STAGE TUBE: Marc Kudisch Gets Murderous Advice in Musical Parody of THE SHINING- REDRUM

November 6
12:14 PM 2013

Broadway favorite Marc Kudisch stars as madman 'Jack Torrance' in REDRUM- and unauthorized musical parody of The Shining. Written and directed by Joe Lovero, the musical features music by Jon Hugo Ungar. For additional information, visit:

In the teaser scene below, 'Jack', played by Kudisch, gets some advice from Grady, played by Max Roll. Check it out below!

The Shining is a 1980 British-American psychological horror film produced and directed by Stanley Kubrick, co-written with novelist Diane Johnson, and starring Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall, Danny Lloyd, and Scatman Crothers. In the film, a writer, Jack Torrance, takes a job as an off-season caretaker at an isolated hotel. His young son possesses psychic abilities and is able to see things from the past and future, such as the ghosts who inhabit the hotel. Soon after settling in, the family is trapped in the hotel by a snowstorm, and Jack gradually becomes influenced by a supernatural presence; he descends into madness and attempts to murder his wife and son.

STAGE TUBE: Marc Kudisch Gets Murderous Advice in Musical Parody of THE SHINING- REDRUM
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