as the Times banner says, broke my heart.  I loved it. And the production I saw was in May in Melbourne Australia!

  • I thought this got good reviews  Jul 22 2015, 09:09:30 PM

    "I did not see it but my few friends who did did not care for it. Not sure it's their speed though...
    And on the flip side, we also know that poor reviews do not necessarily prevent a show from moving to Chicago. (See Amazing Grace.)"

     "Carousel" was actually wonderful. Great cast.

  • The Wild Party Opens This Week  Jul 20 2015, 03:52:52 PM

    Is everyone on these boards too young to remember how awestruck we all were with Pascale when he sang "Streets of Dublin" in Man of No Importance? Then he got Rescue Me and was mostly absent from the stage for years.

  • Christian Hoff, JERSEY BOYS, 2006 Best Featured Actor in a Musical  Jul 20 2015, 03:45:41 PM

    Wasn't Christian fired from "Pal Joey" the next year after winning?  What was the reason?

  • Falsettos revival cast  Jul 20 2015, 11:20:45 AM

    The ideal Trina of the moment will be unavailable because of "She Loves Me".

  • The Wild Party Opens This Week  Jul 16 2015, 11:16:58 PM

    Dear God, that ridiculous new song at the end for Queenie is NOT what that show needed.

  • Toni Collette in THE WILD PARTY  Jul 9 2015, 07:32:06 PM

    ....or Jane Krakowski as Mame and Toni as Vera...

  • Jan Maxwell considering leaving the theatre...  Jul 8 2015, 03:39:24 PM

    Jan Maxwell has the distinction Cherry Jones once had. The greatest theatre actress on the boards at the moment.  Cherry had a breakout role ("The Heiress") which Jan never had. That is the only difference.

  • Would you pay $221 for Patti Lupone in SHOWS FOR DAYS?  Jul 2 2015, 10:43:10 AM

    No. Don't. No.

  • AMAZING GRACE Previews  Jun 28 2015, 01:28:14 PM

    Dear Lynn:

    Whizzer can be as harsh or as light as he wants. This is a public board. He is not being paid for his reviews.  You can read them or not, so please don't dictate how he should write. I'd rather you call him a dick for not agreeing with you than try to school him on HOW to write out his critiques!!!

  • Tony Yazbeck  Jun 28 2015, 01:22:12 PM

    Sorry, Horse. i no longer have the insert to my Playbill which stated which Understudy it was.

  • A NEW BRAIN  Jun 28 2015, 01:21:10 PM

    I had no trouble losing "Calamari" (who cares about the waitress) or "Eating Myself" (it's a fantasy sequence that always made one wonder A)why would this character get so many solos and B) why would Schwinn's subconscious allow this relative non-entitiy in his waking  life to have such a large psychological moment of his dreamlife).

    It's been debated since it arrived: Is "Whenever I Dream" a great song, a spot for a necessary song that was never artistically fulfilled, or the

  • A NEW BRAIN  Jun 28 2015, 01:33:21 AM

    This score. These songs!! THIS SCORE!!!! 

  • Tony Yazbeck  Jun 28 2015, 01:20:02 AM

    Tony was out of today's matinee.  His understudy is a good dancer but lacking in any charisma whatsoever.