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Favorite Show(s): A Catered Affair
A Little Night Music
Avenue Q
Grand Hotel
Grey Gardens
Lady in the Dark
Promises, Promises
Street Scene
Sunday in the Park with George
Sweet Charity
The Drowsy Chaperone
The Light in the Piazza
The Mystery of Edwin Drood

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  • Broadway Catastrophes: First Wives Club  May 24 2017, 07:54:07 AM

    The original post is a fun read.

    Personally, I think the movie is rather deadly idiotic pasteurized dreck, flavorless fodder for the booboisie, but I could see some good writers making a fun show from it. If they jettisoned the entire screenplay and just kept the basic idea. Maybe.

  • Is it happening?  May 23 2017, 11:57:12 AM

    Let me get some facts lined up before I ask - this show ran for a brief four months in an open-ended commercial Off-Broadway production three years ago with 19-count'em-19 producers credited. It received few award nominations, and won none. The Times did it few favors, saying that it "isn’t as savvy or mordant as the film that inspired it," that it had a "sort of bubbly generic score" and "sassy sendup lyrics now common to musical adaptations

  • Is Bombshell happening?  May 23 2017, 10:06:03 AM

    "How do you produce a show with no book and only a few songs?"

    "^by having people write a book and more songs."

    Oh - who knew it was so easy? It'll be a hit for sure (except it's probably not going to happen...).

  • Is Bombshell happening?  May 23 2017, 07:51:00 AM

    How do you produce a show with no book and only a few songs?

  • Moscow in GREAT COMET  May 22 2017, 03:01:21 PM

    "Mos-coh is just the correct pronunciation, that's all."

    Actually, I don't find any evidence that there is only one "correct" English pronunciation of that word.

    The Russians pronounce it "Mosk-VA," and there's no reason why we don't do the same. It's not like it's hard for Americans to say (like Munich-München).

  • Estate of Edward Albee Yanks Rights to Production Over Casting of Black Actor  May 19 2017, 10:05:42 AM

    Who exactly is/are the Albee Estate? He had no children, his long-term partner predeceased him. Who are these people who speak for him, and how reliable are they as representatives of his wishes and opinions?

    In the 90s, I saw two separate regional (non-Equity) productions of Woolf; one had an African American Nick, the other an African American Honey. Neither production was particularly good, but the flaws had nothing to do with anyone's race

  • Humans of New York - Broadway post  May 17 2017, 01:51:30 PM

    "I look forward to continuing to learn from you."

    I get the distinct impression that you believe that you have nothing to learn about anything from anybody (and that, in fact, you feel its your mission to go out of your way to try to insult those who may know something you don't, or at least have differing information from yours), but if my instincts are wrong, then thank you.

  • Humans of New York - Broadway post  May 17 2017, 01:21:01 PM

    UncleCharlie, as a playwright, I think it needs to be acknowledged that your dialogue is greatly lacking in coherence and verisimilitude. And wit. And sense. It may have a bit of value as a good example of non sequitur, but not in a comically effective way. Perhaps it could be used as an example of "what to avoid."

    But keep trying; I wouldn't want to stifle your voice.

  • Humans of New York - Broadway post  May 17 2017, 11:58:06 AM

    Kad asked "Why the hell would an anonymous woman say she was physically abused?"

    It doesn't seem to take great imagination to visualize a Munchausen syndrome kind of person (or someone suffering from some degree of paranoia, schizophrenia, or the like) who creates imaginary tales of illness or victimization. I'm not saying, of course, that this is the case here. But we all are, I think, given the ability to imagine any sort of plausible

  • King Kong to open on Broadway Fall 2018  May 17 2017, 11:39:25 AM

    Perhaps it will play in rep with RebeccaYank!, and other imaginary productions.

  • The Last Great Overture  May 16 2017, 03:37:43 PM

    darquegk wrote: ""It may be pastiche, but the full length album version of the Producers overture is pretty nice."

    I asked: "In what way is that overture "pastiche?""

    Chairinman replied: "It wasn't actually performed; just written for the album. The overture as performed on broadway was significantly shorter."

    That's not the definition of "pastiche," though.

  • The Last Great Overture  May 16 2017, 10:15:26 AM

    "It may be pastiche, but the full length album version of the Producers overture is pretty nice."

    In what way is that overture "pastiche?"

  • The Last Great Overture  May 16 2017, 07:58:24 AM

    The Drowsy Chaperone? That's the last one that made an impression...

  • Is Clara in The Light In The Piazza A Leading Role?  May 16 2017, 07:52:58 AM

    Margaret is clearly the center of the musical The Light in the Piazza; the show is primarily about her, what she does, how she changes. Clara is a very big supporting role.

  • Funny Girl revival?  May 15 2017, 02:11:29 PM

    The topic that never gets tired.



    Or does it?

  • Who's the lead of the 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee?  May 15 2017, 10:18:56 AM

    It's called an "ensemble piece."

  • Encores Golden Apple  May 13 2017, 02:16:30 PM

    There is a boot of the full Broadway version, which is my benchmark. The (unmiked) voices are unmatched, and Ballard's is the only version of Lazy Afternoon I've heard that sounds as though it's about screwing.

    I only mention it as almost everyone involved is long deceased.

  • Is Dolly Levi a communist?  May 13 2017, 02:13:19 PM

    I think you have not yet quite mastered the definitions of "communism" and "capitalism."

    Dolly is a textbook capitalist - she doesn't want to redistribute capital, she wants to invest it to "encourage little things to grow." As she tells us at the very beginning of the show, she arranges things "for the pleasure and the profit they derive."

    Growth and profit are the

  • Encores Golden Apple  May 12 2017, 01:11:52 PM

    "Much better than the New Yorkers which I thought was awful..."

    I think it's important to acknowledge that what Encores presented was not The New Yorkers, but rather a somewhat new show based upon (and using material from) The New Yorkers.

  • WAR PAINT - The Original Broadway Cast Recording  May 12 2017, 08:59:06 AM

    Although the show is hugely flawed, this is probably the one recording this season I'll listen to more than once.