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New Museum Security Guard Elon Joseph Celebrates 30th Year

New Museum Security Guard Elon Joseph Celebrates 30th Year
Lisa Phillips honoring Elon Joseph.

This past week, the New Museum celebrated its Security Guard Elon Joseph's thirtieth year at the New Museum. To mark the anniversary of the museum's longest-tenured employee, the organization named the Elon Joseph Security Console in his honor.

Starting his career at the Museum in 1983, Joseph has not only seen the New Museum's transformation from its sixth to thirty-fifth anniversary, but has also performed in three exhibitions in the Museum's historY. Joseph continues to bring joy and music to the New Museum's galleries with his impromptu harmonica playing and coveted ginger candies. Joseph's dedication to the New Museum, the arts, and music is irreplaceable.

Listen to Joseph's performance at the dedication.

Excerpt from a New Museum Confidentials series interview:

Name: Elon Joseph

Title: Security Guard

Favorite show in the New Museum's history: It's difficult to say, but one that stands out in my mind is "A Labor of Love" (1996)

What is your favorite memory of Marcia Tucker? There are many little things I admired about Marcia, but specifically when she allowed me to play harmonica for two exhibitions ["A Labor of Love" (1996) and in a piece by Christian Marclay in "FluxAttitudes" (1992-93)]. I really enjoyed it-I got to play for all different people. [Joseph also participated in Laurie Parsons's piece The Spatial Drive (1992-93)]

What are your favorite songs to play on the harmonica? Country music, folk music, Italian music-I like to play "When Irish Eyes are Smiling" and "Oh! Susanna."

What is your favorite spot in NYC? Prospect Park. When summer comes around, all the birds, animals, and trees remind me of my childhood in Trinidad.

What do you like most about working at the New Museum? I like meeting people from different countries, from every corner of the globe.

The secret behind the ginger candies: I don't eat them that often. I bring them for my friends, who are addicted to them!

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