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  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event Offical Thread  Oct 24 2016, 02:55:22 PM

    That Laverne Cox is getting some good reviews is not saying much. She basically played Frank-N-Furter as a drag queen who in one segment channels Grace Jones and then does a little Beyonce until the very end where she pulls a Tina Turner. 



  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event Offical Thread  Oct 21 2016, 05:24:35 PM

    QueenAlice said: "Interesting to note that (per the official Rocky Horror Picture Show website) the original film is STILL playing regularly in around 100 cinemas each week. That's a pretty impressive limited release. I assume the film studio is still making money from these screenings?

    Yes they are Queen Alice. 20th Century-Fox is making money from all of those screenings, add to that home entertainment sales (DVD/Blu-Ray/Streaming services) and licensed mercha

  • HAIRSPRAY is next NBC Musical...  Oct 21 2016, 03:02:16 PM

    Hairspray0901 said: "Valentina3 said: "Nothing new, but looks like this will be the final "official" poster. Source."


    they couldn't pick one where Ephraim Sykes' eyes are open?


    No, all the photos of Ephraim with his eyes open were destroyed in a fire. The on

  • HAIRSPRAY is next NBC Musical...  Oct 21 2016, 02:20:33 PM

    Very nice poster!

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event Offical Thread  Oct 21 2016, 12:48:34 PM


    The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event Offical Thread  Oct 20 2016, 10:54:06 PM

    Thank you FOX for raping, killing, burying, p!ssing on the grave, digging back up and then raping again the corpse of a classic. 


  • Leslie Odom, Jr. Interview on DCMetroTheaterArts  Oct 18 2016, 02:16:04 PM

    Dave13 said: "I still find it odd that Leslie left Hamilton so soon. The way he left and so soon after winning the Tony, I can't help think he didn't leave on his own terms. Maybe I am reading too much into it, but this quote sort of confirms my suspicions. 


    "I have a Christmas album coming out on November 11th. I’m also in talks to shoot a film soon. Basically, I’m just looking to grow. I’m walking towards things

  • Remembering THE APPLE TREE on its 50th Anniversary  Oct 18 2016, 12:14:49 PM

    Phyllis Newman has discussed her time subbing for Barbara Harris in THE APPLE TREE.

    This is courtesy of

    "During the so-called Golden or Hey-Hey Days of the Broadway musical… I had a number of jobs in the theatre… One season I performed at the matinees of The Apple Tree while the brilliant Barbara H

  • Remembering THE APPLE TREE on its 50th Anniversary  Oct 18 2016, 11:17:44 AM

    I love THE APPLE TREE. Those "knockers" on Barbara Harris as "Passionella" are out of hand! LOL!

    Fun trivia fact: Alan Alda and Barbara Harris went on to co-star in the 1979 drama, THE SEDUCTION OF JOE TYNAN, written by Alda himself and co-starring Meryl Streep.


  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event Offical Thread  Oct 16 2016, 04:50:33 PM

    CindersGolightly said: "What can I say? I'm an optimist."

    That's not optimism, you're in denial.


    I'm not the least bit surprised by this review. It really just confirmed what a lot of us already suspected from day one: That it was going to suck.

    Fox’s re-imagining is a wholesome broadcast television movie musical, premiering at the kid-friendly hour of 8 p.m., and courts mainstream, millennial viewers through cast

  • Sheryl Lee Ralph is Returning To Broadway  Oct 14 2016, 03:20:57 PM


  • HAIRSPRAY is next NBC Musical...  Oct 13 2016, 04:19:13 PM

    Valentina3 said: "Meron added, What’s wonderful about it is that we learn and we grow from each iteration. We grew in terms of the three that we did.Grease: Live basically honored us, in terms of doing it live and then taking what we’ve done and putting their own mark on it."

    Somehow the tone of those words seem very... cocky to me. Not sure what his delivery was when he said them, but it's not coming off humble or modest

  • Favorite Kander and Ebb song  Oct 13 2016, 01:51:59 PM

    How Lucky Can You Get?

  • Favorite Kander and Ebb song  Oct 13 2016, 01:51:59 PM

    How Lucky Can You Get?

  • Famous Stephen Sondheim lyric  Oct 11 2016, 10:33:57 PM

    I have a moo cow, a new cow, a true cow named Caroline...

    She's an extra special friend of mine...moo, moo, moo, moo..

    I like everything about her fine...moo, moo, moo, moo! 

  • Famous Stephen Sondheim lyric  Oct 11 2016, 10:30:41 PM

    I feel pretty...

    oh so pretty...

    i feel pretty, and witty, and gay!

    and I pity any girl who isn't me today! 

  • Glenn Close in Sunset Blvd revival  Oct 11 2016, 10:29:11 PM

    Oh great! More crap on Broadway! Now I can truly sleep well at night! 

  • Famous Stephen Sondheim lyric  Oct 11 2016, 09:58:35 PM

    ....and if you're real good

    i'll make you feel good...

    i want your spirits to climb!

    so, let me entertain you

    and we'll have a real good time, yes sir!

    we'll have...a real good tiiiiiiiiiiiii----hiiiiiiiiiime!


  • Jennifer Holliday to join THE COLOR PURPLE  Oct 8 2016, 01:21:51 PM

    That was a great interview. She looks great and she's so sweet! 

  • Your Favorite Pop Cover of a Showtune  Oct 8 2016, 01:09:25 PM

    Bobby Darin - "Mack the Knife"


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