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  • Ghost Brothers of Darkland County Tour - Anyone going?  Nov 24 2014, 06:45:20 PM
    I just bought a fantastic seat for next to nothing. I'm excited because King is my favorite writer.
  • Going to Shows Alone?  Oct 30 2014, 07:47:37 AM
    I use to go alone the majority of the time except for the rare show a friend or family member would like to see. My current girlfriend is really into going though so it has been nice to be able to go with someone the majority of the time. I live in NYC but it takes me about an hour from where I am to actually get to the theatre district so I find that travelling with someone is usually nicer but there are some shows she doesn't have any interest in so I just throw on a pair of headphones when I
  • Looking for bus trips to shows  Oct 25 2014, 12:23:58 PM
    I would look into flights first. If you can get something reasonable it's well worth the money. I was on a greyhound for about 7 hours once when my connecting flight got cancelled because of snow and no rental cars were available so they gave us a free greyhound bus ticket. By far the most mmiserable traveling experience I've ever had was being on that bus. Never again.
  • IT'S ONLY A PLAY Rush  Oct 23 2014, 10:51:05 AM
    I'm curious too. I'm gonna just give it a shot one day but I would like to know if anyone has given it a shot.
  • Has anyone won the Today Tix mobile lottery for On The Town?  Oct 18 2014, 04:56:50 PM
    I haven't entered yet but I wish more shows with lottos did it this way.
  • Curious Incident rush price raised  Oct 9 2014, 01:32:19 AM
    Thanks for posting this. I went and grabbed some 27 buck seats this afternoon in case they decide to raise those next.
  • Last Ship: Free Tickets?  Oct 6 2014, 12:38:02 PM
  • THIS IS OUR YOUTH Reviews  Sep 17 2014, 01:11:34 AM
    "Is there any worse criticism in the history of narrative art than "the characters are unlikeable"?"

    For me the characters of Warren and the girl were so unlikable in that I didn't care what happened to them, good or bad, I just wanted them off the stage so I didn't have to listen to them.
  • First show seen on broadway?  Sep 16 2014, 02:54:25 PM
    The Civil War in 1999, I don't really remember much about it but from posts I've read on here that is probably a good thing lol
  • First show seen on broadway?  Sep 16 2014, 02:53:18 PM
  • THIS IS OUR YOUTH Reviews  Sep 16 2014, 11:27:32 AM
    I saw this last night, Cera was out last night and management ran it very poorly. Instead of splitting up the line into people who were picking up tickets and people who were getting refunds it was just one line. It was getting close to 7pm so I finally had to complain to get my tickets at will call because I wasn't looking for a refund anyway cause I never liked Cera. They ended up starting the show about 30mins late.

    I forgot his name but the understudy was fine. The whole proble
  • It I Only A Play Ticket Question  Sep 11 2014, 02:31:53 PM
    The elephant man also has cheaper tickets then 170 bucks. You can see these shows on the cheap but of course you are generally not going to be in the orchestra for these shows.
  • HipTix Gold  Sep 9 2014, 08:34:39 PM
    Every year.
  • Cellphones in theater  Sep 9 2014, 10:28:36 AM
    Oh this should be good lol
  • The Lights NEED To Be Dimmed For Joan Rivers  Sep 9 2014, 02:48:03 AM
    Even WWE did a nice tribute to her...
  • Coming October 16--Michael C. Hall as HEDWIG!  Sep 8 2014, 07:50:53 PM
    I don't plan on going back to see Rannels but I will go back to see Hall. This is awesome.
  • How Many Of The 40 Broadway Theaters Have You Been To?  Sep 6 2014, 08:49:17 PM
    I'm up to 39, I just have to go to the Gershwin to see Wicked at some point.
  • Red Eye of Love  Sep 5 2014, 10:52:41 PM
    I saw this tonight and I couldn't agree more with you curtains. The cast is fantastic and I loved everyones voice. It's just the story is so whacky and so ridiculous that there really is just no point to it. Those jokes about the bum with the rim shot were just cringe worthy.
  • Broadway Fall 2014: Which Show Most Excites You  Sep 4 2014, 12:23:34 AM
    Curious incident for me with sideshow being second.
  • Theatremania Gold Club?  Sep 3 2014, 11:45:39 PM
    I had it in 2012, complete waste of money for me.