Photo Coverage: World AIDS Day Concert at Sirius Radio

December 1
5:59 PM 2006

On December 1st, Sirius Satellite Radio presented a live concert for World AIDS Day 2006.  "OutQ In The Morning"'s Larry Flick hosted the event, which featured, among others, Jody Watley, Martha Wash, and Josh Zuckerman in a tribute to lives lost and a musical celebration of hope for the future.  The Village People's Randy Jones, currently Off-Broadway in Madonna Whore, was among the talk guests.

"A Celebration of Life" united "world-renowned musicians, leaders from the GLBT community, and everyday people from the SIRIUS OutQ audience for a morning devoted entirely to the AIDS epidemic," press notes state.  "Interspersed with live musical performances (were) frank and wide-ranging conversations about AIDS, including personal stories of adversity, triumph, living with AIDS and being HIV positive, and the progress being made throughout the GLBT community."

Sirius' OutQ offers "news, information and entertainment for the Gay and Lesbian community."

Visit this link for more information.

Josh Zuckerman in studio

Randy Jones being interviewed

Martha Walsh

Martha Walsh

Jodi Watley

Jody Watley

Jody Watley

Jody Watley

Jody Watley, Sirius Radio's Larry Flick and Josh Zuckerman

Randy Jones and Josh Zuckerman

Randy Jones and Josh Zuckerman

Randy Jones and Martha Walsh

Josh Zuckerman and Joi Cardwell

Mark Rupp and Sirius' Frank De Caro

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