Review Roundup: Keen Company's MARRY ME A LITTLE

Michael Sommers, NJ Newsroom: The director dresses the actors in rather ugly contemporary clothes (Jennifer Paar is the costume designer) and gives them hand-held electronic devices to suggest nowadays communications. But when Him sings “Bring on the Girls,” he is cruising a porno site on his laptop. And when Her wriggles through a blatantly single-entendre interpretation of “Boy, Can That Boy Fox-Trot,” she is sexting racy photos. 

Marilyn Stasio, Variety: It takes great determination and no little effort to screw up "Marry Me a Little," the charming 1980 pocket musical that Craig Lucas and the late Norman Rene cleverly engineered from songs that were cut from Stephen Sondheim musicals. Without reconfiguring the dialogue-free storyline about two lonely strangers who are destined to meet (after pouring out their hearts in song), helmer and Keen Company a.d. Jonathan Silverstein manage to make some spectacularly bad choices -- starting with the decision to hook up these sensitive souls to social networking websites.

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