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italytheater to Host PINOCCHIO IN MANHATTAN Kids Theatre Workshop thru Dec 2014

italytheater to Host PINOCCHIO IN MANHATTAN Kids Theatre Workshop thru Dec 2014

Created by italytheater, with the extraordinary partnership of the Carlo Collodi National Foundation and based on a new script by Paolo Tartamella, 'Pinocchio in Manhattan' is the first workshop where kids of the age 6-11 get to improvise with professional actors, perform on stage with Pinocchio, try their writing skills on a compelling topic and have the chance to win a trip to Italy to visit the 'true' town in Tuscany where Pinocchio was originally created, Collodi!

A lot of activities! But one simple message, which is so urgent in today's world and so needed for the generations to come: don't lie! However hard it may look and feel, truth is the only place where individuals and society find their freedom, the only grounds for a sustainable future. We have to promote a culture of truth now, in our schools and in our communities.

The Pinocchio in Manhattan program has two clear objectives:

- Spread a culture of truth, with a compelling and contemporary message, centered around the world-known character of Pinocchio and his new friends (original script by Paolo Tartamella)

- Build social engagement and creativity via the Theater methodology (play directed in schools by Vittorio Capotorto, founder of italytheater, with the participation of two professional actors)

What is the workshop made of?

- Step 1: a two-hour engaging and interactive performance with two professional actors (1 morning or afternoon)

- Step 2: one page essay to be written by the kids on the relevant message of the play: truth vs. lies; and, to be submitted to italytheater (English/Italian; via email; .DOC, .JPG, .PDF)

Program will run from April 7th to December 2014.

Kids will have the chance to:

- Interact with two professional actors, integrate the Pinocchio in Manhattan story, create the ending of the story, and perform on stage to express themselves and learn the Pinocchio lesson by 'living it' on stage

- Write their own thoughts about truth vs. lies, continuing this discussion inside their classroom

- Have the chance to win ONE trip to Italy, with ONE day in Collodi, in Tuscany, where they will live the adventures of Pinocchio and get filmed into a personalized video, made only for them, in the amazing Pinocchio amusement park; the final winner will be announced right before Christmas 2014

This is a unique program and we need your help to make it true and available to as many schools and students as possible! We will start from schools in the area of NY/NJ.

What do I do now?

- If you are an Elementary School and want to know more and register: send an email to; budget per class is $500 for the full program (tax deductible)

- If you are a Corporate Sponsor and want to support this fantastic initiative: send an email to; all donations are tax deductible

- To know more about italytheater and leave your pledge for a culture of truth, visit us at and leave your post: #DONTLIE - #TRUTHISFREEDOM

- To know more about FNCC and leave your pledge for a culture of truth, visit us at and leave your post: #DONTLIE - #TRUTHISFREEDOM

italytheater is an international not-for-profit project conceived by Vittorio Capotorto and Francesco Pagano, with the endorsement of Renzo Arbore, whose objectives are:

- To give new artists the chance to create and re-invent Italian arts, design & culture

- To allow kids and teens to nurture their imagination & social engagement

- To include everyone from the most diverse background to exchange contemporary Italian experiences.

italytheater's mission is to share with the world the irresistible beauty of new Italian cultural experiences. At the center of the world: NYC. Its goal is to create the first permanent Casa Teatrale where the best of Italian Theater and the power of live performances will help especially the young to nurture their dreams, discover their identity and build a better world. To know more, visit

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