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Location: New York, NY
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Favorite Show(s): A Catered Affair
A Little Night Music
Avenue Q
Grand Hotel
Grey Gardens
Lady in the Dark
Promises, Promises
Street Scene
Sunday in the Park with George
Sweet Charity
The Drowsy Chaperone
The Light in the Piazza
The Mystery of Edwin Drood

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  • The Legend of Georgia McBride @ MCC  Aug 31 2015, 12:19:18 PM

    It's a thoroughly enjoyable evening; the play is undeniably slight, but it's a wonderfully funny and (most important to me) good-hearted show. The entire cast is exactly right and they all achieve what they need to do to make the play work, and (as has been already noted) Matt McGrath is giving the funniest performance of the New York season.

  • The Music Man 2000 revival?  Aug 27 2015, 09:08:40 AM

    I remember thinking that it felt like really expensive summer stock, but cheap and lazy for Broadway. Luker was adept, but wan. Bierko was merely a Preston imitation. Ruth Williamson was inappropriately hilarious, more like a drag queen than Gingold, but at least she made an impression. The curtain call was by far the most interesting aspect of the evening, but I sat there thinking, "did they spend most of the rehearsal time on the curtain call?" I remember absolutely nothing of Win

  • An Act of God in LA  Aug 26 2015, 12:38:24 PM

    Interesting that they're going with a type so similar to Parsons - what they might have called "flamboyant" in the 50s or 60s. I don't recall anything in the text that specifies the character must have a queeny persona, but Parson's did generate more laughs than a different type might have (I thought).

  • Favorite Scores since 2000  Aug 26 2015, 10:43:48 AM


    Avenue Q

    The Light in the Piazza

    The Drowsy Chaperone

    Grey Gardens

    A Catered Affair

    The Scottsboro Boys

    Sister Act


    A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder

    Fun Home

    The Visit

  • re: Why was Sara Gettelfinger replaced by Erin Davie in Grey Gardens?  Aug 25 2015, 12:24:46 PM

    The Sara Gettelfinger-style story is far from rare. The land is full of those who got near to but didn't achieve ... if not actual "stardom," at least a lifetime of working regularly in commercial theatre, TV, or movies.


    Look at Jere Shea, Ben Wright, Janie Sell, Russ Thacker, Leland Palmer, Lauri Peters, Marti Rolph, Virginia Sandifur, Ed Evanko, Mark Baker, Wanda Richert, Karen Prunzik, Stephen Geoffreys, Lisa Mordente, etc., etc., etc.

  • AMAZING GRACE struggling on Broadway  Aug 24 2015, 07:46:03 AM

    "I feel like there's comparatively less chatter but someone must be seeing it."


    I'd imagine that the audience is comprised primarily of partially-empty busloads of church groups who, one would guess from the grosses, are paying somewhere between $0-10 per ticket.

  • Daddy Long Legs Opening Off-Broadway This Fall  Aug 19 2015, 12:19:59 PM

    I saw the poster the other day at Davenport's little theatre (modestly named the Davenport). It's a 149-seat tiny house that primarily presents short-lived showcases that no one ever hears much about. There are nine names listed as producers. It opens September 28.

  • Hedwig closing Sept. 13  Aug 19 2015, 08:50:30 AM

    Congratulations to all concerned on a successful long run.


    I look forward to seeing the next show in the Belasco.

  • Most inspired/Most bizarre  Aug 19 2015, 08:02:09 AM

    Some productions mentioned above aren't "re-imaginings" in any way at all (including Matthew Warchus' [not Marcus] Follies, nor Bells Are Ringing with Faith Prince nor Sher's South Pacific) - they were just regular productions with their own casting or slight emphases.


