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New York Gallery Tours Hosts CHELSEA 'BEST EXHIBITS' TOUR Today

New York Gallery Tours Hosts CHELSEA 'BEST EXHIBITS' TOUR Today

Visit 7 contemporary art galleries in the world's center for contemporary art, showing that week's most fascinating exhibits of painting, sculpture, electronic media, and photography. Led by Rafael Risemberg, Ph.D.

Our Chelsea "Best Exhibits" tour Sat. April 5 will feature the top shows from Chelsea's 300 galleries - the world's center for contemporary art! The two tours - at 1:00 & 3:45 PM - will be identical.

Sat., April 5 @ 1:00 PM & 3:45 PM
526 W. 26th St. (10th & 11th Ave.) - $20

1:00 PM tour: Tickets 3:45 PM tour: Tickets

About N.Y. Gallery Tours

New York City is the world's center for contemporary art, with over 600 galleries, and New York Gallery Tours has been leading tours for over 10 years. For our daytime tours we select the most extraordinary cutting-edge art exhibits, and on our evening tours we visit festive gallery openings that have the best advance buzz. With hundreds of gallery contacts, we also help artists find gallery representation.

Our most frequent tours take place in Chelsea, with its 300 galleries, plus we offer special tours in Soho, Lower East Side, Upper East Side, and Midtown. For each tour, our director selects the most fascinating and varied exhibits for you to explore - the newest in painting, sculpture, electronic media and photography, by American and international artists. At each stop, our director helps explain the artwork and leads the group in lively discussion.

Our tours take place no matter what the temperature or weather - rain or shine - as we are indoors over 90% of the time. Exhibits change frequently, so month to month we offer completely different tours!

For artists looking to show in a gallery, schedule a consult with us to advance your career.

Bio: Our founder and director Rafael Risemberg, Ph.D. in arts education, founded New York Gallery Tours in 2002. He was a college professor for 16 years before devoting himself full time to gallery tours. For three years he was also the art critic for the New York Blade.

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