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  • Tony/Olivier-winner to direct gender-swapped COMPANY; Sondheim approves  Jul 21 2017, 04:33:24 PM

    Agreed!  That was fantastic, henrick!

  • Tony/Olivier-winner to direct gender-swapped COMPANY; Sondheim approves  Jul 21 2017, 02:23:57 PM

    It was noted above that they may make 'April' 'Andy' and male.  But it will still work.  Though the joke of 'June' 'April' will be lost.  

  • Michaekl Urie to play Hamlet  Jul 21 2017, 02:10:08 PM

    Plus, if you don't have a Hamlet that can be funny (witty, what have you), it's gonna be a looooooooooong night.  

  • Tony/Olivier-winner to direct gender-swapped COMPANY; Sondheim approves  Jul 21 2017, 11:43:46 AM

    There is also a lot of 'fella' and 'kiddo' used.  But you could spin it as affectionate ribbing of a butch chick.

    I saw Victoria Clark and Gregg Edelman do a gender swapped Barcelona and it was very funny.  He played it as a Spanish flight attendant with a Castillian lisp.  

  • Have you seen a live professional production of every Sondheim musical?  Jul 17 2017, 11:52:11 AM

    Saturday Night and Frogs count!!!  

    Assassins: 2003 Revival, 2017 Encores

    Anyone Can Whistle: Nope

    A Funny Thing Happened: 1996 Revival

    A Little Night Music: City Opera production in 1991, I think, and 2009 revival

    Sunday: 2008 revival, 2016 Encores concert

    Into the Woods: Original Broadway, Broadway Revival and Shakespeare in

  • Will we ever see a Lincoln Center Oklahoma! revival?  Jul 17 2017, 11:37:08 AM

    Even the Prince/Stroman revival, as beautifully staged as it was, couldn't help but expose the creakiness of Show Boat.  

    And I hate Oklahoma.  I hate Oklahoma like I hate Helen Hunt.  Irrationally and without feeling the need to defend my position.  

  • PARADE back in New York City  Jul 17 2017, 11:02:00 AM

    I love that not knowing who Minnie is has become some kind of litmus test for true PARADE fans.


    Someone who didn't know who Minnie was though I saw it on Broadway twice.

  • ASSASSINS coming to Encores Off-Center  Jul 14 2017, 12:38:54 PM

    I don't know who this turned into a Paen to Victoria Clarke, but I'm happy to keep it going.

    I'll never forget her performance in the Encores Follies...when the curtain lifted to reveal her standing in a white gown for Losing My Mind, I gasped.  She was sexy and stunning.  

  • ASSASSINS coming to Encores Off-Center  Jul 14 2017, 12:20:26 PM

    I don't know her personally, but I see her on the street sometimes and she is also absolutely beautiful and glamorous in person.  I'm always confused by the matron she's been playing when I see her looking like a knockout walking down the street.  

  • ASSASSINS coming to Encores Off-Center  Jul 14 2017, 12:07:30 PM

    It should be noted that Clarke was also the understudy for Faith Prince in the 1992 revival of Guys and Dolls, which I consider one of the greatest comic characterizations created in my lifetime.

    Imagine her Lovett...or Dolly...or Mame...or Miss Mona.  She's one of the most well-rounded, complete singing actresses working in the theater.  

  • ASSASSINS coming to Encores Off-Center  Jul 14 2017, 10:41:19 AM

    I'm very excited to see this on Saturday!  I first discovered Clarke when she played Smitty in the 90's revival of How to Succeed.  She was daffy and brassy and an utter delight.  I don't know why she hasn't done more true blue musical comedy.  


  • What do you think of this?  Jul 12 2017, 11:20:36 AM

    Of course I don't know the specifics, but how is this different from MATT & BEN?

  • Miss Saigon + racism  Jul 11 2017, 03:08:57 PM

    You guys!  You're being so mean!  Dave is feeling very triggered by the word 'whitesplain' when discussing a show with lyrics like 'Greasy chinks make life so sleazy' and 'one of these slits here will be Miss Saigon.'

  • Miss Saigon + racism  Jul 11 2017, 02:48:49 PM

    'To brush aside opinions because of someone's color is just not right.'

    I'm not brushing aside your opinion because you're white.  I'm brushing aside your opinion because you called Miss Saigon a masterpiece which...ooooooh, gurl. 

  • Miss Saigon + racism  Jul 11 2017, 02:30:04 PM

    'Step one: see and treat everyone as equals with equally important voices.'

    But you don't have an equally important voice on every subject.  When the subject is representation of POC in the theater, your voice simply is not as important as the people whose lived experiences as POC.  They are the voices that should be driving this conversation.  And we, as white people, should be listening, no matter how uncomfortable it feels.  I have a lot to say on gay

  • National Theatre: Follies image  Jul 7 2017, 04:12:27 PM

    She's also had quite since this was announced to train for this role.  The first thing I'd do if I were cast in a role that is vocally tricky is train like an athlete with a sensational voice teacher.  


  • National Theatre: Follies image  Jul 7 2017, 04:01:25 PM

    The only moment of the score that I wonder about is the end of Too Many Mornings.  Everything else I imagine she'll be able to negotiate quite well.

    I, too, saw her as Lovett.  One of the top two performances I've experienced in a theater.  

  • METCALF, COOPER, RASHAD leaving A DOLL'S HOUSE PART 2  Jul 5 2017, 03:51:33 PM

    I'm not so sure how many tickets the original cast least on their names.  The play took off because word-of-mouth was sensational, as were many of the reviews.  

    For all his faults (and I've heard the stories cause I know people that have worked for him), Rudin produces fantastic theater.  This play is a showcase for four terrific stage actors...which is what the production is continuing.  

  • METCALF, COOPER, RASHAD leaving A DOLL'S HOUSE PART 2  Jul 5 2017, 03:38:53 PM

    If we were to judge Rudin's actions (and I'm not...I don't care), I'd say this is low on the list of sleaze.

    And I think Mary-Louise Parker (who is terrific) is not ideal for this part.  Annette Bening?  Perhaps.  

    Julie White is a Tony-winning actress.  If that's not good enough for the people you know...well... 

  • METCALF, COOPER, RASHAD leaving A DOLL'S HOUSE PART 2  Jul 5 2017, 03:09:11 PM

    But...there are two people with television commitments.  It wouldn't be safe to assume that they'd be around through August.