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  • Jennifer Holliday to join THE COLOR PURPLE  Aug 24 2016, 04:43:50 PM

    Littleshopofcarrie said: "Didn't she play Sofia a few years back?

    She most certainly did. - Mini tour back in 2014.

    From article dated: October 17, 2014:

    Jennifer Holliday Will Lead The Color Purple
    Tony winner Jennifer Holliday will headline a three-city-tour

  • MAME REVIVAL!!!  Aug 24 2016, 04:27:40 PM

    While I agree that Bette Midler has that bubbly/eccentric personality needed for a role like "Mame", she unfortunately has already aged out of that role. 

  • Jennifer Holliday to join THE COLOR PURPLE  Aug 24 2016, 04:25:57 PM

    Jordan Catalano said: "But can we please just have -

    Celie - Sheryl Lee Ralph
    Shug - Jennifer Holliday
    Sophia - Loretta Devine
    Mister - Obba Babatundé
    Nettie - Deborah Burrell
    Harpo - Cleavant Derricks


    LMAO!!! Now that's a cast!! **Genius!**


  • Jennifer Holliday to join THE COLOR PURPLE  Aug 24 2016, 04:07:30 PM

    adamgreer said: "Push 'Da Button will now be 19 minutes long. 


    Thank you adamgreer for being the cause of me spitting out my afternoon coffee all over my MacBook's screen. Thank you very much. Grrrr!!! 


  • Barbra's Tour  Aug 24 2016, 02:45:23 PM

    I am soooooo upset that I didn't get to see her at the Barclays this time around...and reading all the wonderful reviews isn't making me feel better and now I am officially HATING on ALL OF YOU!

    I will now proceed and jump off a bridge....the Brooklyn Bridge, that is. 

  • Moving to NY to work with LGBTQ non profit - need advise on housing  Aug 24 2016, 01:38:33 PM

    Oooh - good luck finding a roommate situation for $500 - $700. That's a rarity. 

    I have a friend who lives in Williamsburg in a roommate situation and his 1/2 of the rent (not including utilities) is $750. So again, a rarity. 

    If your $500 - $700 factors in utilities then I wish you all the luck trying to find something for that amount. 

  • Documentary about Merrily We Roll Along  Aug 24 2016, 12:34:59 PM

    Oh man! I really need to see this. I am obsessed with 'Merrily'. 


  • Bunuel  Aug 24 2016, 10:19:14 AM

    How about....


  • Sweeney Todd revival at Barrow Street  Aug 24 2016, 10:17:12 AM

    qolbinau said: "Bernadette, get on the phone NOW. 


    Give it up qolbinau, there is no way Bernadette would even consider doing this. (A) It's a small, intimate Off-Broadway rendering that will cater to an audience of less than 100 people. (B) The producers couldn't afford her services. (C) This will be a mostly British cast.

    You are better off hoping that the "powers-that-be" decide to stage another concert and they as

  • Plays/musicals due for a revival  Aug 24 2016, 10:10:54 AM


    Yes, I am well aware that the last "revival" was a mere 6 years ago, but that abomination that changed the year that the show takes place in with the horrible choreography, the useless Bacharach-David song interpolations and the two extremely mis-cast leads was not PROMISES, PROMISES. It was a mess that was trying to be PROMISES, PROMISES and it was a huge LET DOWN, LET DOWN. 


  • Bunuel  Aug 24 2016, 09:58:34 AM

    2 existing threads on this already.

  • James Earl Jones as Mrs Lovett  Aug 24 2016, 05:31:11 AM


  • More info on the new Sondheim and David Ives musical  Aug 23 2016, 07:54:41 PM

    I am going to watch the two films this weekend. They sound fascinating, especially The Exterminating Angel which stars two of my favorite actresses Silvia Pinal and Jacqueline Andere. 

    Ive only ever watched Bunuel's Belle de Jour and Tristana. 

  • More info on the new Sondheim and David Ives musical  Aug 23 2016, 07:37:23 PM

    Ah, I found the link between the two films: A DINNER PARTY.

  • More info on the new Sondheim and David Ives musical  Aug 23 2016, 07:07:25 PM

    Has anyone seen the two movies this musical is based on. Are they connected by a character or a theme? They were filmed at least 10 years apart. 

  • Riedel on Sondheim being halfway done with a new musical  Aug 23 2016, 07:05:08 PM

    Jordan Catalano said: "Marc Kudisch is doing Sondheim's new musical? I think this is basically all I've ever wanted and asked for. 


    Girl calm down he only did the reading. He may not even be in the finished production. LOL







  • Fox's New Live Musical?  Aug 23 2016, 02:40:17 PM

    BrodyFosse123 said: "No, FOX's THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW and ABC's DIRTY DANCING are not "live" musical events - they were filmed.   


    Yes. Unfortunately. What a waste of film stock... 

  • Way too early 2017 Tony predictions  Aug 23 2016, 02:34:01 PM

    Sure Headache, whatever you say. And since you know everything about EV-ER-Y THING maybe you can list who is going to take home Tonys for the years 2017, 2018 and 2019.


  • Fox's New Live Musical?  Aug 23 2016, 02:09:26 PM

    *Gasp*!! You mean you don't know?!?!?!?

    Because I could have sworn you knew everything about everything especially when it's through legitimate rumblings. Guess those aren't quite working for you today, huh?

    Shucks....too bad. 

  • HAIRSPRAY is next NBC Musical...  Aug 23 2016, 02:05:20 PM

    I'll use Jennifer Lopez as an example. She was on "American Idol" which aired on FOX and starred on "Shades of Blue" which aired on NBC. 

    See how that works?

    End of story.