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  • Has a Broadway musical ever been the subject of a national controversy before?  Nov 22 2016, 05:28:00 PM

    I would say OUR AMERICAN COUSIN at Ford's Theatre in 1865

  • Sweet Charity tix4sale $65ea tonight Nov 22  Nov 22 2016, 02:58:34 PM

    I'll happily take one if you don't find someone to take two!

  • NATASHA, PIERRE & THE GREAT COMET OF 1812 Previews  Nov 3 2016, 10:20:36 AM

    Was "Sonya Alone" still cut yesterday? Its a solo she normally sings right after her first scene at the opera with Anatole...

  • Sunday in the Park - Monday 6pm - 3 pairs available (Orch/Grand/Mezz) - Below face  Oct 24 2016, 10:07:26 AM

    Sent you a PM

  • Encores! Little Shop of Horrors Review Thread  Jul 2 2015, 09:15:48 PM

    Ten bucks says it transfers. With Gyllenhaal and Greene.

  • CARRIE THE MUSICAL to premiere in Los Angeles  Feb 9 2015, 02:53:09 PM
    Cast announced.

  • Official Into the Woods Movie Discussion Thread  Jan 7 2015, 12:30:28 PM
    There is obviously also some kind of psychological symbolism to Rapunzel's hair and the bond it creates between she and the Witch (the basis for the sometimes used "Our Little World" duet) which as Kad wisely states, in 'fairy tale ideology" over-rides traditional logic.
  • Official Into the Woods Movie Discussion Thread  Jan 7 2015, 11:32:25 AM
    INTO THE WOODS will probably fall in line with DREAMGIRLS, LES MIZ, SWEENEY TODD, EVITA, etc as modern movie musicals, which, despite an initial wave of enthusiasm (likely stemming from musical theatre lovers) seem to slip into the 'mediocre' movie pile in popular (and BWW) opinion over time.

    Adapting a Broadway musical into a movie that truly stands the test of time is a tough, tough thing to do. I think CHICAGO remains the only Broadway musical adaption of the last 20 years, that is
  • Tituss Burgess is The Witch in Into the Woods.  Jan 7 2015, 11:18:16 AM
    Liza, you also have to take into account the 'visibility' of the production. Because licensing houses don't necessarily monitor the semantics of the countless middle-school and high school productions they license every year, I assure you they routinely get away with things that are at odds with the fine line details of their license agreements.

    But I promise you - on a higher visibility AEA level -- licensing houses are a lot more strict. This is actually the blanket rule on the s
  • Tituss Burgess is The Witch in Into the Woods.  Jan 6 2015, 09:00:58 PM
    Regarding Fiasco's INTO THE WOODS -- I wouldn't really say what they are doing is true "drag" since the concept of the show is that it's a small troupe of performers doing quick "representational" costume flourishes to suggest different characters. The guys simply step behind a curtain rod to briefly 'become' the step-sisters.

    Sondheim and Lapine seem to have a basic sense of humor about INTO THE WOODS and allow more latitude for this kind of casting gimmick in productions of it. I'm
  • Tituss Burgess is The Witch in Into the Woods.  Jan 6 2015, 08:50:17 PM
    Visceral -- you suggest an interesting argument, that likely hasn't been raised yet. There are trans-gender artists like Alexandra Billings who has played professionally roles like Rose in GYPSY and Puffer in DROOD (brilliantly to boot) but she has had a full sex reassignment and though born male is physically a woman now.

    If you were to take my figurative example of something like a male actor (or even a pre-op, male trans-gendered actor) playing a role like Maria in THE SOUND
  • Tituss Burgess is The Witch in Into the Woods.  Jan 6 2015, 07:56:50 PM
    Visceral, I don't think that's quite accurate. It likely varies from licensing house to licensing house, and perhaps even on a production to production basis, but the basic language will indicate that you can't change the intention of the authors with casting choices. Certainly casting a male actor in drag as Maria in the Sound of Music, or Maria in West Side Story would qualify as such a change. I'm not quite sure what the point is of casting a male actor in drag as the Witch in Into the Woods
  • GIGI @ Kennedy Center  Jan 6 2015, 02:14:04 PM
    The producers of the show seem to be making it clear they don't really trust the material, which I think is never a good omen for a hit show. It will be very interesting to hear more about what happens once this has an audience to play to.
  • Official Into the Woods Movie Discussion Thread  Jan 6 2015, 12:33:01 AM
    I have heard several non-theatre going friends complain that all Broadway music (and singers) sound the same. Sacrilege to our overly saturated musical theatre brains, but its' a common complaint in the mainstream - and obviously a big reason why pop jukebox musicals have found their target audiences
  • Tituss Burgess is The Witch in Into the Woods.  Jan 6 2015, 12:00:12 AM
    A male actor played the Witch in the Walnut Street Production in 1992. To my knowledge, that's the only time a man has played the role in a professional production. The gimmick in that production, by the way, was that it was directed like an English "panto" so the show followed that tradition with a male actor in drag as the Witch and a girl "in trousers" as Jack.

    Sometimes licensing houses have stipulation in their contracts about changing genders; so hopefully they don't have a prob
  • Sideshow touring possibility?  Jan 5 2015, 02:36:41 PM
    They are still licensing the original script. There is going to be a pretty big budget Equity revival of SIDESHOW at one of the major regional theatre in Los Angeles this year that is using the original script/score.
  • SIDE SHOW closing January 4th  Dec 12 2014, 10:16:18 AM
    In other sad news, the lovely Martin Massman, one of the lead producers of SIDE SHOW passed away last weekend at 67. He was a great spirit and supporter of the theatre in New York and in Los Angeles and will be greatly missed.
  • Into The Woods - Oregon Shakespeare Fest  Dec 11 2014, 11:07:37 AM
    Caught this production last night and for me it was kind of all over the map, as most of Amanda's productions are. The first act is played broadly -- as in SNL skit on steroids broad. Though peppered with clever staging moments -- the beautiful humor of the script was steamrolled for 'bits' which for me was a complete turn off.

    The second act, where of course, real emotion and humanity are required was much more successful. There are indeed some brilliant moments (including maybe the m
  • Coulda, Shoulda.... ALMOST did play that role  Dec 10 2014, 11:36:24 AM
    I think the Toni Collette CHICAGO story essentially goes that Collette was down to the end, and close to receiving an offer for Roxie when Harvey Weinstein suggested Rob Marshall take a look at one last person - who ended up being Rene Zelwegger who landed the role.

    That last minute casting scenario plays out all the time in theatre and film casting.

    Collette was tapped to replace Natasha Richardson (or perhaps Jennifer Jason Leigh) in CABARET but apparently was denied 'star st
  • Ugg-a-Wugg: Thanksgiving Parade 1979  Nov 29 2014, 02:58:33 PM
    Here is the way Jerome Robbins originally staged it-- much simpler and childlike.

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