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  • finding neverland nom chances  Apr 26 2015, 12:25:25 PM

    I didn't like "Finding Neverland" but it's better than "The Visit" in almost every way.  I'm pretty sure some of the reviews were Weinstein hate but I am baffled by the "The Visit"love...

  • THE VISIT Reviews  Apr 26 2015, 12:23:33 PM

    I wonder what happened to all the previous"I just love Jesse Green" comments after his Vulture "Visit" review...?

  • SOMETHING ROTTEN Reviews  Apr 22 2015, 11:36:57 PM

    "I think I like Ben Brantley a little bit more. Then again, he'll probably give THE VISIT a lukewarm notice. Then I'll find him irritating again. 

     As well he should!  The Visit stinks.

  • Rob Marshall to Bring FOLLIES to the Big Screen?  Apr 22 2015, 08:05:07 AM

    I loved Bernadette's Sally and was not at all thrilled with Victoria Clark's. I know, I know, Victoria (like her daughter Kelli) can do no wrong on these boards, but she was just wrong, surrounded by an entire cast of right.

  • The RInk  Apr 22 2015, 07:57:23 AM

    Chita supposedly stole the show and gave a really great old fashioned musical comedy performance. BUT Liza, even all-drugged-up-at-the-time Liza, acted the hell out of the role, imbuing Angel with a tragic/comic aura that I'll remember forever. 

  • GIGI Reviews  Apr 9 2015, 10:55:14 AM

    "^Is that really the lesson that the opening night critical reception suggests?

    The reviews I've read seem to be more critical of this production's feeble efforts to bowdlerize or at least sanitize the demimonde rather than the "creepiness" of the romantic story of a courtesan in training as it had been presented by Colette, Loos, MGM, Minnelli, Lerner and Loewe.

    What's really creepy and misogynistic is the notion that love stories - or

  • GIGI Reviews  Apr 9 2015, 10:39:58 AM

    Oddly, all the females critics decidedly do NOT like Corey Cott and all the male critics (that I know of are gay) do.  I loved him...but now I'm wondering through what prism was I viewing him through...

  • HAND TO GOD (B'way) Reviews  Apr 7 2015, 09:08:14 PM

    I hope these reviews help to make Sarah Stiles the star she SHOULD have become after "Vanities".

  • Something Rotten RUSH  Apr 7 2015, 04:42:13 AM

    BUMPING for cash only? 

  • Inexpensive NJ hotels with access to Port Authority  Apr 7 2015, 04:40:38 AM

    The Super 8 in Weahawken is minutes away from Manhattan. Situated right outside the Jersey opening of the Tunnel, there is a bus that stops in front of it every twenty minutes or so that drop you off on 8th Ave and 42 ST.

  • Shoulda been you preview.  Apr 4 2015, 09:44:30 AM

    " Saw the show Friday night. Have not laughed so much in the theater in a long time. Lisa Howard stops the show!!!. Long time since I have seen an audience laugh and scream and clap like last night . Great show with a great cast. Just goes to show that you can't believe what your read and what other people think. Will be going back soon with friends !"


    I notice you don't say much about the score..

  • 1962 Times Article about "Birdie" film  Apr 4 2015, 09:42:10 AM

    If you have a digital subscription to the Times, take a look at this article from May of 1962.  It's about the resurgence of the Broadway to Hollywood musical film, right before "Gypsy" and "Music Man" are about to be released, concentrating on the film translation of "Bye Bye Birdie".



  • Lady Gaga to sing Sondheim at the Tonys  Apr 1 2015, 10:30:54 AM
    Yeah, got me too. I even posted it on Facebook...
  • Gigi Previews  Mar 22 2015, 12:03:15 PM
    Honare's role (and presense) has been reduced, yes.

    Add me to the pro Corey Cott list. He actually was the highlight (among many highlights) for me. Though all that chest hair poking out of the top of his bathing shirt may have helped...
  • Will Lea just fade away when Glee ends?  Mar 16 2015, 10:17:46 AM
    Lea Michelle is one of the most talented people on the planet. She won't be going away anytime soon.
  • FINDING NEVERLAND discounts  Mar 6 2015, 08:28:07 AM
  • 1984 PBS Television Production of YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU (1983 Broadway Revival )  Jan 30 2015, 10:07:36 AM I know why it has always seemed to me that I saw this production, even though I didn't come to New York until later that year...
  • Have You Seen The Heidi Chronicles?  Jan 27 2015, 08:49:37 PM
    Yes. I saw it three times on Broadway, with Joan Allen, Christine Lahti and the best, a pre-"Dances With Wolves" (she might have just returned from filming it) Mary McDonnell. I love a play where we travel the years with the protagonist and their lovers and friends. It's the ultimate journey and Heidi's is set against the Women's Movement. It's moving and very funny.
  • Let The Right One In: St. Ann's Warehouse  Jan 23 2015, 10:02:43 PM
    Being a fan of the original film as well as the American remake,as well as being a fan of the director and choreographer I was excited to see this at the Royal Court last year. I was disappointed. Upping the ages of the protagonists to teenagers ruined it somehow. Maybe because of the introduced sexuality. And the pool scene did not have the power needed. It lost something that made the films special.
  • Honeymoon in Vegas Reviews  Jan 19 2015, 03:37:32 PM
    "I just said facts. Fact: Honeymoon in Vegas is sexist. Fact, Honeymoon in Vegas is racist."

    I refute your facts. Mainly cause something that is subject is, by definition, NOT a fact. Plus you're stupid.