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  • Diversity on Broadway  Oct 21 2015, 11:47:09 AM

    Wait wait wait wait wait. 


    I'm Italian.  Does this mean I am 'of color'?????


    Huzzah!  Imma go run around Harlem screaming 'N*gga, please' and see how well that works out for me!

  • Diversity on Broadway  Oct 21 2015, 10:11:48 AM

    Thanks to my cis, white male privilege, I think this thread is HILARIOUS.


    But, my friends of color, how do you put up with this?  HOW?

  • Diversity on Broadway  Oct 20 2015, 05:07:02 PM

    God, I love when it crosses over from awful to full-tilt bat-sh*t crazy!

  • Diversity on Broadway  Oct 20 2015, 11:03:25 AM

    I have friends involved with that show, newintown, so I'm excited to see them in it.


    But I had the exact same reaction as you when I saw the announcement.  That sure is a whole lotta white folks.  

  • Diversity on Broadway  Oct 15 2015, 01:00:20 PM

    newintown said: "I suspect that RippedMan is not telling people of color to get out there and help themselves; it seems that he is telling white people to do more than just say that they care.


    If that's the case, then I agree with him.  

  • Diversity on Broadway  Oct 15 2015, 12:41:47 PM

    You're about *thisclose* to the 'Why the black people gotta be lazy and shiftless??  Why can't they help themselves???'


    White people love nothing more than a black celebrity who now has a modicum of privilege telling other people of color that all you have to do is go out and make the change yourself!  To get an idea of what POC are actually up against institutionally in this business, look no further than Matt Damon explaining to a b

  • Diversity on Broadway  Oct 15 2015, 11:37:44 AM

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Oh this thread.  Hilarity.  And sadness. It's a steel magnolia!


    I recently read Ta-Nehisi Coates' book Between the World and Me, and it's really shifted (and in some ways) clarified my thinking on race.  I highly recommend it to every last person in this thread.


    The one thing that I came away with is, it's fine to have my own opinions as a white-presenting man.  But I don't act

  • Your favorite musical theatre song most people may not be familiar with  Oct 6 2015, 11:45:03 AM

    Oooooh, doodle!  Prettybelle!  I absolutely adore 'To a Small Degree'.


    Someone recently asked me what my favorite song was that I've ever performed, and I surprised him (and myself) when I said 'Serenade' from The Baker's Wife.  It's such a heartbreaking quartet, and it's the first thing that comes into my mind when i think of my favorite moments on stage.  

  • 1776 Casting  Sep 24 2015, 11:39:19 AM

    Um.  No.  I don't.  But thanks for telling me how I feel.

    As an audience member, I don't give a Shit.  But as we're sitting here, talking about casting this show, I start to think about the choices I would personally make and how I would try to be mindful that any casting choices wouldn't send a message I wasn't intending (like the situation I described with Damn Yankees).  As a cis, white man, I'd want to put thought into it were I invol

  • 1776 Casting  Sep 24 2015, 11:28:11 AM

    I don't disagree at all.  I think any kind of casting can work for this.  I just think it needs to be more 'thoughtful' than 'blind,' is what I guess I'm saying.  

  • 1776 Casting  Sep 24 2015, 11:16:45 AM

    Well...I don't agree that this is the same as a Shakespeare production.  One of the central conflicts is over slavery in the Colonies.  So, I don't know how color 'blind' it will be.  A decision will have to be made over what kind of message to send with Molasses to Rum to Slaves.  There should be thought given to that decision.  


    A friend was cast as Young Joe in a college production of DAMN YANKEES.  Old Joe was cast with a bl

  • 1776 Casting  Sep 24 2015, 10:55:59 AM

    I feel like such a white douche asking this question, but who are the actors of Native American descent that could find their way into this show?  

  • 1776 Casting  Sep 24 2015, 10:33:03 AM

    And, of course, 'diversity' doesn't mean everybody gonna be black.  How about:

    Jose Llana for Rutledge
    Stephen McKinley Henderson for Franklin
    Guillermo Diaz for Adams

    If only Renee Elise Goldsberry and Phillipa Soo were available as Abigail and Martha, respectively.  So how about Anika Noni Rose and Ashley Park?  Or maybe Karen Olivo might make a beautiful Abigail.  I'm very interested to see who gets cast!


  • Musical Moments You Will Always Remember  Sep 21 2015, 01:47:46 PM

    Since someone already mentioned my most memorable moment (Natasha Richardson singing the title song from CABARET), I'll go with my runner-up.  It was the second number in the first Broadway show I ever saw.  From the blare of the opening trumpet to the stillness achieved by the dancers through most of the song to their bodies forming a slithering, amoebic-like unit, I was changed forever.  That would be Big Spender from the '86 revival directed and choreographed by Bob

  • Musicals without Dancing  Sep 21 2015, 12:32:25 PM

    ^ Well...sure.  But there is a credited choreographer and those numbers have set choreography.  It's not a lot, but it's there.  I'd also argue that rent has choreography, particularly in Contact.  I'd never call either of these dance musicals, but, as a musical actor who doesn't really do a lot of choreography, I couldn't do what those that little kid in Fun Home does...nor could I dance Contact in Rent.  But the rest of newintown's list i

  • Musicals without Dancing  Sep 21 2015, 11:26:05 AM

    ONCE had a great deal of Tony-nominated choreography by Steven Hoggett.  I mean...I guess you could argue that it's more 'musical staging' than 'dance', but I wouldn't agree with you on that.  

    Even Les Miz had a little bit of waltzing in the wedding scene.  

    Sunday in the Park With George has mostly musical staging and very little (if any) dance.  I might make the same argument about Passion, but I may just be drawing a blank.

  • Best/Worst Movie Musical Song Replacements/Additions  Sep 11 2015, 04:56:08 PM

    The Other One said: ""My White Knight" is more glorious, with a build to a higher note, but "Being In Love" reflects the thoughts of a more grown, mature, realistic Marian.  I could see preferring either."

    I was going to bring up Being In Love, but you said it so much better than I ever could.  So, Imma just co-sign.  

  • SHUFFLE ALONG Previews (Prices)  Sep 11 2015, 11:55:59 AM

    I don't know.  If FLOWER DRUM SONG can be billed as a revival in spite of the fact of it having a new book by David Henry Hwang, I can see this being considered a revival as well.  

  • The Greatest Sondheim Song  Sep 3 2015, 01:00:46 PM

    It would kind of have to be.  And to keep this on topic, we'll interpolate No One is Alone at the end.  

  • The Greatest Sondheim Song  Sep 3 2015, 12:53:49 PM

    I feel like we drunkenly made plans for that production some day.  That poor Nick and Honey.