IDOL WATCH: Top 10 Week 1


Tonight on the American Idol the top 10 perform for the judges and America's vote. They sang the songs of past contestants.

Curtis started the night off by singing I believe by Fantasia. When Fantasia sang that song at the finale several years ago it became an iconic moment for the show. Curtis did well, but I don't think he had the wow factor for this song. I liked it, as did the judges, but I like Fantasia's version better.

Janelle went with a song by Montgomery Gentry which was song by Scotty McCreery. Sometimes it seems that she is just singing the song and not showing much emotion. For me, this was one of those performances. She is having fun on the stage, but I think she can be more connected with what she is singing.

Up next was Devin and he sang a song by Carrie Underwood I had never heard the song before, but I really liked the way that he sang it. It was a safe song, but I think he did well regardless.

Angie chose to sing Surrender by Celine Dion which was sung by Kelly Clarkon in season 1. I don't remember Kelly's performance so I can't compare but I really enjoyed Angie's performance. The judges loved the performance as well.

Amazed was the song choice for Paul tonight. For me, it was just okay. Nothing too special but it wasn't terrible either. It just didn't do a whole lot for me.

Fan favorite Candice was up next and she sang I have Nothing. She gave a stellar performance of a song that I am not too familiar with. Candice received a standing ovation from the judges. I think that she will be in this competition for a while.

Lazaro was next and he sang Breakaway by Kelly Clarkson. He was good but I think he was drowned out by the music. Regardless, I think his large fanbase will get him to next week.

Kree sang Cry which was sung by Carrie Underwood. Again I am not familiar with this song. I thought Kree was good but since I don't have too much to compare it to, I don't have much else to say out her performance.

Burnell was up next and he chose to sing Flying Without Wings. He did a good job and I think he too will go far in the competition. He as such a smooth voice that you cannot help but love.

Amber was the last to sing and she performed Kelly Clarkson's finale song and I think this was a great song choice for her. There was things that she changed with the tempo and hit certain notes that I thought were a great addition to the song. The judges loved it as well.

Tune in tomorrow night when the first contestant is eliminated.

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