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  • Julie Andrews or Vanessa Redgrave: Whose rendition of  Sep 2 2015, 12:50:48 PM

    I prefer Vanessa Redgrave's version over Andrews' original. I just love the movie's orchestrations and vocal arrangements better. Those "tra-la-las" on the cast album version get on my nerves, LOL.

  • Best Cast Recording of Gypsy?  Aug 31 2015, 10:31:24 AM

    The tempo for THE DANCE AT THE GYM on the 'West Side' OBC is insanely fast. I've always wondered how the hell those dancers kept up with it for 8 shows a week. When I finally saw the film I suspected that it must have been 'sped up'.

  • The DIVAS sing West Side Story  Aug 31 2015, 10:20:37 AM

    Natalie Wood sang it the best.

  • STREISAND wants to make GYPSY  Aug 26 2015, 09:29:10 AM

    Oooh! Break out the auto tune, the cheese cloth and the vaseline! We is putting on a show!!

  • Favorite reimagining of a show song?  Aug 25 2015, 04:47:08 PM

    Ann-Margret's rendition of "How Lovely To Be A Woman" from the 1964 Lp, "3 Great Girls", (the other two girls being Kitty Kallen and Della Reese) reeks of sex. I love it.



  • Yoko Ono covers  Aug 25 2015, 04:24:30 PM

    Thanks Jay, that's where I meant the quotations to go..

  • Yoko Ono covers  Aug 25 2015, 04:03:20 PM

    As she does every song she commits her "dulcet" tones to...

  • Will ON YOUR FEET be the next hit?  Aug 25 2015, 04:02:35 PM

    The advertisements for this show are atrocious. One of the most butt-ugly campaigns I've seen since Footloose: The Musical

  • STREISAND wants to make GYPSY  Aug 25 2015, 03:58:30 PM

    No worries. By the time this finally gets around to being made all the theater queens who love GYPSY to the nth degree  will be dead and no one will care.

  • The Thread for HAMILTON Fans/Obsessives [SPOILERS AHEAD]  Aug 25 2015, 02:32:35 PM

    haterobics said: "CarlosAlberto said: "I agree HogansHero.


    I was under the impression that people were attributing the color blind casting in HAMILTON as groundbreaking, so when After Eight brought up TWO GENTS I had to agree that the color blind casting aspect of HAMILTON isn't ground breaking per se."




    Am I missing something here? You can't agree

  • Rent 2015  Aug 25 2015, 02:22:37 PM

    Mister Matt said: "It's really not misleading to anyone who actually reads an article or a headline.  If someone reads "return to NY" and stops there, deciding to interpret it as "Broadway revival", that's their own stupid fault.  And why on earth would anyone on this board be bitching that there was an article on a theatre production, small potatoes or otherwise?  A small theatre company has an article writ

  • Neil Patrick Harris Appreciation Thread  Aug 25 2015, 02:09:59 PM

    dramamama611 said: "Actually, if you have someone blocked, you can see their posts when you hit the reply button.  I have sometimes looked at those I've blocked to try to make sense out of a thread.


    I know this and I avoid it. I'm not pulling a "Mr. Roxy" here. I wouldn't go to the trouble of blocking someone to then go ahead and read what they are posting. It defeats the purpose. They can waste their un-precious time reading my post

  • Neil Patrick Harris Appreciation Thread  Aug 25 2015, 01:47:55 PM

    Kad said: "Responding to someone who you have publicly announced- and shown in a screencap- to have blocked seems... counterintuitive. "

    The only reason I knew the hag posted was by reading haterobics quoted message.


    Other than that I cannot see when she or her evil twin posts. And I like it that way. Thank you very much.


    Again, glad to know she still cares to pay attention to me.


    That is as it

  • Neil Patrick Harris Appreciation Thread  Aug 25 2015, 01:30:20 PM

    haterobics said: "Phyllis Rogers Stone said: "You can't use big words like "debunked" with Carlos."

    If I unpack debunked, won't the next step just be explaining the straw man, though?


    Glad to know I'm relevant to one of the b*tches I have blocked. She has alot of balls talking out of her ass like that. Oh wait...she doesn't now...does she?






  • The Thread for HAMILTON Fans/Obsessives [SPOILERS AHEAD]  Aug 25 2015, 01:26:50 PM

    HogansHero said: "CarlosAlberto said: "n all fairness After Eight does have a point. HAMILTON is hardly ground breaking in it's racial diversity. TWO GENTLEMEN OF VERONA also had a racially diverse cast, and this was back in 1971."


    That misapprehends the significance of what is happening in Hamilton. It is not about color blind casting. (The Public, if no one else, has been doing that for its entire existence.). Hamilton is a show in which th

  • Rent 2015  Aug 25 2015, 11:55:04 AM

    Mister Matt said: "It has to be immersive, improvised and under-rehearsed so it can be a live performance so theatre won't die!  The audience has to see the needle go into Mimi's arm and it would help if the hypodermic were loaded with something different every performance without notifying the actress so it can be so real, the audience can experience the level of unexpected danger that is the only true definition of "theatre".  Oh, and Angel should l

  • Neil Patrick Harris Appreciation Thread  Aug 25 2015, 11:50:10 AM

    haterobics said: "SDV said: "On another note, I've run across MANY Hedheads who didn't love Neil's performance, but I've never met one who didn't acknowledge that his casting was the reason this run happened at all and was a huge reason it was able to go for so long."



    I don't think you will find one, either. This is a recently invented straw man argument that only is only mentioned prior to

  • Rent 2015  Aug 25 2015, 11:47:12 AM

    ggersten said: "In any form?  How about in a circus? Or where the actors play their own instruments? Or with the sets replaced by projections?  And I suppose Rent could be improved with a good tap number.


    I want the damn thing turned into a Pixar animated movie! :)




  • STREISAND wants to make GYPSY  Aug 25 2015, 11:44:12 AM

    nasty_khakis said: "Leachman is Elektra! Harper is Mazeppa!


    YES! and YES!


    All we need is James L. Brooks to direct and it's a go!




  • STREISAND wants to make GYPSY  Aug 25 2015, 11:42:34 AM

    Jordan Catalano said: "Engel had already been cast as Agnes!


    Another stroke of genius! It's beginning to smell like a WINNER! ....or smell or something along those lines!