BWW Reviews: Nothing Worse than Bad Sex in MORE SEX PLEASE WE'RE SENIORS

November 1
11:16 AM 2012


The bland MIDI tracked "overture" that opened More Sex Please We're Seniors gave an indication that none of Peter Sullivan's songs were going to be memorable. They were, however, particularly memorable for one reason; being musically and lyrically feeble.  The script by Jon-Michael Howson is boring with jokes that have already been overused, don't work or just simply aren't funny.  
The cast tried their hardest but were never going to be able to make the writing look any better than it was, banal and pointless at worst, at its peak faintly humorous. There were dropped lines, missed entries, inaccurate timing and character stereotypes throughout, with Mark Mitchell's understated timing and Michael Veitch's likeability two redeeming features.
Direction by Pip Mushin is particularly questionable throughout as is the design by Adam Gardnir which fits the brief of a 1970s TV set but cuts corners and appears incomplete and particularly underwhelming. 
When you think the show can't get too much worse it does, it becomes part pantomime part cruise ship in Act II with audience participation in a number exploring a prostrate examination. 
If you are between 60-90 years old and are particularly bored or trying to fill in time then maybe consider purchasing a ticket to More Sex Please We're Seniors, otherwise celebrate your youth, save your money and spend it on anything else.

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