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  • Fun Home Previews  Aug 28 2015, 04:18:07 PM


    We're just giving you the chance to sharpen your claws, Fantod!  Jungle Red!  Remember, nobody likes goody-two-shoes Joan Fonatine.  Not even here sister.  

     Oh God.  I've gone too gay, haven't I?

  • Fun Home Previews  Aug 28 2015, 04:01:28 PM

    Oh f*ck you, Mary!

    I haven't had love and light in me since Bush the Elder.

    Unless we're counting the threesome with Courtney and Judith. 

  • Random Number Generation  Aug 28 2015, 02:58:49 PM

    Ooooh, churl...this is going back 18 years.  But I *seem* to remember both You Light Up My Life AND Midnight Radio happening.  I could be way wrong on that.  I just don't remember YLUML being the last musical moment.  There was also some more pointed political barbs in the text regarding Hedwig's 'Germanity' and Yitzak's Jewishness.  And the whole thing was set in a TGIFridays.  

  • Random Number Generation  Aug 28 2015, 02:42:08 PM

    I saw the show twice at the Westbeth with JCM where there was no Random Number Generation but there was a fierce German-language version of 'You Light Up My Life.'  I then saw the show twice at the Jane Street, once with JCM and then once with Cerveris.  The night I saw Cerveris, he exited the stage for a while and another number featuring Yitzak was used.  It must have been Random Number Generation and I like to think it covered a potty break.  

  • Fun Home Previews  Aug 28 2015, 01:11:48 PM's not about right and wrong.  I appreciate your intelligence and your willingness to present strong opinions.  I get you.  Hell...I was you.  So take a tip from your Ghost of Christmas Future: do not get caught up with shouldn'ts and shoulds at your age.  Decide now you know sh*t about d*ck and run head-long into college like a dry sponge ready to soak all of it up.  You may end up being the smartest guy in the room, bu

  • Fun Home Previews  Aug 28 2015, 12:42:24 PM

    Sally Durant Plummer said: "I'm moving in for college right now which is why my parents are with me -and it really was nice to be able to see the show with my father, as we don't do things together as often as we should.

    Welcome to New York, Sally!  Keep seeing everything you can and posting about it!  Your emotional response to FUN HOME was very similar to mine, and I enjoyed reading it!


    And you, girl.  But befo

  • Gireat pizza in theater district besides John's  Aug 20 2015, 02:53:31 PM

    Uncle Mario's on the corner of 50th and 9th is my go-to pizza place as it's close to my apartment.  I've heard great things about Don Antonio, but have somehow managed to never try it.  There's also BSide Brick Oven Pizza on 51st between 8th and 9th (right off of 9th).  I think it's owned by the people who own Vynl.  I really liked the food I've had there.  

  • what musicals change trends?  Aug 19 2015, 03:36:37 PM

    In terms of style and substance and even sound, RENT was not a trendsetter.  But in terms of capturing the youth audience that would then be tapped for shows like WICKED, AVENUE Q, SPRING AWAKENING and even NEXT TO NORMAL?  I'd give the phenomenon known as RENT the credit.  

  • Erin Dilly millie  Aug 18 2015, 02:17:40 PM

    Was Bea Lillie's character meant to be Asian? I always thought it was a white woman in dragon lady drag.  I was stunned and, frankly, put off by taking the newly-conceived version of the character and the addition of geisha face and that insane accent.  

  • Immersive EVITA  Aug 12 2015, 12:48:34 PM

    You haven't gotten a satisfying answer because people here do not agree with your premise.  You're not the only theater professional in this thread.  You're not the only one working in smaller, more risk-taking venues.  No one is discounting your experience.  But your singular experience does not mean you can extrapolate to the entirety of world theater.  

  • Immersive EVITA  Aug 12 2015, 11:30:06 AM

    I do A LOT of indie theater here in NYC with several different companies, and most of our crowds are made up of 20-somethings to 40-somethings.  Last year, one of the companies I work with cast me in a show that played 59E59 and it was the first time in a long time that our houses were made up of a mostly older, subscription crowd.  They were deeply appreciative of the work, but you could tell they knew this piece of theater was pitched to and influenced by a younger audience.  The thing is,

  • Why Doesn't Broadway Sell Deep Dish Pizza At Intermission  Aug 10 2015, 12:27:32 PM

    Darling, those nails.  

  • Crucible Revival  Aug 6 2015, 04:53:21 PM

    I saw Wishaw do MOJO in London a year and a half ago, and he was really rather sexy and virile.  I'm excited to see him tackle this.  

  • Hamilton Previews  Aug 6 2015, 09:51:55 AM

    "For example: it is said that Hamilton wrote a large number of essays (I can't remember the exact number) but it was by far the greatest portion of these writing.  Ok, but what did they say?  How do we know what they were about.  I thought the show glossed over a lot."

    They were the Federalist Papers.  Unless you are not American, how do you not have a basic understanding of what those were?  

  • Aaron Tveit to Star as Danny Zuko in Fox's GREASE LIVE!  Jul 9 2015, 02:28:24 PM

    I thought Shit and Pussywagon were in the last revival.  I may be wrong.  

    Auggie, I get what you're saying, but Tveit did an episode of SVU where he played a junkie former basketball star who is very...urban.  Very white-guy-speaking-black.  And I thought he was terrific in the episode.  I know it's strange to point to an SVU guest spot as the distinctive piece of work, but I was really impressed by him.  

  • Immersive EVITA  Jul 9 2015, 02:23:29 PM

    I...normally would be the first to make fun.

    But those shirtless pics are making weak.  

    And just to be fair in our objectification, she's got great t*ts!

  • A NEW BRAIN  Jun 25 2015, 10:13:56 AM

    I've loved the score since it came out, but I was doing a show in Los Angeles when it was playing in NYC, so I've never gotten a chance to see a production.  That all changes on Friday.

    The run time is about 1:45 ? I'm charged with getting a dinner reservation after the show, so help a brother out!

  • Songs That Won Their Performers Tonys  Jun 23 2015, 10:53:41 AM

    I profoundly disagree with most of the suggestions in this thread.  Finnernan was delightful in the song 'A Fact Can Be a Beautiful Thing,' but nearly every word uttered from her mouth brought the house down.  The owl impression is something I remember more than the number.  The role may have been small, but from her entrance to her exit, she walked away with the show.  

    After 'Call From the Vatican,' I knew that Krakowski had it in the bag...but still, the mome

  • Bruce Willis & Elizabeth Marvel Are Headed to Broadway in MISERY!  Jun 23 2015, 10:45:37 AM

    Oh.  Oh my.  Oh my word, this is going to be unmissable.  

  • Dramas In Need Of A Revival  Jun 11 2015, 12:19:44 PM

    Just seeing the word FESTEN is causing my eye to twitch.  Though I do wish Jeremy Sisto would come back to the stage.

    I'd always like to see a top notch BOYS IN THE BAND.