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A Little Night Music
Avenue Q
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Lady in the Dark
Promises, Promises
Street Scene
Sunday in the Park with George
Sweet Charity
The Drowsy Chaperone
The Light in the Piazza
The Mystery of Edwin Drood

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  • SYLVIA to close on January 3, 2016  Nov 24 2015, 02:29:57 PM

    Oh, I see what you mean. And yes, I also see the social/moral value (perhaps) in developing a show like Holler; but per my initial comment about employing more critical or skeptical thinking, it seemed most likely that a show like that was not going to be a commercial success.


    But as I said, if producers were as skeptical about potential commercial success as I am, very little would probably get produced. And I'm not at all saying that that would be a good thin

  • SYLVIA to close on January 3, 2016  Nov 24 2015, 01:11:13 PM

    Perhaps, Hogan, perhaps. But who gets to say which producing reasons are "worthy," and which are "ignorant" or "mercenary?" You? Me? Harvey Weinstein?


    A qualitative opinion is always merely an opinion. Including yours.

  • SYLVIA to close on January 3, 2016  Nov 24 2015, 12:29:44 PM

    I suppose very little would get produced if the money folks thought more critically/skeptically about their choices:


    Holler If Ya Hear Me - non-theatrical material aimed at an audience that seems to have little or no interest in Broadway (or even theatre),

    This Is Our Youth - revival of a small, grim, old Off-Broadway play with no real stars,

    Love Letters - a tiny Off-Broadway play where the 2 actors don't move or memorize their li

  • Harvey Weinstein to Bring SINGIN' IN THE RAIN to Broadway!  Nov 24 2015, 10:31:30 AM

    The leads in that 1985 cast have pretty much disappeared, haven't they? Theatre World Award winner Faye Grant's last appearance in anything commercial (per imdb) was 2004; Tony-nominated Don Correia has been on Broadway only once since then (in the minuscule role of Theodore Whitman in Follies for 4 months) and hasn't appeared on film or TV since 1996 (I believe there may have been one or 2 Encores! appearances briefly); Peter Slutsker (Cosmo - also known by the more euph

  • What topics do you want Broadway to talk about but doesn't  Nov 24 2015, 09:46:32 AM

    Temperance and anti-vivisection.

  • Light in the Piazza at the Goodman  Nov 23 2015, 01:58:55 PM

    Wasn't O'Hara also dating (or had recently dated) Guettel?

  • Harvey Weinstein to Bring SINGIN' IN THE RAIN to Broadway!  Nov 23 2015, 12:50:34 PM

    Oh, that 10-month run back in the 80s wasn't enough?

  • Kelli O'Hara & Kelsey Grammer to Star In MY FAIR LADY On Broadway?  Nov 23 2015, 11:57:26 AM

    NOW you're thinking! She could alternate with Shirley Jones! And Marni!

  • Kelli O'Hara & Kelsey Grammer to Star In MY FAIR LADY On Broadway?  Nov 23 2015, 11:34:27 AM

    If you want an age-inappropriate diva in the role, why not just go all out and call in Bernadette Peters, Victoria Clark, Betty Buckley, Glenn Close, Josie de Guzman, or Rosalind Elias to audition?

  • Kelli O'Hara & Kelsey Grammer to Star In MY FAIR LADY On Broadway?  Nov 23 2015, 09:43:39 AM

    Benanti, O'Hara, and Chenoweth are all too old for the role; it's like when Glenn Close played Nellie Forbush - anyone who is actually thinking (rather than just automatically/passively accepting their favorite diva in any role) will wonder why this mid-40's spinster is being called a "girl" constantly. Mueller isn't a soprano, so I'm not sure why her name even came up. Grammar is an elderly stodge who can only play one tv-sitcom character in different variations

  • Michael Bennett's Attempt to Fix  Nov 20 2015, 09:16:46 AM

    I see LuPone more as a Stella, but I highly doubt that she'd settle for anything less than Carlotta, even at 70.

  • Michael Bennett's Attempt to Fix  Nov 19 2015, 11:40:35 AM

    Barnes' costumes were quite nice, but, like the rest of that poorly conceived production, suffered perhaps from being overly-literal. They look more like actual costumes from the Ziegfeld Follies, rather than (as the script suggests) people's exaggerated memories of Follies costumes.

  • My cast for a Sunset Boulevard film  Nov 18 2015, 11:57:31 AM

    Norma Desmond- Diana Ross

    Joe Gillis- Jamie Foxx

    Max von Mayerling- Quincy Jones

    Betty Schaefer- Nicki Minaj

  • Michael Bennett's Attempt to Fix  Nov 18 2015, 11:53:53 AM

    I really wouldn't call the Follies book "mean-spirited," it's merely unsentimental. I think the point of view is very sympathetic towards Sally, Ben, Phyllis, and Buddy. They're simply not bathed in the artificially pink light of sentiment.

  • Michael Bennett's Attempt to Fix  Nov 18 2015, 08:51:45 AM

    "The problem with Follies's [sic] book is that it's pretty structurally inept."


    Oh, ugh, this comment. There'll always be those who can't stand the Follies book, and others (like me) who think it's one of the best books ever created for a musical (and I'm only talking about the original seen at the Winter Garden, not any of the inferior revisions).


    Some like to see Follies as a parade o

  • Why did the film adaptation of Bat Boy get discontinued?  Nov 18 2015, 07:47:16 AM

    Saw the show at Union Square and in London (where, with a different director, it was diffuse, flabby, and humorless). I enjoyed much of it in NY, but it's a very uneven/inconsistent show, and the London production showed that much of what I enjoyed earlier was due to the NY cast, director., and designers, rather than the material. "Three Bedroom House" is the only song in the score that I find to be completely successful.

  • SYLVIA Reviews  Nov 13 2015, 09:02:06 AM

    "The biggest issue in the play was Matthew Broderick. Though he did have his moments, for the most part he seemed to be playing the part as Leo Bloom..."


    He's been playing that one character since even before The Producers. In his defense, it takes little to no effort on his part, and he continues to be hired for commercial productions at a very good salary, so he has no real reason to actually do anything more, does he? And I imagine there a

  • DAMES AT SEA Reviews  Nov 13 2015, 08:47:11 AM

    Kropp really is a top-notch tapper. Sadly, she has (I think) little else to offer; her singing is very pushed, with a fast and harsh (to my ear) vibrato. Her acting is also full of strenuous effort. And I really loathe writing this, because it ought not to matter, but she's just so un-pretty, in a Jane Withers/Virginia Weidler way. She's much more suited to play a Lucy Schmeeler kind of role, except for that enormous tapping talent. In another day, someone might have written a new sho

  • Shows That Were More Successful Out of Town  Nov 12 2015, 02:16:04 PM

    "Look at the Frank Wildhorn shows that all try out in Florida, and flop in New York."


    Wonderland tried out (twice) in Florida, both times to bad reviews and tepid audience response. After that, they still brought it in, and it flopped, naturally.


    Amazing Grace, Chaplin, Scandalous, and more all tried out with bad reviews, yet still came in under mostly freshman producing teams with more enthusiasm tha

  • Important Hats of The 20th Century  Nov 12 2015, 08:18:11 AM

    What IS that "Spoiler Content" thing? I toggled it, but the box was blank...


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