VOICE OVER: The Battles Seem More Like Friendly Duets

Singing "She's Gone," Team CeeLo and Rob Thomas's Nicholas David and Todd Kessler both brought their strong voices to the table in a big way. More so than the other contestants tonight, though, these guys focused on their friendship a lot. Nicholas said that the biggest difficulty was the fact that he was getting to know and really get along with Todd as a friend,  making it hard for him to compete hard-core. CeeLo said, "It's a friendly competition, but it's a war. He needs to get serious about this battle if he plans on winning." Todd heaped the praise on his competitor friend, "He sounded so good that I was just like, 'What am I doing here?'" Adam and Blake said that there was nobody else in the world like Nicholas. Blake added, "Also, you look like Jesus, and people like that," and elaborated on his variety in his voice. CeeLo said, "Nicholas, they're right about you. You moved me in a very special way. Todd, you are euqally incomparable. I appreciate you equally. I'm going to go with St. Nick, though." As Todd was leaving, CeeLo clearly wanted him to keep going with his singing, "Don't stop here! You call me. We'll talk."

Team Blake and Michael Buble's girls Lelia Broussard and Suzanna Choffel were the next ones to go, with "The Dog Days are Over." Blake described this as the, "Most obvious pairing of a battle I've ever seen. It's mad rock, indie sounds," which both singers embodied wonderfully. Having been a music teacher for quite some time, it was hard for Suzanna to let loose and not be so stringent about the "rules" conerning singing. Michael said to Lelia, "When you go into your falsetto, it's so pretty!" In the final rehearsal, Lelia was still getting her bearings, while Suzanna could change the sound of her voice at will. Blake told her to just pick one and have fun with it. Even before they sang, he knew it would be a tough decision picking whom to keep and whom to send home. During the big performance, both of these girls were really getting into it, clearly enjoying getting to sing together. Adam admitted that he was sad that he didn't get Suzanna on his team at the blind auditions, and CeeLo said, "You both have talent overflowing." Blake told them, "When Lelia sings, she almost becomes the song. Suzanna has the ability to turn into whatever artist she's singing. Suzanna sounds like Suzanna when she wants to. I'm going to go with Suzanna."

At the start of her next team practice session, Christina admitted to being jealous of Billie Joe Armstrong, saying, "In my next life, I want to come back in an all-male rock band." Her next mentees were Joselyn Rivera vs. Sylvia Yacoub, singing, "Best Thing I Never Had." Billie Joe said, "Sylvia's voice is very powerful. I think that having a powerful voice is Sylvia's strength. But with great power comes great responsibility." Yes, he absolutely said the famous Spider-Man quote. He and Christina basically said that Sylvia needed to pick her moments to do runs and song variations. In contrast, Joselyn had a pure, solid sound in her voice. She said, "Sylvia can be a little overpowering... Sometimes it can be a little annoying." Sylvia seemed to understand, "If I try too hard to show my power every time, I can't have those soft moments." In the performance, Jocelyn showed off her incredible range, while Sylvia seemed like she was trying too hard to bring a powerful performance and had trouble with simply building rather than bringing it full force the whole time. However, Christina chose Sylvia after extensive deliberation. She described her as being, "like fire." That left Joselyn to possibly be stolen, which of course she was. Both Adam and Blake wanted her. Blake pointed out that unlike him, Adam did not push the red button at the blind auditions, and he simply said, "Joselyn, I love you." Adam said, "You impressed all of us, no doubt. It makes a lot more sense for you to be on my team than his." Yet again, Adam won another mentee.

Tomorrow is the last day of the Battle Rounds, and NBC claims that this will hold the most surprising steal yet. So tune in Tuesday night at 8/7c on NBC for some more awesome battles, including an epic country showdown!

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