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  • re: The ORIGINAL Majestic Theatre - anyone have a picture of it?  Aug 17 2015, 08:28:40 PM

    I believe it was renamed The International Theater.  You can see a picture of it with its surrounding buildings here:

    If you click on the picture it brings you to other pictures of the theater, the marquee and the interior.  Looks like these pictures were taken at a time when advertising billboards dwarfed or obscured much of the building's beauty. 

  • The One Cast Album Never Recorded You Want  Aug 13 2015, 05:51:43 PM

    The Sandy Duncan PETER PAN revival. 

    The Broadway cast (and score) of A CHRISTMAS STORY (including all the new lyrics, the different versions of songs and "You'll Shoot Your Eye Out" but with the original cast from Broadway. 


  • Cameron Mackintosh Confirms New Oliver! Movie...?  Jul 29 2015, 08:09:09 PM

    I wonder what this means for the potential OLIVER! LIVE TV production.  I know that when talking about future Live musicals on TV, OLIVER! is usually on the top of the list. 

  • Which musical should Lincoln Center revive next?  Jul 29 2015, 11:18:51 AM

    I would love for them to bring back Hytner's CAROUSEL.  It is one of those productions that has entered the status of being "legendary" and I think others might be fearful to revive the show because no one wants their production to be compared to Hytner's. It was absolute perfection!   It's been over 20 years now and people still talk about it. And then they could air it on PBS's Live From Lincoln Center like they did with SOUTH PACIFIC and are supposedly going to do with KING AND I

  • Matthew Broderick in Sylvia  Jul 29 2015, 11:10:33 AM

    In the last three shows I saw him in (The Producers, The Odd Couple and It's Only a Play), he was exactly the same.  Sorry but Leo Bloom, Felix Unger and whatever character he played in It's Only a Play are not in any way similar, yet Broderick played them all exactly the same and said his lines exactly the same in each play; that sort of nasally, monotone, over-enunciated, stiff, non-expressive talk that he has been doing since The Producers.  He was PAINFULLY unfunny in both The O

  • Songs With a big belt at the end  Jul 16 2015, 09:27:22 PM
    "Memory" from CATS.
  • New  Jul 10 2015, 07:40:55 PM

    Paper Mill Playhouse is doing it 



    as is Walnut Street Theater 


  • Child Actors on Broadway  Jul 8 2015, 09:09:10 AM

    Then you agree that the Matildas got the special Tony because they were not eligible for a competitive Tony?

    All the children were eligible for a special Tony for juvenile performance.  I just believe that the kids from ACS were more deserving of a special juvenile Tony than the three or four Matildas. 

  • Child Actors on Broadway  Jul 7 2015, 10:00:03 PM
    Because, as I said, it seemed like a consolation prize for the Matildas. "Oh we are not going to put you in a competitive nomination but here is this "Special Tony" so we don't feel bad and so you don't feel dissed." And then you watch those kids from A CHRISTMAS STORY on the same Tony telecast and you think, "Matilda WHO???" When you compare the two performances just on the telecast, the kids from ACS far outshine the kids from Matilda. And the girl playing Matilda does not even participa
  • Child Actors on Broadway  Jul 7 2015, 08:25:29 PM
    I have no problem with producers using rotating children in a cast. But I don't think it the children need a Tony Award for doing it. The four Matildas getting a special Tony completely mystified me in a way the three boys from BILLY ELLIOT getting the Best Actor Tony never did. The Billy Elliot ruling somehow made sense. And their win made sense to me too. The Matilda special Tony did not. It seemed like they were getting a booby prize because the Tonys did not want to put them in a compet
  • Child Actors on Broadway  Jul 7 2015, 04:32:11 PM
    I believe the multiple children rotating in a single role is something that developed in London, primarily to deal with the strict child performing rules in that country. However, here in the US, our restriction are nowhere near as harsh. The first time I had ever heard of it being done was with BILLY ELLIOT, and the rationale was that the role was so physically demanding that no one that young could do that more than a couple of times a week. And the production was still plagued with BIlly i
  • David Shiner/Seussical?  Jul 4 2015, 06:17:05 PM

    My biggest issue with the revised version is that the character of Jojo is not a part of the Seuss world.  He "steps into" the world at the behest of the Cat in the Hat, but at times he "steps out" too.  As a result, you never have the feeling that Jojo is ever in any jeopardy; you never fear for his safety or the outcome for his character because he can 'step out' of the story any time he wants.   

  • Far From Heaven recording  Jul 4 2015, 05:57:38 PM

    The digital download is free if you have Amazon Prime.

  • David Shiner/Seussical?  Jul 4 2015, 11:57:00 AM

    Shiner had a lot of "schtick" that he did in Boston with the audience.  I still remember him climbing over seats (and people) in the orchestra section.  Eventually it all got cut for Broadway.  Shiner never seemed quite comfortable in his role as song and dance man, as you can see by the video clips linked above.  I eventually saw all of the Cats; Rosie was clueless and had an arrogant attitude that was very off-putting.  Rigby was enjoying herself but did not seem qu

  • Actors that deserved Tonys and weren't even nominated  Jul 3 2015, 04:52:46 PM

    "There were four MatildasI thought they deserved their award myself."

    It seemed to me that the four Matildas getting a "special Tony" was akin to the Tonys giving them a booby prize because they weren't eligible to be nominated.  And the Tonys should not give booby prizes.

    And that same year, the kids from A CHRISTMAS STORY were quite exceptional.  Jo

  • Actors that deserved Tonys and weren't even nominated  Jul 1 2015, 01:47:49 PM

    Rebecca Luker THE SECRET GARDEN

    Daniel Radcliffe HOW TO SUCCEED



    All the kids ensemble in A CHRISTMAS STORY THE MUSICAL instead of  the 3 Matildas.



  • Mid-show standing ovations  Jun 7 2015, 09:16:16 AM

    Yes, I recall Kiril Kulish getting a standing ovation after his ELECTRICITY when Billy Elliot was in previews.  Also a standing ovation for Sam Faulkner as Billy in Maine right after his ELECTRICITY was one of the longest I've ever seen, and he just stood there on stage sobbing.  It was one of those theater moments you'll never forget, though it was his final show so it does not meet your criteria.  Still unforgettable. 

  • Billy Elliott  May 27 2015, 10:11:17 PM

    " but the parts have always been greater than the sum for me."


    That is interesting because I always thought the exact opposite.  Take the score for example.  BILLY ELLIOT is one of my favorite shows but I almost never listen to the cast recording because the score just does not work unless it is part of the musical.  Once you put it up there on stage with the staging and the book, the score is abso

  • Billy Elliott  May 26 2015, 11:08:56 PM

    I always thought the movie ending was too literal and distorted the focus of the film. It really isn't about dancing or being successful. It is really about Billy's way out of a dying community and how that community realizes they must rally around the boy to help him to escape their fate. Whether Billy becomes a successful dancer is irrelevant; he has escaped that community, and his best friend Michael has not. I much prefer the bittersweet ending to the stage musical, where the last thing w

  • FINDING NEVERLAND Reviews  Apr 15 2015, 08:47:01 PM

    "Hollywood Reporter is negative.
    ...there's nonetheless no convincing argument here that a Finding Neverland musical was ever an artistically valid idea.
    Hollywood Reporter"