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Upcoming Theater Book Releases for April 2012

April 1
11:00 AM 2012
Welcome to's new upcoming release calendar for Broadway and theatre related Books for April, 2012. For a complete schedule of upcoming releases as well as searchable databases of thousands of the top theatre books, cds and videos, click here.

Conducting Business
by Leonard Slatkin
Released on Amadeus on 4/1/12

Conducting an orchestra is something that is seen as well as heard, but it is quite misunderstood when it comes to knowing what this person actually does for a living. This most mysterious of jobs is brought to life for the music lover as well as for the aspiring maestro in a new book by Leonard Slatkin. Drawing on his own experiences on and off the podium, Slatkin brings us into the world of the... (more...)

Dressing Marilyn
by Andrew Hansford and Karen Homer
Released on Applause on 4/1/12

William Travilla is one of the best costume designers of all time and Marilyn Monroe his most famous client. Dressing Marilyn: How a Hollywood Icon Was Styled by William Travilla focuses on the striking dresses that Travilla designed for Marilyn, from his early work on the thriller Don't Bother to Knock and the gorgeous pink dress in which Marilyn sang "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" to the l... (more...)

The Encyclopedia of Vaudeville
by Anthony Slide
Released on University Press of Mississippi on 4/1/12

The Encyclopedia of Vaudeville provides a unique record of what was once America's preeminent form of popular entertainment from the late 1800s through the early 1930s. It includes entries not only on the entertainers themselves, but also on those who worked behind the scenes, the theatres, genres, and historical terms. Entries on individual vaudevillians include biographical information, samplin... (more...)

An Introduction to Theatre Design
by Stephen Di Benedetto
Released on Routledge on 4/1/12

This introduction to theatre design explains the theories, strategies, and tools of practical design work for the undergraduate student. Through its numerous illustrated case studies and analysis of key terms, students will build an understanding of the design process and be able to:... (more...)

Moliere on Stage
by Robert Goldsby
Released on Anthem Press on 4/1/12

‘Moliere on Stage' takes the reader onstage, backstage and into the audience of Moliere's plays, analyzing the performance of his works in both his own time and in ours. Written by a professional stage director with over fifty years' experience directing and translating Moliere, this text explores how the playwright strove to create a communal experience of shared laughter, and investigates four ... (more...)

Mr. Broadway
by Gerald Schoenfeld
Released on Applause on 4/1/12

Mr. Broadway was completed just one month before Gerald Schoenfeld's death in 2008 at the age of 84. Bringing the reader backstage, the long-term chairman of The Shubert Organization shares his triumphs and failures, sings praise, and settles scores. He recounts nightmarish tales of The Shuberts, themselves - the meanness of Lee, the madness of JJ, the turmoil surrounding John's personal life, an... (more...)

A New Poetics of Chekhov's Plays
by Harai Golomb
Released on Sussex Academic Press on 4/1/12

* Casts new light on how Chekhovis plays can be interpreted and enacted * The author explores all the prime components of Chekhov's theatrical technique: text construction, themes and ideas, scenes, dialogue, plot, and interaction between verbal and nonverbal elements * A rigorous and comprehensive treatment of the many aspects of Chekhov's artistic universe * All the major works explored. One ce... (more...)

Theatre World
by Ben Hodges and Scott Denny
Released on Applause on 4/1/12

Now in its 67th year, Theatre World is the most comprehensive record of the theatrical season-Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Off-Off-Broadway, including listings for over 60 regional companies. Detailing more than 2,000 productions, each entry includes photos, a complete cast listing, producers, directors, authors, composers, opening and closing dates, song titles, and plot synopses. Theatre World a... (more...)

Thrombo and Other Plays
by Albert Bermel
Released on Performing Books on 4/1/12

Albert Bermel writes comedies with a dark twist. The Times of London hailed Bermel's Workout as "one of the most expert pieces of comic writing to come out of America for some time." This volume includes nine witty, suspenseful plays - six of them full length, three short. Bermel's plays and translations have been performed throughout the world, including The Royal Court Theatre in London; Spolet... (more...)

Theatre World Volume 67: 2010-2011
by Ben Hodges, Scott Denny
Released on Applause Books on 4/1/12

Now in its 67th year, Theatre World is the most comprehensive record of the theatrical season-Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Off-Off-Broadway, including listings for over 60 regional companies. Detailing more than 2,000 productions, each entry includes photos, a complete cast listing, producers, directors, authors, composers, opening and closing dates, song titles, and plot synopses. Theatre World al... (more...)

The Sound of Music Family Scrapbook
by Fred Bronson
Released on Applause Theatre & Cinema Books on 4/3/12

It's not an exaggeration to say that The Sound of Music is the most beloved film musical of all time. It has touched more than one generation, as over the years, many parents have shared the magic of this wonderful movie with their children. Seven very special children experienced The Sound of Music firsthand: the seven young actors cast as the von Trapp children. Now, for the first time, they tel... (more...)

