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Birthday: 7 - 20
Gender: Male
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Favorite Performer(s): Kristin Chenoweth
Christine Ebersole
Angela Lansbury
Megan Mullally
Elaine Stritch

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  • Brian Bedford has died at 80  Jan 13 2016, 04:42:16 PM

    Very sad news:

    R.I.P., sir...

  • It’s Today! Happy 90th Birthday to the extraordinary Dame Angela Lansbury!  Oct 16 2015, 03:20:57 PM

    HorseTears said: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAME ANGIE!  What a perfect occasion to announce that Chalk Garden revival, don't you think? 

    From today article in Guardian:  

    "There may be further curtain calls in her 90s. She is reported to be having conversations with the director Michael Grandage over a possible production in London or New York of Enid Bagnold’s drama, The Chalk Garden. Lansbury would play an ancient matriarch, Mrs St Maugham

  • It’s Today! Happy 90th Birthday to the extraordinary Dame Angela Lansbury!  Oct 16 2015, 05:36:29 AM



    Here’s to many happy years and great roles to come!

    Dame Angela is a true acting legend and beautiful, kind human being.

    How lucky are we all that she continues to share her incredible talent with us all over the world. There is simply no one like her. Brava!


    I feel there should be a theatre named after her.


  • The Chalk Garden revival with Dame Angela Lansbury to open on B'way AND West End?  Sep 16 2015, 05:17:07 PM

    Dame Angela will speak at a fundraiser for St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in CA on October 8th.

    Here's what I found in news articles about the event:


    On stage, she’s wowed audiences in the Broadway musicals “Gypsy,” “Mame” and “Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.” Lansbury, who turns 90 on Oct. 16, will next star in the play “The Chalk Garden” in London and New York City.


  • Cicely Tyson, Rita Moreno and Carole King named 2015 Kennedy Center Honorees  Jul 17 2015, 05:58:08 AM

    Although I can always think of some deserving people this is a brilliant lineup. Huge congratulations to all!

  • Lansbury/Jones DRIVING MISS DAISY dvd available to Pre-Order!  Jul 17 2015, 05:56:55 AM

    Fantastic news and I love that cover!


    Now they need to do the same with Blithe Spirit and I can die happy. 

  • Lansbury/Jones DRIVING MISS DAISY To Air On PBS 7/17  Jul 17 2015, 05:54:21 AM

    A friendly reminded that the play airs tonight.


    Apparently the play is eligible for 2016 Emmy consideration after all. I doubt Dame Angela will be a favorite for the win though, considering it’s a live production, so I have double feeling about it. At this point it would simply insulting not to award her after 19 unsuccessful nominations, but at the same time who want a pity ove

  • Roger Rees  Jul 11 2015, 06:38:25 AM

    Very sad news. Had no idea Mr. Rees was ill. My he RIP.

    Deepest condolences to his family and friends. 

  • Roger Rees  Jul 11 2015, 06:38:24 AM

    Very sad news. Had no idea Mr. Rees was ill. My he RIP.

    Deepest condolences to his family and friends. 

  • Confirmed: I Love Lucy Live Tour CANCELLED for 15-16 season  Jun 14 2015, 07:49:45 AM

    I would rather watch Golden Girlz Live! with Jackie Beat. 


  • Chita Already Involved In New Broadway Bound Show?  Jun 13 2015, 07:18:09 PM

    "One of my favorite songs.

     Such a great song. Thank you for sharing. 

    As for Miss Rivera I hope she'll continue to share her incredible talent with us for many years to come.  

  • Anastasia  Jun 13 2015, 07:09:48 PM

    Who  played Dowager Empress Maria?

    I wonder if Dame Angela will join the Broadway production. 


  • Lansbury/Jones DRIVING MISS DAISY To Air On PBS 7/17  Jun 13 2015, 01:52:57 PM

    Saw it twice life in Melburne and later on the big screen. It's a brilliant production and I'm so happy it was recorded for commercial use.

    Too bad Dame Angela won't be eligible for the Emmy nomination since it it was first released in cinemas. 

  • Angela Lansbury Watches B-Roll Footage of Herself In GYPSY  Jun 13 2015, 01:40:27 PM

    ""Was there ever a more gracious, kind, self aware, decent person of such enormous talent as Lansbury?"
     In my half-century of experience, no, there was not."

    I guess it's only fair that someone who has accomplished so much during her life and continuous to to so in her late 80's will be so gracious, down-to-earth, modern and kind in real life. Dame Angela is one of a kind and a National Treasure (in the

  • Elaine Stritch credited as 4-time Tony nominee during In Memoriam segment instead of a winner  Jun 13 2015, 01:30:33 PM

    Wow, you're absolutely right. The IBDB database does not list her as a Tony winner, although she was referred as one in most obits and is still listed as one on her Wikipedia page.

    Such a shame that Broadway legend like Stritch has never won a Tony and wasn't even given a Lifetime Achievement one. 

  • Elaine Stritch credited as 4-time Tony nominee during In Memoriam segment instead of a winner  Jun 13 2015, 12:52:49 PM

    I thought she won a Tony for Elaine Stritch at Liberty in 2002?


    If there is life after death I can't image Ms. Stritch being too happy about it considering how long it took her to finally win that Tony. Well, if there is any consolation she got the biggest cheer from the crowd. 

  • Colin Firth in My Fair Lady  May 30 2015, 08:14:04 AM

    ""Dame Angela Lansbury should play Henry's mother!"
    I think it's a step down for her.  Mrs. Higgins has something like three scenes and no songs.  Angela is still pulling down leading roles (Driving Miss Daisy, Blithe Spirit)."

    I agree. The part is not significant enough for her. Plus I'm still hoping Dame Angela Lansbury will star in The Chalk Garden revival this fall. 

    However, if the bring it to the big screen it

  • RIP, Elizabeth Wilson (Tony winner)  May 10 2015, 08:06:34 PM

    Sad news. She was a wonderful actress. R.I.P.

  • Mame starring Angela Lansbury Film  May 4 2015, 08:22:36 AM

    Thank you so very much for sharing with us! Oh, how I wish that Dame Angela's Mame was recorded professionally. 

  • The Chalk Garden with Angela Lansbury to open Fall 2015  May 4 2015, 07:09:30 AM

    This is so spooky, as I just came to ask the same thing.

    Any updates on the revival? Is it still happening this fall?

    If yes, will it be Broadway or West End? Because immediately after winning an Olivier, Dame Angela was ask will she be returning to the West End and she said ‘’yes’’.

    I was planning on seeing it, but need to make my vacation plans soon, so any piece of information wil