Tom Hiddleston Talks Shakespeare & HAMLET Influence On ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE

Tom Hiddleston Talks Shakespeare & HAMLET Influence On ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVEInternational rising star Tom Hiddleston sheds some light on his new vampire-themed feature film ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE and its Shakespearean allusions and inspiration he brought to his role in it as part of a new interview.

"When I met Jim Jarmusch in November 2011. We met and had a cup of tea on a blustery afternoon in New York. I had just finished shooting THE AVENGERS. I was just about to start THE HOLLOW CROWN - which is these filmed adaptations of Shakespeare's HENRY IV Part 1, Part 2 and HENRY V," Hiddleston remembers.

"There was this swirl of superheros, soldiers and Shakespeare," Hiddleston opines of the atmosphere at the time of his initial meeting with the director.

Additionally, Hiddleston says of his character in ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE, "There's a lot of Hamlet in there."

"John Hurt, who plays Christopher Marlowe... says about Adam, 'I wish I'd known him before I wrote HAMLET; he would have made the perfect case study imaginable'," Hiddleston shares.

Hiddleston adds, "There's a lot of Hamlet-ian sadness and doubt in him, I think."

"So much of Hamlet seemed to make sense for Adam," Hiddleston concludes.

Check out the full interview here.

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