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  • Your Broadway Crushes  Aug 18 2015, 03:19:25 PM

    Andy Karl

    And this goes against my normal type but theres something very attractive about Wesley Taylor

  • Beauty and the Beast  Aug 18 2015, 03:15:56 PM

    Whilst that is true Capnhook, and it is a fake, I am surprise so many sites have picked it up and Disney seem to have done nothing about it.  Its such an awful photo, youd think they would come out and say its a fake. Or better yet release a real pic of their own

  • Why Doesn't Broadway Sell Deep Dish Pizza At Intermission  Aug 10 2015, 03:26:35 PM

    Haha some people's reactions on here are funny.

    Ice cream is a tradition across the UK in theatres and are just small tubs. And no our theatres are not awash with ice cream stains. I've worked front of house and can't say I've ever noticed such stains. Alcohol and soft drinks however...

    This thread maybe proves that Americans arnt ready to handle an invasion of a small tub of ice cream

    Far less smelly and noisy than sweets, crisp

  • Breaking News: ON THE TOWN Sets Fall Closing Date on Broadway  Aug 8 2015, 03:15:25 AM

    Would being in a smaller theatre have made that much difference though?

    If the cast, orchestra and physical production were the same then aside theatre rental not much would  change in terms of running costs. Would more people have come to see it in a smaller venue? Probably not as majority of theatregoers don't care what theatre a show is in. So grosses wouldn't have changed.

    At least in a bigger theatre they had the chance to try and sell more tickets even at a lo

  • OLIVER! Film Reboot Thread  Jul 27 2015, 04:02:16 PM

    I actually think the original movie of Oliver was one of the rare times the movie is better than the stage show (Evita being another)

    Whilst I understand the idea behind remaking to being to a new audience (llike disney are doing with their old 2d animations) im not sure a young audience will flock on mass  to a musical like Oliver, and the older audience will be put off by fond memories of the original

    A Little Night Music would be an ideal remake, it it had two of

  • Beauty and the Beast  Jul 20 2015, 05:26:04 PM

    I know I've seen him in musicals here in the UK. He is a bland actor and is the same in everything I've seen him in. I hope he brings some charisma finally 

  • Beauty and the Beast  Jul 20 2015, 12:37:05 PM

    I agree, while I have big doubts on Dan as the beast and his acting capabilities, he does have the perfect look for the transformed Prince

    Luke Evans im not sure on either but he definately a better fit than Eddie 

  • Jose Llana The king and I  Jul 18 2015, 04:34:38 PM

    I agree, Ken Watanabe gave one of the finish acting performances in a musical I've seen in at least the last decade. And aside a line or two in puzzlement I understood everything without a problem 

  • Evita 2006/2012 Revival  Jul 18 2015, 04:30:03 PM

    I only saw the London production, I wasn't wowed by Elena but she was fine. I thought she was much better in Passion to be honest. 

    The production I thought was a huge let down. a static set,although beautiful, didn't aid the story. Much of the direction and staging was lazy/dull and some of the acting/direction was hammy (including the usually great Philip quast). I did like Matt Rawle as Che however

  • Possible Stage Roles for Jake Gyllenhaal  Jul 13 2015, 05:45:43 AM

    He is getting to the right age now for Joe in Sunset Blvd

  • Finding neverland souvenir brochure?  Jul 10 2015, 11:45:38 PM

    Is one out yet?

  • School of Rock marquee goes up  Jul 9 2015, 01:01:04 AM

    Can I just say Bonniebanks is not speaking for all brits. 

    If Brits didn't love Cats or CATS why did it sell out the Palladium last year and is doing so again this year and could have sustained a longer run (regardless of grizabella). It also does very well on tour. And whilst, yes, seeing it for the first time was special, people knew what they were getting for decades afterwards so that argument doesn't hold up.

    Also, Sierra Boggess is held in no special regard ov

  • Cameron Mackintosh Confirms New Oliver! Movie...?  Jul 3 2015, 08:14:56 AM

    Tom Hardy has already played Sykes in a TV adaption so not sure he would play the role again.

    Agreed though it seems unnecessary and im not convinced theres an audience for it

  • Dames at Sea Casting  Jun 27 2015, 02:44:18 AM

    I don't know this show at all, but I'd assumed it was an old fashioned musical in the vein of anything goes. A cast of 6? That puts me off completely, not what I was thinking it would be at all.

  • Anthony Warlow to Step in for Kelsey Grammer in Finding Neverland?  Jun 26 2015, 01:52:39 AM

    If he is taking a few months off....but will return in the fall, he surely must be leaving soon. That will annoy all the people who booked to see him over the summer. When I saw it it was clear many were there for him

  • MISS SAIGON headed back to Broadway?  Jun 26 2015, 01:51:13 AM

    This revival has not gone as well as hoped. It's been struggling for a while, and even from opening it wasn't a complete sell out. Not helped by Camerons early comments about the first six months being sold out (using groups and agents allocations as 'sold 'out), so people assumed they couldn't get tickets. I'm not surprised he wants to save money on a  broadway transfer by using the London set 

  • NBC Developing BOMBSHELL Musical  Jun 24 2015, 10:49:29 AM

    I always found Megan, like the show was presented on screen, too cartoony.  She never seemed to capture the fragile side of Marilyn, just a caracature.  Sure she can belt out a song, but for me the acting wasnt there. I suspect by the time this comes to the stage (if it does) they will go for someone new.  I also much preferred Katherines version of Dont Forget Me



  • Has your opinion of Kristin Chenoweth changed after this season?  Jun 24 2015, 10:45:22 AM

    Actually yes for me it has.  Admittedly I had never seen her live on stage before, just TV/movies and youtube videos etc and I found her to be really annoying.  However, having see her on stage in OTTC my opinion changed, she was amazing.  I still dont rate her on screen, but on stage I thought she was outstanding and deserved the Tony more than Kelli in my view

  • Anastasia  Jun 17 2015, 01:12:15 AM

    Ramin Karimloo has tweeted broadwayworld saying that its correct he is involved with the workshop, but he wrong role (so not Dimitri)

  • re: Sexiest Songs from Musicals  Jun 16 2015, 03:35:57 PM

    As long as you're mine from wicked

    Not a massive fan of the show but I've always found that song quite a sexy moment in the show

    Lay all your love on me in mamma mia