    You can find a million of these things with Shakespeare productions - I still fondly remember A.J. Antoon's Wild West production of The Taming of the S

  • Most bizarre liberties taken with source material in a theatre adaptation?  Aug 18 2015, 01:35:20 PM

    From's summary of reviews: "One fault of the book is that Chernow is so convinced of Hamilton’s excellence that his narrative sometimes becomes hagiographic. Nowhere is this more apparent than in Chernow’s account of the infamous duel between Hamilton and Aaron Burr in 1804. He describes Hamilton’s final hours as pious, while Burr, Jefferson, and Adams achieve an almost cartoonish villainy at the news of Hamilton’s passing.

  • Most bizarre liberties taken with source material in a theatre adaptation?  Aug 18 2015, 12:51:14 PM

    I think the original post was perfectly clear, and the choice of words "creative liberties" totally applicable to the process of adaptation.


    That said, the recent play of Breakfast At Tiffany's also played a bit loosely with the essence of Capote's novella - it seems everyone wants it to be a love story, even though that's nowhere in the text. What made it stranger in this latest version is that they kept the narrator gay(ish), but also made h

  • Demanding Star Vehicles  Aug 17 2015, 02:58:17 PM

    King Lear.


    Re: Berthe in Pippin; even in the Paulus revival, the heavy work was being done by her partner. In the normal version of the show, the role is not remotely demanding - 1 scene and song, with the option of being in the opening and the finale as an ensemble member (I don't believe the original Berthe was in either).

  • Brilliant casting at Williamstown!  Aug 17 2015, 01:14:18 PM

    No, I don't think I actually compared any performances. You could try reading what I really wrote, but please don't let that stop you from continuing to indulge in bizarre straw man arguments and other logical fallacies. They're cute.


    (In case you require clarity, what I did was describe my perceptions of McDonald and Swenson's acting abilities. I did mention Dewhurst and Robards in passing, merely as the prime interpreters of the roles in this play, not com

  • Brilliant casting at Williamstown!  Aug 17 2015, 12:03:49 PM

    I've been wondering about this production; the race thing is trivial, although those who don't know the play might wonder as they watch why miscegenation is never mentioned.


    Beyond that, I (personally) don't think either McDonald or Swenson are really quite skilled enough actors to make this difficult piece of O'Neill really shine in a way Dewhurst and Robards could. I know it's considered anathema to state such a thing here, but I found McDonald's Lady Day

  • Immersive EVITA  Aug 12 2015, 01:26:24 PM

    "Whoever said that inviting new audiences in is 'futile' is exactly where I seem to be butting heads a lot with a lot of you. There's this sense that theatre is working as it is and that nothing needs to change. But there is, in my eyes, still SO much wrong with it, especially as the world evolves."


    So, go ahead and change it, if you think you can. But you're in for nothing but maddening heartache if you expect everyone to just go along an

  • Immersive EVITA  Aug 12 2015, 11:15:02 AM

    "Why I think theatre is dying is that its chief audience is of a much older generation. Seniors with lots of money and time. But when they're gone, who's next?"


    When they're gone, you and your friends will be senior citizens to take their place.


    Theatre has been the interest of the older audience since the advent of cheaper, livelier entertainment like radio, movies, television, and rock concerts. And then y

  • AMAZING GRACE struggling on Broadway  Aug 12 2015, 10:10:28 AM

    Careful - self-righteous judgement is never pretty. Take care of your own opinions; let others express theirs.

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 8/9/15  Aug 10 2015, 03:18:33 PM

    Just imagine how many poor families could be fed with the money that Amazing Grace is throwing away...

  • What Show Will Andy Karl Do Next?  Jul 30 2015, 10:35:39 AM

    I have it on good authority that he's doing the long-awaited Broadway transfer of Naked Boys (Who Aren't Really Boys Anymore) Singing, to be directed by Jerry Mitchell, and co-starring Cheyenne Jackson, Nick Adams, and, for some reason, Rob McClure.

  • OLIVER! Film Reboot Thread  Jul 29 2015, 08:17:37 AM

    I know the word has been hip for so long that it's already tired (it was tired the second time some idiot used it), but it should be pointed out that "reboot" does not in any way at all mean the same thing as "remake."