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A Little Night Music
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Grey Gardens
Lady in the Dark
Promises, Promises
Street Scene
Sunday in the Park with George
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The Drowsy Chaperone
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The Mystery of Edwin Drood

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  • Mary-Louise Parker in HEISENBERG Off-Broadway in May  May 20 2015, 10:50:19 AM

    I'm sure you're right, I was merely reacting to the (terse) plot summary stated earlier in the thread.

  • Alex Sharp vs. Steven Boyer  May 20 2015, 10:49:06 AM

    " my opinion, Boyer's excellent performance was aided by the puppet."

    Yes, a sock on the hand really is pretty much the same as millions of dollars worth of lights, sound, projections, and the systems to run them.

  • Mary-Louise Parker in HEISENBERG Off-Broadway in May  May 20 2015, 09:42:18 AM

    "Parker will play a woman who kisses a much older man in a London train station."

    So, a 50 year old woman kisses a 76 year old man? That's the gimmick?

  • On the 20th Century Cast Recording Released today!  May 19 2015, 11:48:28 AM

    Chenoweth does sound terrific on this, and Gallagher sounds better than I thought he would (although he still sounds like a pale imitation of John Cullum/John Barrymore).

    But those orchestrations, even beefed up for the recording, still sound thin and tinny compared to the original.

    I appreciate the recording of every bit of music from the score (though significantly altered by lesser talents, as some of it has been).

  • Alex Sharp vs. Steven Boyer  May 19 2015, 11:11:07 AM

    Much as I enjoyed Sharp's work (and hard work it is, too), it's basically an actor's trick - and one that impresses the groundlings far out of proportion to its worth (like the famous Rain Man performance of Dustin Hoffman). Many people are in enormous awe of visible effort in performance, loving watching actors play an extreme condition.

    No one would say it's "easy" to play such an extreme condition, but it's somewhat like

  • GIGI Reviews  May 18 2015, 05:09:38 PM

    Chacun a son goût.

  • GIGI Reviews  May 18 2015, 04:38:27 PM

    Not only "why revisit it?" but also why would anyone say that "everyone should see" this cheap bore?

  • Broadway's Biggest Selfie with IT'S ONLY A PLAY  May 15 2015, 02:37:07 PM

    Maybe it's just me, but you sound like maybe you kinda intern for the show and joined today just to do a little bit of marketing?

  • Its Only A Play (2.0)  May 15 2015, 01:07:39 PM

    I hear rumors to that effect, Kad, but nothing detailed. She doesn't appear to really need the cane, and sets it down most of the time. But she does hobble around like her legs don't work well.

  • Its Only A Play (2.0)  May 15 2015, 12:48:05 PM

    And that can't be stressed enough: comedy is an utterly subjective thing. What one person finds hilarious, another will find tiresome.

  • Its Only A Play (2.0)  May 15 2015, 12:13:05 PM

    I found this to be a truly tedious night in the theatre. There really is no play, just a flimsy situation that theoretically allows for a lot of wacky comic performances.

    Unfortunately, there aren't really any good wacky comic performances. Lane is adept at what he does, but he can do it in his sleep now. I kept imaging the lines being said by James Coco (for whom this play was originally written decades ago), which kept me engaged. Broderick has become the laziest actor in show bu

  • It's About Tyne  May 15 2015, 10:32:29 AM

    I find (and have always found) her to be remarkably one-note as an actress. She delivers every line with the same nasal, fast, harsh reading. Sitting through her limited schtick in Mothers and Sons last year was unbearable; in Shoulda, it was a bit easier to take because she didn't carry the show. Watching her in Master Class was unintentionally hilarious, like watching Mary Beth Lacey in a drag show.

    But clearly, no matter how many notes one thi

  • Petition to Broadcast Best Book and Score at the Tony's  May 15 2015, 10:21:39 AM

    I also agree that these are both important enough to include on the show; I'd also add orchestrations, the most undervalued and misunderstood contribution to musical theatre.

    That said, no petition is gonna change anyone's mind on anything. But I suppose it makes some people feel like they've maybe actually done something...

  • Daddy Long Legs Opening Off-Broadway This Fall  May 14 2015, 08:30:03 AM

    Have I used that exact same comparison before? That's distressing. I thought I had some fresh material, but I guess not...

    I thought my old standby was "So-and-so is to theatre scores as Velveeta is to cuisine."

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 5/10/15  May 13 2015, 02:15:33 PM

    My statement (that the word of mouth I've heard has been negative) also carries the inherent implication that one's NYC friends don't always reflect the aesthetic demographic of the Broadway audience as a whole, which is comprised much more of visitors who see Broadway shows (or even theatre as a whole) but rarely.

    The reports I've received (granted, from frequent theatre goers) all tend to be consonant with the Times assertion that “Finding Neverland is largely made

  • Dolly plot  May 13 2015, 09:48:19 AM

    Reviewing the script for The Matchmaker, one finds:

    There are 4 acts:
    Act 1 is Vandergelder's house in Yonkers, NY
    Act 2 is Mrs. Molloy's hat store in New York
    Act 3 is The Harmonia Gardens Restaurant on the Battery (not 14th Street)
    Act 4 is Miss Van Huysen's house (where everyone goes after the chaos at the restaurant, and everything gets tied up).

    Miss van Huysen Daddy Long Legs Opening Off-Broadway This Fall  May 13 2015, 09:14:28 AM

    Maybe it's just me, but I find that Paul Gordon is to theatre scores as paint-by-numbers is to art.

  • The  May 13 2015, 09:12:35 AM

    As "sagas" go, this one is a dull slog.

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 5/10/15  May 13 2015, 09:09:31 AM

    "Like it or not, 'Neverland' is a crowd-pleaser."

    Equating ticket sales to audience satisfaction is misguided. It would be more accurate to say, "Like it or not, Neverland is a ticket-seller (for now)." All the word of mouth I've heard from audience members is rather blah to negative.

    Re: Shoulda Making a profit from regional productions: I doubt that the bigger, more reputable regionals are going to waste time on this bit of low-brow

  • Permission, by Robert Askins (the guy who wrote Hand to God)  May 12 2015, 08:56:57 AM

    "Timbers flare?" I admit I don't know what that might be, even having seen a good deal of his work.

    This one is directed as a straightforward play, no gimmicks, no "flare." The actors don't bump into the set or each other, so the staging is fine. The excellent performances I credit to the actors, not the director.

    The set does what it needs to, but is a bit lumbering in that space.