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  • Lazarus  Jan 13 2016, 12:02:33 AM

    So I just saw the movie on Sunday and the show tonight and here is the thing that I was really curious if maybe the book gave an answer for.  It could be a spoiler I suppose... 

    Click Here To Toggle Spoiler Content

    So in the movie his family died from lack of water on his home planet. In the show tonight they made it like nothing could kill him an

  • David Bowie RIP  Jan 12 2016, 04:56:09 PM

    I'm seeing Lazarus tonight and just drove by the theatre, looks like people left flowers outside of it. 

  • David Bowie RIP  Jan 11 2016, 06:12:51 AM

    R.I.P. That's awful news. I actually watched the man who fell from Earth yesterday because I had never seen it before and I'm seeing Lazarus tomorrow. 

  • American Theater vs. London  Jan 9 2016, 10:00:49 PM

    Probably has a lot to do with actors wanting to come to Broadway and American actors not wanting to go out of the country. 

  • HAMILTON's Digital Lottery--Just for the Winter  Jan 5 2016, 08:36:28 PM

    MusicAndPassion said: "CT is totally doable by car from anywhere in the state. Heck, I've driving from the Boston area to Manhattan in 3 hours 5 minutes. I average 3 and a half hours each drive (about once every two months) without traffic. I'm sure almost anybody interested in that radius, in all directions, tried for the lottery today. Philly, upstate NY, lots of Long Island and Westchester, Connecticut, Jersey, Pennsylvania... The time of the "drawing" and c

  • DAMES AT SEA, THE GIN GAME, HAND TO GOD, THERESE RAQUIN, SYLVIA play last performances today  Jan 3 2016, 03:53:08 PM

    I loved hand to god. By far my favorite show of the year. 

    Raquin I really enjoyed the sets and I know I'm in the minority but I didn't know the story going in so that's probably why I enjoyed it more. 

    I thought sylvia was rather dull and stupid but I didn't hate it. 

    Dames at sea was a complete waste of time for me. 

    I really enjoyed the gin game, it's amazing what those two can do at their ages. 


  • Broadway needs to fight back  Dec 30 2015, 08:48:31 PM

    Seriously? We are going to have anywhere from 500 to over 1k each raise their phone in the air to demonstrate that it's off? That could take 20 to 30 mins to check every single persons phone. 

    This isn't that much of an epidemic that the majority needed to be treated like children because of a handful of morons. 

  • Broadway needs to fight back  Dec 30 2015, 05:07:27 PM

    yankeefan7 said: ""The issue here is drumming into people what is and isn't acceptable use of said phones in certain venues."




    It is drummed into their head but certain people IMO just don't care and unless punished will not stop. Every Broadway show, concert, ballet performance etc mentions no pictures/filming and silence your cell phone. I remember at my daughters graduations from HS and college that th

  • Best/Worst Balcony/Mezzanine Seats  Dec 30 2015, 04:56:51 PM

    Row H in the balcony at the Cort theatre are the worst seats I've ever sat in for a Broadway show. It's on the same level as row g so you literally can't see anything if someone is sitting in front of you. I ended up just standing up and watching the show, this was for fish in the dark. I'm 5'9 so it's not even like I'm short and the person sitting in front of me wasn't tall either.  They should have been labeled partial view to me. 

    I had sat i

  • Eating/Drinking Percentage in Theater  Dec 29 2015, 07:55:39 PM

    I bring a bottle of water with me to every show but i only drink it before the show or during intermission. 

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 12/27/15  Dec 28 2015, 03:29:11 PM

    So allegiance looks like it's going to stay open past Sunday? They would have to tell the cast tomorrow if they were closing correct? 

    Only asking cause I've been meaning to see it but I like to avoid going to shows during this time of year. 

  • Hamilton Tix for under $200  Dec 26 2015, 02:38:50 PM

    I bought my tickets for July 2016 in September when the new block of tickets went on sale. Got front row rear mezz for 77 bucks each though which is all I was willing to spend on this show. 

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 12/20/15  Dec 22 2015, 09:35:41 PM

    I'm in the minority in that I really didn't enjoy king Charles. I could see why it's a hard sell though to many people even with some good reviews and word of mouth. 

  • The Privilege to Pee (in real life)  Dec 22 2015, 07:52:00 AM

    I think the bigger problem here is the size of the bathrooms at these theatres. I don't know about the womens bathrooms but the vast majority of Broadway theatres mens rooms have only 2 to 3 stalls and a couple of urinals. Most of these really don't accommodate the amount of people that are actually there and I'm sure the womens bathrooms are about the same size. Problem is a lot of the theatres don't have the room to make the bathrooms bigger. 

    Webster Hall has uni

  • King Charles $37 ticket?  Dec 13 2015, 03:03:21 PM

    I sat in those seats and I think the view is great for the price. It's really not that far back and you can still see the actors faces.

  • DADDY LONG LEGS to stream LIVE online  Dec 10 2015, 09:18:59 PM

    So much better on the livestream app on roku. 

  • DADDY LONG LEGS to stream LIVE online  Dec 10 2015, 09:09:16 PM

    I forgot about livestream having an app on roku. I'm going to watch the 2nd act on there. 

  • DADDY LONG LEGS to stream LIVE online  Dec 10 2015, 08:14:24 PM

    The audio is ahead of the video for me. Anyone else having this issue? 

  • SYLVIA Seating Suggestions?  Dec 9 2015, 09:42:39 PM

    With tdf I sat 2nd row in the  right mezzanine.  Great seats and I could see everyones facial expressions clear as day. 

  • The King & I Discounted Tickets  Dec 7 2015, 05:40:53 PM

     I clicked on it cause I was interested in the topic as well but this is basically a child saying nah nah nah I got cheap tickets but I'm not sharing.

    I know you get bashed a lot on here but not everyone is out to get you but this thread really served no purpose other then to try to rub it in peoples faces that you have some secret discount that we aren't allowed to know about. 


    I actually find some of your reviews entertaining about the shows you se