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Birthday: 12 - 15
Gender: Female
Favorite Show(s): August: Osage County
Avenue Q
In the Heights
La Cage aux Folles
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Favorite Performer(s): Brent Barrett
Michael Berry
Ron Bohmer
D.B. Bonds
David Burnham
John Cudia
Jason Danieley
Quentin Earl Darrington
Raúl E. Esparza
Meghann Fahy
Victor Garber
Michael C. Hall
Brian d'Arcy James
Levi Kreis
Stephen Kunken
Spencer Liff
Laura Linney
Joe Mantello
Marin Mazzie
Christiane Noll
Kelli O'Hara
Brynn O'Malley
Laura Osnes
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Hugh Panaro
Robert Petkoff
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Currently Listening To: Ragtime

Most Recent Message Board Posts:
  • Just listened to  Sep 22 2016, 06:41:15 PM

    BroadwayConcierge said: "It makes me sound awfully pretentious, but I often look back on Bridges as one of those incredibly special personal theatre experiences that not many people were able to experience (or chose not to). Those leads and that score just have a very special place in my heart."

    I feel the same way.

  • RIP Charmian Carr  Sep 19 2016, 01:00:12 PM

    My favorite movie ever. So sad. RIP pretty lady

  • Beautiful tour?  Sep 6 2016, 11:55:37 AM

    So excited for Julia! I can't wait to see her in the role in a few weeks

  • Beautiful tour?  Sep 1 2016, 08:01:52 PM

    ILuv2shop531 said: "Julia Knitel who understudied Carole (and was supposed to be phenomenal!), just left the Broadway production about two weeks ago. Hmmmm. I wonder if she may be the new tour Carole? The timeline would make sense."


    Not getting my hopes up but that would be amazing. I have been dying to see her in the role.


  • Beautiful tour?  Aug 31 2016, 09:05:55 PM

    Of course I'll just miss her. Thanks for the info!

  • Beautiful tour?  Aug 31 2016, 03:57:38 AM

    Does anyone know if any of the principles (particularly Abby) are leaving the tour anytime soon? It's coming to town next month and I'm curious. 

  • Gene Wilder Passes Away  Aug 29 2016, 03:43:22 PM

    Heartbreaking. May he rest in peace.

  • Hamilton Cast Slip August 28th, 2015  Jun 25 2016, 10:17:26 PM

    ^ Hamilton does full page slips of who's onstage for that performance 

  • Borle's ROTTEN! Replacement  Jun 22 2016, 07:05:31 PM


  • Borle's ROTTEN! Replacement  Jun 10 2016, 03:31:21 PM

    Ellen2 said: "I think Eric Sciotto would be perfect for the role:

    Judged only from this particular clip though

    I saw his first performance in the role and he is perfect for it. It's a shame it probably won't be him though.

  • Cast Chicago production of hamilton  Jun 10 2016, 02:21:48 AM

    wow it was just wishful thinking

  • Cast Chicago production of hamilton  Jun 9 2016, 09:23:50 PM

    ksilver117 said: "Maybe some of the current Broadway understudies could go out there to start off their first regional/tour strong?"

    I would love to see Carleigh Bettiol as Eliza so very much.

  • Official Kickstarter to get Spring Awakening to perform on the Tonys  Jun 8 2016, 02:26:56 PM

    "thirtythirtyninety said: ""




  • Should I see Aladdin and My Fair Lady in Sydney?  May 30 2016, 04:38:29 PM

    qolbinau said: "


    That picture is so pretty. I really miss Australia sad. If I could, I would absolutely see both!

  • Censorship on the BWW Boards  May 16 2016, 10:59:53 PM

    Well, I wouldn't hold my breath on getting that apology. She feels (among other things that I didn't get a chance to read in detail) that she didn't do anything wrong.


    So , whatever I'm done.

  • Darren Criss to lead Hedwig tour  May 9 2016, 12:13:44 PM

    Knowing nothing other than he was that guy from Glee, I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed his Hedwig

  • The HAMILTOME  May 7 2016, 03:28:19 AM

    Mine will be delivered via Amazon on 5-16!!

  • Patti Murin in Frozen  May 6 2016, 03:27:26 PM

    I'm not really that angry and bitter just sad someone I used to like so much made such a mess.

  • Patti Murin in Frozen  May 6 2016, 02:38:34 PM

    CarlosAlberto said: "Ironic that she was cast in the workshop of a show whose big hit song is "LET IT GO".


    Some of you would be wise to do so.

    To you and everyone else who has been saying that, no one is forcing you to click on the thread

  • Patti Murin in Frozen  May 6 2016, 01:01:51 PM

    CindersGolightly said: "Okay, but guys, this is actually one of the most brilliant casting decisions Disney Theatricals has ever made."


    We are TRULY blessed 



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