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Member Name: Theatreboy49
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Birthday: 4 - 30
Gender: Male
Location: Illinois
Occupation: Actor
Profile: I am a working actor in Chicago. Working on starting my own theatre company as well as pursuing an MFA in acting. Top 3 favorites are Sweeney Todd, Kiss of the Spiderwoman and Lippa's Wild Party

Favorite Show(s): A Chorus Line
City of Angels
Into the Woods
Jesus Christ Superstar
Miss Saigon
next to normal
Side Show
Songs for a New World
Spring Awakening (Musical)
Sunday in the Park with George
Sweeney Todd
[title of show]

Favorite Performer(s): Skylar Astin
Kerry Butler
Norbert Leo Butz
Michael Cerveris
Kristin Chenoweth
Gavin Creel
Raúl E. Esparza
Allison Fischer
Sutton Foster
John Gallagher Jr.
George Hearn
Brian d'Arcy James
Patti LuPone
Audra McDonald
Lea Michele
Brian Stokes Mitchell
Julia Murney
Hugh Panaro
Adam Pascal
Drew Sarich
Sherie Rene Scott
Alexandra Socha
Aaron Tveit
Anthony Warlow

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  • What's the best amateur performance of a musical you have ever seen?  May 24 2016, 10:06:09 AM

    @ Sertzo19 - I had many friends in that production of Parade and the affinity they have for it when they talk about it is unlike anything else. Years later, most of that cast is professionally working and they still consider it a highlight of their career.  I wouldnt call Porchlight Amateur in the slightest though, they are an equity theatre employing several AEA performers. They do great work though and I cannot wait for Scottsboro Boys next year.


    @MisterMatt I was

  • Tony nom rants  May 3 2016, 11:00:29 AM

    I dont have a ton to rant about. But I would have liked Benjamin Walker in over Zachary Levi and I REALLLLLLLY wanted Krysta Rodriguez recognized her work as well as the rest of the spring awakening cast's work. Also, Chi Theatre Fan, I too am in Chicago!

  • The 2016 Tony NOMINATIONS Thread  May 3 2016, 10:29:31 AM

    I am overall very happy with the list. I think the only categories that Hamilton lose out on are both Leading actor and actress. As far as snub I'm a little shocked (but have no opinion, I havent seen it) that Benjamin Walker was beat out by Levi. I'm also sad that Krysta Rodriguez was overlooked for her performance in Spring Awakening as well. It would have been a nice ode to the production. Also. wow its been ages since ive posted and its good to be back!

  • What is NIna Arianda up to?  Jul 22 2013, 04:00:31 PM
    Ever since her tony win I know I haven't heard much of what she's up to. Is she filing anything? Does she have any works in progress? I know she was a part of the reading for the into the woods movie but I don't think she's been attached to the film. Just curious what she's up to I want to see more of her work!
  • Best Advice You Ever Got From A Broadway Show  Jul 22 2013, 03:56:24 PM
    When you've had an and and you're back to or, makes the or mean more than it did before

    No day but today
  • The Glass Menagerie opens in Off-Loop Chicago production  Jun 3 2013, 11:32:57 PM
    I saw the production in its original run earlier this year and was blown away. The final moments of the show were haunting. I have never seen such a raw, new imagining of this material. If you are in the Chicago area and havent seen it I urge you to. Also, the Jeff Awards were tonight (for those not in chicago its like they Helen Hays awards or the drama desks) and the actor playing the gentlemen caller won for his work in this show.
  • Pippin Revival Cast Recording First Listen EW  May 28 2013, 04:44:11 PM
    My only gripe has already been stated and thats the fade out on Spread a Little Sunshine. Normally I wouldnt care but I felt like that number which normally doesnt thrill me was a show stopper in this production. Had it ended the way it does in the show and had some more of the dance music I think it would have come across as it did on stage. Otherwise the recording is excellent!
  • How Many Of The 40 Broadway Theaters Have You Been To?  May 20 2013, 07:59:06 PM
    Eugene O'Neil
    Al Hirschfeld
    Helen Hays
    Richard Rodgers
    St James
    Vivian Beaumont
    Neil Simon
    Stephen Sondheim
    Bernard B. Jacobs
    Ethel Barrymore
    Music Box

