Robert Gould, Patty Maguire et al. Nominated for 2011 Metropolitan Atlanta Theatre Awards


The Metropolitan Atlanta Theater Awards, founded by Russ Ivey, originated in October of 2004 with the intention of recognizing those hardworking individuals that put their time and effort into Community and Non-Union Professional Theater. There are many aspiring actors that would like to be given recognition for their skills and dedication to the performing arts. Many of those are of the desire to build their resume so that they will be given more audition opportunities. Secondly, many theaters have a hard time marketing themselves so they can draw not only an audience, but a lot of the talent to their shows. This is where the MAT Awards come in. The "MAT" is one of thirty one different categories that are presented on an annual basis. Each year, an Award Ceremony is held to present those awards to the individuals/theaters that have put the time and effort into making their productions great. Those categories are the following:

Since its inception, the MAT Awards have grown into a substantial organization, having tripled in size. During the 2011 Season, the MAT Awards have had the pleasure of working with 20 different theater companies. It is currently a member of the Atlanta Coalition of Performing Arts, AtlantaPlanIt, and is a friend of the Suzi Bass Awards (which provide awards to Atlanta based union theaters and union actors).

The full list of 2011 nominees is as follows:

2011 Metropolitan Atlanta Theater Award Nominees
(Listed in Chronological Order of Performances)

Leading Actor, Musical Category
RoBert Gould - "Jean Valjean" - Les Misérables (School Edition)
Ed Richardson - "Preacher Larry Finney" - Della's Diner - Blue Plate Special
Kelly David Carr - "El Gallo" - The Fantasticks
Jeff Cooper - "Leo Bloom" - The Producers

Leading Actor, Play Category
Travis Young - "Roma" - Glengarry Glen Ross
Rial Ellsworth - "Leo Clark/Maxine" - Leading Ladies
Topher Payne - "Hal" - Proof
Gary Morgan - "Morrie Schwartz" - Tuesdays with Morrie

Leading Actress, Musical Category
Patty Maguire - "Betty" - Great American Trailer Park Musical
Ansley Gwinn - "Witch" - Into the Woods
Amanda Pickard Hardie - "Luisa" - The Fantasticks
Maggie Taylor - "Timoune" - Once on This Island

Leading Actress, Play Category
Danielle Gustaveson - "Mrs. Robinson" - The Graduate
Sarah Craig - "Sylvia" - Two Gentlemen of Verona
Stephanie Laubscher - "Julia" - Two Gentlemen of Verona
Barbara Cole Uterhardt - "Catherine" - Proof
Morgan McCrary - "Eva Crane" - Not About Nightingales
Jill Shedd - "White Witch" - The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe

Major Supporting Actor, Musical Category
Taber Lathrop - "Cinderella's Prince & Wolf #1" - Into the Woods
James Wojnowski - "Franz Liebken" - The Producers
Joel Rose - "Ton Ton Julian" - Once on This Island
Quintez Rashad - "Papa Ge" - Once on This Island

Major Supporting Actor, Play Category
Dave Lauby - "Levene" - Glengarry Glen Ross
Jeffrey Bigger - "Jack Gable/Stephanie" - Leading Ladies
Tom Gillespie - "Robert" - Proof
Ian Gaennsley - "Arthur" - Kiss of the Vampire

Major Supporting Actress, Musical Category
Paige Smith - "Eponine" - Les Misérables (School Edition)
Kristel Wunderlin - "Lin" - Great American Trailer Park Musical
Courtney Bozaich - "Pickles" - Great American Trailer Park Musical
Kandice Arrington - "Mama Euralie" - Once on This Island
Jennifer Loudermilk - "Asaka" - Once on This Island

Major Supporting Actress, Play Category
A. Sabrena Farmer - "Scylla" - The Darker Face of the Earth
Jennifer R. Lee - "Claire" - Proof
Pat Bell - "Brunhelga" - Kiss of the Vampire
Amanda Cucher - "Ginger" - Kiss of the Vampire

Minor Supporting Actor, Musical Category
Benny Higgins - "Barnaby Tucker" - Hello Dolly!
Lin Harrison - "Henry" - The Fantasticks
Mike Crowe - "Mortimer" - The Fantasticks
Jacob McKee - "Carmen Ghia" - The Producers

Minor Supporting Actor, Play Category
John Doyle - "Conspiracy Leader" - The Darker Face of the Earth
Shane Phebus - "Lingk" - Glengarry Glen Ross
Brian Adams - "Butch Myers" - Leading Ladies
Frankie Asher - "Fenris Ulf" - The Lion, The Witch, & The Wardrobe

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