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  • Cameron Mackintosh Confirms New Oliver! Movie...?  Jul 3 2015, 08:14:56 AM

    Tom Hardy has already played Sykes in a TV adaption so not sure he would play the role again.

    Agreed though it seems unnecessary and im not convinced theres an audience for it

  • Dames at Sea Casting  Jun 27 2015, 02:44:18 AM

    I don't know this show at all, but I'd assumed it was an old fashioned musical in the vein of anything goes. A cast of 6? That puts me off completely, not what I was thinking it would be at all.

  • Anthony Warlow to Step in for Kelsey Grammer in Finding Neverland?  Jun 26 2015, 01:52:39 AM

    If he is taking a few months off....but will return in the fall, he surely must be leaving soon. That will annoy all the people who booked to see him over the summer. When I saw it it was clear many were there for him

  • MISS SAIGON headed back to Broadway?  Jun 26 2015, 01:51:13 AM

    This revival has not gone as well as hoped. It's been struggling for a while, and even from opening it wasn't a complete sell out. Not helped by Camerons early comments about the first six months being sold out (using groups and agents allocations as 'sold 'out), so people assumed they couldn't get tickets. I'm not surprised he wants to save money on a  broadway transfer by using the London set 

  • NBC Developing BOMBSHELL Musical  Jun 24 2015, 10:49:29 AM

    I always found Megan, like the show was presented on screen, too cartoony.  She never seemed to capture the fragile side of Marilyn, just a caracature.  Sure she can belt out a song, but for me the acting wasnt there. I suspect by the time this comes to the stage (if it does) they will go for someone new.  I also much preferred Katherines version of Dont Forget Me



  • Has your opinion of Kristin Chenoweth changed after this season?  Jun 24 2015, 10:45:22 AM

    Actually yes for me it has.  Admittedly I had never seen her live on stage before, just TV/movies and youtube videos etc and I found her to be really annoying.  However, having see her on stage in OTTC my opinion changed, she was amazing.  I still dont rate her on screen, but on stage I thought she was outstanding and deserved the Tony more than Kelli in my view

  • Anastasia  Jun 17 2015, 01:12:15 AM

    Ramin Karimloo has tweeted broadwayworld saying that its correct he is involved with the workshop, but he wrong role (so not Dimitri)

  • re: Sexiest Songs from Musicals  Jun 16 2015, 03:35:57 PM

    As long as you're mine from wicked

    Not a massive fan of the show but I've always found that song quite a sexy moment in the show

    Lay all your love on me in mamma mia 

  • Future Kristin Chenoweth Roles  Jun 14 2015, 03:05:33 AM

    Maybe it's just me but I could see her as Kate in Kiss Me Kate


    It wouldn't surprise me if curious incident did win choreography 

    I'd also love ken to win best actor in a musical, haven't seen such a strong and moving performance in a musical for years

  • Favorite poster design of the 2014-2015 season  Jun 5 2015, 04:49:37 AM

    All I ever saw (admittedly ive only ever had quick look at it) in The Last Ship artwork is a smudged Christmas wreath with a bow on the top.  Its only looking at it closely ive just noticed the red is actually a ship

    From the forthcoming season Fiddler On The Roof will be the one to beat for me, brilliant artwork

  • Best Animated musical films  Jun 5 2015, 03:54:37 AM

    I agree about Robin Hood, its a favourite of mine, but ive never really thought of it as a musical.  It has some songs, true, but it doesnt feel like a musical in the way others do

  • Beauty and the Beast  Jun 4 2015, 06:55:19 AM

    As I said, it depends on the lyrics and real meaning of the new song.  If its a lullaby it will be a very different style and feel to Human Again, they may lament the past (and could just be a short song too, we know hardly anything after all) in a melancholy way.  

    Human Again is more upbeat and positive looking to the future, one could be near the start of the movie and the other towards the end. It depends how much they want to develop the objects.  The two s

  • Beauty and the Beast  Jun 4 2015, 02:14:26 AM

    But he did say 'written' not originated so it's possible. I guess it depends on how days in the sun is placed and what it's about. It could be a song early on for the objects, one of reflection on the past and then human again being a more positive and hopeful song for the future after belle arrives

  • Beauty and the Beast  Jun 4 2015, 01:12:13 AM

    He say it's it won't include any songs 'written' for the show, but wasn't human again actually written for the movie but not used (initially ) so maybe it will still be in there

  • Worst Hits You Ever Saw  Jun 3 2015, 04:14:09 PM

    There are very few shows I've really disliked, and most weren't really hits but Finding Neverland I was close to hating and whilst it's early days it's certainly a hit for now

    Otherwise it's been more disappointment following excessive hype

    Book of Mormon


    Miss Saigon 

    On The 20th century - yes the cast are perfection and it has some great moments...but god it dragged at times

  • Phantom Revamp  Jun 3 2015, 08:50:46 AM

    Elements of the original production in London do need updating.  The graveyard scene is very cringe now with the pathetic shots of fire, Christines dressing room you can hear coming on from miles away and the Masquarade mannequins are very obvious

  • Best Animated musical films  Jun 3 2015, 08:44:42 AM

    I agree about Tangled on the animation front.  I like Frozen, but the animation and detail is not a patch on other movies, especially with background scenes/characters

  • Colin Firth in My Fair Lady  Jun 3 2015, 06:00:39 AM

    Lisa O'Hare has played the role previously in the UK, and I think on the US tour.



  • Best Animated musical films  Jun 3 2015, 05:58:21 AM

    1 - Beauty and the Beast

    2 - The Lion King (Be Prepared has to be one of the best villain songs ever written)

    3 - Hercules

    4 - Pocahontas 

    5 - Jungle Book (rewatched it recently and it was just pure joy)

    6 - Anastasia

    7 - Mulan

    8 - Aladdin

    9 - Tarzan

    10 - The Hunchback of Notre Dame


    Honourable Mentions

    The Prince of Egypt - yes the songs are great, bu