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  • WICKED to Overtake BEAUTY AND THE BEAST as the Ninth Longest-Running Show of All Time  Nov 27 2016, 06:28:16 PM

    Mr. Nowack said: "I think I read that Phantom has NOT upgraded to computer controlled lights yet."


    Phantom's light board is absolutely running by computer/disk (albeit a probably very out of date one). By the time that opened no show on Broadway, especially one as complex and expensive as Phantom, was using a manual board anymore (Tharon Musser was the first to use a computer controlled light board on Broadway with the or

  • Gypsy transferring  Nov 25 2016, 06:34:36 PM

    Since I can only assume it will be with the same director I can't say I'm overly excited for this transfer. Staunton had the opportunity to be wonderful in the role but spoiled it by playing the entire show with the kind of intensity that should be reserved for only a small handful of scenes. A new director might be able to recognize what could be and change the course of her performance, but that seems unlikely to happen if Jonathan Kent is back at the helm.

  • Chicago Revival 20 Years: Favorite Replacements  Nov 22 2016, 06:59:31 PM

    Totally agree about Sandy Duncan. I loved her performance, along with Mamie Duncan Gibbs opposite her as Velma and Ernie Sabella as her Amos.


    Charlotte d'Amboise is also a great Roxie and seems to bring a spark back to the rest of the cast whenever she comes back to the show that can sometimes be missing during other times. 


    I also remember Jasmine Guy as a great Velma on tour back in the day.

  • GYPSY on PBS  Nov 12 2016, 07:35:31 PM

    I'm with those who did not care for this. I'm a huge fan of Imelda Staunton, and the show is one of my favorites, but it didn't work for me. It may play better in the theatre with some distance and not in your face like that, but it's clear that the performances were not adjusted for the camera. 


    I'd still go see it if this production did transfer to see how it plays live, but based on this I'm not aching for it to do so.

  • Money making Shows that closed  Nov 8 2016, 10:07:29 PM

    GiantsInTheSky2 said: "Beauty and the Beast was still making money when they closed for The Little Mermaid, wasn't it? I always thought that choice, and their reasoning behind it, was really weird."


    In its final years Beauty and the Beast followed the trend that many long-running shows seem to fall into, good to great weeks during the busy times and mediocre to good weeks the rest of the year. Business picked up again once they an

  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 11/6/16  Nov 8 2016, 12:45:15 AM

    SweetLips said: "Am I wrong about the availability of seats if I'm in town for a couple of days and prepared to pay box office prices on the day?"


    It all depends on the show, the time of year you are in town, and what days you are talking about. Weekend shows will tend to be sold out further in advance than weekday shows, even for the less in-demand titles. The closer you get to the holidays the less availability you'll see in terms of day of wa

  • York production of CHARLIE BROWN will receive a cast album  Nov 7 2016, 01:03:27 PM

    Ado Annie D'Ysquith said: "Whoa, a live-action TV production of a beloved musical? Hallmark predicted the future!"


    No prediction there, just building off of tradition. Live musicals had been done for years before that.

  • 3 matildas?  Nov 6 2016, 03:05:54 PM

    British Equity, like every other union in the UK, has very little power due to all the anti-union regulations put in place during the Thatcher era. Those girls are not the only ones being paid abysmally low rates on the West End. Many ensemble members, and even some leads, need to keep second jobs when performing in the West End in order to make ends meet.

  • Sunset - 16 weeks only? Will it extend?  Nov 2 2016, 06:45:42 PM

    Mildred Plotka said: "I think this is going to be a tough sell. Just can't see them filling The Palace and making any profit. The Tony committee could very well consider it not eligible for anything."


    Aside from Close being ineligible having already won for the role the only way they would be deemed ineligible for any other nominations is if the producers choose to not invite Tony voters. There is no other reason all other elements of this productio

  • Scandals and Secrets Of The Supernatural: The Stories Behind Broadway's Haunted Theatres  Oct 30 2016, 01:56:22 PM

    Mr. Nowack said: "Amazing to see footage in the Belasco Apartment, I had read that it was entirely taken up by the HVAC system. Maybe that was before the rennovations. Would love to have seen it in its full glory."