    I've been in the Eugene O'neil the most, 4 times.
  • Tony Performance Predictions  May 14 2013, 11:51:15 PM
    Kinky confirmed they are doing Everybody Say Yeah. That is the only thing I believed thats been confirmed thus far.
  • PIPPIN on Letterman tonight  May 14 2013, 11:50:18 PM
    Thanks for this, watching it now in chicago. I wonder what they'll do.
  • Nina from Vanya and Sonia...  May 14 2013, 11:48:00 PM
    I saw her go on as well and thought she was lovely in the role. It amazes me the chemistry between all 6 of them. What a delightful afternoon of theatre that show was.
  • Why are Non-Union tours so looked down upon ?  May 2 2013, 11:52:37 PM
    "Wow i never realized actors hate doing non union touring shows. Thats really sad"

    As a non union actor working regionally, I have to address this. I would love to tour. I think any actor would be thankful for the job. That said, there is still a right and wrong way to treat people. And if conditions are poor, then the actors have a right to be upset about it. That is the Union exists and is helpful. But, I would not say actors HATE doing non union tours. Actors like to be working.
  • Tony Performance Predictions  May 2 2013, 02:32:31 AM
    I have a hunch that magic to do will NOT be the song Pippin does. I feel like that gives away one of the best moment's in the show and I feel like there is enough circus throughout without that. Although it does feature the whole cast. But I just have this feeling that they'll do Simple Joys.
  • Rant about the 2013 TONY nominations here  Apr 30 2013, 10:20:53 AM
    For the most part I am thrilled with the nominations especially for all the Vanya and Pippin love. Patina Miller looks like she has an easier field to win in. Thrilled for Carrie Coon, all the Vanya Actors and glad Terrence Mann got a nom. The only 2 snubs im upset about are for Alan Cumming and for Jessie Muller.
  • Streaming or watching Tony's online?  Apr 28 2013, 12:44:14 PM
    This may be the first year I've missed the Tonys. I will be away on a contract and I'm fairly certain the actor housing doesn't have a tv. In the past have the Tony's been able to be watched online or streamed anywhere? Any help is appreciated, I really don't want to miss them
  • Big knife stage door  Apr 24 2013, 11:47:50 PM
    I know the American Airlines is a crap shoot, but does anyone know wheee Bobby Canavale has been coming out? I'm hoping to catch him after the show tomorrow night.
  • Sleep No More is AMAZING  Apr 19 2013, 07:23:26 PM
    Bumping this thread.i am going back next week and was just invited to their secret dinner that night. Has anyone heard of this and done it or know someone who has? Is it worth it to spend the money? Any info I'm curious on before I decide to do it or not
  • Isn't It Time For A GRAND HOTEL Revival?  Apr 12 2013, 01:30:30 AM
    I have been wanting a revival for a long time. I picture Hugh Panaro as The Baron and Leigh Ann Larkin as Flemmchen
  • How much will a Broadway ticket cost one year from now?  Apr 12 2013, 12:35:11 AM
    I remember in 2006 I saw 4 shows on broadway. 3 of them I sat in the first 7 rows of the orch and didnt pay more than 100 a seat. It blows my mind what tickets have become and makes theatre going and vacation planning difficult. I can only hope the inflation doesnt continue to drive it up a wall. Imagine what 20 years will be like let alone 10.
  • I need help picking a last show!  Mar 30 2013, 01:07:14 PM
    Oy it is sad to hear at The Big Knife isn't so great, I must see Canavale at some point in my life time. The nance is intriguing and I also missed Kinky Boots when it was here in Chicago. Correct me if I'm wrong but I feel like with last five years I can just wait for a cast recording. Anything good off broadway right now? I'm mad the public doesn't have a matinee on Saturday and that Hit the Wall is apparently not nearly the hit it was here in Chi.