VOICE OVER: NBC's The Voice Season 3 Week 2 Brings Awesome Talent!


Season three of NBC's The Voice hit the ground running last week, and tonight, September 17, marks the start to week two. The talent was top-notch, which meant coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, and Cee Lo Green had to do their best to convince the singers to join their teams.

The night started out with 17-year-old photography genius Melanie Martinez who has been a self-proclaimed "ugly duckling" in the past, now resolved to simply be herself. She felt that she could do so through music. She certainly did just that. She sang Britney Spears's "Toxic" in her own unique style, which can hardly be compared with anyone. She accompanied herself using the guitar and a  tambourine, the latter of which she played brilliantly with her feet! That was quite a sight. Blake and Adam pushed their Red Buttons within about five seconds, soon followed by Cee Lo. All three of them had copious amounts of praise to heap upon Melanie, and they even had a mini-feud (as Adam and Blake are prone to do) over who would get her, but she ended up choosing team Adam.

The next contestant was a bit of a shock. Cupid (yes, of the "Cupid Shuffle" fame) sang his one-hit wonder for the coaches. Before his blind audition, Cupid told The Voice host Carson Daly that he wanted to be on The Voice so that rather than a one-hit wonder, he might be a "Two, or three, or four-hit-wonder!" His hope was to sing his famous dance tune better than the original and get the attention of the coaches. However, he did not meet his goal. His performance was better than the original, but it did not catch the ear of anyone. Better luck next time, Cupid. We will probably be dancing to "Cupid Shuffle" at every wedding for the rest of eternity.

Single dad Brian Scartoci had a heart-wrenching story to tell about his broken marriage, but with his family- including his two adorable children- he was determined to redeem this situation. He said his goal was to show his kids that even he could follow his dreams. So Brian sang "Isn't She Lovely," which garnered the attention of first Adam, soon followed by Cee Lo, then Blake. Again, the coaches could not heap enough praise upon this talented guy. In Adam's words, Brian "nailed it," Cee Lo called his voice, "stylistic," and Blake tried to win over Brian on a personal level. He told Brian to choose him based on their supposedly obvious similar interests like wearing jeans with a vest and having a beard. Right at this intense moment, NBC cut to a commercial break, leaving the audience literally on The Edge of their seats wondering who this much-wanted singer would choose. Brian said that coming into the audition, he "Had an idea of who I was sure I was gonna pick," who he said was Cee Lo, "But it's tough." After prolonged suspense, he chose to go with Adam.

After all of these awesome singers, NBC quickly showed a series of duos who did not make it for one reason or another. But then came a duo who really had a chance. Natasha and Shawn, aka, "Beat Frequency," reportedly, "Put everything on the line," to audition for The Voice and sing Katy Perry's "E.T." Well clearly, their risk paid off, because Christina pushed the button without hesitation. None of the guys pushed their Red Buttons, so Beat Frequency became Christina's by default, much to Christina's excitement.

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