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Member Name: Justin D
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Gender: Male
Location: Barbados
Occupation: Artist
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Profile: Artist in Barbados, into set design.

Favorite Show(s): Aida
Miss Saigon
The Lion King

Favorite Performer(s): Julia Murney
Drew Sarich

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  • CATS Revival Casting  May 13 2016, 10:50:03 AM

    Get one of the wicket screamers like Idina or Eden, lol

  • Who should replace Scherzinger in CATS?  May 13 2016, 10:37:16 AM

    I would have suggested Heather Headley but she's already got a gig

  • My cast for a possible NY Philharmonic production of  Apr 6 2016, 12:47:55 PM

    back in the day I got the US Cd way before getting the London one, and singing asside, I just found the "acting" came through way better in the US cd than the London CD, Joe on the London CD too often sounds so flat and generally uninterested in what ever was going on.


    As for possible concert casting/revival casting, I'd love to see Julia Murney play Norma, I love her vibrato heavy voice and her facial bone structure would make a stunning Norma

  • casting for cats?  Apr 1 2016, 04:07:31 PM


    The original Broadway set and inside-the-theatre design will probably never be surpassed. It was incredible! 

    And I am totally with you about Rum Tum Tugger. I don't like the change in character or the rewrite of his song. It was fine the way it was. Also, the new version of Growltiger's Last Stand is terrible. The original version of the song was hummable and had some very pretty sections. Again, in my opinion, this was another u

  • Phantom stage secret questions!!  Mar 26 2016, 10:14:44 PM

    a) How does the Phantom appear in the mirror? 

    It is the same effect as a 2 way mirror, actually any piece of glass/perspex that is tinted with a mirror/reflective tint, once light is cast behind it, you will see the person behind the mirror appear. In Vegas, there was a hole in the mirror and as the mirror slid accross, Christine would walk through the hole making it appear (with added smoke) that she walked through a mirror that didnt open

    b) How do the phantom and Ch

  • casting for cats?  Mar 23 2016, 01:05:14 PM

    I'm quite interested in seeing what they do with the sets, will it look like a cheap tour with everything up on stage or will they try to recreate the atmosphere of the original runs (I regret not seeing the Broadway run before it closed) Only ever saw it in London and even though there are parts of the show that make me cringe, I always loved the all encompassing set. 


    I am also cringing at the new Rum Tum Tugger hip hop character, so not liking that change

  • New Amsterdam Mezz seating  Mar 23 2016, 12:58:09 PM

    I'm only 5'10" and the leg room in the front row was terrible.

    go for CC and if the child is too small, just get a booster seat from the ushers

  • Charlie OFFICIALLY coming to Broadway  Mar 17 2016, 12:34:08 PM

    Isnt the Broadhurst kinda tiny?

  • re: The Lion King Cheetah Tour Ends March 2nd!  Mar 16 2016, 02:08:31 PM

    You sure they used the tour sets in Vegas? the Vegas version though the same seemed huge to me. Plus they had the fully functioning pride rock and elevators. Maybe the costumes for a reuse.


    It's probably best for producers not to over saturate the market after the tours run a while. And personally I never liked the idea (with wicked in particular) that one of the 2 tours was significantly smaller / scalled back just so it could fit into smaller venues. I'd feel so

  • Inject some life into Phantom  Mar 16 2016, 02:04:29 PM

    If you think the Majestic feels run down (which I don't see when I go) you should go see Her Majesty's in London, the show there looks like it needs an overhaul badly. They had a chandelier running for over a year that was missing pieces. (they only recently fixed it)

  • Wicked passes $1 Billion-What Does it have in Common with Phantom and Lion  Mar 16 2016, 10:59:31 AM

    I wonder how much of it is based on visuals, all 3 are suite stunning to watch and I believe that counts for a lot of the repeat viewers. I havent seen Hamilton, but from what bits I have seen on here, it does not seem like much of a 'spectacle' (but again, I havent seen it), saw BOM and while the show is quite funny, not much in the way of spectacle, the staging is pretty basic. Aladdin is 'pretty' but also nothing really groundbreaking or immersive.

    I also think alot

  • Inject some life into Phantom  Mar 16 2016, 10:48:42 AM

    Phantom is fine, was overhauled recently, everything is kept in good shape. Saw it back in February at a matinee and it was less than 50% full, but it makes up for it on weekends and summer.

    James is scheduled to stay on another year.

  • Best Andrew Lloyd Webber Cast Recording  Mar 4 2016, 11:21:49 AM

    Madonna aside, I love the Film CD for Evita (does that even count?)

    On the international side. my two favourite ones are the Hamburg Cats (it's live and wonderful) and the second (1992) Japanese Phantom

  • School of Rock West End 2017  Mar 2 2016, 06:07:18 PM

    I was wondering that same thing, with Lion Kind having multiple young lions too. But the kids in SOR were so talented, particularly the drummer, It would be a shame to have to split them up into 3 different groups.

  • Times Square Theatre  Mar 2 2016, 06:04:51 PM

    Inside is still pretty much intact from what I recall, there were photos of it on here one time. It is however somewhat unmemorable, typical single balcony broadway house (think Imperial) but it had these cool domes over the boxes.

    I just think the 'no loading dock on 42nd street' regulation is the stupidest think ever, in the theatre district too, and for a 6 lane street, you mean to tell me they cant bare to have one lane closed for a few weeks to load in sets. sheesh!

  • School of Rock West End 2017  Mar 2 2016, 11:59:52 AM

    Theatre availability perhaps?

    When I saw it I thought they used the Winter Garden's insanely wide proscenium opening well in their design. I guess they could squeeze it into a square stage opening fine. Chances are ALW is just waiting on the Paladium to become available

  • Miss Saigon Filmed on West End  Mar 2 2016, 11:57:05 AM

    Saw this back in September and it was a good show and I liked the set/direction changes from the original (far more than what they did to phantom). My only issue is that I wish two of my favourite characters in the show had better diction (or more accurately, not such thick, hard to understand accents) particularly Thuy. But he and the Engineer had very bad diction.

    Putting it into the Imperial is probably a good choice too since the set has alot if focus towards the right (stage Left)

  • Les Miz vs Aladdin? 'Behind the pole' seats?  Feb 22 2016, 12:49:25 PM

    Do Aladdin, from what I remember, those poles are really thin, think something like what lights are hung from, not a big structural support column sort of thing, so they don;t really block anything, just are a minor annoyance

  • Is James Barbour really that good in PHANTOM?  Jan 4 2016, 12:09:10 PM

    I wish I could get the chance to see him, I do love phantoms that lean more to baritone. His youtube clips do sound good, I can only imagine he sounds better in person with that booming voice reverberating throughout the theatre.


    for those haters, contract is up next month so we will know soon if there will be a renewal or a replacement

  • Rear Mezzanine at the Majestic Theater  Dec 14 2015, 06:53:38 PM

    Rear mez is quite a large area so it really depends on where you are.

    Because i go see phantom all the time i am happy with back row, literally, but it is very very far away so don't expect to be able to make out faces and all that, however your view is unobstructed unless you get some giant sitting infront of you.

    for the 25th anniversary I sat in the front of the rear mez (right behind the asile) and those seats were fine and you didnt feel to high.

    Basically the back