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Location: California
Favorite Show(s): Gypsy

Favorite Performer(s): Angela Lansbury

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  • When Will Shoshana Bean Return to Broadway?  Jan 17 2017, 05:07:59 PM

    She's greatly respected Los Angeles- and I try to never pass up an opportunity to see her perform. She's a real talent, and I hope the right project finds its way to her. 

  • Amelie at the Ahmanson  Dec 5 2016, 02:33:02 PM

    playbill-love- I thought the whole show was cast very well. Adam Chanler-berat sounded great, and was adorable falling in love. He seemed comfortable with the role and looked like he was having fun. 

  • Amelie at the Ahmanson  Dec 5 2016, 01:42:07 PM

    Or perhaps I wish Sondhiem had done Amelie since that score is still in my head after seeing it this weekend. Amelie- not so much. And before you jump on me for that comment, no- I don't actually think Stephen Sondheim should work on Amelie, or that they should be compared, or that Joe is real and had a good idea. People- I've been around the theatre world enough.

    Not really looking to argue here. Just wanted to give my review on the show...which I saw. Look forward to hearing your o

  • Amelie at the Ahmanson  Dec 5 2016, 01:23:17 PM

    JBroadway- I'm trying to think back to the music to answer your question, but I'm not too sure as the songs were a bit bland and forgettable. I believe a catchy tune could also support the narrative and develop the characters and their emotions, many successful shows do both. That being said, I thought the show as a whole was a cute and enjoyable evening of theatre- but the music is not the strongest part. 

    I also saw Merrily We Roll Along in LA this weekend, and

  • Amelie at the Ahmanson  Dec 5 2016, 11:35:05 AM

    I saw it last night and thought it was cute but not amazing. I'm not too familiar with the film, and I wonder if that would have helped. My favorite part was the sets/props, which were very fun. My main thing was that the music was just passable, but I didn't leave the theatre with a tune I could hum. That being said, Phillipa Soo was wonderfully cast and a real talent. 

  • Arden Directing 'Merrily' in LA  Dec 1 2016, 11:56:10 AM

    Apparently last night's Press Opening was postponed due to Wayne Brady having a "serious" foot injury. Does anyone have any updates on this? Will I not be seeing him this Saturday? 

  • HEDWIG TOUR  Nov 30 2016, 02:27:32 PM

    Yup! They still scatter Hurt Locker Playbills on the floor, and reference the set. Hedwig also gives the history of whatever theatre the tour is in. 

  • Florence Henderson, of Broadway and Brady Bunch fame, has passed away  Nov 25 2016, 02:36:13 AM

    I met her just last year and she had a great energy about her. She was a class act. RIP. 

  • HEDWIG TOUR  Nov 21 2016, 01:12:28 PM

    I want to thank the people on this site/thread who encouraged people to go see Lena. I ended up going back to see her last night and I am SO glad I did. Her performance was breathtaking. 

  • Sunset Boulevard officially coming back to Broadway  Nov 16 2016, 01:10:55 PM

    Do y'all think if I see Sunset Blvd at 3 I could make it in time to eat my pie/see Sweeney off broadway?

    EDIT: I did the math and it would be a mad dash, especially if I pre-ordered a pie. Just to be safe, I got Wednesday night tickets to Sweeney. 

  • ANASTASIA Great Casting Announced  Oct 7 2016, 04:09:55 PM

    Do you think Row B (technically the 3rd row) is too close for this show?

  • Hello, Dolly  Sep 21 2016, 01:11:55 PM

    Thanks for the quick reply, haterobics. 

  • Hello, Dolly  Sep 21 2016, 01:05:47 PM

    I'm a little too tired to dig through this thread for my answer- but I'm about to buy tickets. Is Bette scheduled to perform all shows, or is she only doing 5 or something?

  • Theater in LA  Sep 13 2016, 04:54:13 PM

    Also don't miss "The Unauthorized Musical Parody of Hocus Pocus" at Rockwell. Marris Jarret Winokur stars as Winifred. I saw their last production of Troop Beverly Hills and had such a good time. 

  • In & of Itself @ Geffen Playhouse LA  Aug 12 2016, 12:34:15 PM

    I've heard some REALLY good buzz for this show, and I see it is closing next week. Does anybody here have any experience with it? It's a bit pricy, but I'm leaning towards getting a ticket. 




  • Angela Lansbury returning to Broadway in THE CHALK GARDEN  Jun 2 2016, 06:49:23 PM

    Does this mean I'll be able to see Bette Midler AND Angela Lansbury on Broadway in one trip? 

  • Incident at Signature Theatre today.....  Jun 1 2016, 07:53:08 PM

    Thank you for sharing. A terrible situation. I was a performance at the Geffen in Los Angeles and sat next to Ben Affleck. At intermission, he helped an elderly gentleman, who I believe he did not know, out of his seat all the way up the aisle and to the door. When the gentleman returned, Ben once again helped him to his seat. I've been a fan of his since. 

  • Jennifer Hudson tweets saltiness  May 3 2016, 01:41:26 PM

    tazber said: "Well she's doing TLM at the Bowl, so she still seems to enjoy live theater.


    I did read somewhere (and I believe it was gossip column so take that for what it's worth) that she was not happy with the rigors of Broadway.




    She is doing The Little Mermaid at the Bowl? I'm not seeing that announced? 


  • The Little Mermaid presale code Hollywood Bowl  Apr 26 2016, 01:58:50 PM

    JoseLee_- I kinda feel "salty" about it too. Adding a 3rd show I understand, but changing several people set to perform is different. I would have loved to see Susan. However, I would hate to have to fight traffic to the Bowl on a Monday- so I guess I can't complain. 

  • Sara Bareilles, Rebel Wilson to lead THE LITTLE MERMAID at Hollywood Bowl  Apr 7 2016, 05:55:05 PM

    How much were Super Seats, StageDoor3? I tried to look but got tired of refreshing.