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Started By: taboo123
1,187216,84210/6/15 2:01pm
Isn't The Good Wife great?
Started By: Jay Lerner-Z
13255,22510/6/15 1:04pm
Phyllis Rogers Stone
DVD and Blu-ray Disc bargains!
Started By: best12bars
446898,22110/6/15 12:31pm
People are finding this video funny but I think it's profoundly sad
Started By: tazber
321,57610/6/15 12:07pm
The Walk
Started By: wonkit
546310/6/15 10:52am
Can The Adults Please Smoke? 38 and FEELING GREAT!!
Started By: bdwaygirl
625110,56510/6/15 10:11am
Shootings! Shootings! Shootings! Today's and tomorrow's shootings!
Started By: FindingNamo
727238,25710/6/15 10:03am
PR: A Chorus Line - 40th Anniversary Celebration
Started By: cinemediapromo
383110/6/15 10:02am
The Pope's parting shot
Started By: tazber
998,92410/6/15 3:40am
Clinton vs. Sanders vs. Biden your vote?
Started By: South Florida
1,084148,99010/6/15 1:58am
Poor Kim Davis, whatcha gonna do?
Started By: tazber
30933,23510/6/15 12:40am
Met Opera - how dressy?
Started By: madbrian
101,54010/5/15 10:29pm
Donations to political campaigns
Started By: South Florida
1576310/5/15 8:41pm
GRACE JONES Playing LA and NY Aug-Sep 2015
Started By: HorseTears
172,70010/5/15 4:23pm
A New "View" Starts Today
Started By: ucjrdude902
637242,80210/5/15 11:28am
The edginess of New York City
Started By: Borstalboy
131,11110/5/15 10:38am
SVU Tonight
Started By: Tag
258,56110/4/15 10:33pm
The Martian - Official Movie Trailer
Started By: JbaraFan1
284,12810/4/15 9:36pm
Weekly SNL thread
Started By: jasonf
1,6681,619,38010/4/15 7:33pm
Scream Queens (No Spoilers)
Started By: Steve C.
15210,99510/4/15 5:54pm
My Socks: The Hamilton lyric parody thread
Started By: FindingNamo
035910/3/15 5:54pm
Forget Oregonís Gunman and Remember the Hero Who Charged Straight at Him
Started By: morosco
035110/3/15 1:55am
Halloween starts on TCM Dark Shadows, The Haunting
Started By: Steve C.
760510/2/15 11:43pm
If someone owes you money - Epilogue
Started By: Jane2
373,37410/2/15 10:55pm
Donna McKechnie and Laverne Cox
Started By: FindingNamo
055910/2/15 10:54pm
John oliver
Started By: Call_me_jorge
244,38410/2/15 6:52pm
Tom Daley (UK diver) - Comes Out
Started By: VeraCharles3
3914,06110/2/15 11:39am
Sheldon Devane
Started By: javero
253,55010/2/15 7:18am
Janet Jackson Tour.
Started By: DAME
4313,21310/1/15 9:03pm
Valley Of The Dolls on TCM
Started By: Steve C.
322,55610/1/15 5:47pm
World Ballet Day--all day (Oct 1) live streams from top companies
Started By: EricMontreal22
244910/1/15 4:19pm
PR: Masterworks Broadway To Release The Beggarís Opera
Started By: cinemediapromo
037510/1/15 1:51pm
A classy affair!
Started By: Hulmeman
040010/1/15 7:42am
Ben Carson just invoked Godwin's Law
Started By: tazber
044810/1/15 6:00am
Trevor Noah is the new host of The Daily Show
Started By: tazber
7415,99210/1/15 4:38am
Either the White House or the Kremlin is Lying About the Syrian Airstrikes
Started By: javero
81,0129/30/15 8:27pm
METS 2015
Started By: Jane2
13139,0409/30/15 8:04pm
I do not care what Sara Koenig is doing
Started By: FindingNamo
51,1679/30/15 7:33pm
Britain's 1st openly gay Rugby stud
Started By: Steve C.
31,4249/30/15 5:20pm
In 2020, I might have nothing to do with Democrats.
Started By: theaterfan15
325,2259/30/15 2:43pm
Phyllis Rogers Stone
Is Afghanistan a Lost Cause?
Started By: javero
41,0709/30/15 12:41pm
Where Love Is Illegal: International LGBTI Survival Stories
Started By: HorseTears
04389/29/15 9:03pm
SCARFACE: School Edition
Started By: HorseTears
26189/29/15 5:22pm
Roland Emerich's parody twitter acct is hilarious
Started By: tazber
373,3879/29/15 4:59pm
Steve C.
horrible story on the voice
Started By: FBay
111,6409/29/15 4:29pm
Please send your thoughts and prayers.
Started By: Fantod
161,9539/29/15 3:16pm
South Florida
Do people friend workmates on facebook?
Started By: FBay
41,1769/29/15 2:24pm
Elijah Cummings remains one of my Heroes
Started By: Steve C.
05029/29/15 11:07am
Steve C.
WTF Ariana Grande
Started By: FBay
31,1529/29/15 1:39am
New Fall TV Shows Thread
Started By: ClydeBarrow
172,6929/29/15 12:45am

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