Mojo and Other Plays
by Jez Butterworth
Released on Theatre Communications Group on 4/3/12

TCG is proud to present Mojo and Other Plays, a new collection of plays by the author of the Tony Award-nominated Jerusalem. One of Britain's most compelling and original playwrights, Butterworth follows up the publication of that critically acclaimed play with this collection of six early works. The volume includes the Olivier Award-winning Mojo, as well as an interview between the playwright and... (more...)

Hand Puppets
by Laura Ross
Released on Dover Publications on 4/4/12

Simple instructions, clear diagrams, full-size traceable patterns for creating delightful paper-bag puppets, rod puppets for shadow plays, and papier-mache puppets with cloth costumes. Special instructions for dressing and handling puppets, setting up a stage, and writing and producing your own original show. ... (more...)

Irving Berlin's American Musical Theater
by Jeffrey Magee
Released on Oxford University Press, USA on 4/6/12

From patriotic "God Bless America" to wistful "White Christmas," Irving Berlin's songs have long accompanied Americans as they fall in love, go to war, and come home for the holidays. Irving Berlin's American Musical Theater is the first book to fully consider this songwriter's immeasurable influence on the American stage. Award-winning music historian Jeffrey Magee chronicles Berlin's legendary ... (more...)

The Horse's Mouth: How Handspring and The National Theatre Made War Horse
by Basil Jones, Adrian Kohler
Released on Oberon Books on 4/10/12

Generously illustrated with the work of award-winning photographer Simon Annand, this book takes you behind the scenes, describing how Tom Morris, director at The National Theatre, interacted with the Handspring Puppet Company in developing ideas for the staging of the piece. It also gives a clear account of how the puppets were designed and constructed.... (more...)

The Afterlife of Ophelia
by Kaara L. Peterson, Deanne Williams
Released on Palgrave Macmillan on 4/10/12

"The Afterlife of Ophelia presents Ophelia in a broader and more comprehensive range of contexts than previous scholarship and forges connections among fields that are typically pursued as separate lines of inquiry within Shakespeare studies, including: film and new media studies; theatre and performance studie; historicist and contextual perspectives; and studies of popular culture"--... (more...)

Chekhov on Theatre
Released on Nick Hern Books on 4/10/12

What one of the world's greatest dramatists had to say about the theater. Collected here in Stephen Mulrine's vivid translations, these writings reveal Anton Chekhov's many and varied insights into the way theater works – and how best to realize his own intentions as a theater writer.... (more...)

Conversations with Anne
by Anne Bogart
Released on Theatre Communications Group on 4/10/12

Remarkable conversations you want to listen in on. ... (more...)

Henry VI
by William Shakespeare
Released on Modern Library on 4/10/12

"The gaudy, blabbing and remorseful day Is crept into the bosom of the sea." —Henry VI Eminent Shakespearean scholars Jonathan Bate and Eric Rasmussen provide a fresh new edition of the three-part classic history that revolves around the epic, dynastic Wars of the Roses. THIS VOLUME ALSO INCLUDES MORE THAN A HUNDRED PAGES OF EXCLUSIVE FEATURES: • an original Introduction to Henry VI... (more...)

King John & Henry VIII
by William Shakespeare
Released on Modern Library on 4/10/12

"Mad world, mad kings, mad composition!" —King John In one volume, eminent Shakespearean scholars Jonathan Bate and Eric Rasmussen provide fresh new editions of two classic histories: Henry VIII and King John. THIS VOLUME ALSO INCLUDES MORE THAN A HUNDRED PAGES OF EXCLUSIVE FEATURES: • original Introductions to Henry VIII and King John • incisive scene-by-scene synopses and analyses... (more...)

Shakespeare on Theatre
Released on Nick Hern Books on 4/10/12

Shakespeare scholar Nick de Somogyi draws together all the set pieces such as "All the world's a stage," Hamlet's encounters with The Players, and Bottom's amateur dramatics, along with less well-known but equally revealing passages. Interspersed throughout are insights into theater practices from Shakespeare's contemporaries.... (more...)

The Theatre, Drama and Performance Companion
by Michael Mangan
Released on Palgrave Macmillan on 4/10/12

Offering essential guidance to studentsthroughout their undergraduate studies, this companionexplores the development of a discipline that is still in flux, offers practical advice about how to study it and where this study might lead, and provides auseful reference source on key practitioners, debates, performances and terms.... (more...)

