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  • Streisand can't play Rose but Bette can play Dolly?  Feb 7 2016, 09:49:40 AM

    Then if you don't think Patti makes sense either why offer her up as the one who should be playing the role? If you really think they are both too old for it then suggest a more age appropriate actress as the one you think should be starring in the revival, rather than saying someone who's only four years younger than Bette should be headlining the show.

  • Streisand can't play Rose but Bette can play Dolly?  Feb 7 2016, 09:34:46 AM

    Shrek3 said: "A 71 year old dolly singing "Before the parade passes by" makes absolutely no sense. It's just ridiculous."


    And Patti LuPone, who's coming up on 67 in just a few months, makes any more sense? 

  • The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event Offical Thread  Feb 7 2016, 12:01:16 AM

    darquegk said: "Eddie, Scott and the Narrator/Criminologist are occasionally the same actor, but it's not extremely common. The Bucks County Playhouse version used the doubling, if I recall."


    In both Broadway productions Eddie and Dr. Scott were played by the same actor (Meatloaf in the original production, Lea DeLaria in the revival). The roles are also listed as doubled in the licensed script from Samuel French.


    The Narrator/Crimi

  • Can you love Musical Theatre too much?  Feb 6 2016, 10:15:08 PM

    If you look at the lyrics to "All Choked Up" it's clear that Sandy hasn't given up her virginity yet, and even though she may look different she's still not giving it away to Danny that easily.



    Well baby take my ring, 'cause you're my match.

    Well, I still think there's strings attached,

    You're writin' my epitaph,

    Well, that's just tough and a half.


  • Broadway Grosses: Week Ending 1/31/16  Feb 1 2016, 06:46:28 PM

    qolbinau said: "We've had this discussion before, and I still maintain that obviously unless budged for a NFP cannot sustain ridiculous losses - the money has to come from somewhere."


    The operating costs are already factored into their annual operating expenses. Ticket sales for current productions essentially go to the operating budget for their next season. A hit is obviously desirable because it can lessen their dependence on grants and donations,

  • Misery - Who is to blame for this?  Jan 31 2016, 04:13:56 PM

    You also have to consider that Misery, much like other classic horror films such as Carrie, Rosemary's Baby, and The Exorcist to name a few, has entered a different aspect of pop culture now where it has been the subject of countless parodies. The major events of the plot, such as the hobbling scene, or Annie's tirades ("He didn't get out of the cockadoodie car!" do not come as a

  • Aladdin 2017 Tour  Jan 30 2016, 09:00:52 PM

    Call_me_jorge said: "Why edit something that's a hit?"


    The same reason that lots of shows will go back and make cuts and changes once they are open. Tighten the run time, reduce costs, cut something that audiences never really responded to, the list goes on. Many hits have done it, including the original Broadway production of Les Miserables (trimmed to bring the show under 3 hours and reduce overtime costs) and The Lion Ki

  • Sandy Duncan to join Finding Neverland  Jan 30 2016, 08:50:26 PM

    Sda99 said: "Her Roxie is something I will never forget. I hope we see her in a role more deserving of her talents soon."


    I agree with you about her stint in Chicago. I've seen a number of actresses play Roxie (Ann Reinking, Marilu Henner, Melora Hardin, Charlotte D'Amboise, to name a few) and there was just something that she brought to the role that I had not seen any others bring (great as some of them were).



  • Streisand Gypsy is still on....  Jan 28 2016, 11:08:07 PM

    Tag is right. You can not like the idea of Streisand doing it, but let's not pretend that there is a long line of people, or a short line, or any line at all, waiting to get their hands on the film rights to Gypsy.

  • Sher Needs New Tricks  Jan 21 2016, 06:39:54 PM

    neonlightsxo said: "Actors moving set pieces is Bart."


    I would guess it's just much a budgetary concern as it is an artistic decision. Automation adds a lot of expense to the budget, and of course it does pose some limitations to the direction as well ("this scene has to play in this exact spot because that's where the automation track goes and we can't afford another track".


  • Minor yet memorable roles and salaries for actors  Jan 18 2016, 09:54:57 AM

    A share of 1% may not be a huge number, but for a show that is grossing well over $1,000,000 a week that can easily translate to anywhere from an extra $10,000 to $25,000 (or more) in a year while the show is running depending on how many actors are part of that share. Not to mention royalties from future productions.

  • Les Miz Casting  Jan 18 2016, 09:39:53 AM

    So you go to a show to escape reality, and then can't handle it when the show is not realistic?

  • Les Miz Casting  Jan 18 2016, 08:38:41 AM


    Just a quick scan through their headshot does not in any way suggest that 75% of the cast is black. Just of the 9 principal roles alone only 3 are black. Last time I took a math class 1/3 did not equal 75%.

  • Adam Lambert in FOX TV remake of ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW  Jan 15 2016, 05:39:02 PM

    Just that they are taking one of the edgier musicals in terms of content and language and it will have to be sanitized for network TV. If it was HBO, or even MTV (as was rumored at one point during the many years that this has been in development) it wouldn't be as much of a concern. But they sure aren't going to allow them to sing "mental mind f*ck* on Fox.

  • Adam Lambert in FOX TV remake of ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW  Jan 15 2016, 04:37:36 PM

    I think most of us know that, Jane, but those who will lose their Rocky V-cards to this production sure won't know it.

  • The Secret Garden 2016 Concert Presentation  Jan 13 2016, 11:19:56 PM

    I'm just curious in what ways this director justified that claim, because it seems completely nonsensical to me. I adore the show, but in 1991 it was easily overshadowed by Miss Saigon. It lost Best Musical to The Will Rogers Follies and failed to even get a nomination in several important categories (such as Direction and Choreography). I just can't even fathom what this director said to justify that claim.

  • Thoughts about Footloose  Jan 13 2016, 10:25:09 AM

    I saw it way back in the day in Cleveland (I don't remember if it was a pre-Broadway tour, or the first stop on its first national tour). I honestly didn't care for it at the time. The whole thing felt very forced and didn't seem like anything was coming through naturally in the writing.


    I did see a regional production a few years later done by a company that I would interview with a few months later. When asked what I had thought of their production my answer m

  • Equity Declares January 13 As National Swing Day  Jan 13 2016, 10:16:00 AM

    It's not so much that they are disrespected, but more about raising awareness amongst audiences about what a swing is and how much work they do. A great swing is worth their weight in gold!

  • David Bowie RIP  Jan 11 2016, 02:25:39 AM

    It's being reported that he had been fighting cancer for a year and a half. 


    RIP to a true legend.


  • Bad Shows You Missed But Wanted To See  Jan 8 2016, 11:14:23 AM

    PianoMann said: "Two recent shows come to mind:


    Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown to see the stellar cast perform what has become one of my favorite scores of the last decade.


    The Anarchist to see Patti LuPone and Debra Winger perform a new work by Mamet.  It's been a very rough few years to be a Mamet fan..."


    The Anarchist was a total b