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  • Hot Patootey! UK Rocky Horror Revival to Air on BBC America October 18  Oct 18 2015, 02:34:24 AM

    There was one positive and its name was Dominic Andersen as Rocky because god damn he is gorgeous.

  • Hot Patootey! UK Rocky Horror Revival to Air on BBC America October 18  Oct 18 2015, 01:55:00 AM

    Why is David Bedella so well liked? I really don't get why he's played Frank so many times, he comes off like a poor man's Tim Curry without the charm. Give me Tom Hewitt, Terrence Mann or hell even Rob Morton the European tour years ago any day because David Bedella is boring.

    Maybe I'm too tainted by the 2001 revival because honestly nothing can beat that to me.

  • Stop dressing like crap!  Jul 29 2015, 03:58:18 AM

    I don't give a **** what anybody wears honestly. As long as they're clean. I didn't pay over $100 to give a **** what other people are wearing and I'm not wearing my highest quality clothes to go sweat it out with 1500 other people in a darkened theatre. Perhaps people need to unclench. You want to dress up? Be my guest, but my god it is not the 50s anymore. Theatre is not a rich people thing to do anymore. Get over it.

  • Times Square Scams  May 28 2015, 08:59:43 PM

    I was swindled by the costume characters with my grandma one year. Once they smell you, the swarm closes in.

    Also had someone give me one of those CDs and when they asked for money I said I didn't have any and ripped right from my hand it was.

  • Mamma Mia!  Apr 9 2015, 10:53:16 PM

    Always love the morons who celebrate people losing their job.

    Get over yourself. I've used this analogy before but if a restaurant you hate and think has crappy food is it bad to want it to close so something else potentially better could take its place? No. On Broadway there is no such thing as job security. The cast and crew there should be over the moon the that they've been able to have a job on Broadway for over a decade, but it's back to the auditions. It's p

  • Jennifer Holliday Will Play Sofia In THE COLOR PURPLE  Mar 15 2015, 01:44:01 AM
    That is some high school production value right there...
  • Emma Watson to star in Condon's  Mar 14 2015, 01:22:20 AM
    You know I've been on the outside looking in on this. People were announced for it, oh that's nice. I had no idea this was going to be an adaptation of the musical, I am god damn moons over my hammy now!
  • FROZEN Broadway Details Revealed!  Feb 13 2015, 04:08:31 AM
    It's basically Wicked but cold, so why shouldn't it be a hit?

    Isn't that essentially the mindset of any producer of something that's a hit and they decide to sequelize it out only for it to blow up in their faces? Just because something has the elements for success based on prior shows does not stop it from not being one. Little Mermaid had all the Disney elements to make a success and they royally FUCKED it up.

    In order for Frozen to get any sort of traction it needs a
  • THE FIRST WIVES CLUB (2009-2009): Remembrance Thread  Jan 10 2015, 03:26:12 AM
    Really now?
  • ITW in IMAX?  Jan 8 2015, 07:48:11 PM
    But Roxy was in like his 70s back then, which is granted younger...
  • ITW in IMAX?  Jan 8 2015, 07:37:53 PM
    Roxy, no one cares what you think 3D would add to anything when you spout such idiocy as this "3D of the 50' was better (depth was better) than the current versions"
  • THE FIRST WIVES CLUB (2009-2009): Remembrance Thread  Jan 7 2015, 08:43:30 PM
    Oh my god that artwork is... ****ing horrendous. Not to mention the fact that Elise is played by a white woman now and not Sheryl Lee Ralph so...
  • CATS coming back to Broadway?  Jan 5 2015, 06:50:44 PM
    So... heard the rap and just no. Block ALW's passport until he agrees to remove this Shit.

    And that ****ing costume...
  • CATS coming back to Broadway?  Jan 5 2015, 06:48:03 PM
    I would totally be down for this... but first I have to hear this rap...
  • Is Morgan James paying BWW to advertise herself?  Jan 4 2015, 11:31:51 PM
    Take note of who wrote the "ARTICLE"...
  • Wicked - the Wife's Lover  Dec 31 2014, 01:31:27 AM
    The cat fight scene isn't lip synced, it never has been. Neither is the laugh.
  • The 2015 NBC Live Musical?  Dec 5 2014, 01:24:12 AM
    Slap Reba back into an Annie Oakley get up and trot her onto the TV. She's had enough plastic surgery that she looks nowhere near 60.
  • Annie soundtrack released tomorrow  Nov 18 2014, 04:10:36 PM
    I hate the new songs, except for the new parts of Little Girls. I hate the old song in this version, because she can't really sing it, but when it gets to the "Locked in a cage with the rats who slipped through the cracks..." I'm completely on board with that section. The overture is nice, Hard Knock Life is fun, Never Fully Dressed is honestly the stand out.
  • Official Into the Woods Movie Discussion Thread  Nov 15 2014, 01:47:33 AM
    If anyone has the soundtrack I would love if they'd pass it along to me
  • JCM Returning to Hedwig?  Nov 6 2014, 12:16:49 AM
    Oh my lord if this is true. *HEAVY BREATHING*


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