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  • Will Something Rotten change theaters?  Apr 23 2016, 07:55:04 AM

    Let's face it, Frozen wouldn't go to the Nederlander anyway. It's going to want a big broadway house for both capacity and also staging

  • Glenn Close in SUNSET BLVD.  Apr 23 2016, 07:47:42 AM

    She is off both shows today

  • Shrek removes slur  Apr 16 2016, 01:21:39 AM

    I'm surprised people have an issue with tranny being used but don't seem to have an issue with the gay fairy joke in finding neverland, again used for an outdated cheap laugh.

    Musical theatre, considering how supportive it is of the gay community etc, does love to use stereotypes for cheap laughs in general.


  • So Engineer in Miss Saigon doesn't have to be (traditionally) Asian?  Mar 25 2016, 08:58:30 AM

    Alw does produce via his company RUG, which is half the problem with him. Interesting that his most successful shows have been produced by cameron. I think Cameron has only produced Cats and Phantom of AlWs. But that's just off the top of my head, there may have been others

    The role of the engineer doesn't really have to be played by vietnamese actor as the show makes his background clear. I think part o the controversy with pryce was (from memory) they altered the shape o

  • Luke Evans & Hugh Jackman Gaston singoff  Mar 20 2016, 11:11:44 AM

    I hope Luke Evans puts more effort into the role on screen than that clip. Sure his voice is good but there's not much characterisation or presence there so I'm not sure what you're getting so excited over.  It was just done for a laugh. 

    Taron however pretty much knocked everyone else off the screen with his presence and charisma without even trying

  • Wildhorn's WONDERLAND musical to tour UK  Mar 19 2016, 12:53:52 PM

    I'd say if it's capitalising on anything it's the release of the big budget disney sequel due out soon and not a production at the national that most people haven't heard of

  • Who deserved it more?  Mar 11 2016, 05:05:19 PM

    Kristen chenowith for on the 20th century

    Andy Karl for On the 20th century

  • School of Rock West End 2017  Mar 2 2016, 02:48:27 PM

    This was announced a little while ago, possibly even late last year. Rumour is it may not go to the palladium anymore.  Also the rumour is a panto will be in the palladium this xmas

  • When Will FINDING NEVERLAND Pack It In?  Mar 1 2016, 01:53:37 PM

    Wouldn't surprise me if this sees the year out and singin in the rain moves in in early 2017

  • Miss Saigon Filmed on West End  Mar 1 2016, 01:05:46 AM

    The show has a loyal hard core base of fans, and it was them that were always asking Cameron when it was coming back. The problem is, like the last west end Evita, it just didn't appeal to the wider theatre going audience even though it was supposedly the show 'most people want revived)

  • Miss Saigon Filmed on West End  Feb 29 2016, 04:41:01 PM

    That is pr spin. That article was written just after opening so would mean it would have paid back its investment in under a month. The advance was good and exceeded the budget so on the face of it it looks like you've made your money, but until performances begin you don't have money in the bank to pay back the original investment plus meet weekly running costs. So unless running costs were 0 it is highly unlikely it paid back its investment within a month.

    I seem to

  • Miss Saigon Filmed on West End  Feb 29 2016, 03:48:53 PM

    Phyllis Rogers Stone said: "It didn't flop. 




    Yes it did really, cameron expected it to last a lot longer but it started to struggle a bit within its first year after the initial rush had died down. I also think his comments about it being sold out for so far in advance backfired as people didn't think they'd get tickets. He was counting agency allocations which of course isn't money in the bank.

  • Kelli O'Hara to depart King and I April 17, Marin Mazzie joins cast May 3  Feb 21 2016, 05:12:39 PM

    Michelle Dockery would be the ideal actress to open it in London. Considering The Sound of Music (probably the biggest name R&H show) couldn't survive in london without a name im not sure why they think this will sell with an unknown like Kelli. Especially when  The King and I as a show is done on tour often in the UK 

  • Game Time! Can You Guess Paper Mill Playhouse's Upcoming Season?  Feb 10 2016, 03:57:24 PM

    Hot Shoe Shuffle?

  • The Future of Movie Musicals & Film Adaptations of Musicals  Feb 5 2016, 03:05:32 PM

    I don't agree with dave19 often but I completely agree on the Evita movie. For me it's one of the best stage to screen adaptions, beautiful visuals, strong cast and fleshes the story out and captures the epic nature of the story. In fact I think it works better on screen than on stage


    Kavana said: "They should have created a new star for the Original West end cast of this. Idk...Dreamgirls is THE SHOW to show those vocals.



    If they'd done that no one would go. Even with this casting I think this could be a tough sell without another name or two. 

  • Fox's next live musical  Feb 1 2016, 05:26:05 PM

    Footloose wouldn't be a bad idea, a film many people know with several known songs, decent amount of dancing and get Derek hough to reprise his role that he did in the west end

  • Grease Live! Official Thread  Jan 27 2016, 04:17:13 PM

    For those in the uk this will be shown on itv2 at 8pm next Wednesday 

  • Daniel Dae Kim to make his Broadway Debut in the King and I in May  Jan 21 2016, 04:20:07 PM

    He played the role in london years back at the Albert Hall with Maria friedman.  I didn't see him but I seem to recall he got mixed reviews from.people he did. I've always rated him as an actor so look forward to hearing how he does

  • Miscast in Movie Musical Adaptations  Jan 21 2016, 04:18:08 PM

    Lol oh twitter being treated as real life does make me laugh. Actors are hardly going to slate the leading man publically. Maybe they did like his performance, maybe they didn't, but in such a suck up world like acting you really can't take what's said on twitter as gospel