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  • Team Madonna vs. Team Lin-Manuel  Apr 20 2015, 04:24:02 PM

    'Not to mention the terror of a guest's credit card not going through.'

    Don't call me out, bitch!!!  (That actually happened on Saturday night...they switched two numbers on my card...I felt so poor!)


  • Jake Gyllenhaal as Seymour  Apr 14 2015, 04:10:28 PM

    Except Kerry Butler, who was doing... something. 

    Truer words.  I don't necessarily blame her...and I think it might have been fascinating to see what might have happened if she did a variation on Penny Pingleton, but that is not what happened.  

  • Jake Gyllenhaal as Seymour  Apr 14 2015, 03:00:57 PM

    To be fair, the show is only typically a cast of 8, 4 of which are usually people of color (one, of course, being offstage). For a musical, that's... actually a good percentage.

    Oh...I know that it's my own weird thing.  I always thought the easiest way to break out of the Ellen Greene mode was to hire an actress of color.  Cause if I see one more goddamned Ellen Greene impression, I'm gonna dickkick myself.  

  • Jake Gyllenhaal as Seymour  Apr 14 2015, 02:40:02 PM

    I haven't, Kad!  Imma hunt that down now. 

    And yes...Chuck Cooper is marvelous news!  As the offstage person of color.

    I don't know why I find Little Shop cast with all white people in the principal parts disagreeable, but I do.  

  • Jake Gyllenhaal as Seymour  Apr 14 2015, 02:34:26 PM

    I know this is a heresy, but I would much prefer seeing a fresh take on Audrey.  Perhaps even someone of color, like Anika Noni Rose.

  • Jake Gyllenhaal as Seymour  Apr 14 2015, 01:58:14 PM

    That's some Harold and Maude sh*t happenin up in there!

    You could actually switch Gyllenhaal and Killam and it would still be terrific casting.

    I have a such a worrying crush on Killam.  

  • Fun Home Previews  Apr 10 2015, 11:56:57 AM

    Oh Christ...that last panel.  

  • Fun Home Previews  Apr 9 2015, 04:01:55 PM

    I haven't seen it since the first preview, but I'm assuming Telephone Wire is still done on the revolve.  

  • Fun Home Previews  Apr 9 2015, 10:50:31 AM

    I was stunned at the life Next to Normal had on Broadway...and I think Fun Home is a far superior show.  In some ways, I find the family dynamics far more accessible in Fun Home than Next to Normal.  My family is nothing like the Bechdels, and yet...

    I think, no matter what happens, it's a triumph to have a musical of this quality on Broadway.  It's a show that only deepens the more you revisit, and that is something to celebrate.  

  • City of Angels - 1990  Apr 8 2015, 10:48:34 AM

    She was so glamorous in that beaded gown...and those low notes?  Heaven! 


  • City of Angels - 1990  Apr 8 2015, 09:59:22 AM

    'The theater is located one block from the Back Bay Amtrak station, which is a secret every smart traveller should know.'

    Oh you lovable c*nt.

    The moment I'll never forget was during You Can Always Count on Me when Oolie went to bed and black and white and, after a very quick blackout, Donna woke up in color.  It was simple, and it was breathtaking!  

  • City of Angels - 1990  Apr 7 2015, 10:34:28 PM

    Shut UP!  I worked with that Oolie/Donna a number of years ago and she's magnificent!  I should head on up now that the snow is maybe melting!

    City of Angels will always be a favorite.  The staging and design were astonishing, the original cast was ideal (though I saw Jacqui Maltby on for Randy Graff...she was sensational), and I've had a gay-boy crush on Kay McClelland since her Florinda.  It's, to this day, the wittiest musical I've ever seen and the score is

  • Fun Home Previews  Apr 7 2015, 09:35:58 PM

    I usually don't post after the work day ends, but this show has unsettled me in a way it didn't downtown.  I've been listening to the recording on every the point I forced myself to listen to City of Angels on the way home tonight just so I don't burn out too quickly.

    The particular moment Jordan asked about is one of the best marriages of lyrics and music I've ever encountered:

    Don't you come back here.
    I didn't raise you...
    To gi

  • Fiddler on the Roof is BACK: November 2015  Apr 7 2015, 05:28:18 PM

    Two months of previews is kinda insane for FIDDLER...right?  

  • Something Rotten Previews  Apr 2 2015, 05:37:11 PM

    'One major differece between Urinetown and Spamalot et. all is that the previous was a political satire 1st as opposed to a musical making fun of all the other musicals.'

    Exactly right.  Urinetown was meta in that it made fun of some musical theater conventions, but, in its conception, it didn't reference specific musicals at all.  That came later.  The show can easily be staged without ever once directly referencing stage pictures and/or choreography from

  • Fun Home Previews  Apr 1 2015, 11:03:42 AM
    Whereas now, she is fully integrated and engaged in the action throughout, all to the betterment of the role and the show.
  • Fun Home Previews  Apr 1 2015, 10:21:25 AM
    I'm interested to hear what you think if you decide to go back. It really was a new experience for me seeing a show so dramatically changed due to just the staging.
  • Fun Home Previews  Apr 1 2015, 10:05:02 AM
    I think what's happened for Beth Malone is that a role that felt supporting down at the public now feels like the leading role of the show. Having her far more present in the action of the piece gives the role far more weight than it had before without changing the material. It's really something to see.
  • Fun Home Previews  Mar 31 2015, 05:22:49 PM
    I feel responsible for making people freak out about their seats. So...

    Your seats are fantastic. You will have an amazing experience at the show, but (as in ANY in-the-round staging) there will be times when backs are turned, etc. Focus on the greater stage picture. There will always be something to see...someone to watch. Just allow that experience to happen for you. You're going to love it.
  • Fun Home Previews  Mar 31 2015, 04:32:21 PM
    I'm wondering if that was a change after the first preview. The door stayed closed for the entirety of the scene before Bruce went to leave. As I said, it wasn't a huge deal, but it was the only time I felt that they didn't conquer the challenges of being in the round.