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James Franco Says 'I Love Theatre' & Talks OF MICE AND MEN On Broadway

James Franco Says 'I Love Theatre' & Talks OF MICE AND MEN On BroadwayBroadway newcomer and Hollywood superstar James Franco opens up about his experiences as part of the new Broadway production of OF MICE AND MEN as part of a new interview.

Discussing the aborted revival of SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH set to co-star him and Nicole Kidman, Franco reveals, "Obviously, I was flirting with Broadway."

Furthermore, he says, "I love theater, I go as much as possible. It's been a big part of my life for so long, but just as a fan and a viewer and as a student."

Discussing his relationship with director Anna Shapiro, Franco relates, "I'm really letting Anna show me the way."

Franco elaborates, "She's ushering me into a new world, a theatrical world, and there are slightly different ways - or in some cases very big differences - between the ways you work on a stage character and a film character."

Additionally, Franco shares of the differences between theatre and film, "In a film, you only have to get each take or set up right once. So if you're doing multiple takes, you're honing it or you're looking for something new. But once you have that, you can move on. [And] you always know there's going to be an editor compiling this material, so things can always be manipulated, sped up - movies are all about manipulating where the audience is going to look and when. Whereas in the theater, all that editing, all that working on pacing, and all that direction of attention is designed beforehand."

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