Rising Indie Bands Highlight Joe's Pub This August


JULY 31, 9:30pm

David Arthur Brown was born in Los Angeles on June 19th, 1967. He was a runaway who later became obsessed with low budget travel and poetry. He traveled through Asia, South America and Europe for many years. Along the way he learned to play the saxophone. He played sax with Beck from 1997 through 2000. During that time he learned how to play the guitar and began writing songs and singing. David formed Brazzaville in Los Angeles, in late 1997. He searched tirelessly for a name that would convey the mood of the new band. One beautiful morning in the Hollywood Hills, he was reading a story in the L.A. Times about the civil war in Congo. The dateline of the story ready BRAZZAVILLE Reuters. The word jumped out at him and he knew he had found the name for the new band. It was only later that he discovered what an amazing man, Pierre Savorgnan de Brazza, the man the city had been named after, had been.

AUGUST 3, 9:00pm

Easy Tells, the Nashville-Detroit-Austin-Chapel Hill-via Downtown NYC four-piece, will chug artfully through a set of earthy, guitar-based American rock with a healthy nod to our friends across the pond. Check out the latest EP at www.easytells.bandcamp.com. Specializing as the leading live practitioners of hobo glam for at least a month of Sundays, Minerva Lions are comprised of at least four individuals whose names happen to be Tim Kuhl, Grey McMurray, Joseph McCaffrey, & Jared Samuel. Individually they have played with many musical heavyweights and even Mohammed Ali.

AUGUST 12, 7:30PM

Tamar Kaprelian was born in Scottsdale, Arizona and brought up in both Georgia and California by Armenian parents, surrounded by love and great music. Tamar has been writing songs as long as she can remember, influenced as a kid by classic Disney films, but her true love of music came about when she discovered Billy Joel and Paul McCartney…and in love she fell. Tamar Kaprelian released her first album on Interscope Records. In June, 2012, Tamar released a new body of work under Killer Tracks, titled "California." This 5-song EP is comprised of beautifully crafted and playful songs. It's a coming-of-age record that chronicles her life, relationships, and her utter determination to create an album that is real and true to Tamar, both personally and artistically.

JAVIER DUNNIS w/ Special Guest Jeff Taylor of Dumpster Hunter
AUGUST 14, 9:30PM

Javier Dunnis a Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter. For the past several years, he has been on the road with Grammy-nominated artist Sara Bareilles as her lead guitarist touring with other acts such as Counting Crows, Maroon 5 and Sugarland. Javier has released several EP's in recent months including "Vessel", "Phantoms", "Through The Dark" and "Small Spaces". His cover of Miike Snow's "Animal" was featured on the CW show "LA Complex". Javier is originally from San Rafael, CA. Dumpster Hunter is Jeff Taylor, Mark Guiliana, Steve Wall. All were born in New Jersey and either live or work in the NYC area. Our new record is called 'Frustration In Time Travel.' It was unofficially released at Rockwood Music Hall on May 5th, 2012. An official release/distribution/tour is in the works.

AUGUST 17, 7:00PM

Lacrymosa is the solo-moniker of Caitlin Pasko. Hailing from Virginia Beach, VA, Pasko was taught classical piano from a young age, and quickly showed a preternatural genius for the instrument. Her mastery of impressionistic cadences and romantic conveyance of melody gave way, despite her rigorous background, to a songwriting ability beyond the pale of her peers. At twenty, she's channeled the playful character of Regina Spektor and Feist in the creation of a stamp all her own, one steeped in the mystic literacy of Joanna Newsom and Kate Bush, capable of deep deliverance and nurture. Caitlin Pasko's story will be told. The distinctive Brooklyn-based quintet Shenandoah and the Nightoffer a haunting, noir-ish sound counter-balanced by bursts of joy and infectious energy. Casting a wide net across the spectrums of taste and time, they effortlessly blend and blur a diverse set of influences that range from the operatic anguish of Nina Simone and Kurt Weill, to the dusky psychedelic sturm und drang of the Doors and Janis Joplin.

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