    Yes, the HVAC system still takes up too much of the space in the Belasco Apartment to do anything functional with the remaining space up there.


    There are many people on the Shubert staff who have access to the space, and

  • Quote Message/ Reply Message button not responsive lately  Oct 29 2016, 04:08:30 AM

    When reporting a problem it's always helpful for the admins if you include at least a few basic things about what operating system you are using (Mac OS, Windows, iOS, Android, etc) along with what browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, etc).

  • Riedel on Brooks reworking Young Frankenstein and more Comet  Oct 27 2016, 08:42:57 PM

    I'm looking forward to seeing what changes actually get made. My biggest critique with the original production was the length and how it started to feel repetitive. I remember a lot of numbers that could have easily been trimmed down, or even eliminated completely and just let the sequence from the movie stand on its own.

  • Drop Alerts for a Post  Oct 25 2016, 03:28:11 PM

    When you get the emailed response there should be a link at the bottom to remove yourself from getting responses emailed to you.

  • Amelie and Little Dancer  Oct 24 2016, 03:54:41 PM

    GreasedLightning said: "I'm thinking Kinky Boy is to 2016 as phillypinto was to 2015. "


    Believe it or not I was actually just wondering the other day what happened to the old bean.

  • 13 Going on 30 Musical  Oct 23 2016, 06:50:58 PM

    Christopher Ashley is directing all three productions, so I'm assuming that it's a co-production between the three companies, thus sharing a good portion of the costs of the physical production (along with some developmental money from Disney, I'm guessing). It's typical in these cases for a majority of the cast to be in each production, but also not uncommon to replace some cast members as well as they pick up bigger (i.e. Broadway) commitments, or to have some local actors i

  • 13 Going on 30 Musical  Oct 23 2016, 06:25:57 PM

    ClumsyDude15 said: "Isn't Freaky Friday doing a run in La Jolla as well? I feel like how well it does there paired with the current run in DC will decide if there's a potential for a Broadway run."


    It's also part of Cleveland Playhouse's season, scheduled to run there in April and May. 

  • Why didn't Hunchback of Notre Dame make it to Broadway?  Oct 16 2016, 08:28:41 PM

    JennH said: "And if Disney is worried about three or more shows running at once then why did they FIVE of their own stuff running at once back in the day??

     Beauty and the Beast, Lion King, Aida, Tarzan, and Little Mermaid were all running at once at one point. Tarzan's quick closing made this only about a three month span, but it did happen.


    No, that didn't happen at all. Aida closed in 2004 (and was technica

  • Critical failure, commercial success?  Oct 10 2016, 10:17:24 PM

    GavestonPS said: "I'm relying totally on my not-so-reliable memory, but I believe PIPPIN, if not panned, received mixed reviews at best. Didn't Stuart Ostrow turn it into a hit with the TV commercial? (I love the show FWIW and find it entire worthy of its long run.)"


    I have heard the original production of Pippin cited many times as one of the pioneers in really using a television commercial to greatly broaden its mass appeal.

  • Cinderella on tour.  Oct 10 2016, 06:49:46 PM

    Speaking from experience (having worked on a NETworks tour many years ago, and knowing people on many other non-Equity tours) just because they have the full set in promo videos does not guarantee anything about what the show will look like in your local venue. There are many venues on these non-Equity tours that will not see the full set, usually because the pieces will either not fit in the space or there is insufficient load-in time.

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda to host SNL  Oct 8 2016, 04:48:26 PM

    Valentina3 said: "SNL's relevancy in Presidential election years peaks. The fact that they timed their preview night this season right after first debate is not coincidental. In fact, their first 4 episodes are after a debate because of how the latter are spaced out.

    SNL has been known to set the tone for how candidates are viewed by people who get their news from comedy shows (which is extraordinarily large). They are yet to get into the dark side of what a Trump cand


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