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  • Thank you, from American Psycho  May 28 2016, 03:50:44 PM

    Some shows are just too ahead of their time or they are just so special they don't fit as neatly into what's considered "the norm" for a musical. AMERICAN PSYCHO is one of those shows. It boasts a great score, an immensely talented cast and brilliant staging.

    It was easily one of the best and most satisfying theater experiences.

    I'm really sad to see it go and I hope it gets re-discovered and re-mounted for years to come.

    Thank you!

  • Off-Topics Board  May 27 2016, 10:47:09 PM

    Blank posts on BWW are the best. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. 

  • Encores! Paint Your Wagon Case Recording Release 5/27!  May 27 2016, 10:45:30 PM

    I love case recordings they are so much better than cast recordings....

  • Jake Gyllenhaal in Sunday in the Park  May 25 2016, 07:18:22 PM

    OMG!!! Yeah I'm kind of late to this party but damn if I'm not the happiest Puerto Rican on the face of the planet! P

    Dear Theater Gods,

    Please let Bernadette be Dot.


  • Broadway for Latinos  May 21 2016, 11:47:24 AM

    I would love to see Thalia do a Broadway show. 

  • Laura Benanti chides people for not applauding  May 20 2016, 02:16:27 PM

    In reading a lot of the responses I came to the realization that Benanti had her tongue firmly planted in cheek when she posted that.

    So I take back what I wrote earlier in this thread.

    She does have a wicked sense of humor.

    Taking it in the spirit that she intended it is quite funny when you think about it.



  • Laura Benanti chides people for not applauding  May 20 2016, 12:49:27 AM

    Hellob said: "Maybe they weren't feeling it. The show isn't earth shattering. Get over it. They paid money and as long as they aren't disruptive, then they don't owe anyone anything just like the actors don't owe you a stage door. 

    Eta Carlos we posted the same thing PR minds in synch!!! Lol


    I love when PR minds are in sync....were fierce!!!

  • Liza in The Act  May 20 2016, 12:47:47 AM

    The only reason I love this show is because Mark Goddard who played Major Don West on Lost in Space is in it.

  • Laura Benanti chides people for not applauding  May 20 2016, 12:44:36 AM

    Laura needs to chill the fuck out. Some people are not going to "feel" her performance. 

    No one is obligated to clap.

  • Hamilton Film Adaptation?  May 19 2016, 09:03:07 PM

    icecreambenjamin said: "I really don't think that it would work on film.  The show has a theatricality about it that would not transfer.  The clash between the period costume, sets, and then the rap music would be far too much on screen.  I love it just as much as everyone else, but I feel like a movie would come off as campy and bizarre.  I would honestly much rather have the original broadway cast filmed."


    I feel the same way a

  • Favorite line/part of a musical that isn't the lyrics of a song?  May 18 2016, 02:19:17 PM

    Anita: Bernardo was right. If one of you were lying on the street bleeding I would walk by and SPIT ON YOU!  Don't you touch me! I've got a message for your American buddy! You tell that murderer that Maria is never going to meet him. You tell him Chino found out about them and SHOT HER! SHE'S DEAD! 

    :: drops mic ::

  • Black Actors In WHite Roles & Vice Versa  May 18 2016, 12:10:18 PM

    Wilmingtom said: "Unless race is a plot point, it shouldn't matter what color the actors are.

    Absolutely agree with this.



  • Riedel on saving Hammerstein's home  May 18 2016, 12:07:43 PM

    Someone in a Tree2 said: "I don't get the negative feedback on this particular story though. It's pertinent to Broadway, gives some emotional context to what otherwise would be a simple real estate listing, and IS kind of important to theater-minded folks, much more so than the everyday rumor-mongering about who's cast in what.


    So much THIS. It is an important theater related article.




  • David Hyde Pierce to Join Bette Midler in HELLO DOLLY  May 18 2016, 12:44:09 AM

    I'm sure the majority of you guys posting can relate to David Hyde Pierce...

  • David Hyde Pierce to Join Bette Midler in HELLO DOLLY  May 17 2016, 08:29:31 PM

    Yes of course are the know all and be all of know exactly where I was coming from and what I meant because you are just fabulously psychic like that.

    I am going to tell you something that you ARE NOT going to do. You ARE NOT going to tell me what I am thinking or what my intentions are when I post. That's what you ARE NOT going to do. 

    Go  ahead and accuse someone else for being homophobic or whatever the hell you feel

  • David Hyde Pierce to Join Bette Midler in HELLO DOLLY  May 17 2016, 06:50:51 PM

    The rest of my response wasn't directed at you just the part where I wrote that internalized homophobia was not my thing. 

    Sorry for the confusion.

  • David Hyde Pierce to Join Bette Midler in HELLO DOLLY  May 17 2016, 06:31:33 PM

    Cupid Boy2 said: "gypsy101 said: "How are they being homophobic when most members of this board are gay men?"

    I don't know what posts were being called homophobic, but internalized homophobia is a thing. 


    It's not my thing. I made an observation in very much the same way I would say: "Oh he's too fat for the role" or "He's too short for the role", etc. 

    If I would

  • David Hyde Pierce to Join Bette Midler in HELLO DOLLY  May 17 2016, 06:19:47 PM

    ray-andallthatjazz86 said: "I'm surprised by the thinly veiled homophobia directed at Pierce by some people....


    My comment wasn't thinly veiled. I came out and wrote what I thought. In my opinion he's a tad bit femme for Horace.


    And I'm not being homophobic when I write that, it's just my opinion/observation. 


    I am gay.

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event Offical Thread  May 17 2016, 06:12:57 PM

    lovebwy said: "Who's playing shirtless Brad there?

    He's hot as s hit.


    That is Ryan McCartan


    Here he is in his "Floor Show" costume:


    The costume is hella-ugly

  • ABC Getting into live musicals game?  May 17 2016, 06:09:30 PM

    I couldn't read the article. That picture of Adam Jacobs as Aladdin distracted me....