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Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act Indiana's Religious Freedom Restoration Act
Started By: Phyllis Rogers Stone
12510,5034/1/15 11:07pm
Liza's Headband
The Trivago GuyThe Trivago Guy
Started By: Jordan Catalano
75344/1/15 11:03pm
The Message Boards MakeoverThe Message Boards Makeover
Started By: javero
96984/1/15 10:42pm
Russell Davies' Cucumber/Banana Premiers (Queer as Folk/Dr Who reboot creator)Russell Davies' Cucumber/Banana Premiers (Queer as Folk/Dr Who reboot creator)
Started By: EricMontreal22
7721,7614/1/15 10:29pm
Rest in Peace Downton AbbeyRest in Peace Downton Abbey
Started By: SonofMammaMiaSam
735,3914/1/15 10:26pm
Grey-Scale Make-Up Help!Grey-Scale Make-Up Help!
Started By: Broadway Bob*
0194/1/15 10:23pm
Broadway Bob*
Brian and Allison Williams to take over as co-hosts of DWTS in October?Brian and Allison Williams to take over as co-hosts of DWTS in October?
Started By: Dollypop
64944/1/15 8:35pm
Happy Passover!Happy Passover!
Started By: sabrelady
0744/1/15 7:30pm
Possible and probable GOP primary could be funPossible and probable GOP primary could be fun
Started By: South Florida
10317,7174/1/15 7:19pm
Australia joins Eurovision Song ContestAustralia joins Eurovision Song Contest
Started By: Scripps2
54724/1/15 6:00pm
Inventor of Pet Rock DiesInventor of Pet Rock Dies
Started By: Gothampc
11524/1/15 5:35pm
Mr Roxy
Here comes TIDAL!Here comes TIDAL!
Started By: taboo123
331,9314/1/15 4:40pm
Mister Matt
Can The Adults Please Smoke? 37 and Looking Damn Fine.....Can The Adults Please Smoke? 37 and Looking Damn Fine.....
Started By: MotorTink
4,963732,2734/1/15 4:25pm
Joni Mitchell Never LiesJoni Mitchell Never Lies
Started By: JoeKv99
8447,2394/1/15 4:21pm
Trevor Noah is the new host of The Daily ShowTrevor Noah is the new host of The Daily Show
Started By: tazber
693,9204/1/15 4:13pm
RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 7RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 7
Started By: Jordan Catalano
18844,0344/1/15 2:09pm
Faye Dunaway Writing A Book About MOMMIE DEAREST?!?!Faye Dunaway Writing A Book About MOMMIE DEAREST?!?!
Started By: Jordan Catalano
111,0674/1/15 1:53pm
Ai papi! A bit of a bright spot on the sexual orientation frontAi papi! A bit of a bright spot on the sexual orientation front
Started By: FindingNamo
47774/1/15 10:42am
So today I had my first real homophobic experience...So today I had my first real homophobic experience...
Started By: n2nbaby
51,5014/1/15 10:37am
Liza Minnelli To Star In Elvira BiopicLiza Minnelli To Star In Elvira Biopic
Started By: Gothampc
44494/1/15 10:35am
Going ClearGoing Clear
Started By: Kad
533,8974/1/15 9:58am
Reginald Tresilian
The Jinx on HBOThe Jinx on HBO
Started By: FindingNamo
192,4044/1/15 7:58am
Stage Door Sally
Started By: taboo123
53651,5284/1/15 7:43am
Prank calls  on iPhonePrank calls on iPhone
Started By: Jane2
97613/31/15 11:54pm
Phyllis Rogers Stone
Does Anyone Else Watch COMMUNITY?Does Anyone Else Watch COMMUNITY?
Started By: Jordan Catalano
7391,369,4973/31/15 10:55pm
Phyllis Rogers Stone
Roisin Murphy new LPRoisin Murphy new LP
Started By: Jay Lerner-Z
122,6053/31/15 9:26pm
Better Call Saul Better Call Saul
Started By: Broadway Joe
154,3983/31/15 10:46am
Help With a Title?Help With a Title?
Started By: LindyLee
48813/31/15 8:31am
Tuesday Weld Love ThreadTuesday Weld Love Thread
Started By: MrMidwest
10936,0293/31/15 5:39am
Looking for Mr. GoodbarLooking for Mr. Goodbar
Started By: east side story
395,3263/30/15 11:49pm
The Late Late Show with James CordenThe Late Late Show with James Corden
Started By: FindingNamo
264,5163/30/15 11:30pm
Bates Motel Return DateBates Motel Return Date
Started By: Mr Roxy
385,8523/30/15 10:30pm
Started By: Borstalboy
131,9173/30/15 10:20pm
Sutton Ross
When The Virgin Mary Tells You To Eat Your Poop...When The Virgin Mary Tells You To Eat Your Poop...
Started By: Jordan Catalano
76663/30/15 7:46pm
I hope this is a bad jokeI hope this is a bad joke
Started By: South Florida
393,5753/30/15 7:38pm
And Disney's next live-action remake is...And Disney's next live-action remake is...
Started By: beautywickedlover
03593/30/15 6:01pm
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
Started By: Huss417
7113,3373/30/15 4:28pm
Mister Matt
7 Alarm fire in East Village7 Alarm fire in East Village
Started By: Pammylicious
746,7293/30/15 3:55pm
Today's shootingsToday's shootings
Started By: FindingNamo
357129,9343/30/15 2:17pm
Cherry Grove Landmarks Destroyed in FireCherry Grove Landmarks Destroyed in Fire
Started By: Kad
262,1233/30/15 1:48pm
Jekyll and Hyde Club Times Square ClosedJekyll and Hyde Club Times Square Closed
Started By: Alex M
91,4203/30/15 11:54am
Mr Roxy
Poldark rebootPoldark reboot
Started By: Scripps2
68073/29/15 11:38pm
Once ( upon a time )Once ( upon a time )
Started By: rosscoe(au)
1,1641,673,9233/29/15 10:59pm
I'm at a leather bar right nowI'm at a leather bar right now
Started By: FindingNamo
15844,8643/29/15 8:21am
The Glenbuck Laird
Started By: Luscious
1,143220,8623/28/15 3:36pm
LOOKING Un-Fan Fiction Season 3LOOKING Un-Fan Fiction Season 3
Started By: FindingNamo
71,0303/28/15 3:07pm
Started By: natemarble
38873/28/15 9:04am
Greg Walcott Has Passed OnGreg Walcott Has Passed On
Started By: Mr Roxy
101,2063/27/15 11:23pm
Mr Roxy
This is Julie Kent's farewell season with ABT!This is Julie Kent's farewell season with ABT!
Started By: WhizzerMarvin TrinaJasonMendel
61,4483/27/15 8:10pm
That Craig T Nelson Coach revival you've been dying for is about to become a realityThat Craig T Nelson Coach revival you've been dying for is about to become a reality
Started By: FindingNamo
71,1643/27/15 6:42pm

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