Robert Galinsky to Celebrate COFFEE CRAZY Monthly in NYC

Robert Galinsky to Celebrate COFFEE CRAZY Monthly in NYC

Coffee is at the heart of almost everything we do, from first dates to the board room to quiet time alone. Media maven and writer of Coffee the Musical, Robert Galinsky has created Coffee Crazy, a tweet book that offers 140 "coffee quotables" under 140 characters. Coffee Crazy is published by THiNK Aha! Books and included entries by coffee lovers Robert Evans, Rosie Perez, David Hasselhoff, Perez Hilton, Jonathan Ames, David Barton, Elvira, World Barista Champion Pete Licata and many more.

In his book, Coffee Crazy Robert Galinsky captures the communal nature of what "grabbing a cup of coffee" means by writing 140 "Tweet" length passages and also has crowd sourced the mindset of an entire rabid fan base and industry. Coffee Crazy taps into the current zeitgeist and excitement associated with the social media and coffee frenzy that fuels families, foodies, entrepreneurs, café culture, corporate break rooms, and thought leaders who are boosted by caffeine and cream, dreaming about the next big idea! Coffee Crazy is part inspirational reading, part coffee talk towards personal growth, part anecdotal topical coffee convo/humor and lastly a book that you won't put down until you've read every last word... good to the last drop! Coffee Crazy shows just how big the beverage is and is a passionate response from coffee lovers and the industry, as they rally around their beloved beverage.

Released this past December, Galinsky celebrates America's love of coffee with monthly Coffee Crazy celebrations around NYC, upcoming events include:

February 14th 6-8pm "For the Love of Coffee", Valentine's Day party
The Bean, 2nd Avenue and 3rd Street East Village NYC

February, 26th 7-9pm "Coffee Crazy Harlem"
Featuring Jamal Joseph and the IMPACT Repertory Theater
Serengitti Tea, 123rd and Fred Douglass Blvd in Harlem

March 22nd and 23rd "Coffee Crazy: Meet The Author and VIP Reception"
New York City Coffee and Tea Festival

March 27 6-8pm "Coffee Crazy West Village" at Prodigy Coffee, 33 Carmine Street

April Date TBD "Coffee Crazy Aroma" Aroma Espresso Bar

May Date TBD "Coffee Crazy Joe's" Joe Coffee

Coffee Crazy is available in print, on Amazon in all digital formats, and also on the THiNK Aha! iPhone app. The book is the first "Tweet" book about coffee and contains 140 passages each 140 characters or less and also features excerpts from 'Coffee The Musical', the 'Seven Ground Rules of the Coffee Break' and '10 "Aha!" Coffee Moments for Confident Communication'. live Coffee Crazy performance parties and appearances at coffee shops, corporate events, festivals and invites audiences to share their coffee Aha! Moments at each venue.

Coffee Crazy has been called: "Coffee Crazy and a good groove. Sometimes that's all you need... and Robert Galinsky has percolated a double-dosed funky brew." Nile Rodgers, Musician, Composer, Guitarist (Daft Punk, Madonna, David Bowie); "As a twitter junkie, I'm excited about Rob Galinsky's first "Tweet Book" on coffee. Captured in 140 aha moments, it's written for anyone interested in how to work smarter and play more joyfully! A great gift and must-read!" Monique Coleman, Disney's "High School Musical"; "Robert Galinsky's Coffee Crazy is brimming with whimsy, sound advice, and curious quotes from pop culture personalities and coffee industry notables. It's a great purchase for everyone who loves coffee and coffee culture!" Lynda Calimano, Producer of the Coffee and Tea Festival; "What are the two best things you can do in the morning? Coffee and cigarettes. And of course reading Coffee Crazy would create the Holy Trinity." Andy Rourke, Bass Player of the Smiths; "Coffee crazy?!...more like coffee brilliant! If the corner café is the new office, Robert Galinsky is the new authority on good business sense, sharing "beans" of wisdom every professional can use." Kelly Carmichael, COO the Ledgemoor Group

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