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Lincoln Center Education to Present Performances by Kenan Fellows, 1/24-26

From January 24 - 26, 2014, the Kenan Fellows studying arts and education will present their work at the Clark Studio Theater at LINCOLN CENTER EDUCATION, 70 Lincoln Center Plaza, Rose Building, 7th Floor. FREE ADMISSION.

Chez Nous Autres (Our Home)
music & visuals

Cain-Oscar Bergeron, flute
with various musicians: viola, piano, accordion, vocals
visual direction by Peryn Schmitt

In the 18th century, the French who had settled in Canada's Acadia sought freedom from the English and undertook a long and harsh journey to Louisiana. There, far from beaten, they started a new life and became famously known as Cajuns. The tale of this historic voyage has two themes: one explores the cultural legacy of three homelands through a combination of visuals and rousing classical and Cajun folk music; more subtly, the other looks at change as something universal and inevitable, which leads to the rebirth of the human spirit. No hardship can tarnish the "joie de vivre." Come, and, as the Cajuns say: "laissez le bon temps rouler"-let the good times roll.

Friday, January 24, 7 pm and Saturday, January 25, 1 pm

Song and Dance

Andrew Harper
with musical participation by Ryan Pater

In this New York debut, choreographer Andrew Harper explores the deception and illusion of theatrical performance, and its effects on the performer. A misfit band of 1920s vaudeville performers, a dysfunctional sister act, an aging child star, and a forgotten ventriloquist dummy fight to make a big impression in the big city.

Saturday, January 25, 8 pm and Sunday, January 26, 2 pm


Lauren Haug

((seeds)) looks at the themes of isolation and attachment through the synthesis of dance, electronic music, and projection. It's a mesmerizing study of these relationships, and a meditation on cycles of transformation. How do we experience isolation and attachment? How do they affect us? Can one exist without the other? ((seeds)) plays with the idea that our bodies are vessels of visceral memory. As the body draws on it, we become aware of our experiences.

Saturday, January 25, 7 pm and Sunday, January 26, 1 pm

The Wonderful Wizard of Odd

Ryan Pater
with actors ensemble

It's the 21st century. Nearly seventy years have passed since Dorothy and her friends traveled to Oz. What has happened in the meantime? What is the omnipotent wizard doing? WHO is he today? Musician, Scarecrow, and the others, decide to take a journey and let us see what's behind the curtain now. In this intriguing reinterpretation, Pater uses clowns to take us to the world of secrets, innocence, and possibilities. Who better to regale us with a fantasy that mirrors a possible reality? And if by throwing back the curtain they should reveal the truth, whose truth will it be? Theirs? Ours?

Friday, January 24, 8 pm and Saturday, January 25, 2 pm

Informal Q and A sessions with the artists will take place after the evening performances on Friday and Saturday, January 24 and 25.

Cain-Oscar Bergeron is pursuing a vigorous performing career as flutist, vocalist, and educator in New York City. He has an MA in Music from University of North Carolina School of the Arts, as well as a Professional Artist Certificate concentrating in Orchestral Flute Performance, earned while studying with the renowned flute master Tadeu Coelho. Cain maintains a private studio in Winston-Salem, NC. He has performed as principal flutist in numerous ensembles and opera orchestras, and as a member of the UNCSA Symphony. As one fourth of the flute quartet The Metropolitan Four, Cain is currently spending many intense hours in the recording studio as the ensemble completes their debut CD album. He is also contemplating earning a doctoral degree and learning the art of flute making. Given his impressive workload, it is fair to say that the young man from the small Cajun French town of Cottonport in Louisiana is now a true New Yorker.

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