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  • Color Purple-Cast Change  Aug 23 2016, 03:51:09 PM

    This would be a god damn train wreck and I'd love to witness it.

  • Guys and Dolls w. Rebel Wilson to Broadway?  Aug 20 2016, 01:05:07 PM

    If we weren't allowed the production with Jane Krawkowski, I don't want this one either!

  • HAIRSPRAY is next NBC Musical...  Aug 20 2016, 12:54:46 PM

    I mean...are people aware that most of the Motormouths really weren't big?

  • Todrick Hall joining KINKY BOOTS  Aug 17 2016, 02:40:09 PM

    I think the biggest issue is that Todrick isn't ****ing funny. Watch any of his videos, bitch can't land a joke if his life dependend on on it.

  • Todrick Hall joining KINKY BOOTS  Aug 16 2016, 07:25:33 PM

    *UGH* I think I just vommed in my mouth...

  • Lin-Manuel and The Little Mermaid  Aug 16 2016, 03:13:04 PM

     It's just suspension of disbelief. I'm more concerned that they think it needs new songs.

    A suspension that's not needed if you kept it in a form it thrived. It's like that new live action Pokemon movie, why? It thrives in an animated form, why are you trying something thatll just look awkward for everyone involved.

    As for the songs, it's because you can't get Oscar nods for pre-existing songs. Same reason none of BatB Broadway song

  • Lin-Manuel and The Little Mermaid  Aug 16 2016, 03:02:51 PM

    How are they going to sing underwater?

    Ummm...umm... Yeah I got no idea. This sounds about as much of a sh*t show as the stage version.

  • Lin-Manuel and The Little Mermaid  Aug 16 2016, 02:52:27 PM

    Unexpected? I think it's probably one of the most expected things possible at this point. Pretty soon you'll get your Lin Manuel Miranda the coffee cup! The board game!

  • RENT 20th Anniversary Tour to Launch in Fall 2016  Aug 16 2016, 02:49:23 PM

    That they are paying the same Ticket price that they would on Broadway for something that isn't "Broadway". That has nothing to do with the quality of the actors,or their amount of experience, it has everything to do with how audiences are paying the same top the same amount of money is there for each kind of tour...but where is that money going instead, the greedy producers.

    that is entirely on the venue, not the tour. My theat

  • RENT 20th Anniversary Tour to Launch in Fall 2016  Aug 16 2016, 10:03:04 AM

    The company putting out the tour, Work Light Productions, puts out stellar work. Their tours of In The Heights and Avenue Q were both absolutely wonderful.

    The public is in no way going to be getting an inferior show by virtue of it being non-eq, which Rent was for nearly a year with NETworks. Will the cast be getting a rougher time? That depends entirely on them and who the actual producing company is. I know people who have been touring almost nonstop in Non-Eq tours and they lov

  • In The Heights revival?  Aug 16 2016, 08:37:44 AM

    The writer of ITH know has a pulitzer

    Congrats, it's still written like a bad soap opera with large plot holes.

  • THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW Event Soundtrack  Aug 15 2016, 02:32:58 PM

    Chord Overstreet got to wear less! Granted he wore shorts and a jersey when they actually did the performance...

  • THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW Event Soundtrack  Aug 15 2016, 01:08:25 PM

    Why is Rocky wearing boxers and not a speedo?

  • HAIRSPRAY is next NBC Musical...  Aug 7 2016, 10:16:25 PM


  • CATS Reviews  Aug 7 2016, 10:16:04 PM

    Leona never played the role in London.

  • HAIRSPRAY is next NBC Musical...  Aug 7 2016, 09:11:16 PM

    I thought Todrick Hall would have been great. He said in his Instagram story the other day that he found out he didn't get Seaweed. Wonder who it was down to. 

    Thank god for small favors. I already have to suffer through him for 8 weeks on Drag Race All Stars, I don't want that **** stuck to Hairspray forever...

  • Can anyone savvy ID this song for me  Aug 2 2016, 12:32:36 AM

    That's It! Thank you! I've been trying to figure it out for the last hour.

  • Can anyone savvy ID this song for me  Aug 2 2016, 12:11:57 AM

    The first 15 seconds or so. I know it's a Broadway song, but I cannot place it.

  • CATS Reviews  Jul 31 2016, 11:31:45 PM

    Exactly. If it wasn't Leona it would of been a some minor pop starlette with no qualifications anyway... But at least it would of been 'Merican.

  • CATS Reviews  Jul 31 2016, 11:23:10 PM

    The character of Grizabella says much about tossing women into a dumpster, literally, once they are past a certain superficial "prime," physically speaking.  The show might've made us sit up and pay attention. Instead, in casting a luminous (let's say it, young:) pop diva, they undercut the very message they claim to be putting over.  It's so obvious.

    You know... the difference in age between Elaine Paige & Leona at the time of t