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  • Any rush stories?  Mar 22 2015, 02:43:44 PM
    Tons of constant, irrelevant references to Cambodia and France that Sher added in to make the production seem more accurate or historical obviously. Ugh! And just millions of other little extra lines that I have never heard before in various scenes. Very strange!
  • Any rush stories?  Mar 22 2015, 02:34:57 PM
    My two cents:

    Overall, Sher cannot recreate the magic of South Pacific with this King & I. His subtle/minimalist approach to this production while beautiful is simply not effective IMO. There's a reason people go for opulence and over the top with this show, and I think it's a better fit rather than going very 'historical' as Sher does…

    Kelli is blissful as Anna, and she gets the most juice out of every line she has. Her Shall I Tell You…? is a showstopper, and her relationship
  • The king and I previews thread  Mar 13 2015, 06:25:53 AM
    Can anyone who was there tell us how different this production is from the 96 revival... I'm curious to know how Sher approaches it, is it stylistically like his South Pacific in terms of that cinematic fluidity and simplicity? Can anyone go into detail about the set? Are there different compartments, are cloths used, etc?
  • The King and I Revival  Mar 7 2015, 09:25:54 AM
    What an interesting document and interview with Sher… It appears we're going to get a fine, clear-cut, simple, traditional but effective King & I… The sketches and design discussions brings to mind, for me anyway, the 1999 Jodie Foster movie Anna and the King… The design sounds fascinating and I can't wait to see photos of the show eventually.

    I wonder how Sher approaches the scene changes, the 'front cloth' scenes, that type of traditional staging stuff? I also wonder how he will appr
  • The King and I Revival  Feb 21 2015, 01:10:53 PM
    How do you guys think this Lincoln Center revival is going to differ from Christopher Renshaw's 1996 revival? I mean, he re-envisioned and restructured and reimagined this show so hugely that it was quite dark, gritty and had that realistic feel like Trevor Nunn's Oklahoma!… Do you think Sher's production will be more traditional, and more faithful to the original show… I'm just dying to see how it all looks.
  • Best Actress in a Musical 2015  Oct 11 2014, 03:49:09 PM
    I don't care how early in the season it is, or how many or few performances we've seen, I wanna know can Kelli O'Hara ride this overdue wave to a victory next June? Who is her biggest competition: Kristin Chenoweth, Laura Michelle Kelly (is Neverland transferring?), whoever plays Mona in Whorehouse... Anyone else?
  • Kelli O'Hara WILL win Best Actress in 2015!!!!  Jun 9 2014, 09:29:30 AM
    As much as I'd love Kelli to win for King & I, I don't really see it happening... Anna is a great role, but Gertrude Lawrence won the Tony because of who she was and because it was a new show, and she was the star; Donna Murphy won by default 'cause Julie Andrews declined her nomination... Leading me to believe that it is not a strong enough role to win a best actress Tony (in MY opinion). Kristin may be unbeatable in On the Twentieth Century, or indeed, someone fresh and new may come along a la
  • Lincoln Center confirms King & I revival with Sher directing  Jun 9 2014, 08:23:01 AM
    God... Give me Kelli O'Hara over Rachel York any day.
  • Official 2013 - 2014 Tony Awards Thread  Jun 8 2014, 09:22:57 PM
    I'm also bitter that Iglehart won a Featured Actor Tony for a leading performance, when poor Bertie Carvel still has no Tony cos he was put in Lead for what was also a Featured performance
  • Official 2013 - 2014 Tony Awards Thread  Jun 8 2014, 09:19:01 PM
    Yes Celia's loss was due to Glass's closing... Bad news for Cherry!
  • Official 2013 - 2014 Tony Awards Thread  Jun 8 2014, 09:13:45 PM
    This is a delightful surprise IMO! Gorgeous Tony worthy performance.

    Re Iglehart: Stop making excuses - i.e he was nervous, the stage was bigger than he was used to etc etc. He's on Broadway, we expect brilliance and perfection. And he won a Tony for a mediocre performance by the looks of things. So disappointing!

  • Official 2013 - 2014 Tony Awards Thread  Jun 8 2014, 09:12:01 PM
    Yay Sophie! We should've seen this coming with Audra winning the same award ten years ago.
  • James Monroe IIglehart wins a TONY  Jun 8 2014, 09:10:53 PM
    A travesty. He won a Tony for trying to breathe.
  • Official 2013 - 2014 Tony Awards Thread  Jun 8 2014, 09:03:06 PM
    ^ Where have you been? He mentions his wife in all of his interviews etc.
  • Official 2013 - 2014 Tony Awards Thread  Jun 8 2014, 09:00:54 PM
    Nooooo!!!! Was pushing for Danny.
  • Official 2013 - 2014 Tony Awards Thread  Jun 8 2014, 08:50:07 PM
    Is Leon's win a surprise/upset?
  • Official 2013 - 2014 Tony Awards Thread  Jun 8 2014, 08:49:05 PM
    Iglehart was a mess, I don't understand the obsession with that number or his performance. Definitely doesn't seem Tony winning to me. Shame Burstein won't get his much overdue Tony for a subtler, heartbreaking performance. I don't need to see Iglehart sweating and trying to breathe all over the stage.
  • Official 2013 - 2014 Tony Awards Thread  Jun 8 2014, 08:46:17 PM
    The hell is Eastwood rambling on about
  • Lincoln Center confirms King & I revival with Sher directing  Jun 8 2014, 01:19:25 PM
    Wow, Witherspoon would've been delightful as Nellie! Love that thought
  • Help with Into The Woods double casting  Jun 7 2014, 07:58:28 PM

    Love the way Jack becomes the Steward who kills his mother!