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Favorite Show(s): A Catered Affair
A Little Night Music
Avenue Q
Grand Hotel
Grey Gardens
Lady in the Dark
Promises, Promises
Street Scene
Sunday in the Park with George
Sweet Charity
The Drowsy Chaperone
The Light in the Piazza
The Mystery of Edwin Drood

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  • Documentary about Merrily We Roll Along  Aug 24 2016, 02:03:44 PM

    Ah, yes, now I see the confusion.

  • Documentary about Merrily We Roll Along  Aug 24 2016, 01:39:53 PM

    "The Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park will present the musical, under the direction of Tony Award winner John Doyle, with an actor-musician cast"

    Didn't that happen 4 years ago?

  • Moving to NY to work with LGBTQ non profit - need advise on housing  Aug 24 2016, 01:33:06 PM

    $500-$700? Does that still happen anywhere? That's what I was paying for a roommate situation 25 years ago!

  • Bernadette Peters agenda  Aug 23 2016, 11:37:38 AM

    The Times quote is "The theater, which will seat 130, will be adjusted to try to capture the intimacy and atmosphere of Harrington’s, which held just 35 audience members."

    That's not entirely accurate; the theatre already seats 130-199, depending on the production; seating will be reduced for this production. But please don't take my word for that.

  • Bernadette Peters agenda  Aug 23 2016, 11:25:58 AM

    1) Peters (who will be 69 when this production opens) no longer has the voice to effectively sing Lovett; she would be merely barking before intermission. (Lansbury was only 54 when she did it.)

    2) This production will play to roughly 35 people at each performance, and with the British cast coming over.

  • What are Your Definitive Productions?  Aug 22 2016, 08:10:01 AM

    Unless you have seen every production of a show (especially the original), you aren't really able to identify one as "definitive," are you? That would be like writing a biography of a person when you only know a few things about them.

    That said, I have never seen a revival of any show that was equal or superior to the original production (if I saw the original production live - videotape doesn't count, as it can't capture that ephemeral quality a liv

  • Sweet Charity - New Group, tix on sale.  Aug 19 2016, 03:51:10 PM

    The spunky leading lady the audience has grown to adore kills herself at the final curtain - that's sure to inspire a standing ovation. I wonder what mood Fosse was in? That ending is entirely out of step with the whole rest of the show.

    The Fellini ending is still the best - Charity/Cabiria always survives, always finds hope. It's what the whole story is about.

  • What are the worst musicals you ever saw  Aug 19 2016, 01:18:35 PM

    EricMontreal22 wrote: "Wow, was surprised to see February House, which on cd anyway I find charming, on that list"

    As they say, you can't judge a show by its recording; I found poor February House to be a great idea, inertly realized. The book meandered with no discernible story, point, or focus, and the score followed suit, with a large disparate group of famous characters all singing in more or less the same musical language - meandering

  • What are the worst musicals you ever saw  Aug 19 2016, 09:36:47 AM

    There comes a point when a show is so idiotic and/or badly written (usually the book, but sometimes the score), that there can be no worst, only one unvarying shade of unbearable, and you long for an opportunity to escape the theatre. Some awful shows have an unintended quality of hilarity in their badness, but some don't. For me, these shows reached that nadir (in no particular order):

    Ring of Fire
    The Times They Are A Changin

  • Rebecca back on?  Aug 19 2016, 08:27:17 AM

    My, there's been an inordinate amount of fuss over this negligible piece of schlock-poperetta.

  • MAME REVIVAL!!!  Aug 18 2016, 04:12:22 PM

    True, true.

  • MAME REVIVAL!!!  Aug 18 2016, 03:55:41 PM

    "Why should Toni Collette, well known, much loved and highly acclaimed, Broadway credits, musical, Tony and Oscar nominated, and seemingly perfect for the role be considered "out of left field"?"

    I dunno... she was in only 1 Broadway musical (and that one a flop), and 1 play (that ran 3 months). She continues to work regularly in TV, but does the public think of her as a musical comedy star? And would she even want to revive an old show l

  • MAME REVIVAL!!!  Aug 18 2016, 03:00:31 PM

    Maybe a real out of left field choice, like Amy Poehler, Jane Lynch, Toni Collette, Kristen Wiig, Amy Adams?

  • MAME REVIVAL!!!  Aug 18 2016, 02:42:32 PM

    When Lansbury played Mame in 1966 (at 41), she had already starred in the hit play A Taste of Honey on Broadway, as well as co-starred in a mildly successful revival of Hotel Paradiso with Bert Lahr. She was also quite famous for such films as HarlowDear HeartThe World of Henry OrientIn the Cool of the DayThe Court Jester,  Gaslight, and scores more, begi

  • MAME REVIVAL!!!  Aug 18 2016, 02:03:15 PM

    "Bernadette would SLAY "If he Walked Into My Life"!!!"

    I think she might have slain it 15 years ago at the latest; at 68, her voice is, I believe, no longer sufficiently strong or flexible to sing and act this role even 6 times a week.

    Don't you think Mame should pass for no older than 40, at least during Act I? And perhaps there would be no commercial Broadway revival unless the actress hired was a genuine star to more people than

  • BodyGuard Musical with Heather Headley!! Brilliant!!  Aug 18 2016, 08:25:52 AM

    Isn't Deborah Cox doing it now (with added songs from the Houston catalog)? And wouldn't most people rather just see a Whitney impersonator doing a concert of these songs, rather than sitting through that lame boring story?

  • Sondheim-Favorite Artist Song Performances  Aug 15 2016, 01:38:53 PM

    Jamie Cullum's take on "Not While I'm Around."

  • How about Daniel Radcliffe as Leo Frank...  Aug 11 2016, 02:43:53 PM

    "During its 9 week run, it posted above 55% of its gross potential, in January/February no less, 7 of those 9 weeks."

    Maybe so, but I can't think of anyone who calls 55% a hit. If it was returning 85-100% of gross potential, that would be a good argument to transfer to a commercial run. But 55% is nothing more than barely squeaking by.

  • How about Daniel Radcliffe as Leo Frank...  Aug 11 2016, 02:04:47 PM

    "This, on its face, just sounds wrong. Off the top of my head, Boeing Boeing, both revivals of A Delicate Balance, and the LaPaglia A View From the Bridge all ran far longer than their originals; I'm sure there are others."

    Yes, you're definitely right about Boeing Boeing - that revival ran almost 200 performances longer than the true flop original (I don't think it turne

  • How about Daniel Radcliffe as Leo Frank...  Aug 11 2016, 01:38:06 PM

    It seems unlikely that Parade would receive a commercial revival; even the original production was nonprofit, and only ran 85 performances (despite winning a Tony for Best Score, admittedly with no real competition).

    I say "unlikely" rather than "impossible;" there's been an odd mini-trend of producers thinking that they can "fix" flops and make them profitable (Side Show, GigiCarrie, Jekyll