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Favorite Show(s): A Catered Affair
A Little Night Music
Avenue Q
Grand Hotel
Grey Gardens
Lady in the Dark
Promises, Promises
Street Scene
Sunday in the Park with George
Sweet Charity
The Drowsy Chaperone
The Light in the Piazza
The Mystery of Edwin Drood

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  • What Show Will Andy Karl Do Next?  Jul 30 2015, 10:35:39 AM

    I have it on good authority that he's doing the long-awaited Broadway transfer of Naked Boys (Who Aren't Really Boys Anymore) Singing, to be directed by Jerry Mitchell, and co-starring Cheyenne Jackson, Nick Adams, and, for some reason, Rob McClure.

  • OLIVER! Film Reboot Thread  Jul 29 2015, 08:17:37 AM

    I know the word has been hip for so long that it's already tired (it was tired the second time some idiot used it), but it should be pointed out that "reboot" does not in any way at all mean the same thing as "remake."

  • An Actress as Hedwig  Jul 28 2015, 01:36:08 PM

    "...but Hedwig told me herself that she was a woman and that's all that counts."

    Well then, that's a horse of a different color.

  • An Actress as Hedwig  Jul 28 2015, 01:07:29 PM

    "To quote Hedwig, right before Wig in a Box - "I am.....a woman""

    And to quote Sally Durant Plummer, "In Buddy's eyes, I'm young, I'm beautiful."

    To think that everything that emerges from a character's mouth is merely blatantly factual and true ignores the magic of the ambivalent (or the way characters either lie or can have blind spots about themselves).

  • An Actress as Hedwig  Jul 28 2015, 10:31:05 AM

    Is there some sort of benefit to having a woman play Hedwig? I admit that I don't see any payoff here, only novelty.

    Hedwig is a man with damaged genitalia who dresses in performative drag. He sings in a man's baritone range and exposes his (male) chest at the end. He isn't a woman, so where is the plus here?

  • OLIVER! Film Reboot Thread  Jul 27 2015, 02:09:22 PM

    I'm sure this one will be released right after Mackintosh's My Fair Lady remake.

    And it'll be just as successful, I imagine, too.

  • Why Does Michael Riedel hate  Jul 27 2015, 09:31:50 AM

    I don't know - I find it kind of amusing.

    But then I find non-ironic hype/hyperbole to be about the lowest form of communication, even lower than mime.

  • Why Does Michael Riedel hate  Jul 23 2015, 02:38:44 PM

    "...miserable malcontents, dispeptic [sic] divas, obstreperous ogres, etc."

    AKA "people with opinions different from mine."

  • Bridges of Madison County Tour Casting  Jul 23 2015, 02:35:51 PM

    The first national tour of The Full Monty closed after only the first few cities. Others since have cancelled engagements and folded early, including Peter and the Starcatcher, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, the Dreamgirls tour of about 5 years ago, etc.

  • Bridges of Madison County Tour Casting  Jul 23 2015, 02:15:21 PM

    Really? Just $1,000 a week for the leads? I know it was a flop, and has a good chance of flopping on the road as well (it's not unheard of for tours to shut down early), but even if they signed 1-year contracts, that's only $52,000 for the year, minus $5,200 for the agent, $5,200 for the manager (I imagine they each have both), etc., etc., etc.

    That's hardly what anyone would call remotely lucrative.

  • Why Does Michael Riedel hate  Jul 23 2015, 10:13:54 AM

    "^ You are in the minority on that."

    You have no way of actually knowing that. It's merely solipsistic and pointless conjecture. Disagree if you like, but it's always advisable to refrain from attempting to state that you speak for the majority and that the majority is always "right."

  • Why Does Michael Riedel hate  Jul 22 2015, 03:11:18 PM

    I thought it was a really interesting show, but of course undeserving of the ridiculous amount of hype it's been receiving. Nothing could deserve that much hype.

    Every few years, the Blob needs to glom on to the new relevant, the "best, first, finest, latest," and they have to talk about how it's unprecedented - which of course makes them feel great about themselves for being so hip and au courant and insightful for rec

  • I thought this got good reviews  Jul 22 2015, 11:14:25 AM

    Shockingly, shows get good reviews all over the world that never transfer to Broadway...

  • What happened to Houdini  Jul 22 2015, 10:19:24 AM

    Oh, Lord, there are soooooooooooo many. Busker Alley, Ghost Brothers of Darkland County, Arthur the Musical, Mask the Musical, Happy Days the Musical... What these shows generally have in common is that they aren't very good (but no worse than many flops that make it to Broadway) and are really terribly produced.

    This book describes

  • SOUND OF MUSIC tour cast announced  Jul 22 2015, 09:58:20 AM

    More on the "real story" of Maria and the von Trapp family:

    Maria was orphaned at the age of 7. At 18, she graduated from a teachers' college, then entered the abbey as a postulant. Three years later (age 21), she was sent to teach the youngest von Trapp daughter (the mother had died the year Maria entered the abbey), and eventually began taking care of the other children as well.

    After about a year, the Captain, 25 years older than Maria, asked her to marry him. She did

  • SOUND OF MUSIC tour cast announced  Jul 22 2015, 09:28:59 AM

    "Not to mention the number of historical inaccuracies that are just part of the script itself, no matter how casting goes, such as the time frame of when Maria came to the family, when they left Austria, and the fact that crossing those mountains on foot would have landed them squarely in Germany and not Switzerland."

    Delightfully funny and true. Like all shows that tout themselves as being based upon real people or events, The Sound of Music (and her sister T

  • SOUND OF MUSIC tour cast announced  Jul 21 2015, 03:35:48 PM

    "I can't imagine it would be historically accurate to have a Mother Abbess in her early 30s at a 1930's Austrian abbey."

    Accuracy hasn't been a theatrical priority for simply ages. I mean, does anyone think it was historically accurate to have a black Mother Superior in her early 40s?

  • Dames at Sea Casting  Jul 21 2015, 12:39:11 PM

    Well, we've all seen this show done "good;" but what's the point of reviving it on Broadway unless it's going to be "unusually good?" And (to me) this cast and (especially) director, based on what I've seen of their work, suggest that it's just going to be "OK."

    I love Margherita in Matilda, but it's all I've seen her do - Mona Kent is a completely different role vocally, but I'm happy to believe that Margherita has more than the one character voice she used as Mrs. Wormwo

  • Dames at Sea Casting  Jul 21 2015, 11:45:35 AM

    That cast seems more like one you would expect to see at the Westside Arts or out of town. I'm sure they're all very talented, but...

    I still think very fondly of the Lamb's Theatre revival in 1985; that production was letter perfect - the tiny size of the theatre, the wild young talent, the original arrangements, director, choreographer. I hope this one is as good. But I fear that Randy Skinner hasn't proven himself to be as adept with comedy or style as he is with tap.

  • Christian Hoff, JERSEY BOYS, 2006 Best Featured Actor in a Musical  Jul 20 2015, 04:08:49 PM

    "Second of all, Hoff was only forced to leave due to an injury early into previews."

    Never but never believe a press release. They generally only have a casual relationship with the truth.

    "His understudy Matthew Risch ended up taking over."

    Who was, coincidentally, dating the director at the time.