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Gender: Male
Location: New York, NY
Occupation: Arts
Favorite Show(s): A Catered Affair
A Little Night Music
Avenue Q
Grand Hotel
Grey Gardens
Lady in the Dark
Promises, Promises
Street Scene
Sunday in the Park with George
Sweet Charity
The Drowsy Chaperone
The Light in the Piazza
The Mystery of Edwin Drood

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  • A BRONX TALE Reviews  Dec 2 2016, 10:48:00 AM

    That Isherwood piece sounds very polite/euphemistic, almost as if he owed someone a favor.

  • Riedel on DeNiro and A Bronx Tale  Nov 30 2016, 02:45:26 PM

    It might have legs like Jersey Boys (they seem to marketing this as an almost sequel...); but I suspect that once the self-identified Goodfellas crowd from Long Island and Jersey have been saturated, attendance will drop, barring a hysterical rave from the Times. I have no interest in this project, but the only word of mouth that's come to me is very negative.

  • A Chorus Line as a live tv musical  Nov 30 2016, 11:07:01 AM

    "The edits would be annoying but they wouldn't be sacrificing the story."

    What story? A Chorus Line is all character stuff, there's no actual story.

    Additionally, I would find the camera work of the choreography intrusive, rather than enlightening; I really hate it when camera directors decide for me what I should look at in group dance numbers.

  • Jason Robert Brown's King Kong?  Nov 30 2016, 09:14:55 AM

    Was Brown on the project when Crag Lucas was the book writer?

  • Jason Robert Brown's King Kong?  Nov 29 2016, 01:25:17 PM

    He has two kids to put through college, and nothing he's written has made much money. So... sure, grab at anything.

  • Victor/Victoria needs a revival  Nov 29 2016, 11:46:38 AM

    "...why wasn't Rachel York nominated?"

    I actually knew someone on the nominating committee that year; the majority of the committee thought the show was death on stage and didn't deserve any nods. They nominated Andrews solely because of her star presence and history.

    I have to agree; as much as one might love Rachel York, no one could have elevated that material. "Paris Makes Me Horny" may well be among the worst 5 musica

  • Victor/Victoria needs a revival  Nov 28 2016, 08:35:09 AM

    "...wasn't Mancini originally engaged to write the additional songs for the stage version, but died during pre-production?"

    Mancini did write almost all the new songs for the show (with Bricusse as lyricist) before kicking the bucket one year before the first out of town performance; Wildhorn only wrote "Trust Me," (partly written by Mancini), "Louis Says" (justifiable cut soon after opening), and "Living in The Shadows" (which was rumored to have been heavily re-written by mu

  • 5 Ways Rejection Can Turn Into Booking a Broadway Gig  Nov 22 2016, 03:57:44 PM

    Lizzie, that piece needs a lot more editing that that - keep going!

  • Ride the cyclone MCC  Nov 21 2016, 02:20:49 PM

    Wow, the story sounds a lot like the Frankel and Korie show Happiness that played Lincoln Center back in 2009... (and that was hard to sit through, once you figured out what was going on.)

  • SWEET CHARITY Revival  Nov 21 2016, 11:51:30 AM

    Brantley's review is a nasty slap in the face to Joel Perez.

  • What went wrong with Dames at Sea ?  Nov 18 2016, 12:36:54 PM

    Right, Kad - there are a lot of shows on that list:

    Little Shop of Horrors
    Passing Strange

    [title of show]
    Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson
    Triumph of Love

    Etc., etc., etc.

  • What went wrong with Dames at Sea ?  Nov 18 2016, 12:00:35 PM

    Oh, yes, that was clear. Just going all Ella Peterson (or Melisande Scott) on you.

  • Riedel on Paltrow producing Go-Go's musical and Charity potential transfer  Nov 18 2016, 09:58:15 AM

    I know it's been a whole year, but here are some reviews, just to remind everyone:


  • Talkin' Broadway All That Chat  Nov 18 2016, 09:37:31 AM

    Ann is the "suburban soccer mom" mentality to which I referred earlier.

    I found long ago that this site had much more humor than ATC; although Jordan Catalano and themysteriousgrowl, my two favorites, seem to be kind of MIA lately. And I miss them.

    By the way, here they are, discussing being discussed (I'm surprised it hasn't been deleted as "off topic):


  • What went wrong with Dames at Sea ?  Nov 18 2016, 09:20:37 AM

    Skinner had been trying to engineer a revival for years - he does one thing very well (white-people-tap choreography), and had exhausted the 42nd Street market, so he hoped to turn Dames into a cheap little version of same.

  • Talkin' Broadway All That Chat  Nov 18 2016, 08:00:05 AM

    AlanScott is the only poster with anything worth reading over there, and it's just not worth the time to cherry pick his comments.

  • What went wrong with Dames at Sea ?  Nov 18 2016, 07:57:20 AM

    To those "analyzing" the material itself - the show is a classic, and the material isn't the problem. It's proven itself successful countless times over the past 40+ years.

    "I just don't understand all the hate for this.  And John Bolton was outstanding.  Just stop."

    "Just stop" what, exactly? Expressing opinions you don't like? Articulating constructive criticism? Princess, get a grip - that's not going to happen.

    "Cary Tedder was fine as the equivalent of t

  • What went wrong with Dames at Sea ?  Nov 17 2016, 12:10:42 PM

    Elaine May and Maria Conchita Alonso?

  • What went wrong with Dames at Sea ?  Nov 17 2016, 12:09:42 PM

    Elaine Stritch and Maria Karnilova?

  • What went wrong with Dames at Sea ?  Nov 17 2016, 12:07:54 PM

    "Lesli killed it and so did Elaine and Maria..."

    I'll bite - Elaine and Maria who?


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