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  • Mad Men Star's Show Closing Begins Annual Broadway Bloodbath: M. Riedel  Apr 26 2015, 01:42:28 AM

    It's all very well saving your best song, but if you are wasting one of your big promotional opportunities you may not get the people to come and see it anyway. It's not like they'll demand refunds for having already seen the best song. You want to play your ace to maximise possible ticket sales.

    I also don't think it gives that much of the (thin) plot away, people pretty much know what it's about and it could be edited down a bit for length

    The issue I had with renaissa

  • Mad Men Star's Show Closing Begins Annual Broadway Bloodbath: M. Riedel  Apr 25 2015, 01:29:00 AM

    I'm shocked something rotten will perform the opening number which I thought was one the weaker ones in the show.

  • SOMETHING ROTTEN Reviews  Apr 22 2015, 02:14:22 PM

    "From what I've read on here the show hasn't improved since my review of the preview performance.  When you leave a first act asking "What is this show about?" I think there are problems.  

    If Brantley gives it anything other than a pan, I'll be shocked.  "


    I disagree, I saw the first preview and completely knew what the show was about by the end of the first act.  Its the second act that loses

  • FINDING NEVERLAND Reviews  Apr 17 2015, 08:44:22 AM

    And this show has Matthew Morrison and Kelsey Grammer, when I was there it certainly seemed the majority of the audience were there for them. 

    I can see this having a similar run to The Addams Family, I dont think it will be an immediate flop but may not survive much past cast change

    Personally I think it deserved its reviews, such a wasted opportunity.

  • THE KING & I Reviews  Apr 16 2015, 04:00:30 PM

    For me I think bland is the perfect description for Kelly, and id say its quite a common opinion. She has a great voice (although it was weak during Whistle a happy tune), but theres just nothing there in terms of charisma, stage presence etc that makes her exciting to watch.  She is missing that elusive x factor that takes someone into the 'star' category

    That said I'm sure she will get great reviews, and I really hope Ken gets a lot of recognition, one of the best male perfo

  • Congratulations to Dame Angela Lansbury on her first Olivier Award nomination!  Apr 14 2015, 06:26:35 PM

    I like Angela lansbury as much as most people (although maybe not as much as some on here based on the gushing) but why people say it's about time and it's so deserved is beyond me. She hasn't worked in the uk for decades, she hasn't earnt an award until now. There is every chance she would have won an olivier years ago if she had actually decided to work in the west end (she has had offers), but she hasn't. 

  • Cameron Mackintosh Says Oliviers are Failing to Premier Showcase Commercial Theatre  Apr 14 2015, 01:13:55 PM

    Maybe if he and the creative team had done something more original and creative with it instead of a mix of the original with the uk tour it might have stood more of a chance. This sounds like cameron having a bit of a sulk.

    Unfortunately on the whole there is more risks being taken,and more creativity being done in the subsidised sector than the commercial west end. I also didn't hear him complaining about the Wos awards only awarding big  commercial productions and not the s

  • This year's Tony performa  Apr 12 2015, 12:20:50 PM

    Would ottc not be better to do more of a big production number that will please the crowds and highlight their leading lady? So veronique or Babette? 

  • souvenir programmes for new shows  Apr 12 2015, 11:52:48 AM


    I wondered if anyone heard whether any of these shows would be getting souvenir programmes?  I know sometimes merchandise sellers mention when they are due if people have asked. Ones I'm mainly interested in are 

    The king and i 

    On the twentieth century 

    Finding neverland 

    Something ro

  • re: What are the best coffee table books on broadway topics these days?  Apr 12 2015, 11:49:42 AM

    I'm hoping aladdin will be getting one, everyother disney show has had one

  • I am an attention seeker will post anything  Apr 11 2015, 03:29:51 PM

    I find it funny Philly says there is a formula for making a successful show when last week he/she was laughing at me for saying you can sometimes spot patterns over time to get a feeling on what shows will and won't be successful, he also stated theatre was too 'unpredictable'.  Yet now there is set formula

    If only more producers had stumbled on this formula, they'd be far fewer flops!

    I also agree that The King and I and Finding Neverland can't be classed as long r

  • Visual Reference to Evita in Wicked  Apr 10 2015, 01:37:15 AM

    I'd always assumed glindas arms during thank goodness was a  direct evita reference 

  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame at Paper Mill  Apr 3 2015, 05:33:06 PM

    This doesn't surprise me, I enjoyed it but it needed a lot of work, it really lacked any emotional core and felt a bit by numbers. Michael has a good voice but he isn't the strongest actor. 

  • What Show Is Next On The Chopping Block  Apr 1 2015, 05:31:51 PM

    I'm not sure how many would have said it would have been a hit, I certainly wouldn't have. The only surprise being it's held on longer than I expected.

    The same thing happens in London, all of the recent flops many people saw coming  a long way off

  • What Show Is Next On The Chopping Block  Apr 1 2015, 05:25:31 PM

    Princeton, not phantom

    You actively complain about people being negative and wondering about shows closing , then you post a thread that is not only negative and about shows closing but its phrased in a such snark manner. It's pretty hypocritical 



  • What Show Is Next On The Chopping Block  Apr 1 2015, 05:19:52 PM

    No its not, it's true

  • What Show Is Next On The Chopping Block  Apr 1 2015, 05:09:49 PM

    Admittedly I don't follow this board constantly but wasn't Roxy the one complaining about people on here rooting for shows to close, then he starts a thread like this? Also I'm not sure why Roxy makes such a point of posting on here so much if he really isn't that bothered by theatre any more.

    I don't see many people rooting for shows to close despite what some people here say , what I do see is people who either work in the industry, or have followed the theatre business for a whi

  • Harvey Weinstein Accused Of Sexual Misconduct  Mar 31 2015, 11:55:15 AM
    By the names of both parties being released, you end up with a trial by media or society (if the man isn't famous) which results in both parties reputations being ruined. By the time they are found innocent or there is no case to answer, it can be too late with careers and lives being ruined. Likewise, the alleged victim has been torn apart in the press

    I dont agree that its ok for a mans (as is usually the case) life to be ruined just because its statistically more likely the woman i
  • Harvey Weinstein Accused Of Sexual Misconduct  Mar 31 2015, 03:08:16 AM
    The fact is people do lie about sexual assaults, and the accusations alone can ruin a man's life. We certainly see a fair amount of false accusations in the UK. Both parties names should be kept secret until charges are brought
  • The King and I  Mar 30 2015, 12:52:20 PM
    I saw it over a week ago and understood 99% of what he said. I'm surprised people are having issues still, maybe some are just more used to listening to different accents than others, I don't know.