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Birthday: 6 - 8
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Favorite Show(s): Caroline, or Change

Favorite Performer(s): Michael Shannon

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  • Great Comet Seating Thread  Nov 16 2016, 07:21:17 AM


    I didn’t trot up to the mezz for a full look, Luscious, but I’d guess those options are correlative and should both be perfect. The next time I see the show, it will absolutely be from the mezz. I spent portions of the show gazing at it in envy.

  • Great Comet Seating Thread  Nov 15 2016, 03:57:29 PM


    I haven’t read the whole thread, so I apologize if this has been covered/mentioned, but I would strongly advise against the furthest-downstage “onstage” seats at tables. Firstly, they’re absolutely not onstage and shouldn’t be sold for those prices. You’re essentially on the orchestra level (yes, there’s a small lip, but come on), sitting against/directly below what there is of an apron, and so you’re craning your neck upward for t

  • Sunday In The Park With George Tickets Available 10/24 and 10/25  Oct 15 2016, 12:33:20 PM


    PM'd you, Anshel

  • Decent ny accommodation  Oct 15 2016, 12:07:32 PM

    (And the Ramada Eastside via Applecore currently has mid-April rooms listed at $156.)

  • Decent ny accommodation  Oct 15 2016, 12:04:32 PM

    This is my go-to family of hotels. I've been using them almost exclusively for more than five years, and they’ve never let me down.

  • When Others Walk Out of a Show  Oct 7 2016, 12:11:29 PM

  • When Others Walk Out of a Show  Oct 7 2016, 12:08:11 PM


    In this picture, the Phantom represents After Eight, and Christine represents this thread.

  • Falsettos Wrangler  Oct 7 2016, 10:39:41 AM

  • Falsettos Wrangler  Oct 7 2016, 10:36:50 AM

    Kad said: "Maybe you shouldn't weigh in on a post about trying to find out someone's identity."


    Oh, man.

  • SPAMilton Lottery  Oct 1 2016, 01:15:08 PM

  • Grumpy Cat in CATS  Sep 29 2016, 06:22:57 PM



  • Grumpy Cat in CATS  Sep 29 2016, 06:05:25 PM


    You guys are being too harsh. She once understudied Dick Whittington's cat!

  • FALSETTOS Previews  Sep 29 2016, 05:50:22 PM

    chewy5000 said: "Are we all just ignoring the fact that kyle4 is back?"


    That's for the best.


  • Is Dolly Too Frivolous  Sep 29 2016, 10:35:55 AM


    I agree that it’s a misguided and/or misphrased question. My tastes gravitate toward more overtly “serious” theater, which I would prefer to describe as theater that challenges me intellectually. That said, a number of not-so-challenging musicals are among my favorites. THE PAJAMA GAME, GUYS AND DOLLS, and DAMN YANKEES come immediately to mind. And there are a number of serious-minded and challenging musicals that, for whatever reason, I have no use for. I feel

  • Worst Marketing you've seen.  Sep 27 2016, 07:47:08 AM


    Worst marketing I ever seen

  • What happened to Denzel doing The Pitsburg Cycle  Sep 26 2016, 03:17:03 PM


    A friend and I were recently talking about this. I don’t think there is any new information. It was reported last year that he’d produce the cycle for HBO, but then early this year when it was announced he’d direct “Fences” for theatrical release, the HBO cycle deal was never heard of again. Maybe he and Scott Rudin are waiting to see how “Fences” performs before moving forward with any more of them.

  • THE ENCOUNTER Previews  Sep 22 2016, 07:18:47 AM


    I am so excited for this!

  • THE CHERRY ORCHARD Previews  Sep 16 2016, 07:45:29 AM


    Thank you so much to everyone (except After Eight) for weighing in with your impressions here. I’m in the process of trimming a 10-show list down to a 3-show list, and these reviews have made chopping this one easy.

  • GROUNDHOG DAY to Take the August Wilson, Spring 2017  Sep 14 2016, 03:53:07 PM


    Well… I wasn’t acting like that… even a little bit, but… your point is noted. I’ll remember to also not do it in the future.

  • GROUNDHOG DAY to Take the August Wilson, Spring 2017  Sep 14 2016, 03:23:48 PM


    ^Emma MK neither said nor implied it does.


    neon, honest question – is publicly hating on this show going to be a hang-up for you?  This happens once in a while, where a poster doesn’t like a show and, rather than being content to voice that opinion and move on, they have this compulsion to not let any praise (or even sometimes mention – see: After Eight) of the show go by unchecked.


    I’m just curious if we hav