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Birthday: 6 - 8
Gender: Male
Favorite Show(s): Assassins
Caroline, or Change

Favorite Performer(s): Michael Shannon

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  • God Looked Away - Al Pacino & Judith Light  Feb 24 2017, 07:31:58 AM

    Vernon. Your stress about this is stressing me out. Calm down. Either don't go... or go expecting it to be terrible, which, by all accounts, it will be. Christ.

  • Beardo  Feb 23 2017, 12:59:01 PM

    Does anyone know if there's any chance this might extend?

  • David Yazbek wants a Full Monty revival  Feb 23 2017, 11:01:50 AM

    I don't disagree with that assessment about McNally's book, newintown. And I love the movie, which itself is ultimately pretty sentimental, but certainly scruffier. I wouldn’t break my neck mounting a defense of it as a “great” show, but for me, it’s very much a comfort-food show, and I don’t have many of those.

  • David Yazbek wants a Full Monty revival  Feb 23 2017, 08:17:38 AM

    I agree, Mark. “Scrap” is a pretty acute little psychological dissection. For my money, “Breeze Off the River” is as beautiful and likely to get me teary as “You Walk With Me.” And “Jeanette’s Showbiz Number,” “Life With Harold,” “It’s a Woman’s World,” “Big Black Man,” “Michael Jordan’s Ball,” and “Let It Go” never fail to get me singing, happy, and charged

  • David Yazbek wants a Full Monty revival  Feb 22 2017, 09:24:27 AM

    Your quibbles are interesting, MarkBearSF. I’ve seen professional, college, and community theater productions of TFM, and no matter the varying levels of questionable talent involved, either onstage, in the pit, or from the creative team, the show always, in my opinion, seems to succeed in spite of them. Because of that, I’ve always seen the show as a foolproof crowd-pleaser, and, though I love the score, I’ve attributed that strength to the book, which admittedly isn’

  • Change One Letter: Musicals Edition  Feb 17 2017, 02:06:17 PM


  • The New Group's ALL THE FINE BOYS  Feb 17 2017, 09:29:51 AM

    Has anyone had the chance to check this out yet?

  • Change One Letter: Musicals Edition  Feb 16 2017, 08:37:57 AM

    Lot666 said: "themysteriousgrowl said: "SIGNIFICANT OTTER"

    Would that be autobiographical? cheeky"


  • Change One Letter: Musicals Edition  Feb 16 2017, 07:24:16 AM


    mpkie, I RESENT LAUGHTER. I'm crying.

  • Change One Letter: Musicals Edition  Feb 15 2017, 04:55:08 PM



  • Okieriete Onaodowan to Replace Josh Groban in THE GREAT COMET  Feb 15 2017, 12:49:39 PM

    Skimbleshanks2 said: "They might as well change the lyrics in the opening number to, "And the audience isn't here..."


    I love the show. I love this casting. But that made me LOL.


  • Sweeney Todd Off Broadway Performances  Feb 15 2017, 07:44:56 AM


    Yeah, I'm really hoping to catch it in both iterations. I'm pretty stoked for Carolee, but have always found Norm Lewis to be a paralyzingly boring actor with a great voice, so I'd like to see a Sweeney who can act it first.

  • Dream replacement: JOSH GROBAN  Feb 9 2017, 04:39:25 PM


    Thank you so much, kreichelt!

  • Dream replacement: JOSH GROBAN  Feb 9 2017, 04:19:00 PM


    Wait. When is Malloy subbing? I really enjoyed Josh, but I'd love to see Dave one last time.

  • Yen at MCC  Feb 6 2017, 10:41:29 AM


    Thanks, everybody! I don’t see any being offered on the site for the dates I can go (which, unfortunately, hater, are only during the extension). I’ll the theater a call later.

  • Yen at MCC  Feb 6 2017, 09:26:09 AM


    Is there a code for the $30 anniversary tickets, or am I misunderstanding the offer? I can't find any information about it on the website.

  • The craziest audition story EVER  Jan 25 2017, 06:11:45 PM


    I love Dale Soules. You should put her name in the subject line here!


    I’ll always maintain she was robbed of a Tony nom for HANDS ON A HARDBODY.


    Thanks for sharing. It’s a lovely article.

  • Gyllenhaal and Ashford to open SUNDAY at The Hudson  Jan 23 2017, 12:54:22 PM


    Does anyone know what the mezz and balcony overhangs are?

    EDIT: I called. For anyone interested, the Dress Circle (mezz) overhangs Orch M, and the Balcony overhangs Dress Circle B/Orch O.

  • GROUNDHOG DAY to Take the August Wilson, Spring 2017  Jan 20 2017, 11:09:16 AM


    That "are" was clearly meant to be "aren't." Literally.

  • Prequels, Sequels, or Compainion Musicals You Wish Existed  Jan 20 2017, 10:50:32 AM


    Your snark is off the charts this morning!