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  • Favourite Scene Transitions?  May 2 2016, 08:59:15 PM

    One of my favorites was in the Broadway revival of THE SOUND OF MUSIC.  When Maria is leaving the Von Trapps to go back to the Abbey.   She sneaks out of the Von Trapp house and down the stairs while the orchestra plays a light version (flute maybe?) of "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?".   Then the string section comes in as Maria reaches the bottom of the stairs, turns and looks at the VT house as it is slowly pulled back into darkness.  She turns and exi

  • When Will FINDING NEVERLAND Pack It In?  Apr 19 2016, 04:39:53 PM

    "What exactly does "out of place" mean? Does it mean that you would not hear this type of music in this period of history? Or something else. Inquiring minds want to know.."

    It sounded like bubble-gum pop music.  I think I remember at the time commenting that it sounded like music you'd hear on one of those "Kidz Bop" releases.  Wouldn't it have made sense, since Barrie was Scottish, to write a score with that kind of influence?  Tha

  • When Will FINDING NEVERLAND Pack It In?  Apr 19 2016, 10:52:13 AM

    Having seen it on Broadway and at ART I can only say that the show improved a great deal from what I saw at ART which was truly bizarre.  The Broadway version was still very bland, with a score that is so out of place with the source material that it was like seeing two different shows at once, neither of which really worked. 

    At ART the show was so outlandish that it garnered laughs and almost jaw-dropping glances to those in my party.  I mean, dancing ladybugs?  I

  • Shrek removes slur  Apr 15 2016, 11:01:23 PM

    God forbid people should be "offended" when they go the theater.  Hopefully, we can eliminate ALL things offensive in theatrical productions.  Theater will be SO much better that way. 

  • John Owen Jones in Les Mis  Apr 13 2016, 09:01:40 PM

    bwayphreak234 said: "One of the (many) major problems I have with this production is the use of the white hot beams of light inflicted upon each character when they die. It is truly a horrible directorial/lighting decision IMO.


    Of course, you are not just referring to the 25th anniversary staging as that technique was used int the original staging as well. 



  • Laurie Beechman sings MEMORY  Mar 20 2016, 07:22:24 PM

    Not sure where this came from but it was just uploaded to YouTube two weeks ago. Looks like it was shot through the in-house video camera at the Winter Garden.  It is the late, great Laurie Beechman singing MEMORY during a performance of CATS.  Apparently it is one of her final (of many) returns to the show.  She is certainly not singing it quite as well as when she was in good health, but still, it's Laurie Beechman singing MEMORY so who cares!   Sadly, she would die

  • The Secret Garden - London Revisions  Mar 16 2016, 09:29:32 PM

    I always got the impression that the creative team capitulated to the folks at the RSC.  After all, the S in RSC stands for "Shakespeare", so they MUST know what they are doing. I think the RSC version had a few nice little changes (like the Lily's line in "How Could I ever Know?" being changed from "How could I ever know?" to "Now, you must let me go".)But for the most part, it was dismal and nowhere near as moving as the Broadway version. &nb

  • Billy Elliot Tour  Mar 9 2016, 08:25:53 PM

    I find out it odd that any shows feel the need to tour in a country that is roughly the size of New England. 

  • Nancy Reagan Dies at 94!  Mar 9 2016, 04:38:40 PM

    Just for the record, I tend to not do insults, so "New to the board" was not meant to be at all insulting.  Some people have been here for years, some for many years, some for a year some for a few months.  But everyone at one time was "new to the board" and I don't know why that would be considered an insult. 

    There was a debate on this site years ago regarding this exact topic and it included myths about when Reagan first used the word AIDS in pu

  • Nancy Reagan Dies at 94!  Mar 8 2016, 05:34:07 PM

    "Actually, Mikey, you haven't."


    Actually, Comden Green, I have.  Right here on this website (probably on the Off Topic Board).  

    All you are doing, Comden, by insisting I haven't, is exposing yourself as "new to the board". 

  • Nancy Reagan Dies at 94!  Mar 7 2016, 10:33:50 PM

    "So Mikey, when do we get your facts?"


    Been there. 

    Done that. 


  • Nancy Reagan Dies at 94!  Mar 7 2016, 09:13:37 PM

    "That's my two cents."

    I've got news for you lovebwy, you could hit these people over the head with all the facts about AIDS and what Reagan did.  Believe me I've done it. But the bottom line is FACTS just don't matter to some people.


    PISH is more powerful than FACTS!!

  • Nancy Reagan Dies at 94!  Mar 7 2016, 09:04:59 PM

    "The legacy of the Reagans'  inaction while thousands of gay men died gruesome deaths...." is a myth.

  • Bushnell 2016-17 Broadway Season  Feb 24 2016, 10:33:53 AM

    If/Then - August 3-7, 2016
    A Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder - October 25-30, 2016
    An American In Paris - November 15-20, 2016
    The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time - December 27, 2016 - January 1, 2017
    Beautiful - The Carole King Musical - January 17-22, 2017
    Rodgers & Hammerstein'sThe King and I - May 30 - J

  • Sandy Duncan to join Finding Neverland  Jan 30 2016, 06:44:24 PM

    She was also the best PETER PAN I have ever seen.  You really believed she was a boy --she acted the part so well.  There was nothing at all "feminine" about her portrayal.  I almost wish she would give that role one more try as I would love to see her PETER PAN again.  I know, she is probably way too old now, but I can dream!  It was not, to my knowledge, video taped for the Lincoln Center Theater on tape archive, which is a real shame. 

  • SPRING AWAKENING closes today  Jan 24 2016, 06:21:19 PM

    I loved this revival as well and was pleased to hear it was going to tour.  Then I read that the plan is for it to tour in 2017 and I realized it will not tour.  Why would they have to wait an entire year to tour this show?  By that time many will have forgotten about this revival.   

  • Cherry Jones' 'The Glass Menagerie' going to Edinburgh and Dublin  Jan 4 2016, 10:02:48 PM

    I saw this at ART and would love to see it again.  However, a trip to Dublin is highly unlikely, so I am crossing my fingers and hoping that they do one of those worldwide digital broadcasts that are so frequently done over in the UK. 

  • Matt McGrath is a Legend  Jan 4 2016, 03:32:50 PM

    I wonder if this is the same MATT McGRATH I remember being in the PETER PAN tour with Sandy Duncan back in the 80s. 

  • I wanna hear from YOU about Finding Neverland  Jan 2 2016, 10:03:06 AM

    If you are watching FINDING NEVERLAND (either the movie or the musical) and you think you are getting the story of the creation of PETER PAN you are woefully misguided.  FINDING NEVERLAND is a work of fiction.  If you want to know how Peter Pan came into being and the details of Barrie's strange, and tragic relationship with the Llewelyn Davies family, and the almost supernatural events of that relationship (it really was that strange and eerie) I highly recommend the book

  • The Sound of Music LIVE ITV  Dec 21 2015, 03:59:14 PM

    While there don't appear to be any Jewish characters in the story, I always thought that Max was probably gay and that he would have ended up in a concentration camp as a result.  Isn't there a plot point where the Nazis offer him  a position on some kind of government arts council and he accepts?  I always thought it was Max kissing Nazi butt in order to save his own life; sort of like climbing the ladder in the hopes that the higher he goes the less likely the Nazis w