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NewFilmakers NY Ends Winter Season with a Documentary Series and Two Short Film Programs Tonight

NewFilmakers NY Ends Winter Season with a Documentary Series and Two Short Film Programs Tonight

Tonight, March 26th, NewFilmmakers ends its Winter Season with a Documentary Series and two Short Film Programs.

6:00 PM Documentary Series

Ami Vitale BANGLADESH: A CLIMATE TRAP (2011, 27 m) In Dhaka, climate change refugees are moving from the countryside and into squalid slums due to environmental degradation. Like millions of others, Alam Mia has been forced to make the teeming capital of Dhaka his home.

Robert Wells OVEREXPOSED: THE COST OF COMPASSION (2011, 37 minutes) The world is constantly churning out bad news, sad stories, and an overwhelming amount of need. Our hearts are overexposed to the suffering and pain of other people, but we keep giving.

7:30 PM First Short Film Program

Tom van den Broek OF GUILT AND GRIEF (2012, 14 minutes) An old man must confront the sins of youth.

Will Mayo CONSUMED (2013, 7 minutes) Do you want to see an angel?

Jeff Brown SULFURIC (2013, 9 minutes) Jennifer returns home to find her roommate unconscious. After reviving her, it becomes apparent that something is occurring inside their apartment. Something awful.

Jose Bertoldi PATHOS (2013, 10 minutes) A dark comedy about bitter and cynical pathologist and his conversation between him and the dead man whose autopsy he's conducting. As time goes on and the procedure continues, tensions rise and truths are revealed.

Sumanth Molakala THAT BITCH! (2013, 17 minutes) "That Bitch!" is a short narrative drama which explores the life of a couple at the cross roads of their lives wrestling with strained relations, dilemmas, emotional and physical hardships.

Jamie Sisley LADYBUG (2012, 10 minutes) Two months after Maryann's twin sister died in a car accident caused by Peter, both surviving teens confront their feelings about loss and grief together for the first time.

9:00 PM Second Short FilmProgram

Justin Slosky MR. K (2011, 20 minutes, video) Mr. K is a very special male escort who recreates himself, 'Vertigo'-style, into his wealthy female clients' lost lovers. In his heart, however, he remains faithful to his own lost love, who was kidnapped as a teenager and who he has dedicated his life to

Doris Chia-Ching Lin MAQUETTE 1:1000 (2013, 30) Maquette 1:1000 is a 30-minute short film investigating an Asian female architect's self-awareness of abortion through the observation of two different cities.

Eric Ingram THE NEW TESTAMENT (2013, 36 minutes, video) "The New Testament" is the directorial debut of writer Eric Ingram. It is a tragedy and a comedy examining the materialand spiritual consequences of the current American sociopolitical climate on young people. It features a score composed by Elias Dagher and diagetic music from Soul Duo.

For Additional Information contact Barney Oldfield 323-302-5426.

NewFilmmakers screens at Anthology Film Archives on the Lower East Side at 32 Second Avenue & 2nd Street. NewFilmmakers LA screens at the AT&T Center, 1139 S Hill Street, and has become a leading showcase for new films in Hollywood. Many features screened at NewFilmmakers are now available on NewFilmmakers Online. New York Admission is $6 for the whole evening and tickets are available at the Anthology Box Office the night of screening.

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