The Irving Berlin Reader
Released on Oxford University Press, USA on 4/10/12

Without any formal training in music composition, Irving Berlin took a knack for music and turned it into the most successful songwriting career in American history. Berlin was the first Tin Pan Alley songwriter to go uptown to Broadway with a complete musical score (Watch Your Step in 1914); he is the only songwriter to build a theater exclusively for his own work (The Music Box); and his name a... (more...)

Performance Studies
by Richard Schechner
Released on Routledge on 4/12/12

This Integrated Media Edition of the pioneering textbook is accompanied by an all-new companion website curated by a dedicated media editor, with the following resources for instructors and students: Interactive glossary Multiple choice questions Powerpoint Slides. Videos Website links for further study ... (more...)

An Actor's Guide to Getting Work
by Simon Dunmore
Released on Methuen Drama on 4/15/12

Now in its fifth edition, An Actor's Guide to Getting Work is an invaluable resource which provides students and young actors with an insider's advice to prepare them to navigate the world of professional theatre. Written with honesty, humor and thoroughness, Simon Dunmore's book anticipates and addresses the numerous problems that actors are bound to face at some stage in their career. Competiti... (more...)

The Rehearsal
by Anna Fenemore
Released on Intellect Ltd on 4/15/12

Pigeon Theatre—comprised of Anna Fenemore, Gillian Knox, and Amanda Griffkin—specializes in experimental works that incorporate non-traditional spaces, unconventional social arrangements, and shared intimacies between performer and audience. A trilogy of site-specific performance texts, The Rehearsal raises questions about theinterplay in contemporary theater between the process of rehearsal and ... (more...)

Voice and the Young Actor
by Rena Cook
Released on Methuen Drama on 4/15/12

There are thousands of students enrolled in school drama classes in yet very often young actors cannot be heard, are culturally encouraged to trail off at the ends of sentences, and habitually use only the lowest pitches of the voice. Drama teachers, frequently ask, "How can I get my students to speak up, to be clear, to articulate?" Voice and the Young Actor is written for the school actor, ... (more...)

Buried Child
by Sam Shepard
Released on L a Theatre Works on 4/15/12

... (more...)

Critical Essays on British South Asian Theatre
by Graham Ley and Sarah Dadswell
Released on University of Exeter Press on 4/15/12

Critical Essays on British South Asian Theatre marks a major contribution to the understanding of one of the most remarkable examples of diasporic artistic activity in recent history. The second volume on British South Asian theater compiled by Graham Ley and Sarah Dadswell, this volume provides detailed critical analyses of theater practice and performance from the last thirty years.... (more...)

The Musical That Changed My Life
by Howard Sherman
Released on Applause Books on 4/15/12

... (more...)

Now You Tell Me
by SheriDan Scott,Chris Willman
Released on Arundel Publishing on 4/18/12

Say Lynn Redgrave was your favorite aunt, or Dave Oyelowo was your favorite uncle, and you sat down together and asked him or her to give you their honest advice and guidance. That same advice and insider knowledge, delivered with the same sense of honesty and intimacy, is what readers will gain from Now You Tell Me! 12 Actors Give the Best Advice They Never Got. This book cuts 20 years off the... (more...)

The Study of Drama
by Harley Granville-Barker
Released on Cambridge University Press on 4/19/12

The Study of Drama by Harley Granville-Barker was published as part of the Cambridge Miscellany series in 1934. It contains the text of a lecture delivered by the author in Cambridge in 1934 on the study of 'drama as drama, considered in relation to the theatre'. The lecture is printed together with extensive notes, which were added subsequently. ... (more...)

The Art of Clowning
by Eli Simon
Released on Palgrave Macmillan; Enlarged & Updated, 2nd Edition edition on 4/24/12

The Art of Clowning is the first book on clowning technique and offers a step-by-step process for actors and other theatrical enthusiasts to discover their "inner clown." This fun and accessible guide expands on theories and exercises to help students and beginners develop solo and group performances. Using twenty years of teaching experience, Simon reveals a complete system of clowning that is a... (more...)

Chinese Theatre
by Jin Fu
Released on Cambridge University Press on 4/30/12

Many colorful theatrical activities can be found throughout China. The best known and most unique of these is perhaps traditional Chinese opera, which has a history of over 800 years. However, since the early twentieth century, following increased contact with the West, drama without music has also become popular in China. The development and prosperity of modern drama has created a new landscape... (more...)

Women Vaudeville Stars
by Armond Fields
Released on Mcfarland & Co Inc Pub on 4/30/12

Mae West, Sarah Bernhardt, Ethel Barrymore and Helen Keller are perhaps among the best known women to appear on vaudeville stages. Each came to vaudeville by a different path and with a different offering: Mae West entered vaudeville with a song and dance routine when she was 13 years old. Ethel Barrymore dropped in on the Palace Theater to present one-act plays. Sarah Bernhardt was being celebra... (more...)

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