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Member Name: Justin D
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Location: Barbados
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Profile: Artist in Barbados, into set design.

Favorite Show(s): Aida
Miss Saigon
The Lion King

Favorite Performer(s): Julia Murney
Drew Sarich

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  • Miss Saigon helicopter question  Oct 20 2016, 08:20:49 AM

    That video is definately the london revival. Personally I loved the projection combo. the projection shows the chopper flying in really fast. and at first I thought, dam, no helicopter, then the drop flies out and there it is, to me it worked very well.

    I also remember being under the stage at a drury lane theatre tour when they were having a rehearsal above, we just happened to be there in the helicopter scene and the sound effects under the stage were deafening.

  • Miss Saigon helicopter question  Oct 19 2016, 02:23:37 PM


     photo l_miss-saigon-heli2.jpg
     photo l_siagon05a.jpg
    Miss Saigon helicopter question  Oct 19 2016, 02:16:28 PM

    Its kind of what you described, its sort of wheeled on in the dark, moved up and down, then rolled back off again in the dark. The lighting is very important to getting it to look decent

  • Future of PHANTOM's 30th Anniversary Production Uncertain Following Theater Fire  Sep 27 2016, 10:43:10 AM

    its a large section of the deck plus the edge of some of those large candelabra

    also in the photo those velvet rope things they use for the rehearsal scene are also gone, not sure what else, there seemed to be a lot of melted stuff to the side and most of the scenery/props would have been stored there.

  • Future of PHANTOM's 30th Anniversary Production Uncertain Following Theater Fire  Sep 26 2016, 09:12:16 PM

    sad to see what has happened. Im sure they will get it  up and running as soon as they can. going by photos the deck seemed to be of wood and not steel like a more permanent one. Perhaps they can somehow use parts of the Oberhausen or Moscow set now that those have closed and both of them, like what they were using before the fire, had the large candelabra sliding onstage rather than coming up from the ground.

    Pics of the load in looked particularly nice, seeing how they reconfigu

  • MISS SAIGON IN THE CINEMA  Sep 13 2016, 11:44:59 AM

    Saw it live and the trailer for this looks great, can't wait for it to come out on DVD (I Hope)

  • Phantom: Broadway vs US Tour  Sep 13 2016, 10:05:37 AM

    Quite simply, the original production is Beautiful,

    easiest way to describe it.

    The new tour just isn't. Kind of reminds me about how I feel about the movie. the "look" of the tour is closer to the "look" of the movie. Their attempt to make it more 'realistic and gritty' what ever that means. Basically what they did in both instances was to throw all references of period accuracy out the window.

  • cats new cast cd  Sep 5 2016, 01:37:05 PM

    apparently thats all we might get, the new Grizabella. Word is they may have recorded a Memory single.

  • 2pm show b4 12/30 8pm JFK flight?  Sep 5 2016, 10:07:13 AM

    Id be more concerned with getting to the airport on time, last time I took subway to JFK from that area it tool almost 3 hours.

    Then you have to clear security which takes another hour on a good day, and depending on weather your flight is domestic or international, you have to be there by a certain time otherwise they wont let you board.

  • Lion King: is it getting worse?  Sep 1 2016, 10:11:34 AM

    Its one of my favourite shows for sentimental reasons, however that being said I haven't seen it in NYC since 2013

    Surprised to hear about the sun thing, chances are that is an issue that happened there and then and therefore no time to fix it, but usually they keep that show running in good shape.

    Personally though I preferred the 'feel' of it back when it was in the New Amsterdam because that theatre itself was part of the experience. I just find the Minskoff so un

  • Miss Saigon Revival Will Land at Its Original Broadway Home  Aug 19 2016, 08:04:11 PM

    it looks so

  • Maintenance of Long Running Shows  Aug 19 2016, 09:19:25 AM
    I also remember reading that they kinda knew Phantom would run a long time therefore they built alot of the set to last. (steel stage etc.)
    I don;t think they changed the staircase as that would be a huge changeout, and its purpose built for that theatre so they cant just swap it with the old one from tour. They might change bits and pieces as needed and repaint. You can also see alot of areas on the stage floor that gets repainted or replaced. Where the chandelier sits is very scratched up
  • Miss Saigon Revival Will Land at Its Original Broadway Home  Aug 19 2016, 09:10:28 AM
    and of all the lyric changes they left in the most cringe worthy line in the whole show:
    Thuy with his line about "allright, that's it, that's all, you go back, I'll take over now"

    set wise, regarding the original, is any one on here familiar with anyone that worked backstage, because I;ve always wondered how the heck they store all those trucks and sets backstage? do they reuse the trucks (bases)and just add the sets to them before they slide on? Almost every scene has 2 or 3 truck
  • Current Phantom cast  Aug 18 2016, 08:59:17 AM
    I do believe that the Phantom in Bryant Park was actually Mr. Andre. Also it could be a long wait for that cast change as the current Christine just started. I believe James contract ends around February unless he extends again.

    Christine alternate schedule keeps changing. Usually she is on Mondays and another day but I can't remember which.
  • Miss Saigon Revival Will Land at Its Original Broadway Home  Aug 18 2016, 08:55:51 AM
    Saw both London versions and the original Broadway run and while I love the original design, I found this new one to be very effective (Unlike the Phantom Re-design)
    By only issue was those side platforms, It seemed to me an odd choice to have a whole scene elevated stage left which I am sure might have some issues to people sitting at the far end of house right. Maybe with the Broadway's larger stage they will have more room and these platforms can slide onstage more. (it is also nice to s
  • re: How can I get phantom of the opera front row or right box tickets?  Aug 16 2016, 01:05:10 PM
    yea, they were great when they were around $50, not sure you will get any nice seats at the price until maybe when the summer rush is over, usually you might get a rear mez for that price.

    Also it depends on what day you go, sometimes the $25 back row seats go up to $75 on weekends
  • Most creative *Spoiler?* Javert's...  Aug 16 2016, 11:21:39 AM
    Is it my bad memory but I am sure in the original he 'falls' and ends up rolling around on the turntable with the lights swirling around him flat on the floor?
  • re: How can I get phantom of the opera front row or right box tickets?  Aug 16 2016, 11:13:31 AM
    Boxes are only available from box office, they are not usually hard to get unless it is busy season, last time I went was February this year and I was the only person in any of the boxes, they were $80 something dollars though, they use to be $50 something which was an excellent deal. not sure what price they are now. Seems to me that they by default start to sell the house right boxes first, personally house left are better because of certain set pieces, so when you go to box office, you should
  • cats new cast cd  Aug 10 2016, 01:18:09 PM
    Brian07663NJ said: "not sure it is entirely necessary...there are already SO many cast recordings from all over the world.



    I need to find those 2 japan recordings somewhere, do you know if that first one is like the first phantom one that is hard to find?

    I prefer the fuller recordings but I think I might need to look for that Mexic

  • Lion King Lottery Questions  Aug 10 2016, 01:11:24 PM
    Will have to keep that in mind, do they give you a time when they send out the winning emails? (not only for Lion King but the other ones aswell)

    and yes there are still companies that charge roaming, usually these though are for myself who are 'international' customers, and the charges are ridiculous.


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