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  • Sweeney Todd 2.0 - Carmello and Lewis  Jun 22 2017, 04:29:42 PM

    ljay889 said: "Did you see Norm earlier in his run? I thought he was absolutely firing on all cylinders last weekend. I'm curious if others who have seen him twice could comment on his growth in the role. I wasn't expecting him to be as ferocious given his earlier notices around here."

    I saw him about three weeks ago.  He did yell loudly a lot a the people in the front row, but it wasn't terribly convincing.  He's never been a terribly

  • Jerry Springer — The Opera’ Comes TO NYC for a run  Jun 22 2017, 04:24:18 PM

    The show isn't very well structured, the lyrics are lazy and the book is a collection of very obvious parodies of people who were on the Jerry Springer Show. A very American story filled with supposedly American characters filtered through an only semi-talented English book writer/lyricist.

    The music, on the other hand, was wonderful.

  • Chess revival?  Jun 22 2017, 04:03:20 PM

    "If they revive Chess with some of the strategy above, such as with Idina Menzel and Josh Groban, there is good reason it might succeed. "


    NO NO NO NO NO to Idina Menzel. She was HEINOUS in the concert version.


  • Sweeney Todd 2.0 - Carmello and Lewis  Jun 22 2017, 03:57:10 PM

    Vocally he's dynamic, but poor Norm is just not up to the demands of the role otherwise.

    However, in that tiny theatre, in this weird little Sweeney Todd, Carmello is distinguishing herself as one of the GREAT Nellie Lovetts.

  • 1984 publicity stunt  Jun 22 2017, 03:54:33 PM

    UncleCharlie said: "You're just jealous your mom can't take you now.


    I love you.




  • My Current Broadway Ratings...Please Post Yours  Jun 22 2017, 03:42:42 PM

    -A Bronx Tale B

    -Aladdin B

    -Beautiful B-

    -Book of Mormon A

    -Cats  not seen

    -Chicago A-

    -Come From Away B+

    -Groundhog Day B+

    -Hamilton A

    -Kinky Boots B

    -Lion King C

  • Chess revival?  Jun 20 2017, 05:46:27 PM

    I go to Lincoln Center every couple of years to watch the Broadway "Chess". I have never understood the problems people had with the book (as a whole, there are things that definitely need rethinking, but). I think the book really fleshes out the characters, I so believe the love story between Anatoly and Florence, rethinking Freddy as an ego-filled all-American bad boy-type was a wonderful improvement on the fey bitch from the original. Tim Rice hates that so much of the songs from

  • 1984 Previews  Jun 15 2017, 07:04:45 PM

    dramamama611 said: "Gosh, I really hate posts like soneil's.    You are absolutely free to discuss your distaste of this show (any show), certainly....but to suggest that it should be "avoided at all costs is preposterous.  As you can see from reading thread (which you likely did not) there are many people that DON'T feel the way you do, and therefore, there will be others.


    So....let's chock this up to another newbie with t

  • PARADE back in New York City  Jun 15 2017, 06:55:47 PM

    Well, Parade (though far, FAR from one of my favorite shows personally) has a healthy following, and Gary Griffin has directed on Broadway before, and it's do for a return. So this isn't as much of a pipe dream as other posters here are leading you to believe. And Writers Theatre is small so I'm guessing an off-Broadway revival is what you're hoping for? Probably not with the entire (or any of) the Chicago cast ( Brandon Uranowitz as Leo perhaps?) but I would say with those re

  • PUBLIC THEATRE rush  Jun 15 2017, 08:57:30 AM

    What is the rush policy for the Public these days?  Do they still hold tickets back at a discount to those who stand in line? (I haven't tried this there since "See What I Wanna See", but figure this is the only cheap way to see Oscar Isaacs in "Hamlet".)

  • Best Scores From the Last Five Years?  Jun 15 2017, 08:50:56 AM

    Easy. "Hamilton" hands down. Followed closely by "Great Comet".


    A very good revival of one of the great plays (maybe the greatest after Angels in America) of the latter part of the last century.  Allison Janney was so perfect for the role, it was almost a letdown.  No surprise. But she was excellent, just not Stockard. And Corey gave the show a different tilt.

  • Is Cursed Child actually any good?  Jun 9 2017, 09:19:19 AM

    Britain (and now by extension the US) has such wonderful directors that, when their talent is applied to a mediocre script (War Horse, Curious Incident) something magic can happen .

  • Why are there so many bio musicals and stupid musicals next season!  Jun 9 2017, 09:14:20 AM

    Isn't "Freaky Friday" coming in this season? I saw it in La Jolla and even then it was almost ready.  After it's Houston and Cleveland engagements it should be as perfect as it's going to get...

  • It would be so weird if Stephen Fry did Something happened on the way to the forum!!1  Jun 8 2017, 10:43:58 PM

    What? this a possibility?  As Pseudolus? Cause he's so wrong for the role it actually might be interesting...

  • Next for Frankel and Korie  Jun 8 2017, 10:39:37 PM

    Grey Gardens was almost perfection.  But that Strohman piece about death and subways they wrote for the Mitzi Newhouse?  HORRID.  Far From Heaven?  One of the worst scores I've ever heard. Their Finding Neverland? I heard it was awful as well (obviously, they were fired). So I was pleasantly surprised by War Paint. It's far from the quality of Grey Gardens.  But it's a good solid score that makes me think they are not one hit wonders.  But I do fear I

  • Bella: An American Tall Tale  Jun 7 2017, 09:28:03 PM

    nasty_khakis said: "I left at intermission. I was so utterly bored by it and so confused by what the tone was supposed to be. None of the music grabbed me, the staging seem basic, and they weren't even utilizing the major set piece of the stage on the stage. When that one guy turned into a stripper for no reason I made up my mind I was leaving during intermission.

    This is how I felt after her last musical, something about a mythological island with fish people...?&nbs

  • A DOLL'S HOUSE, PART 2 Extends to January 2018  Jun 7 2017, 09:24:29 PM

    Okay, it's not going to happen...but couldn't you just see Meryl Streep as Nora???!!

  • Why are there so many bio musicals and stupid musicals next season!  Jun 7 2017, 09:21:36 PM

    After all this time I've come to the conclusion After Eight is performance art.

  • Natasha, Pierre, & the Great Comet of 1812 - Review...And Basically Why It Should Win The Tony.  May 25 2017, 08:21:37 AM

    If there had been no year of tent shows, if Great Comet had opened last month cold after ART, there is no doubt in my mind this extraordinary show would have been a contender (meaning it would have taken the place of either Evan or Away as the "two to beat" for Best Musical). It's lovely that a show so "old" garnered as many nominations as it did.